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Starbucks opens shared office stores. Is “office cafe” really going to be popular this time?

The “office attribute” of
cafe is being excavated.
The demand of the atmosphere group for “working while drinking coffee” will be completely met this time!
Recently, Starbucks opened the first “shared space concept store” in Shanghai Raffles office building in the mainland for office people.
And I found that not only Starbucks, but also many “office cafes” have sprung up all over the country, and some have made profits and continued to open new stores.
Aiming at the office crowd, what kind of business is this?
Starbucks launched a new store type, designed for office workers
Recently, Starbucks announced that the first Starbucks shared space concept store in mainland China has opened in the office building of Raffles Plaza in Shanghai.
I found that this store specially designed for office workers has attracted many “Starbucks atmosphere group” to punch in. According to the members of the atmosphere group, this brand-new store “absolutely solves the pain points of office people”——
one   Nearly 100 seats and regional division are also carried out
The first thing that attracted my attention in this shared space concept store was the single and semi open office area in a row near the window.
This semi open design is more quiet and private, and it is more conducive to let customers focus on the office.
Looking around the whole store, in addition to the above semi open office area, there are long table seats, double tables, four table seats, sofa seats and so on.
It is obvious that customers can find a suitable space here, whether it is business meetings, mobile office, working group cooperation, shopping, rest and leisure parties.
I learned that the total area of this Starbucks store is about 200 square meters, with nearly 100 seats. As a partner, Yiqiao bridge +, a flexible space and business community platform of Cade group, has jointly built and operated the shared space of this store with Starbucks.
The space in the store is divided into four areas: private toll conference room, semi open single office area, sofa area for centralized discussion, and leisure area for short stay.
two   Private paid conference room, support applet ordering
It is worth mentioning that this Starbucks store has set up a private paid conference room, including three 4-person negotiation rooms and one 8-person conference room.
In terms of price, the charging standard is 50 yuan per hour and 180 yuan per hour respectively.
Within three hours after I arrived at the store, the utilization rate of the four person negotiation room was quite high. It can be said that new consumers will enter just when they are free.
Shared meeting room
In terms of experience, fully consider the needs of office personnel. In the shared conference room, a large number of microporous plates and sound insulation cotton are used to reduce external noise and ensure the privacy of the space.
Each meeting room adopts independent lighting and ventilation system, which can adjust the brightness and temperature separately. The 8-person meeting room is also provided with TV.
In terms of reservation method, you can reserve the required meeting space on the kaidexing app or Yiqiao applet in advance; after arriving at the store, you can directly open and use the meeting room by scanning the code.
In addition, customers who book the conference room can also book coffee and meals in advance through Starbucks wechat applet, app and other channels, or scan the QR code on-site order in the conference room.
In other words, the scene requirements of the conference room can be met one by one here.
three   Socket, lighting lamp and hook, and the details meet the office needs
Sitting down casually in the store, I found that the details of the store were also considered for the office crowd everywhere.
For example, considering the charging demand of electronic equipment, almost every seat in this store is equipped with a power socket,
There is a separate hook under the office desktop to facilitate the hanging of clothes and bags; considering the lighting problem of the office environment, in addition to the lighting of the whole store, most desktops are equipped with reading lights.
4. Visually, coffee is still the theme
In addition to meeting office needs, coffee is the theme of space design in this “shared space concept store” like all other Starbucks stores.
In addition, for murals, private meeting space and semi open office stations, Starbucks has designed hand-painted visual signs representing the flavor of coffee, such as flowers, nuts, herbs, spices, oranges
In general, this store is equivalent to coexisting the brand with the office scene. When consumers think of going to work in a cafe, they will think of this store.
So, what signal does Starbucks send to the industry when it sees the “office coffee business”?
Subdivision and extension of the third space of office and cafe
Starbucks’ exploration of office space attracted the attention of the industry last year.
In March last year, Starbucks opened an office concept store in Japan. The concept store is divided into three blocks: personal seating area by the window, private box and closed box space, and provides mobile power rental services.
Starbucks office concept store in Japan
Let’s take a look at the “office space attempt” of two local cafes:
In Chengdu, there is a coffee brand called Cafe G1. At the beginning of its establishment, it targeted the office crowd and provided “coffee workplace” for different types of workers. At present, five stores have been opened in Chengdu (one of which is under transformation).
Among them, there are 300 square meters of stores opened in the CBD business district. The “store age” has been more than 4 years, and most of the customers are nearby financial people, it people, etc. Recently, cafe G1 is upgrading this store.
Chengdu Cafe G1 Cafe
The shared station of cafe G1 has not only the “standard” multifunctional plug and eye protection lamp, but also the shared printer and free silent earplugs, “you can enter the Chengdu CBD business district with your bag”.
CC cafe in Beijing, opened near Xizhimen in Beijing, also aims at office customers and realizes the profitability of the store through the buff bonus of “office attribute”.
CC Cafe
Similarly, CC cafe also provides meeting rooms equipped with whiteboard, projection and other equipment, which can meet the needs of small team meetings.
In essence, “office cafe” is actually a more subdivided extension of the third space of the cafe.
Looking back on the exploration of the “third space” in the coffee industry, you will find that the needs of subdivided groups and scenes are paid more and more attention.
For example, the “day coffee and night wine” mode that many cafes are trying to realize the “white plus black” of many young people in cafes.
Starbucks has been trying to subdivide the third space, opening bakeries, wineries, sign language stores and pet friendly stores, all of which meet the personalized needs of customers.
Starbucks sign language store
In August this year, TIMS coffee’s first E-sports coffee flagship store opened in Shenzhen. This store integrates E-sports elements in terms of regional division, service scripts, theme goods, etc.
Tims’s E-sports Theme Store
Will the “office coffee” model become popular?
Back to the “office cafe” model, the layout of Starbucks is bound to bring more attention. Will this cause a new trend?
Based on the observation, the following questions should be given priority to whether to open an office Cafe:
one   Is there enough office crowd around the store
No office workers are willing to cross more than half of the city to find a coffee shop for office. The final service people of the office coffee shop must be those within 3km of the store.
Therefore, in most cases, compared with shopping centers, office cafes are more suitable for opening in mature office buildings.
Starbucks’ new store is located in Raffles square office building. The CC cafe in Beijing is close to Cade mall and Zhongkun building. It is these passenger flows that form the “atmosphere group” of CC cafe.
two   Can it meet the “subdivided needs” of the customer group
As can be seen from Starbucks’ stores, even for the office crowd, Starbucks has also divided regions according to the different demands of the office crowd.
In Chengdu’s Cafe G1, there are meeting rooms, separate stations and long-term rental stations. After the renovation of their CBD stores, they will also set up “independent office space” which is not limited by the business hours of coffee shops, with independent meeting rooms and toilets.
Cafe G1, another office cafe in the community, has set up an area with “cafe sound” to stimulate inspiration in consideration of the needs of freelancers.
In any case, the office crowd needs cafes too much, and the “office attribute” of cafes is being excavated.
People need to work outside and hope to be accompanied around. “Office cafe” is such a good place.
At the same time, the subdivision trend of the third space is also very obvious. In the future, corresponding cafes may be found for office, chat, punch in, e-sports, etc.
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