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Wanzi repeat: with an annual growth of more than 10 times, how can Wang Xiaolu become the first brand of tiger skin and chicken claw by positioning theory?

The ultimate goal of
brand is to realize mental pre-sale.

The most important thing for everyone to do is the underlying logic, that is, what is the first principle of this matter? Because a company’s capital, team and time are limited, how can we do things with limited resources? Only by understanding the first principle and adding notes to the most important things can we produce better results.

Why learn positioning?
An open learning attitude is very important. It is more valuable to constantly learn what has been verified and works than to explore alone. Who to learn from? As a consumer goods company, if you only focus on the pure e-commerce brand every day, your vision is very limited. When making Wang Xiaolu, we think we should learn from China’s leading consumer goods company.
Many new consumer brands may be used to buying traffic. In fact, they lack a sense of awe for the formed knowledge system.

1. Exploration period of Wang Xiaolu

Wang Xiaolu was founded in April 2016. The reason for doing this is very simple. I liked to eat stewed duck since I was a child. At that time, I saw Zhou black duck on the market and found that a duck neck can make so big. Theoretically, there is an opportunity for stewed duck. We have developed it for more than 4 months and launched pig’s feet.
Pig’s trotters were first hit by public dividends. Once we sold 10 thousand pigs hoof in one hour by giving two official account numbers. This makes me feel that there are many opportunities for this business to have some good traffic boost. But by 2017, the official account dividends have gradually dropped back, and we haven’t seen much growth.
From this time until 2019, it is a very difficult and painful stage for us.
In this regard, it was suggested that we learn from Juewei and Zhou Heiya and open the store. At that time, I managed e-commerce during the day and spent a lot of time watching the store at night, but I really couldn’t do the display details well. It was equivalent to spending a lot of time on invalid things. After more than a year, we closed the store and lost more than 1 million yuan.
Figure: business triangle model
In June 2018, we started to make packaging products. At this time, we realized that the original business model was very poor. To do (good) a business, the underlying model was very important. We summarized it as customer acquisition cost, gross profit margin and repurchase rate (or net recommended value NPs) Triangle model. If you do very well in these three aspects, the business will not be very bad, otherwise it will be very difficult. In contrast to our business model at that time, the shelf life of pig hoof was only 7 days, which was troublesome to heat and affected the re purchase; at that time, you insisted on shipping with SF, resulting in very low gross profit.
In 2018, when communicating with the founders of xiaoxiandun and ramen, they reminded me not to worry about growth, but to see the simplest business model and whether the products and channels are suitable. At that time, the mainstream e-commerce platform was tmall, and what can tmall do if tmall didn’t do it? Since then, we began to make adjustments, the products have changed from cooked food to snacks that can be eaten everywhere, and the channels have been switched to Taoxi’s tmall platform.
It is from this time that we began to study positioning, which has become the methodology of consensus within us.

