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The “water replenishment” problem ignored by most people has given birth to new business opportunities for functional drinks| New Xiu brand

when water replenishment has gradually become a way of life, the development opportunity of energy drinks may be among them.

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When you feel thirsty, which drink is the best to replenish your water? According to a study at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, it is not the ordinary water you drink most often.
This study compared the hydration reactions of several different drinks and found that although water can replenish the body well, drinks containing an appropriate amount of sugar, fat or protein can better maintain water for the human body for a longer time. However, many people’s favorite drinks such as milk tea and coffee can not replenish water, but will aggravate dehydration.
According to the survey, about 75% of people in the world are in a state of chronic dehydration. In addition to some specific scenes, such as sports and fitness, which will consume energy, we may also have dehydration problems in our daily life, and simply drinking water can not effectively and timely replenish water for the body.
Focusing on daily water replenishment, foodaily noticed buoy, an electrolyte beverage brand in North America that focuses on “hydration” and advocates integrating water replenishment into lifestyle. As the only water replenishing beverage agent designed to be mixed with other drinks or foods in the market, buoy was rated as the most subversive MBA start-up company in 2019.
What can buoy stand out by virtue of the same replenishment beverage? In terms of product form, brand positioning and other dimensions, how can buoy achieve differentiated presentation while meeting consumers’ replenishment needs? What open innovations can be carried out by focusing on replenishment?
Drink water without locking it,
You may have been mistakenly replenishing water?
“Water is the source of life”.
It accounts for 60-80% of the human body. Water can regulate the body temperature, help the kidney filter waste, regulate muscle contraction, and maintain the normal operation of the heart and brain. Sufficient water is a necessity to maintain a healthy state and ensure the efficient operation of the body. The study found that in the Universities of East London and Westminster, the students who supplement water during the exam are more than those who dry up The score is 5% higher. Long term insufficient drinking water will lead to a lot of diseases, slow metabolism and even accelerate aging. In order to maintain your health, you need to keep replenishing, replenishing and replenishing!
Are you short of water? Chronic dehydration is “not good” for your brain and body
Up to 75% of the world’s people are more or less “short of water”. What will happen to our bodies if we don’t drink enough water?
When you are dry and thirsty, weak and dizzy, yellow urine, lack of elasticity of skin, slow response, muscle spasm, poor mood, palpitation and other symptoms, these are often manifested in different degrees of dehydration. At this time, you should consider whether you forget to replenish water?
Source: buoy
How did the water in your body run away unconsciously?
Dehydration refers to the reduction of extracellular fluid caused by excessive water loss or insufficient drinking water. The human body is like a water storage bottle with holes. It can continuously supplement water by drinking water, and continuously consume water through sweating, breathing, etc.
When too much water is lost in the “bottle” and cannot be replenished in time, the human body will be dehydrated. The loss of 2% of the liquid will seriously affect the physical and mental performance, while in the case of exercise, the human body will lose 6-10% of the water. Dehydration is also common during the journey because the air humidity on the plane is 12% (lower than the Sahara Desert). It can be seen that “dehydration” is everywhere.
Therefore, “it’s too late to drink water when you feel thirsty”. The real absorption of water by the body is to enter the blood circulation, and the water is drunk, which is only a prelude to being absorbed by the human body. Therefore, in order to get rid of the problem of dehydration, you can’t judge the degree of water loss only by your own feeling, but you need to keep the body full of water at all times.
It’s more important to lock water when drinking water. Why can’t you just drink ordinary water?
A study by the University of St Andrews in Scotland compared the hydration reactions of several different drinks and found that drinks containing a little sugar, fat or protein can maintain the body’s water better and longer than ordinary water.
In many cases, sweat loses not only water in the body, but also electrolytes such as sodium and potassium that lock in water. For individuals in specific scenes such as sports and fitness, outdoor activities, tourism and work, they should not only replenish water, but also ingest elements that can lock water and increase the “hydration” of the body. With the trend of “water replenishment and hydration function”, you need to supplement enough hydration elements, such as electrolytes and sugar. The ideal sports drink should have ideal “hydration” elements.
