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Once again, a meal is resolved and the meal is replaced.

remove the external label of weight loss, and will “substitute meal” have a chance to usher in a new breakthrough?

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Traveling in space? Artificial intelligence? Space farm? Mankind has never stopped imagining and thinking about the future from all aspects. People’s imagination of the future many years ago is gradually accepted by human society and gradually becomes the norm. What will happen to food in the future?
People’s imagination of future science and technology is unrestrained, people’s imagination of “future food” is also stimulating the food industry to carry out unprecedented changes, and the mysterious future is slowly being revealed by mankind.
Remember the nutrient solution in the movie Matrix? Just one liquid can meet all the nutrients needed by the human body, so as to liberate people from cumbersome housework such as buying, cleaning and cooking.
The emergence of “substitute meal” is an emerging product in the process of exploring “future food”. Although Chinese consumers have a certain consumer awareness of “substitute meal”, when it comes to “substitute meal”, most consumers’ first mind is “card control” and “weight management”, which restricts the development of “substitute meal”. AI media consulting According to the market scale and analysis forecast of China’s catering industry from 2017 to 2022, the growth rate of China’s catering market has begun to decline since 2020. How should China’s “catering” find a breakthrough?
Foodaily found that another dark horse, mealcube, has recently appeared in the overseas substitute food market. It is trying to remove the external label of “substitute food” to lose weight. By decomposing the rectified rice into its basic nutritional components, only an inch cube can provide “real food” meals for humans, so as to change people’s eating habits.
Is mealcube talking nonsense, or has it really found the “tipping point” of substitute food? How did this ambition to change consumers’ eating habits come into being? What supported the founding team’s confidence? What is the difference between mealcube and other big guys in the industry? Can it meet people’s many fantasies about “future food”? In this “substitute food” In the fierce competition of the track, using mealcube for reference, do we have the opportunity to redefine China’s “substitute food” market? Where is the future of nutrition?
Redefine the substitute meal
with a 2.5cm cube
What the human body needs is not wild salmon, avocado, steak, spinach and other food forms, but many nutrients contained in the food, such as specific amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, micronutrients… To escort people’s healthy life, which is what mealcube is doing.
Take a meal apart and put it into a cube sized “candy”
The product carrier of mealcube is a cube only 2.5cm in size. It can absorb complete nutrition equivalent to a meal. It tastes like candy and has three flavors of cherry, orange and green apple. It is not difficult to see that its core barrier is “space Mastery” , it can pack the largest amount of nutrition and calories in the smallest space, and make it delicious to meet the needs of different scenes.
Mealcube breaks down the whole meal into its basic components (amino acids and peptides, carbohydrates, lipids and micronutrients) through a six step proprietary process, and “real diet” The high-density nutrients and calories contained in are accurately copied and compressed in a small box of candy flavor. Each mealcube contains 420 calories, 25g protein, 28g healthy fat, 23g complex carbohydrates and 35 essential vitamins and minerals. This is equivalent to 113g salmon, two cups of kale, a sweet potato and half an avocado. Its protein mixture uses proprietary peptides , completely imitating the high-quality protein of wild salmon, beef and chicken.
Imitate the digestive characteristics of traditional food and shape the satisfaction of eating food
Matthew elonis, founder and CEO of mealcube, said that the biochemical process in the gastrointestinal tract after eating mealcube will make consumers feel satisfied as if they had a dinner.
Eating foods with long digestion time is easier to resist hunger, while eating foods with short digestion time is easier to starve. For example, the digestion time of fat is 2-4h, while the digestion time of fruit is only 30min-1h. The brand simulates normal dietary digestion by wrapping protein in a specific alginate. Mealcube decomposes in this simulation for several hours, rather than digesting dietary substitutes such as some protein bars or milkshakes for about 30 minutes. It can be seen that this small square the size of dice contains great energy for a sense of satiety.
Elonis has personally tested that he only eats mealcube and black coffee for 30 days and exercises more than 5 times a week without any discomfort, which makes him confident that the cube that provides heat in solid form will break through the siege of the “substitute meal” track in the future.
Photo source: Vimeo (the founder once showed the birth process of mealcube on the social media platform)
All inclusive cube, personalized and customized substitute meal with 3D printing
At present, the company will provide packages through subscription services on the website, with package prices ranging from $5 to $7. At the same time, wholesale prices are provided to health care, non-governmental organizations and government partners. With the increase of orders and the mitigation of epidemic related supply chain problems, the goal is to reduce the price of mealcube to further improve its popularity.
However, the company’s goal is more than that. According to the idea announced on its official website, the future mealcube is more like an all inclusive “shell”, which can be customized according to the different needs of specific customers. Customers can be people who lack nutrients for a long time, people who seek more protein and healthy fat Anyone who needs another specific mixture of macronutrients and micronutrients… Can provide customized nutritional product solutions through mealcube.