2. Why learning orientation?

Why do many traffic brands fail in the end? Because they are not retained, because they do not live in the minds of consumers. They will only buy when advertising reaches them.
But when you go to the shelf, when you want to buy a coke or melon seeds, you probably choose Coca Cola and Qiaohe. Most people make purchase decisions according to this mental law, because the latter has formed mental interference with consumers.
This leads to a concept put forward by Feng Weidong, the managing partner of Tiantu capital, that is, mental pre-sale. Before you reach the shelf, you have locked Coca Cola in your mind and won’t buy other cokes. Therefore, what is the ultimate goal of branding? It has an impact on consumers’ subconscious, interferes with their purchase decisions and realizes mental pre-sale.
How do those as like as two peas in the consumer company sell their minds? We have studied many cases, which have been very inspiring to us. Many times, we are faced with the same scenes.
Great Wall Motors is a very interesting company. Before 2008, it was not SUVs that led them in sales, but cars and pickups. At that time, they found Rhys. Combined with the development of foreign cars and basic user research data, Rhys found that Chinese people prefer large multi-function vehicles with cross-country performance, so they put forward the all in SUV strategy. Since then, Great Wall Motors The car has mobilized all resources to the SUV, which makes today’s achievements.
The advertising language of Feihe milk powder was more like a stroke of genius, which impressed me. At that time, the domestic high-end milk powder market was monopolized by imported brands. In the impression of consumers, the domestic milk powder was unsafe and the pasture was not as beautiful as foreign countries. How could they win? They actually found the logic of “one side of water and land raises one side of people” and found “more suitable for the constitution of Chinese babies” in the minds of users Such advertising language seeks the image of Zhang Ziyi, a Chinese mother, to upgrade the trust, and the price is higher than that of import, which is the deepest understanding of human nature.
Tata wooden door is an invisible and powerful company. Now we often say that cast hard and wide should learn from Tata wooden door. Their advertising is very focused and only talked about silence for 10 years.
There are many similar cases, such as Wang Laoji, melon seeds used cars, villagers’ chicken, Bosideng, and Xiaoxian stew around us. At that time, I began to find the shadow of positioning theory behind these companies. It turned out that positioning theory served so many companies. Therefore, I began to study positioning crazily. When I was at the high-speed railway station, I often stood and looked at the billboards to analyze which companies had positioning and which did not.

3. Is positioning theory out of date?

Today, some people always say that positioning theory is outdated.
However, we can see the successful cases based on positioning in front of us. If you know the consulting company, you will find that the fees charged by the positioning company are the most expensive. If it doesn’t work, how can so many people pay tens of millions to learn? To understand this, I can’t wait to read the positioning related websites, books and Articles 10 times. Why are many people anti positioning, because they don’t really understand positioning.
To learn positioning, you have to explain how you are different in one sentence and make a mark in the minds of consumers. Why is positioning theory still valid? This is due to four mental laws:
1) The mental capacity is limited. We can only remember simple and top brands
You can remember: the first person to enter space, the first person to land on the moon and the first female astronaut, but you can’t remember the sixth one. It’s not that the back is not powerful, but because the mental capacity is limited. No matter what you do, if you can’t become the first in the subdivided field, you will find that your potential energy attenuation is very strong, and people’s mental capacity can’t remember so much. This is a very cruel thing.
2) The mind pursues safety, and the brand is more guaranteed
There is a safe boundary in everyone’s mind. For example, if you buy an unknown melon seed, you may worry about its quality, but if you buy Qiaqia, you may not worry about it, because it has been sold for many years.
3) The mind pursues status and the brand shows value
For example, bird’s nest, some brands are cheaper and some brands are more expensive. People will think it’s better to be more expensive. At this time, if you send off a brand or a cheap brand, others may wonder why you don’t eat the expensive one.
4) The mind pursues efficiency. Brands can choose simply and clearly and make decisions quickly
The word brand comes from Europe and English brand means to brand animals. Brand is to find differences and brand common things. If you can’t tell the difference between you and others in one sentence, you can’t become a brand, especially inefficient. For example, now there are 10 unknown tiger skin and chicken claws on the shelf, which is difficult for users to choose, but with Wang Xiaolu, the choice will become simple.
How to understand positioning theory?

