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The rise of “sugar rejection” and the “team” of bubble water + hyaluronic acid create a new trend

With the development of new products of
bubble water, hyaluronic acid has become a “good recipe” to achieve a breakthrough.
Wahaha, with a history of 34 years, is the first popular beverage brand in China.
In recent years, Wahaha, a “trendsetter” of Zhejiang merchants, has been exploring the way and looking for answers to create the next “nutrition express”, “AD calcium milk” and fashionable “bubble water”.
Recently, food engineering released the annual list of the top 100 global food and beverage brands in 2021. In this latest “power territory” of the global food and beverage market, Wahaha was successfully listed as one of the five major Chinese brands, which shows the evergreen strength of “time-honored” brands.
How to successfully cross the long cycle? A new product development story may provide clues.
Wahaha is listed on the annual list of 2021 global food and beverage top 100
From “safety” to “health”
Wahaha enters the bubble water war
Recently, Wahaha’s new sodium hyaluronate bubble water appeared in the “light of domestic products” column of CCTV, won praise for its product strength, and showed a “out of the circle” with sufficient weight in the public’s field of vision.
CCTV shopping channel program preview
Nowadays, bubble water, which is popular in the market, started in the Western European market and developed and prospered first. In the Chinese market, with high-end packaging and the value publicity point of “low sugar, low fat, Zero sugar and zero fat”, bubble water has the potential to transform from cognition to recognition and purchase, and has a broad market prospect. As a product, it is changing the product concept from “safety” to “health” In recent years, Wahaha has successively launched a variety of healthy drinks, among which bubble water is also a bright category in Wahaha’s new products.
How does Wahaha find a new way in the bubble water track favored by young people? Wahaha has many “brochures” to achieve breakthroughs in building “new” In fact, the innovative characteristics of Zhejiang businessmen are also deeply rooted in Wahaha. In order to meet the change of consumers’ dietary needs to health care and health preservation, Wahaha has established a modern bioengineering research institute relying on a strong team of professionals and scientific research strength to combine the traditional theory of Chinese medicine dietotherapy with bioengineering, modern extraction and other technologies to develop science and technology Large health products with high and high added value.
With the strong R & D strength at the bottom, both the sugar free and airless soda water pH9.0 supported by Wahaha’s two advanced technologies and the “low sugar” nutrition express have quickly and effectively rushed to the national market and firmly grasped the rhythm of independent innovation. Wahaha has also made “new” achievements in the development of bubble water.
New product development of bubble water
Hyaluronic acid has become a “good recipe” for breakthrough
In Wahaha’s experience, as long as the choice of beverage raw materials is appropriate and scientific, we dare to use “new”. This Wahaha sodium hyaluronate bubble water recommended by CCTV can literally get the “selling point” – the innovative raw material ingredient “sodium hyaluronate”. In fact, this substance is well-known “hyaluronic acid” As a naturally occurring bioactive substance in human body, hyaluronic acid has rich application value. With its moisturizing, lubricating, viscoelastic and repairing effects, it is widely used in the field of bone and skin health. More than that, both national policies and authoritative scientific research have confirmed that hyaluronic acid is safe and effective for ordinary food, providing new opportunities for food and beverage innovation 。
Screen capture of CCTV’s “light of domestic goods”
The hyaluronic acid in the bubble water of Wahaha sodium hyaluronate comes from the biotechnology company Huaxi biology. Today, this company accounts for 43% of the global market share of hyaluronic acid and is a well deserved industry leader. Although hyaluronic acid is a small substance, thanks to more than 20 years of basic research and applied basic research of Huaxi biology, hyaluronic acid has changed from “rare” to “rare” With hyaluronic acid going to the world, Huaxi biology has made diversified businesses across raw materials, medical beauty, functional skin care products and functional food around the raw material matrix of hyaluronic acid and its bioactive substances, gradually transforming from a local national enterprise into a technology company with a global vision, creating a series of products that make Chinese people proud “Life and health consumer goods”, such as Wen Chuang explosive the Imperial Palace lipstick, biotech full of moistening Bai Yan hyaluronic acid secondary throwing essence, creating a new category of hyaluronic acid food “black zero”. Now, in the strategic business continuously, while Huaxi biology is also committed to becoming the “right arm” of the industry partners. , we hope to take advantage of our own advantages in innovation and technology to help enterprise customers achieve their business goals.
Huaxi biological
with biotechnology as its core competitiveness
According to the data report of the consumption survey of generation Z, generation Z consumers most value the health attributes of food and beverage brands, followed by safety and high quality, and are more willing to pay for low-fat, low calorie, low sugar, organic and natural products. Hyaluronic acid happens to be able to help meet the product demand points that generation Z consumers pay attention to. What new ingredients can be added to the next bubble water , Wahaha’s answer is clear. The next step is to turn the combination of “bubble water + hyaluronic acid” into reality.
