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Real bubble water freedom! Fresh steam Shizu x ibisi brings subversive Zero sugar formula!

 ” Tips: at the end of the article, come and get it! Natural, delicious and healthy are the eternal pursuit of consumers and the eternal trend of food innovation. With its indelible enthusiasm for innovation, new consumer brands promote the continuous evolution and iteration of the concept of delicious + health, provide new value increment for escalating consumers and create new business opportunities.
under the popular trend of reducing sugar, various sugar alcohols represented by “erythritol” frequently appear in the formula of bubble water without sugar. In mature markets such as the European Union, the United States and Australia, the regulation of sugar alcohol addition and labeling has a long history, and it is clearly stipulated that sugar alcohol addition needs risk warning.
although the amount of sugar alcohol has not been regulated in China, the side effects of sugar alcohol have attracted more and more attention with the gradual deepening of consumers’ understanding of sugar substitutes. In the Mid Autumn Festival of 2021, Zhihu low sugar moon cake caused diarrhea of many consumers due to sugar alcohol formula, which triggered people’s discussion and concern about adverse reactions of sugar alcohol.
photo source: fresh gasoline ten family
for this pain point, “fruity restore master” ten fresh air group to join hands with the “nerve sweetness essence first person” of the Yi Xi, with molecular level innovative technology to create a subversive “0 sugar alcohol” Zero sugar program, in the elimination of sugar and alcohol diarrhea risk, at the same time, breaking the fruit bubble water “fresh ceiling”. Bring a new level of taste experience.
“natural, Zero sugar and healthy”, fresh steam ten and ibisi hope to realize real “bubble water freedom” for consumers through this joint innovation.
Sugar free formula Innovation:
Redefine bubble water free
According to the Research Report on consumers’ sugar reduction behavior and attitude of ipso China, erythritol gradually entered the vision of consumers after becoming popular all the way with online red bubble water, which was well known by everyone, and was adopted by major sugar free bubble water manufacturers. Is erythritol the only best choice for manufacturers pursuing “natural good taste sugar substitute”? Are there better and safer alternatives that are not widely known? In this regard, the food and beverage industry needs a “subversive” formula upgrading campaign.
1. Zhihu moon cake diarrhea event: “Xie invited moon cake” becomes “laxative moon cake”
Around the Mid Autumn Festival, the topic of “eating Zhihu” Xie invited “moon cakes and turning seconds into” jet soldiers “was hot on the Internet. After eating the low sugar formula moon cakes customized by the platform, a large number of big V had diarrhea. The platform side’s apology statement said that the sugar alcohol used to replace part of sucrose led to intolerance and diarrhea in some people. It can be seen from the ingredients list that in order to reduce heat, the manufacturer added maltitol and erythritol.
Photo source: Zhihu low sugar moon cake ingredients list
Feng Kaili, a doctoral student in epidemiology and health statistics at Peking Union Medical College, said that most sugar alcohols do not decompose in the stomach, but directly enter the intestine. The absorption rate of most sugar alcohols in the intestine is much slower than that of glucose. Because of poor absorption, they converge in the intestinal cavity, and then ferment to produce gas, which will produce abdominal distension or bowel sound. Even if erythritol is well absorbed by the human body, the unabsorbed part will remain in the intestinal cavity; On the other hand, they also increase the osmotic pressure in the intestine, so that the water in the intestinal cells is “sucked” out by the concentration gradient formed by the external osmotic pressure. This excess water will cause the stool to become thin, which will lead to diarrhea.
2. Sensitive population with low sugar alcohol tolerance: women and children are more likely to be “recruited”
A study from the British Journal of nutrition shows that women and children react more seriously after eating sugar alcohol. In addition to the abdominal distention and diarrhea mentioned above, some women will even have nausea after taking a certain amount. The reason may be that due to the different ways of gastric emptying, compared with men, women are more likely to stay in the upper gastrointestinal tract after eating erythritol, resulting in severe nausea. Experimental data show that half of the nausea and vomiting caused by sugar alcohols occur after eating a certain amount of erythritol. In infants and preschool children, the incidence of diarrhea is 6 times higher than that of ordinary adults because the gastrointestinal function is not fully developed. How to better control the health risk of sugar containing alcohol products to protect women as the main consumer group is worth thinking about by beverage brands [1].
3. Under the tide of sugar control, consumers are more likely to consume excessive sugar alcohol
Under the trend of sugar control by the whole people and low sugar is health, food enterprises have launched their own sugar reduction schemes. In order to reduce the calorie value in the nutritional composition table, a large number of various sugar alcohols are used to replace sucrose and appear in the ingredient table of snacks, desserts and substitute foods. The objective result is that even if the sugar alcohol content of a single product is at the safety threshold, it is easy to cause diarrhea when eaten in combination. In addition, a study conducted by Luis Anna Technical University on non-diabetic adults shows that dietary fiber and prebiotics, which are sought after by healthy people, help regulate intestinal flora and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, which can worsen gastrointestinal tolerance and increase the risk of sugar and alcohol diarrhea by [2] when combined with sugar and alcohol.