Portable, small and convenient, colorless and tasteless,
Buoy wants to be a “good partner” for all drinks
Different from the common bottled water replenishment drinks or instant water replenishment granules on the market, buoy has developed an odorless liquid supplement formula based on Americans’ concern about long-term dehydration. It is palm size and easy to carry. It can be added to any beverage and replenished at any time. It is close to consumers’ life with the novel concept and humanized design of handheld water replenishment station, and has become a dark horse in the water replenishment industry.
(1) The formula is humanized, not only replenishing water
Provide zero sugar and zero calorie hydrating drinks with high standard hydration. At the same time, unlike most hydrating drinks that only focus on the three main electrolytes of sodium, chlorine and potassium, buoy’s formula also includes the often neglected electrolyte magnesium. The basic version of buoy also adds pure natural B vitamins and organic herbal extracts. In addition, the “buoy + immunity” version also adds other natural extracts to improve human immunity, replenish water and improve the body’s defense ability.
Source: buoy
(2) Small size, easy to carry, replenish water at any time
The shape is made into a small squeeze bottle suitable for the palm of the hand. It is just the right size and can be put into a pocket, wallet, fitness bag, waist bag or carried with you. Bottles can be opened, squeezed, closed and stowed with one hand, which is easier than those electrolyte tablets, powder bags or liquid droppers. The packaging design implements what buoy advocates – continuous electrolyte supplement throughout the day to prevent dehydration.
(3) Colorless and tasteless, better experience
Just squeeze for 1-2 seconds without waiting or stirring. You can add it to any type of beverage such as beer, milkshake, smoothie, tea, coffee and sparkling water to increase the electrolyte content. While replenishing water immediately, it will not damage the flavor and taste of other drinks, and will not add any sugar, stevia or artificial ingredients, but only retain the experience of the original drinks. This is a “new friend” for those who don’t like water or drink less water.
Source: buoy
Develop new products to meet the needs of new scenes
Like many enterprises in the food and beverage industry, buoy has grasped the label of “cleanliness” and “health” and established its own product line by launching new products with new functions and benefits. Three years after its establishment, Schindler has developed into a full range of hydration products. On the basis of adding electrolytes to make consumers feel the happiness of “replenishing water”, vitamins and herbal extracts are added to enhance immunity, so as to ensure that consumers can drink the healthiest and most nutritious drinks as much as possible in different scenarios.
Source: buoy
Open bouy’s website and we can see the following three products:
  • Buoy – trace minerals + micronutrient dense electrolyte + all natural B vitamins + organic herbal extracts. As the basic “buoy”, it can meet the needs of people who want to replenish water every day, people who are dieting or fasting intermittently, people who are seriously dehydrated after drinking, people who love sports, people on travel
  • Buoy + energy – natural caffeine and L-theanine in green tea to reduce anxiety and enhance attention. Each contains 30 mg of natural clean caffeine, which is equivalent to more than 13 cups of coffee.
  • Buoy + immunity – trace minerals + micronutrient dense electrolyte + all natural vitamins A, B1, B5, B6, C, D3, e + zinc + organic old berries + Echinacea + ginger root extract. Keeping water is the foundation of a healthy immune system, which is why you receive intravenous injection in the hospital. “Buoy + immunity” adds some immune enhancing elements on the basis of the original formula.
Source: buoy
The problem of “chronic dehydration” ignored by most people,
Has spawned a new business model for hydrating drinks?
How was hydrating black technology born?
Daniel Schindler, founder and CEO of buoy (formerly better tomorrow), grew up in hot Arizona. He started from the lemonade station and consciously helped people replenish water from urination. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Michigan in 2015 and a master’s degree in business management from Olin School of business, University of Washington in 2019. As a software consultant for the dealer management company, two years later, influenced by his parents who like traveling and his brother who is good at discovering business opportunities, Daniel Schindler gradually realized that he wanted to run his own company. Daniel Schindler, like most people who advocate health and exercise, hopes to become a better self through good habits, healthy diet and water replenishment suitable for people. One day, he was lying on the sofa drinking and suddenly thought: is it possible for people to replenish water with every drink they drink?
