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Dismantle the benchmarking case of private domain, see the reality, and the 2021 private domain conference starts in Shanghai!

from December 2 to 3, 2021 private domain conference was held in Shanghai!

Over the past few months, Jianshi has been conducting in-depth enterprise market research, asking more than 46000 private sector teams and practitioners, and gathering the results into a questionnaire to feed back the private sector entrepreneurship opportunities and operation points in 2022.
According to the results of the questionnaire, the 2021 annual private domain conference held from December 2 to 3 will start in Shanghai.
There were 51 guests, including 40 at the conference and 11 at the efficiency camp. During the two-day sharing, there were 20 private benchmarking cases in 15 fields, including “jewelry, baking, retail, FMCG, tea, pets, beauty, shoes and clothing, catering, supermarkets, fishing, direct sales, education, blind box and insurance”. They will disassemble their own cases.
In addition, there are more highlights of the conference, such as:
4 senior executives of private domain basic platform, 7 senior executives of third-party team including agent operation, and 11 CEO guests of private domain upstream and downstream industry chain brought different observation horizons and development trends;
Several benchmarking cases and guests shared their own data and methodology for the first time;
Different speech topics have formed modules such as new playing methods & new models, new brand rise of private domain, new powder playing methods & new drainage strategies, private domain sales model, platform insight, new private domain dividends, global operation, key group insight, key group communication and private domain system, private domain content and IP system, reconstruction of traditional * private domain model, refined operation of private domain full link, etc;
We mentioned in the previous notice that the lecture will be held in combination. Benchmarking case executives, platform executives and founders of upstream and downstream industrial chain companies will share around a module from different angles;
Three latest white papers, including 2022 private domain operation trends and entrepreneurial opportunities, 2019-2022 private domain talent demand and salary Research Report, and private domain community optimization manual, will be released on site;
The latest and themed white papers, including the operation manual and implementation guidelines for the public and private sectors of China’s retail industry, the new retail marketing password, the operation manual for the private sector of the brand · super practical tool book at hand, the 2021 private sector powder adding manual, enterprise wechat hundred questions and answers, are available at all booths; (extended reading:)
The above three new white papers have been prepared for a long time, especially the 2022 private domain operation trends and entrepreneurial opportunities. It was found that the team spent several months collecting questionnaires from 46000 enterprises. Finally, more than 2000 brand private domain teams responded manually, and the results were obtained;
At the same time, we also collected from these enterprises a list of private domain service providers, private domain tools, private domain agent operation teams worthy of their recommendation, as well as private domain cases that inspired them the most. On site, we will publish the list of these recommended partners.
Let’s see the whole process of the conference directly. By the way, you can scan the code at the end of the long picture, or click “read the original text” to lock the tickets. You can also click to make an appointment for the live broadcast of the video number at the end of the text to participate remotely.
Source: jianshishijie. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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