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Amx x soul co creates weightless yogurt, Panpan pushes natural electrolyte water, duomaomao gets nearly 100 million yuan of a + round financing… | hot smell in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.

1. Amx x soul app co creates “weightless” yogurt, which can resist sugar and satiety and get rid of body pressure
2. Panpan launched coconut beating natural electrolyte water, which is light and replenishing 0 burden for sports and leisure
3. Grapefruit pulp + crisp Bobo create multiple tastes, with a face value of more than 100%. The small lime is restored to the taste of the juice with HPP ultra-high pressure sterilization
4. Dingding bag introduces the first microwave composite seasoning. The ingredients are kneaded in the bag and heated in the microwave oven for 7.5 minutes
5. Akita Manman launched baby freeze-dried porridge, which helps the baby grow healthily with meat and vegetables
6. Precise sugar control for the elderly and female groups. I really want you to promote a new low GI qingfeifei red jujube tremella soup
7. Little lingweasel’s new VC is full of sugar free lollipops, 0 fat and low calories, so as to recover the right of adults to eat sugar
8. Qiashang xinqia small duck egg yellow pine tower thousand layer crisp, hand crisp for 60 minutes and bake slowly
9. Duo Maomao, a cutting-edge children’s snack brand, completed nearly 100 million yuan of a + round financing and ranked first in the chain of children’s snacks for three consecutive months
10. Halogen awakening, a cutting-edge snack brand, won a round of financing of 50 million yuan, and Jingwei venture capital invested exclusively
11. The retail chain brand snack Youming completed tens of millions of yuan of round a financing to accelerate market expansion
12. The tea chain brand Wuyin liangpin has won hundreds of millions of yuan of financing from the fund, focusing on the healthy consumption concept of “fruit + tea”
13. Fat juice Milan, a new catering brand, won a round of financing of more than 100 million yuan, with a post investment valuation of about 1 billion yuan, focusing on Cantonese rice noodles
14. Wuhan western fast food brand Pele Hamburg won hundreds of millions of yuan of financing from the fund to combine the traditional spicy flavor with Western fast food
15. Oatly opened its first production plant in China and officially entered a new stage of localized production
16. Starbucks, the first concept store of shared space in mainland China, was born to meet the space needs of office and business social networking
17. Cargill uses patented technology to reconstruct bright white chocolate to bring round and smooth taste and texture
1、安慕希AMX x Soul APP共创“失重”酸奶,抗糖饱腹摆脱身体压力

On November 23, amuxi launched a new product “weightless” yogurt with soul app, claiming that “the soul decompresses and moves forward” It is reported that the product is 0 sucrose added, low GI and anti sugar satiety, which aims to reduce the pressure on the body. In the packaging design, the product takes black as the tone, and the colorful and gradual 0-shaped shape runs through the concept of meta universe, adding a sense of mystery to the whole. The new product has been limited to the market in family convenience stores in East China.
Image source: amush


In November 23rd, a new coconut beating natural electrolyte water was produced in Tmall’s official flagship store. The new product was made from Southeast Asia coconut with high sunshine intensity, with a sweet and nutritious texture, 0 fat, 0 colors and 0 flavors. The electrolytes contained in coconut water can help meet the needs of body’s water supply and lock water. It can be used as a natural functional drink, and the heat of each 100mL is about 28Kcal. Aseptic cold filling and ultra-high temperature instant sterilization are used to retain the original flavor of coconut. It can be used in sports supplement, leisure time, catering and other scenes. The price is 300ml * 6 bottles / 65 yuan.
Source: official flagship store of Panpan food


Recently, Yanxi launched a new fleshy little lime drink, which selects NFC non concentrated reduced little lime juice, and adds Fujian Pinghe Guanxi honey pomelo pulp and crisp Bobo. It tastes rich and perfectly presents a lime juice that can be chewed and drunk. The drink uses HPP ultra-high pressure sterilization to better maintain freshness and nutrition. It is refrigerated and kept fresh at 2-8 ° C throughout the whole process, aiming to restore the current upgraded taste of the store Mix DIY with different ingredients to make various drinks, which can relieve the greasy, refreshing and enjoyable. The new tmall flagship store sells at 330ml * 10 bottles / 99 yuan.
Photo source: Yan value 100% flagship store


