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Ten nutrition trends released in 2022 | natural growers

natural growers recently released ten nutrition trends in 2022.
Organic food retailer natural growers recently released the top ten nutrition trends in 2022. The forecast is a comprehensive report on the health nutrition and food trends in 2022. The forecast team is composed of registered nutritionists, cooking experts and data analysts. The trend is based on consumers’ better shopping, the latest nutrition research and the impact of covid-19 on consumers.
From prolonging life span to prolonging health span
People want to live a long life, but often ignore how to live a healthy life. As people increasingly realize that prolonging health is as important as prolonging life itself, by 2022, we will focus not only on how long we can live, but also on how long we can live healthily.
This refers to supporting long-term health through diet, lifestyle and dietary supplements, rather than waiting for middle-aged and elderly people or starting to pay attention to health only when there are health problems. Consumers can maintain health at any age by regulating inflammation, maintaining healthy blood glucose balance, reducing free radicals, supporting immune enhancement and liver health Constitute the cornerstone of overall health. In 2022, it is expected that consumers’ demand for basic supplements such as multi vitamins, B vitamins, magnesium, vitamins C, D and E, lecithin, silymarin and lutein will increase, and products using new dosage forms such as soft candy and chocolate will be popular with excellent taste and experience.
Mybite vitamins vitamin chocolate series, source: mybite
The milk chocolate daily supplement launched by mybite vitamins has chocolate coating and soft sandwich, which encapsulates nutrients and functional ingredients. There are many products such as female vitamins, male vitamins, children’s vitamins, multivitamins, energy, sleep and calcium. In addition to more than ten conventional nutrients such as vitamins A, C, e, B and D, calcium, iron and zinc, there are additional nutrients Add nutrients required by various people, such as lycopene to promote men’s health, caffeine to supplement energy, biotin and folic acid required by women, and so on. Each piece only has 25 calories.
Supporting immunization becomes a daily necessity
Enhancing immunity has become one of the top ten nutritional trends of natural growers for two consecutive years, and there is no sign of decline. Consumers realize that illness is inevitable, but they also gradually understand that by nourishing their immune system every day, even if they do not get sick, the immune system will be ready when the inevitable situation occurs, so that the symptoms are less serious and last for a long time Shorter. In 2022, consumers will continue to provide the nutrition needed for the best function of the immune system every day to obtain immune resilience. Immune resilience refers to training the human immune system to keep it in the best state. It can attack poison without damaging their body cells or causing excessive inflammation, just as we exercise muscles for fitness.
Daily strategies include adequate intake of immune enhancing nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D and quercetin every day, but also require us to improve our diet by reducing the intake of sugar and industrial seed oil such as corn, soybean and cottonseed oil (Note: the proportion of omega6 and omega-3 fatty acids in industrial seed oil is unbalanced, which will lead to the imbalance of human pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory mediators, and the high content of trans fatty acids is easy to lead to oxidative stress) And stop sedentary to improve the overall health and extend the health period of the human body. Studies show that people with poor liver health, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome are less resistant to COVID-19 when dealing with COVID-19. Every day, efforts should be made to strengthen our immune system and return to basic nutrition and sports activities to help them. Reduce chronic diseases and improve overall health.
Weetabix food company launched a new immune support beverage series weetabix on the go plus, which is rich in fiber, contains 19 grams of protein in each bottle, and adds vitamins and minerals.
Pets also become healthy
During covid-19, the global pet ownership has increased sharply. Just as consumers have become more and more interested in improving their health in the past two years, pet owners have adopted the same high standard when buying food for pets, and the demand for organic pet food and snacks is growing. Pet owners will continue to require that they are free of common allergens (such as corn, soybean and wheat) And seek pet supplements that support anxiety, digestion and joint health.
Source: Chewy
Purina Pro plan veterinary, a dietary supplement launched by Nestle Purina, aims to improve the anxiety behavior of dogs by improving the digestive system problems of dogs, and adds a probiotic strain of Bifidobacterium longum (bl999).
Source: smartypaws
Smartypaws is a dietary supplement for elderly dogs. It is supplemented with glucosamine, chondroitin, bromelain, Green Lipped Mussel, fish oil and Qiya seed. Omega3, MSM and turmeric are helpful to maintain the health of cartilage, connective tissue, bones and joints of elderly dogs, and support healthy intestinal and immune functions.
Women’s health and care business will shine
The market for women’s health products is growing exponentially. More women’s start-ups integrate their professional knowledge, creativity and knowledge, and launch nutrition products for women’s health. In 2022, from dietary supplements to body care to natural foods, new products for women’s health market will increase significantly.
Supplement company quicksilver scientific recently launched nano formula female hormone health care products, which can naturally improve the hormone level and metabolism of menopausal women.   Modern lifestyle factors – stress, adrenal fatigue, excessive body fat, exposure to isoestrogen, etc. – can exacerbate hormone depletion. This supplement contains micronized DHEA, pregnenolone (maternal hormone) and a balanced mixture of herbs and extracts, including dim, Aspen, gs15-4, makagan and angelica, which can coordinate female hormones, Helps cushion stress and supports healthy brain function.  
Nutrition against air pollution
It is estimated that air pollution causes at least 7 million deaths worldwide every year, which is related to asthma, lung dysfunction, nerve injury, heart disease, cancer and so on. People began to realize that air pollution is a serious health hazard and began to understand the importance of protecting our bodies from its negative health effects. Traditional agriculture and heavy industry are the main causes of air pollution. Our choice of food will have an impact on improving air quality.
