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According to the research report, Wangwang will raise its price next year, and Starbucks will launch its first social influence report in China. Luhua denies cross-border liquor sales, Feihe takes over pan Jiateng trade, and Yangyuan is not listed as a high-tech enterprise in Hebei

Hot company information and announcement



According to the Research Report of CICC, Wangwang China plans to “raise prices on a large scale” in January next year to cope with cost pressure. Wangwang China is expected to raise the prices of 90% milk drinks, 80% rice fruits and nearly 50% leisure food products in the middle single digits on January 1, 2022 to cope with the cost pressure. (interface News)

Golden Arowana refers to the small volume of condiment business of the company

On December 2, golden dragon fish said that the company launched condiment products, including sesame oil, sesame paste, pepper oil, rattan pepper oil, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. The company’s condiment business volume is small, and the product sales in various regions are different. It can also be purchased through e-commerce platforms such as and tmall. (tonghuashun Finance)

Luhua denied selling wine across borders, saying it was only for internal sales

Shandong Lu Hua recently launched two Maotai Baijiu liquor in its member shopping mall, so the industry therefore speculated that Lu Hua would distribute wine industry and cross border “sell wine”. On December 2, the relevant person in charge of the Publicity Department of Luhua group denied this speculation. The official said that Maotai flavor liquor is only used for internal sales of the group. The company mainly focuses on the development of its main business and will not layout the liquor industry. (Beijing News)

Hengshun vinegar industry plans to acquire 35% equity of Shanxi Hengshun, a holding subsidiary

Today, Jiangsu Hengshun Vinegar Industry Co., Ltd. announced that it plans to acquire 35% equity of Shanxi Hengshun old vinegar Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary jointly held by Xinxin (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Zhenjiang Yanyun Agricultural Products Co., Ltd., at a purchase price of 19.1698 million yuan. (company announcement)


Yangyuan Zhihui beverage is not included in the list of high-tech enterprises in Hebei Province

Today, Hebei Yangyuan Zhihui Beverage Co., Ltd. announced that the company was not included in the list of high-tech enterprises to be recognized in Hebei Province, that is, the company could not enjoy the preferential enterprise income tax policies for high-tech enterprises in 2021 and should pay enterprise income tax at the tax rate of 25%. (company announcement)


The hearing of Yinji group’s application for financial restructuring was further postponed


Today, Yinji group announced that at the hearing held on December 1 (Cayman Islands time) on the application to the Cayman County Island court for financial restructuring and related matters, the Cayman Islands court made an order to further postpone the hearing of the relevant application until 10:00 a.m. on December 8 (Cayman Islands time). As directed by the Cayman court, the company has provided each creditor with a copy of the relevant notice and the order of the Cayman Court on December 2. (company announcement)

Change of business scope of Tianjin Yili Dairy Co., Ltd

Industrial and commercial information shows that on November 30, the business scope of Tianjin Yili Dairy Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yili Co., Ltd., changed, increasing the import and export of goods; Technology import and export; Non residential real estate leasing; Business training (excluding education training, vocational skill training and other training requiring permission). (tonghuashun Finance)

Heilongjiang Feihe dairy receives panjiateng commerce

Industry and commerce information shows that on December 1, Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co., Ltd. added foreign investment. The investment enterprise is Heilongjiang Jiateng Trading Co., Ltd., with an investment proportion of 100%. The investors before the change of Jiateng trade were Leng Youbin, Liu Shenghui and Liu Hua. (snack generation)

Yao Mazi, a condiment enterprise, plans to IPO


According to the official website of the CSRC, the material of the approval of the company’s initial public offering of shares (A shares, main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and B shares) of yaomazi Food Co., Ltd. has been accepted. According to the company’s official website, yaomazi Food Co., Ltd. is the largest rattan pepper oil producer in China, and also has sauces, sauces and other products. (official website of CSRC and the company)


Ruiqi olan food company was fined for advertising that ordinary food has health care functions

According to the official website of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of supervision, the advertisement for non health food honey fudge released by Ruiqi olan (Shanghai) Food Technology Co., Ltd. claimed to have health care effect and violated the regulations on the implementation of the food safety law of the people’s Republic of China. It was fined 10000 yuan by Shanghai Putuo District market supervision and administration and ordered to stop publishing the advertisement. The date of punishment decision is November 24 (Shanghai Municipal Bureau of supervision)

Change in equity structure of jiumaojiu shareholder Guan Yihong remains the ultimate controlling shareholder

On December 2, jiumaojiu announced that the company was informed by Guan Yihong that GYH BVI completed the allotment on December 2, 2021. Accordingly, GYH Limited was allotted and issued 990000 new shares without voting rights at par value, accounting for 99% of the expanded issued share capital of GYH BVI. On the date of this announcement, after the allotment, gyhbvi was owned by Guan Yihong and gyhlimited with 1% and 99% equity respectively. Immediately before the allotment, Guan Yihong held all the issued share capital of GYH BVI, while GYH BVI held 591 million shares, accounting for about 40.66% of the total issued share capital of the company. Therefore, Guan Yihong is the ultimate controlling shareholder of the company. (Zhitong Finance)


Dali food: adopt the share award plan and purchase shares according to the share award plan

Dali food announced on December 2 that it would adopt the share award plan and purchase shares according to the share award plan. The board also resolved to provide the trustee with funds from time to time, but in any case not exceeding HK $1 billion in total, to purchase existing shares at an appropriate time and hold them for future grant of shares under the scheme. (Wind)


