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Shijiazhuang JUNLEBAO dairy’s new shareholder, Remy Martin Jundu’s new progress in China’s sales, Yizi’s proposed new merger and acquisition, the State Intellectual Property Office responded to trademark infringement events such as Tongguan rougamo, and General Mills sold this business

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China food subsidiary


China Food announced today that its indirect non wholly-owned subsidiary COFCO Coca Cola beverage (China) Investment Co., Ltd. entered into a Tianjin property right transaction contract with China food group and China Light Holdings to acquire a total of 15% equity of COFCO Coca Cola in Tianjin through public sale on the Beijing stock exchange, with a bid price of 56.82 million yuan. After the acquisition of Tianjin, COFCO Coca Cola Tianjin will be 50% owned by COFCO beverage Tianjin (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., 35% owned by Bohai Sea, and COFCO Coca Cola beverage (China) Investment Co., Ltd

New shareholder of Shijiazhuang JUNLEBAO dairy


According to the industrial and commercial information, on November 23, the investor (equity) of Shijiazhuang JUNLEBAO Dairy Co., Ltd. changed, adding Zhuhai Hengqin rundezhiying No. 2 Enterprise Management Center (limited partnership), with a capital contribution of 150000 yuan. (

Hengshun vinegar industry high-level blood exchange

Hengshun vinegar Co., Ltd., a giant of “Zhenjiang vinegar”, is in a high-level “blood exchange period”. On November 23, Li Guoquan, who has been the general manager of Hengshun vinegar Co., Ltd. for 10 years, suddenly announced his resignation. With the resignation of the general manager, Hengshun vinegar Co., Ltd. also announced the employment of two senior executives, marketing director and operation director. Previously, Li Guoquan was the marketing director. (Huaxia times)

Jiugui Liquor reappearance personnel adjustment

On November 25, Jiugui Liquor announced that it had decided to appoint Hu Xiaoxi as the deputy general manager of the company. The announcement showed that Hu Xiaoxi joined COFCO in July 2005 and successively worked in China National Native Produce and animal products import and Export Corporation, group office and China Food Co., Ltd. ( finance and Economics)


Yantang dairy: no price increase of the company’s products in the near future

Yantang dairy said on the investor interaction platform on November 24 that the company’s products have not increased in price recently. The company conducts feedback activities to consumers in different channels from time to time, resulting in fluctuations in the prices of relevant products. (Daily Economic News)


Beinmei: consider reorganizing the product price system if necessary

On the afternoon of November 24, beinmei released the record of investor relations activities. Regarding the price trend, beinmei said that it expected the rise of raw materials such as milk prices would continue. The company would optimize the supply structure of raw materials according to the prices of major raw materials at home and abroad to reduce costs. The subsequent company would consider it if necessary according to the price changes of raw materials and the situation of the whole industry Re sort out the product price system. (

Sizhou group faying police


On November 24, Sizhou group announced that the group expected a total revenue of about HK $2354 million (the same period in 2020: about HK $2185 million) for the six months ended September 30, 2021, and the profit attributable to the equity owners of the company would range from HK $14.7 million to HK $16 million (the same period in 2020: about HK $30.016 million). (company announcement)

Longda meat: it is proposed to terminate the transfer of 51% equity of Zhonghe Shengjie

On November 24, Longda meat announced that it had previously disclosed that the company planned to transfer 51% equity of its holding subsidiary Zhonghe Shengjie to Shenzhen shuohai. In order to maximize the interests of shareholders, especially minority shareholders, and reduce the uncertainty risk of this transaction, the board of directors of the company, after careful consideration and evaluation, planned to terminate this transfer of equity of its holding subsidiary. (company announcement)


Haidilao suing Hebei Xiaoniu Catering Management Co., Ltd

Recently, Haidilao took Xiaoniu catering to court and claimed 1 million yuan. Xiaoniu catering used the “Haidilao in the cooking industry” logo many times in its publicity activities. In response, Xiaoniu catering said that “Haidilao in the cooking industry” was repeatedly mentioned by customers in comments and feedback. It did not intend to infringe, and will accept and respect the final judgment. (China Fund News)

Naixue’s tea enters Beijing 798 Art Park

Naixue’s tea announced that its pro store in Beijing 798 Art Park will officially open on November 26, and cooperate with cartoonists Ding Yichen and Meitu XiuXiu to provide new experiences. For example, Ding Yichen authorized his character “Ding Xiaodian” IP to be used by Naixue to create a series of surroundings including cup cover, straw cover, postcard, mask, etc. (released by the company)

Remy Martin Jundu raised its annual profit forecast

Today, Remy Martin Jundu raised its full year profit forecast after better than expected first half results, driven by strong demand for its cognac in China, the United States and Europe. Its share price hit an all-time high on Thursday.   Eric Valla, CEO, said that due to the double 11 online shopping boom and strong sales during the Mid Autumn Festival, the spirits group made an “encouraging” start in the third quarter of China.   It is reported that the double 11 business alone accounts for 10% of the annual sales of Remy Martin Jundu in China. (Reuters)

