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New school scientific tea making x classical poetic aesthetics = this Oriental light tea drink willch á is a little different?

uses “tea logic” instead of the “sugar logic” common to new tea drinks, and strives to create a healthy and light tea between sugar and tea, so as to be beautiful, fun and healthy.

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When it comes to the top of the beverage industry today, milk tea is probably the only one. However, in recent years, milk tea has become the “love” of many young people and continued their lives with “milk tea” The popularity of milk tea has opened the prelude to new tea drinks in China. The rich taste produced by the arrangement and combination of various ingredients is irresistible; the innovation of fruit tea, lemon tea, ice cream tea and other categories has injected continuous vitality into the whole new tea market.
As a popular track with its own traffic, new tea has also become a “regular” on the hot search list. Recently, there has been “high-speed railway milk tea online” and then “tea Yan Yue color centralized closing” And other focus topics triggered extensive discussion, but behind it came a signal: the huge volume of consumers and the rapidly growing market scale have brought prosperity and vitality to the new tea market. At the same time, the urgent contraction of the remaining space in the market has become a foregone conclusion, and the fierce battle of new tea is ushering in a new round of industry reshuffle.
Source: Zhihu
In the past few years of the rapid growth of new tea, the head brand horse racing enclosure, new brands emerge one after another, and new categories are constantly renovated. The original simple cup of tea has a variety of additions, such as milk cover, pearl, bean flower, taro round and so on. It is becoming more and more “dessert”, but it seems to have lost the “original heart” of new tea.
The traditional brewing of tea has its own painting style of “veteran cadres”, inconvenient drinking and improper brewing are easy to lead to bitterness, so that tea can not enter the life of young people. The advent of new tea drinks has greatly shortened the distance between “tea” and the new generation. It has entered the “drinking age” represented by milk tea, which is built in “sugar water” Logical tea has swept the country. Although it has made a good start in guiding young people to drink tea, both the health hazards behind milk tea and the innovation of products that abandon the basics in the market environment are gradually moving away from “making tea with heart”.
Source: willch á
How should the new tea beverage carrying the new mission of Oriental tea beverage return to its original heart? How should the sugar water tea beverage that runs counter to health preservation integrate with the general health trend? How should the similar offline tea stores complete the design of innovation scenes? Recently, I just mentioned the new tea brand “willch á future tea wave” financed by pre-A round Maybe it gave us a good reference answer. We also took the opportunity to talk to President Xu Haiyu, the founder of the brand.
Subvert the “sugar water logic”
Willch á wants to establish a “light balance” between sugar water and tea
Willch á was founded at the end of 2019 as a “health boutique tea” It is a new tea brand focusing on inheriting and innovating Chinese tea culture. Adhering to the development concept of science and aesthetics, the brand hopes to provide healthy and awakened young people with Oriental light tea under different life scenes. It hopes to truly integrate the habit and culture of tea drinking into young people’s lifestyle and life scenes through brand strength and product value. Therefore, they promote Out of 50 classic two series of classic low calorie tea drinks and perfume bag tea.
President Xu told us that willch á chose to enter the new tea track from the tea specialty, mainly because he was optimistic about the healthy tea demand generated by the growth of consumer groups. After 90 and 00, they are the main force of milk tea consumption, but with the growth of this generation, their physiology, cognition, aesthetics and values are undergoing the most profound changes in their life – the stage from 20 to 30 is changing Faced with career promotion, love, marriage and having children, the dual changes of physical and spiritual needs have prompted them to put forward healthier and higher quality life requirements. Reducing the intake of high sugar and high-fat milk tea and choosing healthier, lighter and slightly sweet new mixed tea is becoming a new consumption trend, and willch á is making use of the advantages of tea R & D and supply chain to serve this purpose Create healthy boutique tea for young people.
Source: Beijing look
Starting with tea and ending with tea, willch á has also made great efforts in product polishing. The brand has established a R & D team integrating multi-dimensional talents such as tea, nutrition and food engineering, based on the life scenes of young people, using “tea logic” rather than the “sugar logic” common to new tea drinks In order to create a healthy and light tea drink between sugar water and tea, it is good looking, fun and healthy. In addition, in the direction of packaging tea, WILLch R & D team develops a unique core tea making technology to retain and blend tea aroma and flower and fruit fragrance to the maximum extent, and finally ushered in the successful emergence of the “bubble tea” product series.