1、   To understand positioning, we should understand five core concepts

To understand positioning, we must first understand five core concepts. Here we take Wang Xiaolu as an example.
1)   Category is the last level of classification when consumers buy goods
From a commercial point of view, what can be bought back is called category. For example, if I ask you to buy a pair of shoes, you will ask me whether to buy slippers or sports shoes. If sports shoes, basketball shoes or football shoes. Another example is to buy stewed chicken feet or duck neck. Those who can’t buy back can’t be called categories. Shoes and brine are not the logic of category. In fact, category is the last level of classification when consumers buy goods.
Brands are inherently unequal. How to choose categories? Categories come from the real needs of consumers. The differences in needs make categories inherently unequal. Big companies always work on the competition road. If the category limit is low, it is worthless for you to occupy the space.
2)   Brand is the representative of category and its characteristics
We agree with Mr. Feng Weidong. He believes that a brand either defines a category or defines a feature. Take huaxizi as an example. You may think that it does not define a category, but it constantly conveys a feature to you, that is, Chinese (National Fashion) makeup. Therefore, although the online makeup volume is very strong this year, huaxizi’s financial report is still good and does not need financing. Many lipstick tear off the packaging and trademark, you don’t know who it is, but huaxizi is unique.
3)   Positioning is a meaningful competitive difference understood and recognized by customers
You have to find differentiated selling points. Especially when starting the market, you must make this very clear. Otherwise, the head brand has a better supply chain, more resources for advertising and more trust. How can you beat it? I haven’t heard of any company that surpasses the head brand by copy and paste.
What is competitive difference? It is the difference you put forward. The user is recognized and can penetrate the user’s mind. Otherwise, it is not a real difference.
How to find differences? Business is always competitive. If you live in your own world and don’t study who you are competing with to seize this market, you can’t make a meaningful positioning.
For example, many people are making sauce and wine now. If you can’t explain the points that are valuable to users, it’s difficult for you to impress users and surpass your opponents. Not all differences are valuable. The difference recognized by users is positioning.
4)   Trust certificate, a fact that makes the positioning seem credible
Common trust certificates, including sales first, expert recommendation and star endorsement, are the facts that make this positioning credible. For example, why can Wang Xiaolu represent tiger skin and chicken feet? Because (tmall chicken snacks) has the first sales volume, has a star endorsement, won the first place in the snack Festival (Sales) of Li Jiaqi’s live studio, and made product innovation (taste innovation and nail removal). We combine these trust certificates to show that Wang Xiaolu is the positioning of tiger skin and chicken claw experts.
The certificate of trust is not consistent, but should be upgraded with the competition. Take the second-hand car with melon seeds as an example. At first, it took “no middleman to earn the price difference” as its selling point. Later, after the opponent also said this, it upgraded the trust certificate to “far ahead of the trading volume”.
5)   Rationing, driving all operational activities occupying the positioning
The word “match” comes from strategic expert Porter, and the corresponding English word is “fit”. Emphasize that a and B are appropriate.

2. If you learn to locate, you should be able to draw mental map and category positioning pyramid structure map

If we want to make a positioning, we’d better study and understand two maps, one is the mental map and the other is the pyramid structure of brand positioning (take Wang Xiaolu as an example here).
mind mapping
The brands listed here refer to who we put together on the shelf, that is, find out your competitors; The size of the circle does not represent the sales scale, but the brand awareness, that is, how many consumers know what the brand does.
On tmall, we are compared with Zhou Heiya. If we do market research and ask how many people have heard of Zhou Heiya and Wang Xiaolu, it is obvious that everyone has higher awareness of their brand, so their circle is larger than ours. This is the current situation. Weilong also appears on the same shelf as us. It firmly occupies the category of spicy strips. If we make spicy strips, we will be flooded.
Pyramid structure of brand positioning.
The pyramid structure of brand positioning consists of brand, category, positioning, promotion language and trust. I think brand positioning is a combination of brand, product and trust. All elements should be screwed together and exploded quickly.

3. The goal of learning orientation is to realize mental pre-sale

Why do we buy traffic sometimes? It is because there is no pre-sale and promotion needs to be done on the shelf.
For example, miaokolando had not become a brand at first. At that time, baijifu was better than it, so it had to send people to try it. Do you still need to say that today? No need. Now children have seen the advertisement of miakolando and will say “Mom, I want to eat miakolando”, which is equivalent to eating miakolando with cheese. It has been able to control the user’s decision-making, which will continue to bring various cost savings. Therefore, if you look at its financial report, you will find that its profit continues to grow. The reason behind it is that it continues to invest in brand promotion  。
We are also in the same state. We pay brand tax for all the money we earn and constantly invest in brand construction.
Therefore, the ultimate goal of learning positioning is to realize mental pre-sale and let consumers buy by name.

