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Unilever sold Lipton, wonderlab pushed protein soup, and chocolate brine products were born| One week hot smell

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Cass new yogurt without adding lactic acid bacteria, and 7 kinds of lactic acid bacteria are blessed to maintain intestinal health and micro ecology
2. Wonderlab promotes protein Yuanqi soup, the exclusive initiative of double protein rice, to create a new experience of light food
3. Fix under Wangwang × The body launched self willed steam burning tablets, containing 12000mg white kidney bean extract per 100g
4. Chuji launched memory bread, and the three black technologies of membrane phospholipid PS, DHA and iron, zinc and minerals help memory
5. The future of planting new oats, Chia seeds, grain intestines, grain vegetables, new inspiration and nutritional upgrading
6. Chocolate bittern products were born! Qiaoxi launched a series of chocolate bittern fruit products
7. Mo Xiaoxian, a fast food brand, has completed a round B financing of more than 100 million yuan, with the exclusive investment of the Asian food fund
8. Huang Xiaozhu, the brand of instant porridge, won additional strategic investment from Qingliu capital and ranked first in the sales of instant soup porridge on the double 11
9. Vegetable Gele, a cutting-edge children’s snack brand, has completed an angel round of financing of tens of millions of yuan and developed a full range of product lines with vegetables as the core
10. The new tea brand, future tea wave willcha, won a round of financing from Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment pre-A and is committed to developing healthy and high-quality tea drinks
11. The new tea brand yecuishan is invested in M & A of hi tea, focusing on molecular fruit juice drinks
12. Low alcohol liquor brand Luoyin completed nearly US $10 million pre-A round of financing, focusing on Guofeng tea and fruit wine series products
13. The functional beverage muscle beautifying beverage won the angel round financing of nearly ten million yuan from Meihua venture capital, and entered the market with female functional drinks
14. The probiotic diet brand received tens of millions of yuan of pre-A round of financing every day to provide a full range of “probiotic +” products for exquisite middle-class women
15. Xuanbo beer, a fine brewing brand, won another round a financing of tens of millions of yuan, the third financing this year
16. Unilever sells Lipton’s tea business, and the transaction is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022
17. Wei long rushed to “hot first share” through the listing hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
18. Food core capital completed the over raising of the new phase of fund of US $100 million and continued to increase the innovation of China’s food and agricultural science and technology


Recently, CASS launched a new yoghurt without adding lactic acid bacteria. The new product uses 100% raw milk and milk source, and adds 7 kinds of lactic acid bacteria, including acidophilic lactic acid bacteria, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus paracasei, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactococcus lactis subspecies and Lactococcus lactis subspecies, to strongly supplement the dominant intestinal flora and maintain the healthy micro ecology of the intestinal tract. In addition to lactic acid bacteria and raw cattle Milk. This yogurt contains only sugar and other 0 ingredients. It tastes fragrant and smooth. At present, it has three flavors: original flavor, strawberry flavor and banana flavor. It has been launched in tmall CASS tmall flagship store at the price of 110g * 18 cups / 120 yuan.
Source: CASS



In November 18th, WonderLab released its new protein essence in its WeChat public official account. The product was made by exclusive extrusion and recombination of double protein rice, which was reconstituted by New Zealand grass milk protein and Twin Towers pea protein, with a protein content of 3 times that of ordinary rice. The product strictly controlled heat, reduced 50% carbohydrates compared with japonica rice porridge, and added dietary fiber to make nutrition more balanced. As a new light food, the calories of each cup of Yuanqi soup are less than 210kcal, which is about 1.9 apples. The first new product has three popular flavors: delicious seafood, stewed beef and medlar Coconut Chicken. Tmall flagship store sells for 50g * 6 cups / 149 yuan.
Source: wonderlab


On November 10, Wangwang’s fix x body announced the launch of a new lemon black tea, which has a willful taste and is positioned as a big meal partner, so that consumers can enjoy delicious food without burden. The new product adds two core components: 12000mg white kidney bean extract per 100g, which can block the absorption of 66% starch; adding 3% L-arabinose as sweetener can reduce the intake of starch by inhibiting the activity of intestinal sucrase The blood sugar level is not absorbed by the human body, so it is sweet and burden free; in addition, 0.5% natural mulberry leaf extract is added. The steam burning tablets are packed in 10 capsules per bag, and the selling price of tmall is 25g / bag / 29.9 yuan.
Source: fix × Body microblog


