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Infant formula sheep milk powder new regulations landing! “Pure sheep” milk powder brand santramo highlights its future plan

Sheep milk powder market changes greatly, “pure sheep” milk powder has become the general trend. Recently, the announcement on further standardizing the labeling of infant formula milk powder products issued by the State Administration of market supervision requires that if there is a word of animal origin in the product name, all milk protein sources such as raw milk, milk powder and whey powder should come from this species.

This means that after the policy transition period on February 22, 2023, the “half sheep” infant formula produced with cow’s whey powder and goat’s milk will not be allowed to use the name of “sheep milk powder”.

Under the new regulations, “half sheep” enterprises accelerate their transformation and survive, while “pure sheep” enterprises see opportunities. Recently, the relevant person in charge of santramo, the “pure sheep” milk powder brand of Shengyuan, told the snack generation: “The new regulations have made the head effect of the sheep milk powder industry more significant. As early as its establishment, santramo has adhered to pure sheep formula and is also the world’s first sheep milk powder brand that has passed the formula registration system. Santramo has always expressed the most simple love with the most sincere formula. In the future, we will concentrate on brand IP, adhere to the mentality and expression of brand youth, and strive to become the look we like after 95.”

So how will “pure sheep” milk powder santramo seize this opportunity? Let’s take a look.

Constant product power

In recent years, the growth rate of goat milk powder continues to lead the infant formula milk powder market. Relevant data show that in 2020, the market scale of goat milk powder in China was 10.4 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 3.9%. Among them, the sales of local goat milk powder market was 7.24 billion yuan, accounting for 69.62% of the sales of goat milk powder market. China has become the largest consumer of goat milk powder in the world.

In sharp contrast to the huge sheep milk powder market, there are currently differences in the formula of sheep milk powder. According to industry statistics, there are 93 infant sheep milk powder registered through the General Administration of market supervision, including 53 “half sheep” formula powder using cow whey, accounting for 57%, and 40 “pure sheep” formula powder using sheep whey, accounting for 43%.

Data show that whey protein is an important component in infant milk powder, and the content proportion is required to be high, which must be close to the level of breast milk. According to the Beijing News, about 60% of breast milk is whey protein and 40% is casein. In cow’s milk and goat’s milk, whey protein accounts for only about 20%, and the remaining 80% is casein.

At present, most sheep milk powder enterprises mostly choose whey as whey protein, which is mainly due to the consideration of production and cost. Previously, the Research Report of Huaxi Securities pointed out that on the basis of relatively small sheep milk production, only 6 grams of sheep whey protein can be extracted per 1000 grams of sheep milk, making sheep whey protein more precious.

In the face of such a market environment, as a high-end “pure sheep” milk powder, santramo made great efforts in raw materials and formula from the beginning. On the one hand, it achieved pure formula and adhered to “pure sheep”, on the other hand, it benchmarked breast milk to ensure that the natural characteristics of low sensitization, easy digestion and good absorption of sheep milk were maximized.

In terms of raw materials, santramu does not give in to the cost. It imports full fat sheep milk powder from the high-quality milk source in the Netherlands and demineralized sheep whey powder in France. It adopts 100% European milk source to ensure the purity of milk powder and the safety of milk powder.

In terms of formula, santramo adopts a professional formula, that is, Youbo bionic formula superimposed with pure sheep’s milk protein formula. The combination of bionic protein, fatty acid and carbohydrate contained in Youbo bionic formula realizes the nutrition of standard breast milk and gives the baby five-dimensional care of nutrition, absorption, digestion, immunity and intelligence. All the proteins in the sheep’s milk protein formula come from sheep’s milk to maximize the quality of sheep’s milk The high-quality characteristics of different age groups and different proportions are realized.

It is worth mentioning that santramo also adopts the process of removing the smell of mutton, which greatly reduces the smell of mutton in sheep milk powder and ensures that its taste is closer to that of breast milk.


Overweight consumer education

The change of infant formula milk powder market is not only reflected in the trend of product quality, but also in the younger and more pursuing mother and infant groups.

Insight into the consumption trend of China’s maternal and infant market in 2021 released by iResearch consulting The report shows that by 2019, the size of China’s mother and child families has reached 278 million. The 90 and 95 backward are the main force of mother and child population, accounting for nearly 60%, and the proportion of highly educated parents with bachelor’s degree or above has reached 66% of the whole. They advocate scientific child rearing, are more willing to spend money on their children, and have stronger consumption power and higher consumption willingness.

How to accurately “hit” these young and demanding mother and child groups? Santramo chose a set of “combination boxing” on the offline line to impress consumers with younger, professional and emotional expression.

In the offline channels, santramo opened terminal carnivals, mother classes, private meetings and other services, which not only created product touch services for the brand, linked brands, channels and consumers, but also expanded the influence of the channel in the local mother and child market.

For some excellent stores, santramo has set up VIP customer private meetings to create a platform for Baoma to learn and improve the professional knowledge of mothers and infants. The national Mother class activities can not only provide Baoma with a platform for learning, relaxation and communication, so that Baoma groups can deeply experience the intention and temperature of the brand, more effectively empower the stores, and enable the stores to provide more professional and high-quality services In addition to providing Baoma groups, we can tap and meet the needs of more Baoma.

On the online platform, St. tram is making a tiktok knowledge, answering questions and interacting with Bao MA in the whole way of shaking, little red books and video numbers. This not only makes novice Baoma gradually grow into a senior parenting expert, but also brings more warm and innovative emotional experience to parents and babies. At present, the company is building its own IP image “lamb Mu Mu” to popularize goat milk knowledge and parenting knowledge in a fun and lively way. At the same time, it launched a series of programs “newborn Guardian group” on xiaohongshu, where young treasure mothers gather, and invited professional nutritionists to spread professional Parenting knowledge to young mothers.

As a forward-looking sheep milk powder enterprise, the idea of early layout of “pure sheep” milk powder makes santramo break through in this quality competition, and the capture of young consumers is also expected to make it gain new winning chips and seize the first opportunity in the future competition.

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