4. Several misunderstandings of learning orientation

Myth 1: positioning is a large single product, only a single category.
Large items are the best way to start selling consumer goods, but the positioning does not require you to only do a single category. If you don’t create a super single product now, your brand efficiency is very poor. The super single product here means that it accounts for more than 80% of the sales share. However, it is definitely wrong to say that the positioning is to make only a single category for large single products. You can focus on single products like Wang Xiaolu and Xiaoxian stew, or you can position Oriental makeup with characteristics like huaxizi. Characteristics are very important. You can do a lot of things through characteristics.
Myth 2: positioning is big delivery
Big launch is one of the most important ways to establish a brand, and public relations war and channel war are also very important. Big launch is often one of the most important ways to build a brand, otherwise there is no way for users to form a subconscious about you in their mind. Therefore, now several big new consumer brands are doing hard and wide. If the money for brand building is paid as brand tax, I think it’s no problem. However, it does not mean that positioning must be put into large scale.
Some companies can start by relying on channels. In vertical channels, they make overwhelming investment in the supply chain. After establishing advantages, even without advertising, they can achieve brands and generate premiums.
Public relations channels are also important. Communication is a three-dimensional thing. We are also studying and reflecting on our own channels and titles. We found that paying attention to public relations can hedge some uncertainties. For example, some brands sometimes face negative reports. When dealing with these uncertainties or negative things, the first is to strengthen quality control at the end of their own supply chain; At the same time, you can also use positive things or reports to reduce the negative impact. To some extent, public relations is also a kind of advertising. The logic of advertising is to say it yourself, and the logic of public relations is to let others say it. For example, the revival of the national tide. Simple brand owners say that you may not feel it, but if the media are talking about it, you will feel that those domestic brands seem a lot foreign.
Moreover, the most important thing about positioning is whether your basic cognition, brand name, slogan, interface level nickname (brand operation activities that can be directly perceived by users in direct contact with users) and the whole brand strategy focus on one point. In addition, from the development stage, we should not do hard and wide in the early stage. I think we should do a good job in single products, focus on blasting, and then invest in the brand. This logic is right.
Myth 3: positioning is an advertising language
Advertising language is very important, but not all. Many people say that to spend tens of millions on a positioning consulting company is to buy an advertising slogan. Indeed, advertising language is very important, but positioning is definitely not just an advertising language. Reading books related to positioning, you will see that visual hammer, or super symbols proposed by Hua Yuhua, are emphasizing visual differentiation.
Myth 4: positioning is about leaders and innovators
Early positioning theories like to talk about the positioning of leaders, innovators and far ahead. At present, such positioning is still applicable in some scenarios, such as some expert to B brands. Leaders are still valuable. However, if you learn and use this thing rigidly, I think you don’t really master the first principle of positioning. For example, being far ahead is a little outdated. Therefore, although we are positioned as experts in tiger skin and chicken claws, we will not use this word in external broadcasting, but focus on sales and ranking.