Grasp the emotional value needs of young people
Nowadays, low card tea is interwoven with perfume bag tea.
Based on the design principles of high-grade ingredients, minimalist ingredients and extreme technology, WILLch made the “two cups of tea”, one is the super low card health tea, and the other is the perfume tea.
1. Ultra low card ready-made tea: 50 standard, clearly marked card
In order to meet the “healthy awakening population”, the cleaning label of products is important. Therefore, WILLch has put forward the “50 ingredient standard” for current tea drinking, that is, in the production process, no matter the main materials or accessories, no flavors, pigments, preservatives and greases are added, and 0 card substitute sugar is used. This measure is difficult for brands to achieve in the short term, because brands must systematically upgrade raw materials and formulas, which will greatly increase costs. Therefore, it can be said that the “50 food material standard” is willch á’s technical barrier in terms of products.
While abandoning additives, the brand did not give up the pursuit of fragrance, sweet and light tea taste, but prompted itself to seek higher quality fresh raw materials to impress consumers with the most natural taste. According to the introduction, WILLch R & amp; R team spent more than a year dismantling the technology of coffee, red wine, perfume, Chinese herbal medicine, and traced the fruits, milk, flowers, herbs, coffee, sugar and other 5000 kinds of materials. According to the needs of customers and brand positioning, the raw materials and recipes of tea drinking were redesigned.
Source: willch á
In addition to the proposal of the “50 standard”, based on the health needs of young people, willch á has also created an innovative “functional beverage series”, adding collagen, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients to the current tea to make a unique “nutritional supplement” to meet the rich taste and double the health.
Source: Beijing look
In addition, willch á makes every cup of tea a “clear label” – scientifically and clearly mark the calories of each tea. As we all know, contemporary people’s health management is always inseparable from “calories”. Sometimes the calorie value is not beautiful, which directly affects consumers’ purchase decision. Willch á’s practice not only allows consumers to clearly understand the product’s calorie value, but also fully reflects the product’s “calorie” confidence.
Taking tea as the foundation has always been one of the important concepts of the brand. Therefore, willch á not only expressed concern about the health of products, but also enlarged the attention to tea in some details. For example, when ordering, customers can choose the concentration of tea – fragrance and strong fragrance, so as to realize the personalized needs of consumers.
Source: Gamen
In general, willch á’s current tea product line aims at the pain points of young people drinking milk tea, reducing the intake of sugar, milk and other calories, providing meaningful functional product elements, and creating healthy consumption under new tea through the extreme integration of ingredients, ingredients and technology.
2, life accompanied by teabag: one tea three tones, you can drink “perfume” tea drink.
The active withering technology and the five wave baking method are the two core tea making techniques of WILLch. Based on this, the team created the concept of “drinking perfume tea”, which made the tea full of natural fragrance and aroma, and it was not bitter nor astringent.
Source: willch á
The brand refers to the terms of the flavorer, establishes the communication mode with young people through the poetic description of one tea and three tones (pre fragrance / medium flavor / post rhyme), breaks the traditional way of buying tea, reduces the threshold of buying tea for young people, and realizes the establishment of new tea barriers.
It can be said that “one tea three tones” perfume tea is the highlight of the entire product line, but many times, consumers can only produce a variety of taste changes when they are guided. If there is no such expression, most people’s resolution will be weakened. Therefore, willch á has specially strengthened the rendering of the taste level in the product publicity, and in the poetic product guidance, it allows consumers to plant not only a tea, but also a warm Oriental life.
Source: Beijing look
In addition, the intention of willch á brand is to attract and retain consumers with the “sense of value” brought by emotional satisfaction. Just like the more the ingredients of the early generation of milk tea are added, the more valuable the high-quality bag bubble is, the more valuable it is for everyone to feel. Therefore, besides creating a “perfume” tonal in the quality of tea, the brand also create new styles of tea value through the creation of ingenious product names, and display the value of grass.
Taking tangerine peel Pu’er as an example, when creating a new product name, willcha uses 7-year-old tangerine peel and 7-year-old cave stored Pu’er. This taste brought by years also makes the taste of tea very mellow. Combined with the tea form and taste, the brand names it “10000 wisps of gold”, which can easily realize the concept output with a sense of culture and value without much words.