Recently, Dingding bag, a brand of microwave fast food, released a new microwave composite seasoning to further liberate young people’s hands. Different from the traditional seasoning cooking method, the new product adopts an innovative pressure conditioning bag and relies on the core technology of heat convection circulation and uniform heating. It only needs to put fresh food materials into the bag, knead them and heat them in the microwave oven for about 7 minutes and 30 seconds. At the same time, in order to meet According to the needs of the public, the products also set two highly acceptable flavors: Braised Chicken chops and braised ribs, so as to provide more convenient cooking solutions.
Photo source: Dingding bag


Foodaily observed that Akita Manman has recently introduced a new type of baby freeze-dried porridge, which focuses on balanced nutrition and is made of big bone soup with a variety of fruits and vegetables. In addition to rice, beef porridge contains Shanghai green, tomato, potato, etc.; COD porridge contains broccoli, mushrooms, celery, shrimp and other food materials, sugar and oil-free. It takes care of children’s tender intestines and stomach. In order to ensure that nutrition does not lose, FD is used in the new product Freeze drying technology, – 30 ° C freeze-drying lock fresh. When eating, you only need to boil water slowly, and you can enjoy a bowl of good porridge in 5 minutes, which is convenient and fast, saving a lot of time for baopa and Baoma. The product now costs 29.9 yuan / box in tmall flagship store.
Source: Akita Manman flagship store


On November 22, it was the light snow season. I really want you to launch the winter tonic holy product low GI qingfeifei red jujube tremella soup. Different from the previous version, the new low GI version 0 sucrose, selects oligofructose and crystalline fructose as sugar substitutes, with a GI value of 41, which can well control the rise of blood sugar. In addition, the food materials can be restored by rewatering with vacuum freeze-drying technology, and full dietary fiber can also be used as a substitute for food, nourishing It does not add additional burden to the body, which is very in line with the current needs of women for light maintenance.
Photo source: miss you so much


Recently, the little lingweasel launched a new VC sugar free lollipop, a healthy snack for children, pregnant women and adults. The new product 0 adds sucrose and uses maltitol, sucralose, etc. as a sweet source, which can effectively reduce dental caries. It also adds VC and probiotics to supplement nutrition and protect intestinal health. A new lollipop has only 14 calories, which is about equal to 1 small tomato, and 0 fat There are three flavors: lemon, apple and litchi. Tmall flagship store sells for 6 pieces / bag / 14.9 yuan.
Photo source: mink flagship store


Recently, Qiaqia food officials announced the launch of a new product qiaqiao duck egg yolk pine tower thousand layer pastry. In order to present perfect nutrition and taste, the new product selects red oil flow heart salted duck egg yolk pickled for more than 90 days, with an addition of no less than 10%, fresh but not fishy; It also matches with Qiya seeds, black sesame and other fiber rich natural ingredients to nourish and satisfy hunger; Each thousand layer crispy cake is hand crisped and baked slowly for 60 minutes. It is fresh and crisp and melts in the mouth, bringing strength and delicious experience to the tip of the tongue.
Source: Qiaqia food


It is reported that duomaomao, a cutting-edge children’s snack brand, has recently completed nearly 100 million yuan of a + round financing, led by Wen’s capital and followed by Heiner Asia venture capital fund sig.
Duo Maomao was founded in September 2020 and mainly serves children aged 3-12. It has launched more than 80 SKUs. It ranked first in the chain of children’s snacks such as Leyou, baby room and baby island for three consecutive months from September to November 2021. Channel, duo cat has completed the layout of the mainstream online business channel, laying nearly 15000 mother and child terminal stores and boutique merchants, and through the theme song MV release, official account, Xiaohong book and other platform operation into multi-dimensional users, establish a brand image.
Photo source: Duo Maomao

10、 新锐零食品牌卤味觉醒获5000万元A轮融资,经纬创投独家投资

On November 22, Luwei awakening, a cutting-edge snack brand, announced the completion of a round of financing of 50 million yuan, which was exclusively invested by Jingwei venture capital. This round of financing will be mainly used for new product development and channel promotion.
Founded in November 2020, marinated awakening focuses on the production of marinated food. Its products mainly include marinated chicken claws, roasted chicken claws, etc. it is committed to making new products that can meet the “one bite” of picky consumers. In terms of sales channels, Luwei awakening mainly takes online as the breakthrough, and actively arranges offline channels. This month, Luwei awakening will successively enter KKV, the whole family, 711, etc.
Source: growth black box