In the next two years, the start-up company will launch meepo3d, a 3D printer with saliva based sensors, which can use saliva samples to analyze consumers’ individual micronutrient levels, hormones, cholesterol and other physical factors, and customize and print personalized meals for consumers.
If this measure is realized, it will be an unprecedented breakthrough in the field of substitute meals, which can get immediate feedback on the nutritional status of the human body and supplement a certain amount of nutrients in time, so as to reject the uncertainty caused by “blind eating”.
Source: Meepo
Behind the wide opening of the brain hole,
Is it actually a great idea that could change the world?
Understanding the innovative trader behind Meepo: changing the world through next-generation nutrition technology
Mealcube was developed by the start-up company Meepo. Meepo was founded in 2019. It is an emerging innovator focusing on changing the world through next-generation nutrition technology. Meepo’s core mission is to make personalized nutrition accessible and affordable for everyone. The goal is to democratize nutrition around the world through a series of products, including providing customized daily nutrition according to someone’s exact biochemical needs. Its nutrition statement has been verified by the third party of Eurofins, a food, environmental and pharmaceutical product testing company.
According to the state of world food security and nutrition, about 811 million people in the world will be malnourished in 2020. Although proper nutrition is the cornerstone of physical health, many people still do not have access to it. Like most people, elonis has been looking for a simple, delicious and nutritious food. In order to help overcome this global challenge, Meepo proposed and implemented the concept of mealcube with the “candy” small box as the carrier.
Matthew elonis, co-founder and CEO of Meepo, previously operated an online meal delivery business called keto fridge. He used the funds from the sale of the original company to fund part of the Meepo joint venture. At the beginning of 2020, Meepo received a financing of US $400000 at the initial stage of the project. A few months ago, Meepo also received $2 million in financing from pasaca capital Inc.
At the beginning of its establishment, Meepo had a strong foundation in food and high-tech. Meepo also has two co founders, Vincent francescangeli (formerly worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers) and Andres arrocha (biochemical engineer from Mexico), who specializes in making prototypes of new sensors, food and technology and advising the company on new food development. Not only that, the company also has 70 employees who have enough knowledge of food production.
In addition, Meepo will enable Zero agricultural production of food in the future, so that future consumers can provide sufficient nutrition without relying on unstable agricultural systems. For example, if there is a food instability crisis, Meepo will become a “currency” that can “print” calories, proteins and vitamins for human needs at any time, So far, Meepo is the only company producing zero agricultural food.
The future of small squares has a huge imagination space
In order to make this “future food” benefit more people, Meepo’s business goal is to democratize nutrition, not create monopoly, and find suitable distribution partners in the consumer environment, which can help them expand production and reduce main business costs. This is also the reason why Meepo has made great efforts to ensure the long-term B2B model.
Meepo’s commercial products have been put into production. At present, it produces millions of bags of mealcube between production bases in California and Florida every month, performs long-term B2B contracts with governments and medical institutions, and begins to provide mealcube samples to consumer oriented partners such as gyms, nutrition stores and natural grocery stores, To target different audiences of different enterprises. It is expected to launch mealcubes for the first time in these stores in the first quarter of 2022, and focus on high-end gyms and retailers with national influence.
Mealcube’s breakthrough innovation enables it to meet the needs of multi scene matching:
  • Traveler: whether on a plane, train, hotel or resort, or even spacecraft, mealcubes can ensure that travelers get portable “nutrition”.
  • Athletes: athletes, daily fitness consumers and outdoor adventure consumers can customize their own “meals” according to their own training programs.
  • Medical care: medical institutions and advanced living facilities can provide a complete meal of calories and macronutrients, as well as essential vitamins required by patients and front-line staff. One of the biggest challenges facing this group is loss of appetite, leading to long-term malnutrition. Providing simple and effective nutrition helps to reduce patients’ malnutrition, morbidity risk, mortality, hospitalization and rehospitalization, and its cost is only a small part of the “real diet”.
  • Military / emergency: it can provide nutritious food for emergencies on a large scale and save lives at the most important moment.
  • Education: whether due to taste, cost, lack of availability or inconvenience, many children simply cannot get the nutrition they need. Mealcube provides nutrition in the form of some affordable soft candy, so that children can enjoy delicious nutrition more.
It is not difficult to see that compared with other “substitute food” foods on the market, mealcube focuses more on the breakthrough of convenience, nutrition and personalization. With candy like small squares, mealcube can create healthy and convenient meals for the army, governments and armies of various countries, medical care for people without appetite, and busy consumers and professionals every day, and its “mini” in product space The advantages are unprecedented. In the future, Meepo also plans to launch new dietary forms, using the same technology, such as pudding, to increase the coverage of different categories for customers.