It can be seen that erythritol + artificial sugar substitute formula is not the optimal solution of sugar free drinks. The diarrhea risk of sugar alcohol actually makes the propaganda concept of “0 sugar free drinking” empty talk. Li Miao, co-founder of the ten families of fresh steam, believes that “sugar free is healthy, but it is obviously not healthy to drink too much diarrhea. The role of erythritol in soaking water in sugar free gas can be completely replaced by other natural raw materials. It is the responsibility of our innovators in the food industry to complete this iteration.”
Who is the ten families of fresh steam: 10 million cans of fruit flavor reduction master
Founded in 2019, Xianqi Shizu takes “restoring natural delicacy” as the brand gene, and its first product is “Xianqi Shizu white peach juice bubble water”   In the case of 0 marketing launch, it has won the sales champion of canned soda on the e-commerce platform for two consecutive years, with a cumulative sales of more than 10 million cans of single products and a product repurchase rate of 20%. It has been recommended frequently on various social platforms and harvested a large number of “tap water”. The ten fresh steam families said that “good drinking is the right light in the beverage industry”.
photo source: fresh steam ten family store
1. New height of fruit flavor bubble: fresh and refreshing experience of “biting the first bite of fruit”
Li Miao, co-founder of ten families of fresh steam, said that the original intention of developing fruit flavor drinks was to bring consumers a drinking experience “like biting the first bite of fruit” through the fine research of product taste. “No one can refuse the temptation to bite the first bite of fresh fruit. Consumers’ deep taste memory is the source of our high repurchase rate.”
in order to enable consumers to get the “Wow! Taste experience”, the research and Development Laboratory of Xianqi Shizu created the “Quartet drinking experience construction system”, from nose fragrance, oral touch, throat taste The four dimensions of smell behind the nose restore consumers’ taste memory of fresh fruits.
photo source: Xianqi Shizu
2. The first Zero sugar bubble water added with peach puree: light moon white peach fragrance from peach Township in China
Xianqi Shizu “free!” sugar free white peach bubble water added with white peach puree from peach Township in China: Pinggu, Beijing. The picking time is strictly limited before the Mid Autumn Festival, ensuring the pure fruit aroma and clear color of white peach puree. Xianqi Shizu said: “because the requirements are too detailed, our juice supplier even gave it a nice name: shallow moon white peach.”
photo source: Xianqi Shizu
The light moon white peach puree selected for the fresh steam ten group bubble water is completely peeled and nucleated manually to ensure the fragrance of the juice without impurities. “The Japanese customers of juice suppliers are surprised to see the raw pulp produced according to our standards. Now the standards of Chinese enterprises are surpassing Japan,” said Li Miao, co-founder of Xianqi Shizu. “Now the Japanese go to select products with us every year, and sometimes rob our raw materials.”
picture source: fresh steam ten family
3. Savaran Zero sugar scheme: subversive innovative formula bid farewell to erythritol
sugar free bubble water market has achieved explosive growth in the past two years. In addition to the online rookies, traditional brands have also entered the market, and the trend of category involution is becoming more and more serious. “The production of sugar free bubble water is actually very simple. You can find a factory to copy the formula and enter the game. The threshold is really low. If we can’t provide new value increment to consumers, we won’t make such products,” said the founder of Xianqi ten.
“during the market survey, we noticed that the proportion of diarrhea complaints from customers who soaked in sugar free water was significantly higher than the average level of the beverage industry, and most of the ingredients added were not easy to deteriorate.” Xianqi Shizu said that the team had communicated with a large number of domestic peers and consulted foreign food industry regulations, Finally found the Crux: erythritol, which is widely used in the formula of sugar free bubble water.
photo source: fresh steam group 10
in fact, erythritol is not a necessary option for Zero sugar drinks. Erythritol, as a sugar substitute, has a low sweetness, only 60% – 70% of the sweetness of sucrose. In fact, it is high-power sweeteners such as sucralose and acesulfame in the ingredient list that really provide sweetness; In addition, erythritol has limited effect on the taste of drinks. Because the combination of only volatile flavor substances and high-power sweeteners is still not enough to achieve the “sucrose like” sweetness perception of fruit juice / fruity bubble water after reducing sucrose. Therefore, it is necessary to act on the olfactory bulb through the posterior nasal cavity with the help of non-volatile substances, that is, the supplement of posterior nasal aroma, so as to stimulate the brain reward circuit and bring “sucrose like” pleasant satisfaction. Obviously, erythritol does not contain non-volatile flavor substances and can not supplement the post nasal aroma lost after sugar reduction; It is accompanied by obvious chemical taste, dry mouth (no saliva), and cool feeling. Not only can it not provide a post nasal aroma similar to sucrose, but it will also have a negative reaction on the refreshing fruit flavor, which is difficult to achieve a pleasant taste experience, which brings challenges to the innovation of many flavor formulas.
4. 鲜汽十族 x 伊比西:一场对鲜感的共同追寻
1. 国外对糖醇的监管情况:可添加使用,必须提示风险
澳大利亚、新西兰在《澳新食品法典》中要求,A类中麦芽糖醇、木糖醇在食品≥10g/100g(10%),B类中山梨糖醇、赤藓糖醇在食品中≥25g/100g(25%),均需要标注“可能会致泻”;当 A、B中的糖醇组合使用时,取上限较低值。
2. 更多科技、更多安心、更多开心

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