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Shengyuan Youbo won 6 Awards to highlight the brand value

In 2021, the tide of the great era surged and the challenge of the milk powder Market intensified, but under the difficulties, Fang showed courage and determination. On November 22nd, the 2021 cloud awards of milk powder Circle & milk powder think tank were grandly opened, giving glory to every brand who dares to break through and fight, has core competitiveness and promotes industry upgrading! Among them, Shengyuan Youbo won 6 authoritative awards such as 2021 quality formula award, “exploring a can of good milk powder” reputation award, brand hot search award, large single product hot search award, brand confession competition · best reputation award.


Glory is a reward for the excellent, which can make them draw the power of development.


Quality coronation, word of mouth

Based on the whole industry, Shengyuan Youbo innovative formula seeks development


China’s milk powder market is in the stage from quality safety to quality upgrading. The upgrading of milk powder industry is, to a great extent, a quality revolution based on scientific research and innovation. As a key to quality upgrading, the formula, which won the 2021 quality formula award, is ahead to a certain extent.



It is reported that, as one of the representative brands of “colostrum imitation formula”, Youbo Ruimu is in Shengyuan Youbo bionic formula ® On the basis of, the colostrum was simulated to a greater extent with purified whey protein, and the proportion of cheese reached 9:1. Data show that whey protein, on the one hand, has small protein molecules, which is easier for the baby to digest and absorb. On the other hand, it is rich in immunoglobulin and lactoferrin. These nutritional elements play a positive role in the baby’s immune regulation.



Moreover, in addition to outstanding selling points in immunity, digestion and absorption, the formula of Youbo Ruimu is also a sincere work of fine nutrition. It not only uses high oil whey powder that helps to solve the problems of nutrient release and reduce nutrient loss, but also French high-quality milk source, natural lactose, DHA and Ara gold ratio, which also makes uberrimo products more advantageous. Behind the high-quality scientific research and innovation, it is also carefully considered for the better growth of the baby.


It is worth noting that Youbo Rimo and national Youbo also won the reputation award of “exploring a can of good milk powder” of milk powder think tank in 2021 respectively, and were highly praised by the mother and child evaluation center of milk powder think tank and consumers in terms of appearance, milk source, formula and nutrition. Starting from quality, loyal to reputation, and deeply rooted in the construction of the whole industrial chain, Shengyuan Youbo has written a new chapter in quality development under the guidance of innovation drive.


Hot search is like a torch to highlight the brand

“Ten thousand miles” is practiced one by one at the beginning of the profession


Under the background of domestic and international economic double cycle, the responsibility of scientifically feeding the next generation of the motherland is becoming more and more important. In addition to improving products, popularizing professional parenting knowledge and creating a social public opinion environment caring for mothers and infants, it is also very important. Sponsored by the children’s development research center of China’s Working Committee for caring for the next generation and supported by Shengyuan Youbo strategy, the national large-scale popular science public welfare activity of “China’s healthy growth of mothers and infants” was successfully held in Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Jiangxi and other cities this year.



It is reported that the activity site was extremely hot. Among them, Zhang Silai, the former director and chief physician of Pediatrics of the former hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Affiliated to Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, known as the “national grandmother”, and also a parenting expert of the expert committee of China’s Working Committee for caring for the next generation, gave a speech on pregnancy and childbirth topics such as the new proposal for scientific feeding of infants and young children, Thousands of families actively understand the breeding knowledge and ask for doubts. In the same period, Professor Zhang Silai’s microblog reading of relevant activities reached 23 million +.


As one of the representative enterprises in China’s milk powder industry, Shengyuan Youbo has gathered forces from all walks of life to jointly guard the healthy growth of the next generation with the public welfare activity of 2021 China’s healthy growth of mothers and infants, which not only highlights the pattern of a big country and a strong enterprise, but also sets a model for the industry. At the same time, it has also become a “hot search body” with its own traffic in the milk powder industry. With its popular search and interactive browsing, Shengyuan Youbo won the “brand hot search Award” and “big single product hot search Award” in 2021. Solid quality foundation, professional transmission with the strength of the brand, and continuous release of emotional influence. Shengyuan Youbo continues to activate the brand value.



Two way empowerment and win-win cooperation

Make consumers and channel partners always “reliable”


Among the six awards won by Shengyuan Youbo, the brand expression competition · word of mouth award is based on the voice of Shengyuan Youbo product users and channel partners. The two-way linkage reflects Shengyuan Youbo’s attention and deep cultivation of high-quality mother and baby channels over the years.


This year, Shengyuan Youbo strengthened the brand and guaranteed the channel, joined hands with partners to break the normal, focused on new customer development, brand drainage and other aspects, and comprehensively served the mother and baby channel, bursting out a strong potential energy. And it always focuses on channels, adheres to controlling goods, prices and market outlets, ensures the profits and sense of security of channel providers, and continuously injects new vitality and confidence into the market.


In short, behind the glory of the six awards of Shengyuan Youbo, it is the original intention of the enterprise to travel thousands of miles and never forget. It is also the same strain of faith and dairy power. In the tide of integrating China’s dairy industry into the world’s development, Shengyuan Youbo’s honor is right at the time to boost its energy and forge ahead.

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