5. Qualified positioning indicators of consumer goods brands (non channel brands)

Some people always say that positioning is about marketing. In fact, positioning is supported by competition in three fields: products, channels and media. First of all, you can explain your difference in one sentence. At the same time, you have to win in these three battlefields to really establish this position.
1)   The intensity of targeted advertising is much higher than the market (media dubbing). Most of the companies learning positioning now are accompanied by large-scale launch, constantly strengthen brand positioning through brand advertising, and seize the opportunity to become the king of categories. Positioning advertising is not the same, but should be constantly adjusted and upgraded according to the battlefield conditions. Take melon seed used cars as an example. At first, there was no middleman to earn the price difference as a breakthrough. When the opponent also used this statement, its trust changed, emphasizing that the trading volume was far ahead.
2)   Product re purchase / NPs is much better than competitive products (product matching). Repurchase can only occur when the product is better than others, which is a positive cycle, because trust certificates can be accumulated continuously. Most users still like to buy more popular products and think that selling more is better.
3)   The number of channel terminals is higher than that of competitive products (channel matching). This is also different from pure e-commerce brands. There are opportunities offline. We believe that convenience stores are the biggest offline bonus at present. Their users are consistent with our grass planting crowd. Moreover, online potential energy has risen. Dealers are enthusiastic to shop resources, stack and display, and the whole dynamic sales will rise and grow rapidly. Offline will also feed online. The mental share formed by channel dividends is not stable. Offline penetration and exposure can strengthen the brand image. This is a three-dimensional channel strategy.
4)   “Brand words” and “category + characteristic words” have the same mental capacity. As mentioned earlier, when we initially positioned ourselves as tiger skin and chicken feet, investors did not recognize this logic and thought that the whole tmall chicken snack track was so large. Therefore, as an expert brand of the category, it shoulders the mission of expanding the category; If the scale of the category can’t rise, the brand can’t grow.
Starting logic of new consumer brands based on positioning theory
In April 2019, after we adjusted our products and channels, the company entered a period of rapid growth.
How did we make the offer?
If I have a starting path in my mind, it must be: first create a large single product, then extract the characteristics of “I am an expert” from the large single product, first explode in e-commerce, then pave channels and invest in brand advertising.

1. Large items are the best way to start selling new consumer brands

When we summarize Wang xiaohalogen’s methodology, the first one is to focus on important matters and 10 times the force. What is the most important thing to do this? Find this and raise 10 times your strength.
We have two logics in brand focus, one is physical logic and the other is spiritual logic. The logic at the physical level is at the product level. Focus on chicken feet and constantly develop new flavors. All the communication focuses on tiger skin chicken feet. The second curve will not be developed until the penetration rate of this brand reaches a certain limit; At the spiritual level, it is to continuously convey the fun, interesting and sand carving brand image to users, so as to make consumers have a spiritual connection with Wang Xiaolu and make them willing to support and follow the brand.
Why make a big item? Because if you don’t have a super single product (accounting for more than 80% of sales), your brand efficiency is very poor, and using large single products to reach users repeatedly can quickly enable users to establish their awareness of the brand.
All in tiger skin chicken feet. At the end of 2018, when we adjusted the category, we looked at the data in tmall’s business consultant. The results showed that “chicken claw” and “boneless chicken claw” were the words with the most searches, so we think chicken claw has a chance. Sometimes, people’s understanding of data is a reflection of past needs rather than a judgment of the future. At that time, investors did not recognize this logic. He said, how big can you do with a single product? The whole tmall chicken snack may be only 200 million. But today, we can exceed the total amount of tmall chicken snacks two years ago.
In terms of the competitive environment, the pickled pepper chicken feet in the chicken feet have been occupied by brands, so we chose tiger skin chicken feet; At that time, the snack track already had three squirrels and liangpin store, which were large and comprehensive channel brands. We thought that the intensive cultivation of the ultimate single product brand had more opportunities.
Back to the category, why do tiger skin and chicken claws have a chance? The categories with high repurchase rate are slightly addictive. Like the coffee track in the current fire, tiger skin and phoenix claw are also slightly addictive and have a sense of operation at the physical level. Why can’t pig feet? Because the pig’s feet have a sense of satiety and few eating scenes, there is still no brand.
The bottom layer of consumer goods should be to make good products, and good products can be recognized by the market faster. Many founders like to study traffic dividends, but when it comes to products, there may be nothing to say. In fact, I think the product is the most difficult. If we don’t have this product, we can’t do it. We have been exploring how many improvements can be made in the process of stewed snacks. Many people may think that tiger skin and chicken feet are just a process. It’s easy for you to make it into all kinds of flavors, but in fact, it took 10 months from thirteen spices to hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot flavor, and a year from hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot flavor to pepper and hemp flavor. We continue to test and polish, and the passing rate will not be put on the shelves until it exceeds 80%. Every once in a while, our tmall store will eliminate some products with low retention rate.
In 2019, the first thing I do at work every day is to read user comments; Now, every time I push a new product, I will still read the comments. If the feedback is bad, we will make adjustments. If the feedback is good, we will push more.
Always talking about products, some people may think it is singing a high profile. In my opinion, this is the new consumer brand and   The old brand is different. Some people say that Yuanqi forest started from advertising. In fact, Yuanqi forest’s products are constantly tested and iterated. This is a positive cycle, because good products bring repurchase, and repurchase brings the continuous accumulation of trust.

