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Double 11: from price logic to value logic

this double 11 is different.
The platform is a stage, and the commercial series on the stage always have new content. However, the stability of the stage depends on the pillar. The pillar is actually the concept and its relationship with society and the times.
  Real time large screen
for “disappearing”
It has been 13 years since Ali built the stage of the first double 11 Shopping Festival in 2009.
From 2009 to 2010, the world experienced the financial crisis and began to recover. Consumption has become the sustenance of many people. Of course, how to spend has also become a choice. In 2009, China’s real estate market has not come out of the trough after the turmoil in 2008. Sun Xiaoji in fierce shopping In 2010, the policy of Yaohao car purchase began to be implemented in Beijing, and big cities represented by Shanghai also began to auction license plates and restrict car purchase. The restriction of car consumption has become a “trend” sweeping the country from Beijing overnight.
From this point of view, double 11 is stepping on the drum of the times no sooner or later. Online consumption is not limited, and the so-called lipstick effect just meets the consumption mentality of people out of the “crisis”. At the same time, “50% off” For China’s commercial society, it is indeed a new price logic: when society is price sensitive, the price demand elasticity of consumption will be very large. Breaking a dollar into two pieces is attractive enough.
Price corresponds to number – one of the legacies of double 11 also lies in the creation of a large screen that displays numbers in real time. Every year, journalists and Jianghu heroes gather in Hangzhou and watch the numbers on the screen double every year. In the atmosphere of common excitement and howling, everyone has red lights and stars in their eyes. Immersed in the magnetic field of numbers, everyone’s adrenaline will be together soar.
This excitement is the knee jerk reflex of human beings to “speed”, and also constitutes the most basic scale of “prosperity”.
However, this year, tmall’s double 11 cancelled the large digital screen. This is not a big thing in itself, but it is of great symbolic significance. This is not so much a strategic adjustment as a new adaptation and Thinking: consumption can not soar forever. From 52 million to 540 billion, it has increased by 10000 times. Double 11 has run through the whole development process of tmall, and its fitting degree with the national economic market is getting higher and higher Yes, it should also be consistent with the development process of the whole country, for example, bid farewell to the speed complex.
In fact, the mentality of the consumer side is also changing. In 2009, China’s GDP was 34.05 trillion yuan, and by 2020, it has reached 101.59 trillion yuan, nearly double. The improvement of per capita living standards is obvious. Under the impact of live broadcasting, the freshness of online shopping has naturally decreased. This is also a natural result of double 11 consumer education in the past decade.
The decline of consumer insecurity is also true. Sociologist Baudrillard said: “the main cost of consumer society is the general insecurity it causes.” the insecurity that permeates every corner of society forces people to jump into another round of consumption. Although “price sensitivity” The crowd has always existed, and the market still has invisible hands. However, after more than ten years of development, it is obvious that there is plenty of material. Consumers’ anxiety that they can’t buy and are afraid of missing is greatly reduced.
In the past, daily items such as a dress and a schoolbag were the goal of consumers. Now, large household appliances, famous brand cosmetics, and even a car and a house may be robbed in the weekday live broadcasting room.
The obsession with numbers has a ceiling. Around 2009, the state will announce how many new Internet users are added every year, which has aroused great concern. But today, no one has paid attention to the marginal growth, because it is already sunshine, water and air.
From the perspective of national economy and domestic demand, growth is still important, but the increment is not just a large number. In the past 13 years, double 11 has focused on the upgrading of China’s consumption, the change of consumption structure, the change of consumer demand and the change of world technology.
After 1995, the consumption power of consumers and third and fourth tier cities rose quietly, traditional brands changed from self reform to youth, and communication technology jumped from 3G to 5g… The improvement of ideas and technologies is more meaningful than the growth of consumption figures.
A clear mission
How can double 11 achieve self revolution and surpass double 11?
Some people say, “double 11 is actually a container: what you love, it is what you love.”
E-commerce is the logic of the platform and the mirror of the times. Its function is to meet the needs of food, clothing, housing and transportation, joys and sorrows. Of course, in addition to material pursuit, it may also be spiritual pursuit, such as low-carbon environmental protection.
Over the years, the double 11 express package has been criticized and labeled as consumerism and environmental protection to a certain extent.
It is not easy to cultivate a green and low-carbon consumption mode. After 20 years of development, e-commerce is still growing rapidly. Looking outward, although many developed countries have crossed the inflection point of the Environmental Kuznets curve, green consumption has not arrived as promised.