This year, after the successful promotion of the domestic hyaluronic acid feeding policy as an applicant was approved, Huaxi biology went to the front-line industry customers for the first time to roadshow the commercial value of hyaluronic acid feeding, so as to jointly expand the emerging food market to be developed. In April, at the “functional food innovation and Development Summit Forum” hosted by Huaxi biology based on the consensus of “healthy consumption”, Wahaha, as an invited customer, put forward the idea of developing hyaluronic acid bubble water. Huaxi biology attached great importance to it and responded positively. Combined with Wahaha’s own advantages, Wahaha made suggestions on products, formulas, new product development and technical support in a short time Many efforts have been made in science popularization and publicity to provide Wahaha with a landing solution formulated after repeated practice and demonstration, so as to help Wahaha carry out the research and development of new products smoothly.
Out of trust in the brand influence of Huaxi biology, the quality of hyaluronic acid raw materials, and optimistic about the differentiated competitiveness of its customized product development, Wahaha soon decided to “hand in hand” with Huaxi biology, and a cooperation around the development of hyaluronic acid bubble water was carried out in full swing. In May, the nutrition express with Huaxi biological hyaluronic acid was listed first, and the market feedback was good. Only four months later, in September 2021, Wahaha sodium hyaluronate bubble water was launched.
Write “health” on the bottle
From Huaxi biological “ultraha” ®” Blessing of hyaluronic acid
The new sodium hyaluronate bubble water has three flavors: lime, Kaman orange and white peach. It focuses on the value proposition of zero fat, zero calorie and Zero sugar to reduce the burden on the body. Among them, 20mg sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) prepared by Huaxi Bioscience is added every 100ml , it can help replenish water and resist oxidation. Among more than 200 hyaluronic acid products of Huaxi biology, hyaluronic acid added to Wahaha bubble water is called “ultraha” ®”, It not only has the national “First Certificate” for the safe import of hyaluronic acid, but also an example of food science and technology innovation and application, and has won the technical innovation award of food and beverage industry for many times.
Wahaha sodium hyaluronate bubble water
It’s only three months since we first met each other to cooperate. In some areas, other partners may still be running in and testing. However, Huaxi biology and Wahaha can quickly reach cooperation, which benefits from the overall layout of Wahaha’s product line, R & D line and manufacturing line. In the R & D line, in order to ensure “great health” For the implementation of the strategy, Wahaha has established a professional team to carry out the research and application of food biotechnology, as well as the in-depth development and utilization of traditional Chinese medicine dietotherapy and natural product resources, which provides key support for product iterative upgrading. In the manufacturing line, Wahaha’s intelligent manufacturing provides productivity guarantee for the industrial transformation of innovative achievements, and ensures to grasp opportunities and respond to needs quickly On the other hand, it also proves that Huaxi biological Co., Ltd ® The value of ultraha ® In the human efficacy evaluation of sodium hyaluronate, studies given by authoritative institutions at home and abroad unanimously confirmed that oral ultraha ® Sodium hyaluronate is safe and absorbable, including its effects in beauty, improving bone and joint health, eye health and gastrointestinal health. For consumers, after Huaxi biological ultraha ® Wahaha bubble water mixed with sodium hyaluronate has a dripping and pleasant taste and really refuses “sugar”, which is the product they have been looking forward to, which is also confirmed by positive market feedback.
UltraHA ® Sodium hyaluronate has scientifically proven multiple effects
As far as Wahaha is concerned, choosing to join hands with Huaxi biology is the unanimous recognition of the concept of healthy consumer goods and the gold medal guarantee of high-quality and high-standard innovation. In addition, in addition to innovating the raw material composition of products, Wahaha can also control the quality of products from the source. This co creation and win-win industrial alliance is promoting the development of the beverage industry It also has a positive guiding significance.
Powerful alliance
Final consumer
Whether it is accurate insight into the targeted population or considering the development trend of oral hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid has become a force that can not be ignored in the innovation of food and beverage market. With all-round technical support, Huaxi biology has become the “fist product” of many well-known food enterprises, such as wonderlab, Guangming dairy, Lechun, Lele tea, blueglass and so on Jointly and innovatively launch new food or beverage, and gain the recognition of consumers and the industry one after another, which has a great influence in the industry.
Huaxi biological raw material comprehensive solution
Food and beverage is always a sunrise industry. As long as it meets the needs of consumers, real enterprises will always be needed. Based on the research and production of rich and diversified bioactive raw materials, Huaxi biology is holding the great ideal of “symbiosis, CO creation and win-win”, and through integrated solutions, it is helping upstream and downstream partners in the industrial chain, including Wahaha, realize the integration of brands, products and performance The increment of “qualitative change” will eventually bring a truly healthy consumption experience into the daily joy of the majority of consumers.
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