Most people understand the importance of rehydration, but rehydration is a difficult habit to maintain, because it requires constant attention. If you only drink water when you feel thirsty, you will be in a state of chronic dehydration for a long time. At present, most of the water replenishment products are designed for drinking before or after sports or drinking. They exist in bottled drinks or solid powders, which can not make people replenish water in time when they need to replenish water.
In realizing that most people, especially when drinking, exercising and traveling, do not effectively replenish water. Schindler proposed a solution: an odorless liquid supplement for any beverage, including water, coffee, beer, wine or cocktail. The goal is to help people better retain water when they consume water.
The core product of buoy is designed to solve the problem that “75% of Americans are dehydrated for a long time and 92% lack vitamins”. The small bottle body is of great use. With this small portable squeeze replenishment artifact, it reminds you to replenish water all day. When it comes to extruded bottles, each buoy bottle is made of 100% post consumer recycling (PCR) materials. Not only that, don’t underestimate a small buoy bottle. It can provide enough 40 electrolyte supplies, making each buoy a more environmentally friendly product.
Source: buoy
In addition, the enterprise has also made great efforts in carbon neutralization and public welfare undertakings, funded the jalipala forest protection project in the Amazon rainforest, sent more than 1200 bottles of water to the St. Louis front line to help emergency personnel maintain water, raised US $282500 for athletes, and produced an award-winning documentary crossing for treatment… Buoy focuses on “water replenishment” At the same time, buoy is also passing on the awareness of environmental protection and the concept of sustainable life to young people, which is the social responsibility that every brand should fulfill, the embodiment of a brand pattern and a trusted brand for consumers.
Enable b-end enterprises to launch buoy’s water replenishment influence in an all-round way!
Not only for consumers, bouy also empowers other brands in the food and beverage industry with its own technology to add water replenishment momentum to their products, and at the same time, it uses the power of other brands to launch its own influence on the new concept of water replenishment.
Bouy products can maintain the initial taste of different drinks and upgrade the drinks painlessly, so as to increase the clean and tasteless replenishment characteristics of drinks and bring consumers a healthier experience. For this reason, emerging beverage brand mkombucha, brewing company wellbeing and other companies have cooperated with buoy to add buoy formula to their products.
Wellbeing said, “our mission is to create the world’s most hydrated beer, but the biggest obstacle is the saltiness and bitterness from electrolytes, which will destroy the taste of our drinks. It’s great to find a company committed to overcoming this obstacle and making the production process very easy for us.”
  • The products injected into buoy can earn a higher profit margin, with an average additional profit of 0.91 cents per cup of beverage.
  • More product exposure opportunities, less media costs and labeling you on social platforms.
This is not only buoy’s commitment to b-end partners, but also a new proposal for consumers to receive buoy’s water replenishment concept from multiple categories. At present, three brands have cooperated with buoy and printed conspicuous powered by buoy logo on their product packaging.
As of August 2020, the annual sales of buoy was USD 177467, which is expected to reach USD 300000 by the end of the year. “So far, our marketing and advertising spending has been very small, so once we start our growth phase, we expect sales to grow exponentially,” said Schindler, its founder
Source: buoy
The scale of China’s beverage industry is nearly 600 billion, of which the scale of functional beverage market exceeds 40 billion, with a compound growth rate of 15% in recent five years. Even so, compared with the domestic and overseas, the average consumption of functional drinks in Chinese mainland is only 10-20% of developed countries such as the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom.
Domestic functional drinks are generally divided into energy drinks, nutrient drinks, electrolyte drinks, sports drinks and other functional drinks. However, with the upgrading of consumption, consumers have more subdivided new needs for different scenarios, which is bound to give birth to more new forces of functional drinks.
We also see that in recent years, domestic brands have begun to work hard on the polishing of functions and formulas. For example, the aliens under Yuanqi forest have developed the electrolyte water formula of 0 sugar and 0 card. The farmer mountain spring screams and creatively puts forward the concept of “sports replenishment, professional infiltration”. Hyaluronic acid developed by Huaxi biology is used in drinking water, yogurt, soft candy and other brands
Bouy introduced today focuses on the small functional pain point of water replenishment, develops innovative product solutions and new business models, and makes the old and traditional hydration methods younger and sexy. Buoy brings us not only a subversive understanding of the concept of water replenishment, but also further thinking about the new business model of the brand in the future.
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