Avi negotiates acquisition with Yizi


On November 24, avi, a South African food producer and fashion retailer, said it was negotiating to sell its snack and biscuit business to Yizi. (Reuters)

General Mills agreed to sell part of its European operations to C é R é LIA


General Mills announced on November 24 that it had agreed to sell its European dough business to C é R é LIA, a real-time baking dough solution company. The subject of the transaction included general mills’ brand and private brand dough business in Germany, the United Kingdom and Ireland, including knack & back and jus rol. (company announcement)

Coca Cola Greek bottling company plans to invest US $1 billion in the Egyptian market


After the establishment of the company, Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company plans to invest US $1 billion in the Egyptian market in the next five years, and the funds will be used to build factories and increase production lines. (Reuters)

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The State Intellectual Property Office responded to trademark infringement incidents such as Tongguan roujiamo

Today, the reporter contacted the State Intellectual Property Office about the previously reported trademark infringement hot events such as “Tongguan roujiamo” and “Xiaoyao town Hula soup”. The relevant person in charge said that they have paid attention to the trademark infringement and are studying the matter. (CCTV Finance)

Lawyer expert: Tongguan rougamo association has no right to prohibit others from using trademarks properly

For the case of Tongguan roujiamo Association suing Henan merchants, several lawyers and experts in the field of intellectual property believe that for collective trademarks with social and public interests and value applied by relevant associations, generally qualified individuals can be used by paying less fees to become members. The practice of Tongguan roujiamo Association and related enterprises, “suspected of ‘taking the collective trademark with public welfare attribute as their own, binding the collective interests for profit, becoming a way of charging high local protection fees, and becoming a commercial monopoly, which violates the trademark law and the legislative purpose of geographical indication trademarks.” (surging news microblog)

Notice on printing and distributing breast feeding promotion action plan (2021-2025) issued

On November 23, the National Health Commission and other 15 ministries and commissions jointly issued the notice on printing and distributing the action plan for breast feeding promotion (2021-2025). Guide the production and operation enterprises of breast milk substitutes and relevant industry associations to strengthen industry self-discipline and produce and sell breast milk substitutes in accordance with laws and regulations. The packaging, label, identification and instructions of breast milk substitutes shall comply with relevant national standards and specifications. Producers and sellers of breast milk substitutes shall not sell or present product samples to medical institutions or conditionally provide equipment, funds and publicity materials for the purpose of marketing. Advertising of infant dairy products, beverages and other foods that claim to replace breast milk in whole or in part in the mass media or public places is prohibited. (Department of maternal and child health)


Recently, China Chain Operation Association (CCFA) and Huaxing capital jointly released the report on China chain catering industry in 2021. The report shows that the scale of China’s catering market will reach 4.7 trillion in 2021, with about 20 million direct employees in the domestic catering industry. It is estimated that the overall volume of the catering market will reach 6.6 trillion in 2024. By comparison, the catering industry may need 28 million employees, and the industry needs to add ~ 8 million jobs in 3-4 years, This expansion speed is likely to make the cultivation of talents unable to keep up with the rapid development of the market. (China Chain Operation Association)

Hungry? Set up the blue knight think tank

According to the official account of WeChat, hungry, the blue knight make complaints about the knight’s work function and rules. (blue whale Finance)


Shanghai data exchange was inaugurated today

In order to implement the national big data strategy, accelerate the cultivation of data element market, promote data circulation and trading, and help the digital transformation of the city, today, the inauguration ceremony of Shanghai data exchange was held in Shanghai and some first transactions were reached. On the day of the establishment of Shanghai data exchange, about 100 data products were accepted and listed, involving eight categories such as finance, transportation and communication. (CCTV news client)

Huabai announces an important upgrade

On November 24, Huabai officially issued an announcement to officially open the brand isolation work. In other words, Huabai will become the exclusive consumer credit brand of Chongqing ant consumer finance company, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises. Consumer credit fully funded by banks and other financial institutions will be updated to “credit purchase” services. (

It is reported that Jitu express refinanced US $2.5 billion before its IPO in Hong Kong

According to market news, Jitu express obtained US $2.5 billion in the latest round of financing, and the company’s valuation is about US $20 billion. This round of financing comes just before the extremely rabbit express plans to go to Hong Kong for IPO. The company plans to list in Hong Kong as soon as the first quarter of next year. Sources said that the investors in the latest round of financing, in addition to the main supporters of Boyu investment, Hillhouse capital, Sequoia Capital China and Tencent holdings, also include new investors including Haina Asia venture capital fund. (Sina Technology)

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