Photo source: Magpie packaging
Not only is the product innovation full of a sense of design, but also in transmitting the cultural value of traditional tea, willch á’s offline store experience is not inferior to Xi Cha, Naixue and other new tea stores famous for the “third space”, and has an oriental charm.
Interpreting oriental charm with “one leaf”
Willch á creates a new tea experience space
Willch á’s offline first store opened on November 12 in Chaoyang Joy City, Beijing. President Xu said that stores in cities across the country will be gradually expanded and will first enter first and second tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Chengdu. It is expected that the number of stores will reach 100 by 2023.
Source: willch á
Different from the traditional store of new tea, willch á will focus on the concept of “Oriental Aesthetics”, highlight the tea element of “one leaf” in the design, and create a significantly differentiated store environment. They hope to establish a long-term brand visual structure through design and lead the target customer group in aesthetics and style.
Meanwhile, in terms of store business model, willch á has also created a new business form of “new tea experience space”, integrated the business model of current tea and retail, and created a unique “tea experience area”. On the island bar that occupies a large area of the store, the clerk can take the products purchased by consumers in the store as the model, let consumers participate in on-site production and complete the production of a cup of fruit tea or milk tea.
Source: interface news
In the process of in-depth experience of retail products, consumers not only gain knowledge of the health of raw materials, but also greatly increase their trust in the quality of brand materials.
Since the opening of the store for half a month, willch á has received very high feedback from consumers, and the public comment score has increased to 4.6 points, continuously ranking first in the popular list of drinks in Beijing. In order to let customers enjoy better service and experience in the store, the brand said it would continue to improve products and services and continue to improve the operation of the store.
President Xu revealed that in the follow-up plan, various types of tea products such as intelligent tea making machine and instant tea will also be launched in the store to attract consumers to buy and place retail orders after they feel the flavor and characteristics of a cup of tea in the store.
As president Xu said, “what we need to do is not a space, but a retail store for experiential tea. Willch á will eventually become a consumer goods company making tea, not a company selling milk tea.”
Crazy new tea market
How to play cards in the second half of the game?
With the upgrading of domestic consumption and the superposition of the demographic dividend of the new generation, the new tea has ushered in a new round of growth since 2018. After this round of growth and capacity expansion, the new tea industry has entered a mature period of full competition. According to the 2021 New Tea Research Report of China chain operation association, there are 378000 new tea stores, with a chain rate of 36%. It is estimated that the revenue scale of the new tea market is expected to reach 142.8 billion yuan in 2023.
Source: China Chain Management Association
The fast-growing new tea industry not only makes more non tea brands flock to make cross-border ideas, breaking the industry access threshold, but also makes the boundaries of major tea brands increasingly blurred. High-end brands focus on the sinking market, and medium and low-end brands try to counter attack the first-line market. This has led to the rapid development of the new tea market. So far, the problem that most tea brands do not form barriers has become more and more obvious.
The product formula is easy to copy. The whole market presents “one side of a thousand teas”, and even gradually enters the situation of “innovation inside volume”, regardless of the brand tone, which greatly weakens the brand value carried by new products. In addition, the highly similar publicity and marketing, the pursuit of efficacy, the loss of basic taste experience, consumers’ tendency to calm and healthy awakening and other factors seem to remind people that it is time to stop and think about the value and significance of new tea itself.
Source: Beijing look
Compared with traditional drinks, new tea drinks have higher cultural carrying capacity and bring “Chinese tea culture” to young people’s daily life. However, too many tea brands that follow the trend are gradually lost in the fierce market competition and forget the correct idea of new tea drinks: differentiated expression of products from the demands of consumers.
The brand can no longer move consumers only by creativity, and the supply chain can no longer move the brand only by service. All roles in the tea chain return to the pursuit of the product itself. Under the current market situation of serious homogenization, it is rare to achieve such “human soberness”, and willch á did.
In the highly competitive new tea drinking track, willch á, who “returns to the original heart and makes tea with heart”, has made a strong landing with its unique product logic, team advantages and highly competitive supply chain background. Its specially designed offline stores experience business advantages, which also enables consumers to realize the shortest chain path of “understanding tea, experiencing tea, drinking tea and buying tea”. It remains to be seen whether willch á can make a breakthrough in the 100 billion new tea market in the future!
Source: willch á
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