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Mengniu plans to issue HK $4.863 billion bonds, berry coffee and Budweiser get tickets, Dongpeng beverage plans to build a Zhejiang base, Shenzhen market supervision bureau responded to “thousand yuan juice”, and Fuyi bought it with us $315 million

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Mengniu plans to issue HK $4.863 billion convertible bonds

Today, Mengniu Dairy announced that the company and the placing agent have agreed that the relevant exchange rate is RMB 0.8226 to HK $1.00 for the subscription of financial products by the selected participants according to the relevant plan, the proposed placement of 5-year fixed rate convertible bonds not exceeding the equivalent of HK $4 billion under special authorization and potential related party transactions; The principal amount of convertible bonds is HK $4.863 billion; Convertible bonds bear interest at a fixed annual interest rate of 3.08% on their outstanding principal amount. (Zhitong Finance)

Dongpeng beverage plans to invest in Zhejiang production base project

Today, Dongpeng beverage announced that the company plans to sign the investment agreement with Quzhou Zhizao New Town Management Committee, and the investment project is named “Dongpeng beverage Zhejiang production base project”. Therefore, the company plans to register and establish Zhejiang Dongpeng vitamin Beverage Co., Ltd. in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province (tentative, subject to industrial and commercial registration), with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, which is specially responsible for promoting and implementing the invested projects. (company announcement)

A glass of juice costs 1000 yuan? Response from Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau

On November 22, the official microblog of Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau released a notice: Recently, a short video platform reflected the sales of “thousand yuan drinks” in a beverage store in Shenzhen, which attracted network attention. Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau has quickly started the on-site verification work, and the relevant situation will be continuously notified. Recently, a yecuishan beverage store in Shenzhen launched a 1000 yuan cup of olive juice, which aroused heated discussion among netizens. The shop involved responded that it was not milk tea, but olive juice. The purchase price was more than 800 yuan per kilogram, and the production took 3 hours. Tianyancha app shows that on November 11, Xicha (Shenzhen) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. invested in Shenzhen Haolin catering Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of “yecui mountain”, with a shareholding ratio of 60%, becoming the largest shareholder of “yecui mountain”. (Nanfang Daily)

Golden Arowana Shijiazhuang established food industry company with a registered capital of 23 million yuan

On November 17, YIHAI KERRY (Shijiazhuang) Food Industry Co., Ltd. was established. The legal representative is Zhang Yi, with a registered capital of 23 million yuan. Its business scope includes: production and sales of noodles, dried noodles (color, ordinary), semi dry noodles, udon noodles, corrugated noodles, fresh and wet noodles, frozen dough, quick-frozen food, cooked food products, etc. (business information)

Berry coffee fined 300000 yuan for false publicity

Recently, Jixiang Beirui (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd., a related company of Beirui coffee, was fined 300000 yuan by Shanghai Jing’an District market supervision and administration and ordered to stop the illegal act. It was found that the outer packaging box of belray’s sales product belray ear hanging coffee combination (filter hanging type) contained the content of “5S standard of belay’s preferred coffee: strictly control the bean raising period and 14 days”. The industry meaning of the above content is that there is a 14 day waking period after coffee beans are roasted, and the beans naturally emit carbon dioxide. In fact, according to the production process of the above products, coffee beans are temporarily stored for 24 hours after baking and then ground and crushed, which constitutes a false publicity. (Shanghai Municipal Bureau of market supervision)

Budweiser was fined 250000 for clinking glasses and drinking in the advertisement

Recently, Budweiser investment (China) Co., Ltd. violated the relevant provisions of the advertising law of the people’s Republic of China and constituted an illegal act of publishing the prohibited contents of alcohol advertisements because the alcohol advertisements published by Budweiser investment (China) Co., Ltd. were fined 250000 yuan by Shanghai Jing’an District market supervision and Administration and ordered to stop publishing. The date of administrative penalty decision is November 11, 2021. (Shanghai Municipal Bureau of market supervision)

Real estate boss Mao Daqing sells steamed stuffed buns

Recently, the daily economic news reporter asked the relevant staff of Youke workshop for confirmation and learned that the “maodaqing steamed stuffed bun shop” opened in the shared office project Youke workshop of maodaqing of Beijing International Trade in September 2021 Maodaqing steamed stuffed bun shop focuses on “cooking”, “steaming” and “grinding”. It not only provides steamed stuffed buns, but also coffee, soybean milk, porridge, side dishes and other categories. (Daily Economic News)

The snack chain brand “snack Youming” completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan

The snack Youming chain brand “snack Youming” has recently completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. It is invested by Kaihui consumption co creation fund under Kaihui fund, which focuses on the early consumption field, and Yunyue capital continues to serve as the exclusive financial adviser. It is reported that this is the third financing of snack Youming this year. This round of financing will be used for supply chain upgrading, digital operation and accelerating market expansion. (36 krypton)