Recently, Chuji, a substitute food brand, launched a “memory bread” for mental workers, claiming that “use your brain often and have a piece of memory bread”. The new product is specially added with PS (membrane phospholipid) and DHA (omega-3) Iron, zinc and minerals are three black science and technology ingredients beneficial to the proliferation and differentiation of nerve cells and the development of brain vision, which help memory. The product adopts wheat flour and high-quality baked whole wheat flour imported from Japan, and uses trehalose instead of sucrose. The material is exquisite, delicious and light burden. This memory noodle bag is recommended for children over 7 years old. It has been launched in Chuji tmall flagship store at the price of 45g * 7 bags / 39.9 yuan 。
Source: Chuji


Recently, Zhizhi will introduce a new type of oatmeal Chia seed cereal sausage in the future, which aims to enrich the diversity of sausage products and create new categories. The new products are selected from oats imported from Australia, Mexican Chia seeds and Heilongjiang non GM soybeans as raw materials, which are rich in grain nutrition; in addition, the new products are low-fat, high protein and high dietary fiber. Each box of 200g contains less than 30g fat, 24g protein and dietary fiber Vitamin 14.6g, with 0 white granulated sugar added, the heat is about 70 kcal, which is only equivalent to half an apple, helping to reduce fat and reduce burden. Cereal sausage is suitable for ready to eat, frying, salad and other edible scenes. The new tmall flagship store sells for 200g / box / 39 yuan.
Source: the future of planting


In November 12th, Qiao Xi launched its chocolate halogen fruit products in its official account of WeChat. The new product pioneered the chocolate halogen technology, which imported the pure cocoa butter into the tiny fiber structure of the fruit through high pressure technology, and did not destroy the original taste and taste of the fruit, and blended perfectly with the acrylic. There are six flavors of apple, mango and pineapple, which have been launched in tmall Qiaoxi flagship store. The price of chocolate halogen durian is 23g / bag / 19.8 yuan, and the price of other five flavors is 27g / bag / 19.8 yuan.
Photo source: Qiaoxi


On November 18, Mo Xiaoxian, a fast food brand, announced the completion of round B financing of more than 100 million yuan. This round of financing is exclusively invested by Asian food fund, and Qingtong capital acts as the exclusive financial adviser. It is reported that the financing will be mainly used for supply chain upgrading, brand building and talent introduction.
Mo Xiaoxian was founded in 2017. At present, he has launched four product series: self heating rice, self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, instant vermicelli and instant noodles. Among them, self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot is a classic explosive product, and self heating rice is the main product of the brand at this stage. In 2018, Mo Xiaoxian became the first in the sales of Taobao self hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot category. After online success, Mo Xiaoxian began to attack and occupy offline. At present, he has covered more than 100000 terminal channels and more than 300 offline dealers.
Source: Mo Xiaoxian


Recently, foodaily learned that Huang Xiaozhu, the brand of instant porridge, obtained additional strategic investment from Qingliu capital during the double 11, and the investment amount was not disclosed. Previously, Huang Xiaozhu has successively obtained the angel round financing of 13 Capital and the pre-A round financing jointly completed with Jinshajiang venture capital, Zesheng venture capital and Dexun investment.
Founded in August 2020, Huang Xiaozhu is a convenient fresh food brand. It is positioned to start with Chinese fresh food porridge, integrate modern processing and production and patented fresh locking technology, and provide young consumers with convenient, healthy and nutritious “light cooking” fresh food. At present, Huang Xiaozhu has launched five series of products: instant fresh porridge, instant dessert porridge, station breakfast cup, light luxury gift box and freeze-dried porridge. During the double 11 this year, Huang Xiaozhu continued to be on the list of tmall – the praise list of fast-food porridge, and ranked first in the sales of fast-food soup porridge on November 1.
Photo source: Huang Xiaozhu