2. Seize the traffic opportunity and quickly explode on the e-commerce platform

Flow this matter, each stage has the opportunity and pain of each stage.
In 2019, we will switch the main channel to tmall. Before being tmall, I thought e-commerce was very mysterious. I’ve been thinking about the first principle of e-commerce? Later, I found that the first principle of e-commerce is that the products sold will become more and more popular. Therefore, my first goal at that time was to sell a single product to 30000 +.
How to achieve 30000 +? Use live.
We first found Chen Jie Kiki, the anchor with high degree of discussion at that time. She can sell about 150000-200000 (orders) a month. When she sells 500000 (orders), we began to promote this category by planting grass with microblog. In fact, we also caught up with a little opportunity of microblog. At that time, the fees of bloggers on microblog were not as expensive as they are now.
We find that there is a superposition of sales volume, conversion rate and ROI. The higher the sales volume, the higher the conversion rate and the higher the ROI. At the beginning of the brand, because you didn’t realize mental pre-sale, you wanted to buy traffic, so we also spent money on the through train. Our operations are also testing a variety of words. In this way, “basic sales + through train + free traffic” has become a positive cycle. High re purchase rate is another opening skill. At that time, the re purchase and retention rate of our single product within three months was close to 30%. Re purchase and retention helped to be judged as high-quality goods by the platform, so there was more traffic inclination.
At that time, our operation, promotion, R & D and design all focused on tiger skin and chicken claw in order to start production quickly. In order to expand the brand scale of “tiger skin chicken claw”, our promotion language at that time emphasized that “fried first and then brine is more delicious”. When we got the first sales volume of tmall in this category, we shouted out the trust certificate at the first time.
The real turning point is to go to Li Jiaqi’s live studio.
In December 2019, we went to the live broadcast room of Li Jiaqi for the first time. We found that the goods prepared for the annual goods festival were sold out in one day, and the potential energy was very rapid. After Li Jiaqi’s recommendation, brand awareness also rose, and then we put in the tiktok.
After this potential energy rises, the whole brand has a sense of breakdown. Now, if you go to the sugar and wine fair, you will find that tiger skin and chicken feet have become a phenomenal category. Today, the competitive environment has changed greatly, and the starting path will also change.

3. Shop channels, subvert the online red image, and become an intensive FMCG Brand

During the brand starting period, choose a single origin channel with more category opportunities. After breakdown of this channel, we should upgrade the channel, seize the opportunity and become an advantageous brand.
Why does Wang Xiaolu shop offline? Because what Wang Xiaolu wants to do is not an e-commerce brand, but a FMCG Brand.
The difference between us and the new consumer brands we usually understand is that we now have a layout in most regions of the country. We have entered offline channels, including Ka stores, convenience stores and local supermarket chains. Now, our offline volume has exceeded the total online volume.
With the development of Wang Xiaolu entering a new stage, we are also slowly subverting the concept of online red brand.