One meal at a time,
Will it become a breakthrough for substitute food in the Chinese market?
The concept of “substitute food” originated from Americans’ hope to invent a pill that can replace food to solve the food crisis. Driven by the aerospace industry, products with the selling point of “astronaut food” quickly swept the market, catalyzing people’s pursuit of efficient, specific and nutritious food. Driven by the fast-paced lifestyle, a “substitute meal” with the label of “nutritional convenience” has also appeared on the earth. It has quickly grasped the recognition of the working party and the student party, and widened the eating scene of space meal. As more players enter the substitute food consumption market, the substitute food market will be further refined.
Since 2014, substitute food has entered the vision of Chinese consumers. Subsequently, more and more players joined the catering track, and the competition among major catering brands in the market was also extremely fierce. Since 2017, the scale of China’s substitute food market has gradually expanded, reaching an amazing 47.26 billion in 2020, and emerging substitute food brands emerge one after another.
“Substitute meal” ≠ “fat reduction and slimming”, “slimming” should not become the universal label of “wealth password”
In the Chinese market, substitute food has evolved two completely different paths. One is the full nutrition substitute represented by ruofen, and the other is the control card substitute aimed at the new Chinese female consumer group. Riding the east wind of women’s demand for becoming thinner and more beautiful, the control card generation meal has erupted a small climax in recent years. The concept of “generation meal = slimming” has gradually occupied the first mind of consumers, and the relevant categories have evolved from generation meal powder to convenient fast food, generation meal snacks and other segments that are more suitable for Chinese eating habits.
Data source: cbndata, 61% of consumers buy substitute meals because of “demand for weight loss, muscle gain and plasticity”
Nowadays, even though the major generation food brands focus on “slimming” generation food, and make efforts in taste and taste to fit the appetite of Chinese people as much as possible, their purchasing power still seems to be unsatisfactory. AI media consulting’s market scale and analysis forecast of China’s catering industry from 2017 to 2022 shows that since 2020, the growth rate of China’s catering market has begun to decline. According to the marketing insight report of substitute meal industry released by Dr. clove, 52% of consumers finally choose to give up substitute meal, and the repurchase rate of consumers with a one month consumption period is only 7%.
Data source: AI media data center
For the people who reduce fat and lose weight, reducing intake and increasing exercise are the king. Behind the low repurchase rate, does it mean that consumers are gradually realizing that “substitute meal” is not just needed by the people who reduce fat and lose weight. Relying solely on the gimmicks and marketing of “slimming” and “delicious” labels, consumers are reluctant to pay for them.
In fact, when the concept of “substitute meal” was introduced from Europe and the United States, it was not limited to this. Its original intention was to provide the public with convenient full nutrition diet solutions. In order to better get out of the circle, “substitute meal” would be bundled with fat reduction exercise at first, but it was not expected that such category memory would not be easy to break. This is the secret of “substitute meal” breaking through the circle quickly in China, It is also the pain point of the substitute meal track at this stage.
Delineate the scene of just needed pain points. Can we find a breakthrough in the “initial heart”?
The original intention of substitute meal is a healthy form of highly quantifying daily nutritional intake, so that people can absorb nutrients reasonably, conveniently and adequately. In the relatively mature European and American markets, “substitute meal” has crossed the external label of card control and weight management and entered the queue of efficient, convenient and nutritious healthy lifestyle. As such a way of life, substitute food is far from forming a climate in the Chinese market. Does it mean that there is no demand or not fully educated?
Unknown to the public, the compressed biscuits suddenly sold fire on the jitter. The previously unknown category was characterized by its small size, convenience, long shelf life and hunger resistance. In addition, many provinces and cities launched the list of emergency materials reserve tiktok, which was listed as the first choice for emergency. Does this mean that the demand and potential of convenient and nutritious substitute food products in the Chinese market have not been fully tapped under specific scenarios?
Doctors, 996 working party, such people sometimes can’t guarantee the meal time, but they must need some nutrition to support their fine and high-intensity work; For outdoor athletes and tourists, portable food has become their standing food; Even soldiers, police and firefighters need to meet their nutritional needs anytime and anywhere according to their training intensity and tasks. The new “substitute meal” method will also become a guarantee for their energy and energy.
The essence of “substitute meal” is a convenient and nutritious substitute for “meal”. If businessmen start from nutrition and taste, it is difficult to compare with tens of thousands of dinner delicacies in China. It is better to grasp the original intention of substitute meal and pay some attention to convenient nutrition supply and personalized nutrition customization, so as to have more room to play. Instead of “meal” replacement, let it become a new way for consumers to solve the pain points when necessary. Will it bring a new breakthrough to substitute meal?.
With the gradual popularization of the concept of substitute food, the future “substitute food” is bound to open up more eating scenes, but it still has a long way to go to become a part of the diet and lifestyle of more consumers for a long time.
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