Recently, vegetable Gele, a cutting-edge children’s snack brand, announced that it had completed an angel round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round was led by 13 capital, followed by Xiangfeng investment, and Qianyue capital as the exclusive financial adviser. It is reported that this round of funds will be mainly used for product R & D, channel expansion and talent introduction.
Founded in 2021, vegetable Gele takes vegetables as the core and is committed to providing healthy and delicious vegetable snack solutions for children aged 3-12. At present, the brand has launched three product series: dried fruits and vegetables, cheese balls and cereal oatmeal crisp, of which dried fruits and vegetables are the main featured products. In addition to achieving “delicious” and “nutrition” of the products, the vegetable grid Orchestra team has also created an adventurous “vegetable secret service team” IP to shorten the distance with children, guide them to fall in love with vegetables and develop healthy eating habits.
Source: Vegetable Gele


Recently, foodaily learned that the future tea wave willcha, a new tea brand, has completed the pre-A round of financing, and the financing amount has not been disclosed. One of the investors is Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment.
Established at the end of 2019, future tea wave is a new tea brand focusing on health boutique tea and committed to inheriting and innovating Chinese tea culture. 20 SKU has been launched, including natural fresh fruit tea, juice bubble tea and preferred original leaf tea. On November 11 and 12, the first offline store of chalang in the future will open in Chaoyang Joy City store in Beijing, and then stores in cities across the country will be gradually launched. They will first enter first and second tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Chengdu. It is expected that the number of stores will reach 100 by 2023.
Source: future tea wave


Recently, the new tea brand yecuishan announced its acquisition of hi tea M & A investment, and the transaction amount was not disclosed. After the delivery, Xi tea will become the largest shareholder of yecui mountain. It is understood that after the completion of this transaction, Xi tea will help yecui mountain comprehensively upgrade in product R & D, store expansion, supply chain construction and brand building. Yecui mountain team and brand will also develop independently with the support of Xi tea.
Founded in 2019, yecui mountain is the earliest natural high-quality fruit juice brand in China, focusing on molecular fruit juice drinks. Yecui mountain preserves the fiber and vitamins of fruit to the greatest extent through customized equipment, hoping to provide consumers with a healthier juice experience. It is reported that yecuishan currently has more than 30 stores, with an average monthly sales of more than 14000 cups, of which three stores have a monthly sales of 3 million yuan.
Source: yecui mountain


Recently, low alcohol liquor brands have completed a pre-A round of financing of nearly US $10 million. This round of financing is led by Bai capital and followed by xvc and Tiantu capital. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used for channel construction, brand building, etc.
Founded in 2018, Luoyin focuses on Guofeng tea and fruit wine series products, and its core target users are young women aged 20-35 in first and second tier cities. Luoyin brews and modulates local characteristic tea and fruits. It has launched many flavor series, such as Dahongpao grapefruit, Dianhong green plum / rose, rose litchi and so on. The degree of products is mostly about 10-12 degrees. Since last October, the online distribution of drinking water business has been rapidly spreading tiktok, and has launched Tmall flagship store, Xiao Hong book, jouling flagship store and Jingdong self flagship store. It is reported that during the double 11 this year, Luoyin topped the list of tmall plum wine, peach wine and other categories.
Source: Luoyin


Recently, the functional beverage brand Meiji beverage announced that it had completed an angel round financing of nearly ten million yuan, which was exclusively invested by Meihua venture capital. It is understood that this round of financing will be mainly used for product R & D, market development and brand operation.
Founded in 2020, Meiji beverage focuses on the innovation of women’s functional drinks. Xingyan Meiji milk + is the company’s main health and beauty beverage brand. Meichaji is a brand of health and beauty tea stores, which is distributed in five cities in Dawan District, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. There are more than 10 direct and franchise stores. It is reported that star research muscle MILK+ products will soon be on line Tmall, tiktok, micro-blog, WeChat, jitter, B station will be exposed in large numbers. In the coming year, the main goal of Xingyan Meiji milk + is to penetrate the southern market.
Image source: Beauty drink


On November 16, the daily pre-A financing of probiotic diet brand announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan, which was not disclosed by the investor, and the small table value-added business department acted as the exclusive financial consultant. It is understood that this round of financing will be mainly used for R & D investment, supply chain upgrading and channel expansion.
Founded in March 2021, Daiichi is committed to developing “Oriental bacteria” suitable for Chinese people, all of which are local probiotics. The brand is mainly aimed at refined middle-class women aged 25-35. It provides a full range of “probiotic +” products. The main product is probiotic chewable tablets. The sales have exceeded 10 million in less than half a year since its launch, and the single day sales have exceeded 1 million on November 11 this year. It is reported that after the completion of online opening, the daily bacteria will layout offline channels next year.
Source: Daily bacteria