Recently, snack Youming, a retail chain brand, has completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, invested by Kaihui consumption co creation fund, and Yunyue capital continues to serve as the exclusive financial consultant, which is also the third financing obtained by the brand this year. This round of financing will be used for supply chain upgrading, digital operation and accelerating market expansion.
Founded in 2019, snack Youming mainly focuses on the offline snack market, adheres to the concept of “discovery, enjoyment and sharing”, controls the supply chain system of the source of procurement in the whole process, and gives consumers an affordable and diversified high-quality snack experience. It has developed nearly 100 stores in Guizhou, Chongqing, Chengdu and other places, becoming the first mass selling snack brand in Southwest China.
Source: Little Red Book


Recently, the tea chain brand Wuyin liangpin completed the first round of financing of hundreds of millions of yuan  , On the one hand, this round of financing will be used to help brand development, on the other hand, it will be used to accelerate store expansion.
Established in 2006 and headquartered in Wuhan, wuyinliangpin focuses on the healthy consumption concept of “fruit + tea”, and takes young women aged 15-35 as the main target customers. It has been hot selling for 15 years. Now it has nearly 2500 stores. In addition, the brand also plans to break through 5000 stores nationwide and become a fruit tea brand more popular with young people through the strategic layout of “small stores in big cities and big stores in small cities” within three years.
Image source: Internet


Recently, fat juice Milan, a new catering brand, announced the completion of a round of financing of more than 100 million yuan, led by No. 2 capital, followed by triangle capital, additional investment by red dot venture capital, an old shareholder, and light source capital as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of financing will be mainly used for national store expansion, brand, supply chain and team construction.
Fat juice Milan, founded in 2017, is a direct catering brand mainly engaged in rice noodles. It adheres to the secret recipe of Chinese Hong Kong style, expands new categories such as tea and snacks, and tries to build a Chinese fast food brand based on products and deeply loved by consumers. So far, fat juice Milan has 14 core business district stores and 6 popular street stores. It is expected that the number of stores will exceed 30 by the end of the year.
Source: Little Red Book


Recently, the local western fast food chain brand Pele Hamburg has won hundreds of millions of yuan of investment from the fund. It is reported that this round of funds will be mainly used to further promote the upgrading of business formats and enhance brand value, so as to drive the large-scale development of categories.
Founded in 1999, Pele Hamburg is committed to independent research and development of exclusive products, combining traditional spicy flavor with Western fast food. It has made its fortune from street stores in Wuhan. At present, it has spread all over 30 provinces in China, with a total of more than 3000 stores. After the brand strategy upgrade in 2020, the products will be upgraded to two main lines of “stewed and spicy fried chicken” and “high-quality hamburger”, and major upgrades have been made in terms of production process, taste and consumption scene, so as to meet the consumption needs of consumers all the time.
Source: Little Red Book


On November 18, oatly announced the official opening of China’s first factory Ouli Ma’anshan production base, which is the second one put into operation after its first Asian factory in Singapore was officially opened in July this year. The plant is planned to be divided into two phases, and the first phase is currently put into operation.
It is reported that the new plant is expected to produce about 150 million liters of oat products at full capacity every year, which is the largest plant planned by oatly in Asia so far. After the completion of the plant, oatly’s expansion in China is expected to be greatly accelerated. At the same time, after realizing the localization of production, oatly, which previously focused on the catering industry, will also start to work on the retail end to further release its growth potential in China.
Photo source: Snack generation


Recently, Starbucks opened its first shared space concept store in mainland China in the office building of Raffles Plaza in Shanghai. The store has a total area of about 200 square meters and is equipped with nearly 100 seats. It is divided into four areas: private paid conference room, semi open single office area, sofa area for centralized discussion and leisure area for short stay, It meets people’s needs for multifunctional and flexible office and business social space.
Cai Deli, CEO of Starbucks China, said that this new concept store is the first step for Starbucks to join hands with partners and explore multi-functional shared space. In the future, we also hope to cooperate with more like-minded partners and continue to explore more new scenes, new functions and new ideas in the third space inspired by coffee.
Source: PR News Agency


Recently, Cargill released a new bright white chocolate solution and reconstructed the white chocolate formula. In order to achieve this color, Cargill team directionally selects the raw material components and uses a unique patented process to dilute the color contour. The chocolate is round and smooth with subtle vanilla flavor, and will be provided in solid, liquid and fusible forms. It can be widely used in baking, grain, candy, dairy products, decorations, grain and other fields. In addition, this chocolate has entered the campaign list of the fieurope ingredients competition and will participate in the final of the Sensory Innovation category from November 22 to 30.
Source: Foodbev
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