4. Pay attention to brand advertising and invest in brand construction

1)   Why should we pay attention to brand advertising?
Because advertising can have a long-term impact on users’ subconsciousness, its effect will eventually be reflected on the shelf to realize brand pre-sale.
Some people always want to get ROI in advertising. In fact, no matter which media, almost all traffic advertising can not be calculated. We won’t settle for brand advertising. Recently, I agree with a concept of Huashan, the founder of Huahua, that is, if you don’t pay the brand tax, you will be punished; According to Junzhi, if you don’t add a brand fee to your profit, your profit has no moat.
This is also the value of making funny short films. They will not generate sales immediately, but you will find that it works slowly. After we made the first set of advertisements in January, we sold out offline in March, and the reflection arc was very long. Tmall Xiaoer recently sent a message about our circle of friends with sales of 14 million yuan in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcasting room. Finally, he said that in fact, everyone is doing live broadcasting. Wang Xiaolu can get the first place in this category. Behind this is the company’s insistence on doing a lot of things in products and brands.
2) Seize the opportunity to become a category King
After we became the first in tmall’s category, we didn’t stop at that time point, but financing and advertising.
If you are too obsessed with the current profits and miss the opportunity to become the king of the category, at that time, multiple brands compete for a category. Brand a says I want to shrink and control the advertising expenses. As a result, brand a is overtaken by brand B. in turn, brand a invests in advertising expenses. Positive bidding is very cruel, which will lead to the decline of the efficiency of advertising expenses, and even users don’t buy it. They don’t know who to buy, The worst thing is that users may not want to buy this category. If you first use your money for sustained growth, form a relative competitive difference with your competitors, continue to advertise and shop channels, you will find that you will have more and more advantages.
3) How to advertise?
When we visited some well-known advertising companies, they gave us some inspiration. They said that you should design based on different media when you put in different media.
If you make a hard wide, how can you explode in the elevator? We must highlight the selling points and strengthen them repeatedly. After the tiger skin and chicken claws became a phenomenal category, the competition was fierce. At this time, we must strengthen the mind that Wang Xiaolu equals tiger skin and chicken claws. Therefore, now all our online and offline advertisements only talk about Phoenix claws, and all hard cantons will do it according to one standard, spokesperson, advertising language and certificate of trust.
It is too blunt to talk about “more meat” every day, and users will resist and dislike it, so we have made some innovations. Communicate with users in some language contexts and stems that users like and are willing to spread. When we do so, users will find your company interesting and like you with additional spiritual attributes.
When we shoot ads honoring classics or pranks, we are actually making friends with time. These advertisements have nothing to do with some current things and will never be out of date. If our company has five such advertisements every year, and if we can make 100 such films in the future, after 10 years, users may have different perceptions of us, and even have some spiritual impact. Just as they look at Apple, they will think that it is not only a product, but an interesting company they are willing to support and follow.

5. Don’t superstitious positioning theory

We have been learning positioning theory. Positioning has a great impact on me, and it is also a methodology that we have reached a consensus internally. If our company does not learn positioning, I think there is no current development, so I am very grateful for such a methodology.
However, we have now entered a new stage of offline fast selling. Many times, positioning can only solve the problem of brand or strategy, while the offline system is very complex and delicate, which needs deep cultivation.
At the same time, the construction of an enterprise is a complex system. A company consists of two parts: organization and strategy. Don’t superstitious positioning theory. Think it’s OK to learn positioning theory or who you learn. If our strategy is very strong, but our organization is very poor, we can’t become a brand.
Therefore, we are constantly learning from companies such as Nestle, Coca Cola and Weilong to learn how to be an intensive FMCG company, not just a pure e-commerce brand. Maybe only in this way can we finally make this brand a national brand.
Dictation: Wang Xiaolu, founder Wang Xiong; Prepared by: Zhang Danhua; Editor: Lu Xucheng; Source: blue shark consumption (ID: lanshaxiaofei), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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