Capital, the third financing
this year

On November 15, xuanbo beer, a fine brewing brand, announced the completion of a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, led by weeds, followed by Xingzhu capital, and Yuze capital continued to serve as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of funds will be mainly used for offline channel construction. It is understood that this is the third financing of xuanbo beer this year. Previously, xuanbo beer has won pre-A and angel round investment from Meihua venture capital and other institutions, with a financing amount of nearly 100 million yuan.
Xuanbo beer was established in 2018 and its main product is affordable refined beer. In terms of product R & D, xuanbo beer has established a blue box fine brewing R & D center and is developing grapefruit fine brewing and other categories, focusing on the female low alcohol liquor market. In October 2020, xuanbo beer officially launched e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, pinduoduo and Jingdong. At present, it has three SKUs with different capacities of 330ml, 1L and 2L, and the price is about 3.9 yuan / 330ml. Meanwhile, xuanbo beer is also planning to expand offline market channels.
Source: xuanbo beer

On November 18, Unilever announced that it would sell its global tea business ekaterra to European private placement agency CVC without cash and debt at the price of 4.5 billion euros (about 32.7 billion yuan). The transaction is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022. The transaction scope does not include Unilever’s tea business in India, Nepal and Indonesia, as well as Unilever’s interest in PepsiCo Lipton instant tea joint venture and related distribution business.
Unilever tea industry is one of the largest tea beverage manufacturers in the world. It has 34 tea brands, including Lipton, pure leaf, high-end tea brand T2 and organic herbal tea brand pukka acquired in recent years. The revenue of the business last year was 2 billion euros (about 14.5 billion yuan).
Regarding the sale, Unilever CEO Qiao Anlu   (Alan Jope)   Said that the evolution of the portfolio towards high growth is an important part of Unilever’s growth strategy. The decision to sell ekaterra shows that Unilever has made new progress in realizing the plan.
Source: Unilever


On November 14, according to the Hong Kong stock exchange, Weilong delicious Global Holdings Co., Ltd. has passed the listing hearing. It took only two days for Weilong to pass the hearing from resubmitting the form. The hearing means that Wei long is one step closer to the “first share of spicy article”. According to the documents of the Hong Kong stock exchange, Weilong plans to raise US $1 billion, with Morgan Stanley, CICC and UBS as co sponsors. Weilong said that the IPO fund-raising will be used to expand and upgrade the enterprise’s production facilities and supply chain system.
Founded in 1999, Weilong is a modern snack food enterprise integrating R & D, production, processing and sales. Its main products include seasoned flour products, vegetable products, bean products and other products. According to frost Sullivan, China’s spicy snack food market is relatively scattered, with Weilong’s market share of 5.7%, ranking first. In terms of sales model, Weilong is still a traditional enterprise. In recent three years, offline channels have contributed more than 90% of its sales revenue.
Source: Wei long


Recently, bits x bits, China’s first venture capital fund focusing on early project investment in food and agricultural science and technology, announced that it had completed the over raising of phase II fund, with a total fund-raising scale of US $100 million. This round of fund-raising has received strategic investors from agriculture related fields, such as Syngenta group venture capital (SGV), animal nutrition enterprises andisu group and Cavallo ventures, life sciences fields such as ESCO lifesciences, national sovereign funds such as disrupt ad under ADQ in Abu Dhabi, and Singapore International Investment Company Temasek has also increased its investment.
Founded in Shanghai in 2016, foodcore capital is committed to investing in scientific and technological innovation and R & D innovation to enable the upgrading and sustainable development of China’s agricultural food industry. The investment rounds cover pre-A and round B. more than 1200 projects will be screened every year, about half of which are from China. It is reported that after the fund-raising of this phase is completed, foodcore capital has invested in 7 new projects at home and abroad, covering precision agriculture, digital agriculture, synthetic biology, fermented protein and other fields.
Source: Food core capital
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