In 2022, consumers will give priority to organic green food to minimize air pollution from agricultural sources such as CAFO and traditional crops, including choosing as many recycled animal products as possible and buying organic products certified by the U.S. Department of agriculture. You can also optimize basic nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, antioxidant vitamins C and E, and “super nutrients” (such as sulforaphane)  ), Strengthening our respiratory health, all of which have been proved to prevent the negative effects of air pollution on health.
Source: China Tobacco
The “non dye soup” beverage launched by China tobacco and Datang Hanfang last year is a functional beverage composed of 10 plant raw materials such as lily, almond, tangerine peel, licorice and Pu’er tea, which clearly aims at the problems and people who pollute their lungs due to smoking, smog, automobile exhaust, particle dust and drinking water.
Healthy snacks and the rise of “reasonable indulgence”
The covid-19 pandemic has changed snacks. Consumers are turning to snacks for comfort. The sales of salty snacks, biscuits and ice cream are soaring. They are looking for snacks that make people feel indulgent but healthy. By 2022, we will see the continuous growth of “reasonable indulgence”, and enjoy the happiness brought by snacks while maintaining health.
Country Archer has launched plant-based dried meat with three flavors: spiced bacon, barbecue and sunburn. The dried meat is made of mushrooms. Its appearance, texture and taste are similar to those of traditional dried meat. Each contains 3 grams of dietary fiber, low fat content and no preservatives.
Overcoming burnout
The recurrence of the epidemic makes many people exhausted. We realize that we can’t escape the things that bring us pressure, but we can improve our ability to deal with stress and overcome burnout through a series of means.
Chronic stressors can affect mood, leading to fatigue, irritability and loss. In 2022, we will see the effects of adaptation to rhodiola and Cordyceps, B1 (thiamine) and phosphatidylserine (PS) And other nutrients. These nutrients help our body eliminate the harmful effects of stress. They have been proved to improve brain power, enhance energy and reduce fatigue. Even when we feel stress, they can help us deal with it actively and feel calmer, less stressed and more relaxed.
Smpl has launched a series of nutrition bars. The product has four functional types: energy nutrition bar, black chocolate bar containing green tea and ginseng, which can provide continuous energy; focus nutrition bar, nutrition bar containing vanilla almond, and South African drunk eggplant and ginseng, which can provide attention without caffeine; immune nutrition bar, which contains probiotics and elderberry The nutritional stick of wood fruit and vitamin C can support the health of the immune system; the refreshing nutritional stick, the coconut stick containing magnesium, South African drunk eggplant and lemon balm extract, can reduce anxiety and relax.
A new perspective on metabolism
For a long time, in our cognition, metabolism will inevitably begin to decline after the age of 20, followed by the need to adopt more restrained diet and exercise to avoid continuous weight gain for the rest of our life. However, published in Science A new study in the journal shows that the decline of metabolic rate is not as early as we think. On the contrary, our metabolic rate will maintain from our 20s to our 50s, and will not begin to decline significantly until after the age of 60.
This leads to a major change in thinking, because it means that we can have more control over our metabolism. In 2022, we will see increased demand for products and lifestyle that help maintain metabolism by maintaining muscle mass and supporting mitochondrial health. Supplements such as branched chain amino acids (BCAA), acetyl L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10 and lipoic acid (ALA) will be more and more popular. In addition, we will shift our sports activities to health promoting sports, such as yoga, strength training and walking, while mood enhancing sports such as forest bathing will continue to be popular.
Source: Mars
Beckind binshan, a health nut energy bar brand of Mars, launched a new product of dark chocolate Badan flavor high protein nut bar. It adopts the combination of Badan wood and soybean protein. Each 50g contains 11g high-quality plant-based protein, especially BCAA and 8 essential amino acids, which can effectively improve sports performance, and is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.
The popularity of virtual health
Covid-19 brings our world into virtual everything: online therapy, online conference, online school. Even after the pandemic, the trend of virtual health will not disappear. We will continue to seek to obtain online health services at home.  
Combination of flavor and function
Herbs and spices can make our food more delicious. Now we know that herbs and spices that make our food taste more delicious can also make our food healthier. This is a flavor trend, highlighting the growing demand for functional spices and herbs, which can increase the flavor and nutritional value of food. In 2022, ingredients such as cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, basil, thyme, sage, garlic and rosemary will become the focus of the kitchen. They not only add wonderful taste, but also full of healthy characteristics.
Pacific foods launched cream Oatmeal Milk Soup and cream plant broth. Both new products are organic and pure products certified by the U.S. Department of agriculture and are made of sustainably purchased raw materials. Cream vegetable broth is a liquid broth with pea protein as raw material. It has two flavors: Vanilla roasted garlic and ginger turmeric.
Supplement trend: consumers turn to physical stores to buy supplements
Although more consumers buy and take dietary supplements online than ever before, they still want the shopping experience to be authentic and reliable. Now, more than ever, consumers need to look for supplements from trusted manufacturers and retailers. Consumers increasingly rely on thorough product formulation research from physical retailers to screen out potentially unsafe and low-quality products, which is difficult to achieve on large-scale online shopping platforms.
Cover source: natural growers
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