It is reported that in this year’s tmall double 11 project planning team, everyone has been discussing a question: “in addition to creating consumer value and business value, how can we better enhance the social value of double 11?”
Consumers have voted with their feet and given clues. On tmall, in recent years, the search volume of keywords such as recycling, organic and energy saving has continued to rise, and the green consumption trend of consumers is becoming more and more obvious. For example, the capsule recycling plan launched by rookie and Nestle is very popular with middle-class consumers. In the past, people only cared about buying things back. Now, many people are more and more concerned about resource recycling.
The national dual carbon strategy is also very clear. The “14th five year plan” for e-commerce development officially released by the Ministry of Commerce last month also pointed out that e-commerce enterprises should be guided to actively adapt to the requirements of green and low-carbon development, establish the concept of green development, actively fulfill the social responsibility of ecological environment protection and improve the level of green innovation. For Internet platform enterprises, this is not an expedient measure, but a strategic direction that must be selected.
In the double 11, in order to make green goods better appear in front of consumers, tmall actively compared with various national green goods certification, marked the real green goods with special certification marks, and then recommended green goods through various shopping guide channels, such as Taobao live broadcast, list and list, and from life scenes, energy-saving standards And Daren recommendation introduced the concept and characteristics of green goods to consumers, and issued green shopping vouchers with a total amount of 100 million yuan to stimulate consumers to better choose green goods.
At the same time, tmall cooperated deeply with idle fish to encourage consumers to sell and quickly replace the old appliances with energy consumption level above level 3 in advance through idle fish, and replace them into energy-saving appliances with first-class energy efficiency in double 11. In the post consumption logistics link, green packages are used in collaboration with rookies to reduce the use of adhesive tape paper and make packages better recycled and reused.
Through the double 11, a public consumption field with nearly universal participation and in-depth participation of many industries and enterprises, Ali effectively links the supply side and the consumption side, connecting businesses producing green goods with consumers who like green goods, so as to spread the concept of green consumption in the consumption process.
Of course, there is the transmission of public welfare value. This year’s double 11, many commodities on the platform are marked with the words “public welfare baby”. In the commodity introduction, every time a business completes a transaction, it will donate two cents or more to a specific public welfare project. At the same time, consumers can see whether the store is a love store and how much money it has donated.
Tmall said that when the business peak appears, the peak of love will also appear.
A netizen posted his donation record of “public welfare baby” on double 11 this year. He knew for the first time that he had donated 8002.06 yuan in recent years. Let the hand chopping party lend a helping hand, and consumption will become more warm.
High quality development, “muscle” is not important
In 2019, CEOs of 181 multinational corporations in the United States held a Business Roundtable in Washington, abandoning the corporate purpose of focusing on shareholders’ interests and maximizing profits for 42 years, and announcing the pursuit of social value first. Since then, ESG (abbreviation of environmental, social and Governance) has been valued and practiced by more and more companies.
This is an event that has a far-reaching impact on the global business community.
This year, blowing snow, vice president of tmall business group, said that the healthy development of the platform economy is inseparable from a more perfect benefit sharing mechanism, which needs to build a champagne tower type platform ecology. He pointed out that the so-called champagne tower platform ecology “means that there is liquidity from top to bottom and a clear rising channel; there is not only the undertaking of head merchants, but also a more stable chassis; at the same time, the benefit distribution and growth within the platform are more transparent and visible.”
Compared with a person’s physical fitness, it is more difficult to continuously output strength to other bodies and cells in society.
The platform is a stage. On the stage is a commercial series, with new content forever. However, the key to the stability of the platform depends on the column, which is actually the concept and its relationship with society and the times. If the commercial value of the platform is to mobilize socialized mass production and let the world have no difficult business, the social value of the platform is to convey and practice the concept of keeping pace with the times.
These two pillars are not contradictory. Paying attention to social values is also a new business ethics.
At this year’s World Internet Conference, Zhang Yong, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Alibaba group, put forward two strategies around social responsibility – ESG and helping common prosperity.
Pay attention to its impact on the environment, the green and low-carbon of supply chain enterprises, the benefit distribution on the platform and the benefit sharing mechanism between the platform and society. From this perspective, Ali is constantly adjusting its relationship with the times and developing towards a healthier perspective.
The number of double 11 is not so jealous and heartbeat. It is running towards high-quality development. A company that follows the logic of value must be attractive enough. As someone said, to see whether the ecology of a forest is healthy enough, it may not be necessary to measure the pH of the soil and determine how thick the tree path of a tree king is. Just take a look and see if all the leopards are back.
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