Yizi will invest US $122.5 million in the supply chain in Virginia

It was reported yesterday that Yizi plans to invest US $122.5 million in its supply chain business in Virginia in the next three years. The investment plan includes the expansion of the biscuit factory in Richmond, which will add a high-speed Oreo production line. The company will also establish a new sales logistics center to support Yizi’s sales and distribution in the United States, which is planned to be completed in 2022 Opening. (Foodbev)

Fuyi Group acquired Frank Family winery in California for us $315 million

It was reported yesterday that Fuyi group had reached an agreement to acquire Frank family vineyards in Napa Valley, California, for us $315 million. The acquisition will be funded by a combination of debt and cash, including the income from the recent divestiture of US assets. The transaction is expected to be completed in December 2021. (Foodbev)

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The Ministry of Commerce printed and distributed the high quality development plan for foreign trade in the 14th five year plan

Today, the Ministry of Commerce issued the high-quality development plan for foreign trade during the 14th Five Year Plan period, which said that during the 14th Five Year Plan period, the comprehensive strength of trade was further enhanced, the scale advantage of goods trade was stable, the international market share was stable, the import scale continued to expand, and the number of foreign trade subjects increased steadily. The trade security system was further improved, and the sources of imports of grain, energy resources, key technologies and parts were more diversified. (website of Ministry of Commerce)

Ministry of Commerce: solidly promote the construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zone

The 14th five year plan for high-quality development of Foreign Trade issued by the Ministry of commerce also proposes to solidly promote the construction of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone. Optimize the supervision of cross-border e-commerce retail import and guide the standardized development of the industry. Explore the whole process innovation of cross-border e-commerce transactions. Support cross-border e-commerce enterprises to build a flexible supply chain with concentrated factors and rapid response. Establish a marketing system of online and offline integration and domestic and overseas linkage, and promote the construction of infrastructure such as cross-border e-commerce online comprehensive service platform. Consolidate and expand a number of leading cross-border e-commerce enterprises and advantageous industrial parks. (Securities Times)

The consumer market is gradually recovering. Food and beverage companies welcome the test of “price and volume”

Since October, some listed food and beverage companies have raised product prices under cost pressure. The survey found that the consumer market has gradually recovered, but the terminal demand has not yet turned prosperous. Most companies “want to say nothing” about raising the price of products. Many companies are hesitant about whether to raise the price, and the price increase range of the raised price is far less than that of the cost increase. How to find a balance between “price” and “quantity” has become a big test in front of these companies. (China Securities Network)

Top 10 cities in the world that are most suitable for vegetarianism and future development

Yesterday, abillion, the world’s fastest-growing platform for the review of plant-derived foods and products, assessed cities around the world based on their acceptance of vegetarian lifestyles, their commitment to environmental protection policies, green gas emissions and waste generation. This study helped to identify the top ten cities in the world that are most suitable for environmentally conscious citizens, also known as the cities of the future. The ranking of cities is as follows: London, UK, Los Angeles, Spain, Barcelona, Australia, Melbourne, Singapore, Johannesburg, South Africa, Toronto, Canada, New York City, Germany, Berlin and Cape Town, South Africa. (abillion)

The China Association for performing arts included 88 people including Wu Yifan, Zheng Shuang and Zhang zhehan in the warning list

Today, the online performance (live broadcast) branch of China Performance Industry Association announced the ninth batch of online anchor warning list, with a total of 88 warning personnel, including performers such as Wu Yifan, Zheng Shuang and Zhang zhehan. This is also the first time that illegal and immoral artists have been included in the online anchor warning list. (China Association for performing arts)

Kwai’s revenue in the three quarter was 20 billion 500 million yuan, up 33.4% over the same period last year.

The third quarter earnings report released by the Kwai Chung company showed that the company’s revenue in 2021 was 20 billion 500 million yuan, up 33.4% from the same period last year, and the market expected 20 billion 100 million yuan. The net loss was 7.09 billion yuan and the market expected net loss was 8.627 billion yuan. Among them, the online marketing service revenue was 10.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 76.5%; The live broadcasting revenue was 7.7 billion yuan, an increase of 7.4% month on month; Other service revenue was 1.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 53%, of which the e-commerce transaction volume reached 175.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 86.1%. (36 krypton)

Advertising revenue in 2021: double digit growth in the first half of the year and stagnation in the third quarter

36 krypton learned from multiple sources that in the first half of this year, the advertising revenue was about 115 billion yuan, achieving double-digit growth and approaching the original planned goal. In the third quarter of this year, the growth rate of advertising revenue decreased significantly. (36 krypton)

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