UBS covered dada group for the first time and gave a buy rating

Recently, UBS group covered the real-time retail and distribution enterprise dada group for the first time and gave a buy rating. UBS believes that the real-time retail market has great potential. With dada group further expanding its categories and coverage, its user base and Gmv will continue to grow strongly. (Zhitong Finance)


Sipping sipping will return to the mass consumption line

On November 30, he Guangqi, founder and chairman of Xiabu group, disclosed the latest strategic actions of the group at a financial summit, involving Xiabu’s return to the mass consumption line, and plans to launch Xiabu x, a mid-range hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot brand, next year. At present, there are two brands of Xiabu group, Xiabu Xiabu and the “gather together” launched in 2016. According to he Guangqi, Xiabu x is positioned at about 90 yuan per capita, separated from the positioning area of about 60 yuan per capita and about 120 yuan. (interface News)


The emperor’s casserole restaurant has opened and plans to open more stores in the future

On November 30, the emperor’s casserole restaurant “Emperor Huang Youliao bureau” opened. In addition to the main cured casserole rice, it also provides a series of dishes such as Cantonese stewed brine and Western meat. At present, the store package price ranges from 38-59 yuan. According to the plan, the Emperor Group will open more stores with information bureau (but did not disclose the specific number). At the same time, it also intends to transform and upgrade the existing 12 retail stores of the group into catering stores. (interface News)

Starbucks China released its first social influence Report

Today, the 2021 Starbucks China social influence special issue was officially released, which is the first social influence report released by Starbucks China. The report shows that since 2006, Starbucks has invested nearly 130 million yuan in public welfare funds and launched a number of social influence projects with public welfare institutions including China Poverty Alleviation foundation, China Women’s development foundation and China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. In addition, Starbucks partners have participated in more than 1.3 million hours of community volunteer service. (issued by the company)


Mengniu Mingsheng ESG rating upgrade

Recently, Mingsheng company announced the latest results. The MSCI ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) rating of Mengniu Group was adjusted to “BBB” from “BB” last year. This year, Mengniu’s MSCI rating was raised to BBB, and Hang Seng’s ESG rating was raised to a +, both of which achieved the highest ESG rating in China’s food industry (investment times)


Jab plans to do Krispy in the coming years   Kreme major shareholder


Jab announced on December 2 local time that the company signed a three-year total return swap agreement with BNP Paribas, which can purchase up to 6.5 million shares of Krispy Kreme, an American doughnut chain brand. Jab said it believed that Krispy Kreme could create value in the long term. Jab currently owns about 44.77% of the outstanding shares of Krispy Kreme and intends to act as a major shareholder in the coming years. (issued by the company)

Vaneck future food ETF is listed on the New York Stock Exchange

American investment management company Vaneck will launch Vaneck future of food ETF (Vaneck future of food ETF) on December 2 local time, with the code of “yumy”. According to the company, the ETF adopts bottom-up basic research for the first time, and will focus on companies engaged in agricultural and food technology and innovation. It is expected to be listed on Arca of New York Stock Exchange (Zhitong finance and Economics)

Suntory launches 100% plant-based PET bottles


On December 2, Suntory group announced that it had successfully manufactured PET bottles made of 100% plant materials. Suntory’s goal is to stop using PET plastic bottles made of petroleum extracts worldwide and achieve 100% recycling or use plant-based PET bottles by 2030. (issued by the company)

Kellogg will launch recyclable paper inner packaging bags


Kellogg will cooperate with Tesco, a British supermarket, to try paper packaging in some stores from January 2022. At present, the outer packaging box of cereals has been completely recyclable. After using the new inner packaging bag, the whole packaging of Kellogg’s cereals will be completely made of paper. (foodbev)

Quick reading of food industry information


Update of registration list of overseas producers of imported dairy products

On December 2, the import and export food safety bureau of the General Administration of Customs updated the registration list of a number of overseas manufacturers of imported infant formula dairy products, including the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia. Among them, Nutricia Cuijk B.V., a new enterprise in the Netherlands. (General Administration of Customs)  


Expert consultation and demonstration meeting on the construction scheme of the national dairy technology innovation center was held

On the morning of December 1, the expert consultation and demonstration meeting on the construction scheme of the national dairy technology innovation center was held. Bao Xianhua, vice chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Pan Gang, chairman of Yili Group, and others attended the Inner Mongolia branch meeting. The construction of the national dairy technology innovation center is of great practical significance to further promote the action of “Prospering Mongolia through science and technology”, support the high-quality development of dairy industry, create an innovative dairy ecology and enhance the national industrial competitiveness. (Science and Technology Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region)

Announcement of the State Administration of market supervision on matters related to the filing of only pre packaged food

Today, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued an announcement on matters related to the record of only selling prepackaged food. Article 3 of the announcement states that food operators engaged in the activity of selling only prepackaged food shall have business conditions suitable for the variety and quantity of food sold. Different market entities are generally not allowed to use the same business place to engage in business activities that only sell prepackaged food. The full text of the announcement is as follows. (State Administration of market supervision and Administration)


Guangxi Liuzhou snail powder industry Standardization Technical Committee was established

On November 30, the inaugural meeting of Guangxi Liuzhou snail powder industry Standardization Technical Committee was held in Liuzhou. The establishment of the Committee aims to promote the high-quality development of Liuzhou snail powder industry by developing and revising the standards for the planting, breeding, production, operation, marketing and circulation of raw materials of Liuzhou snail powder through the standards committee, and supervising the implementation of high-quality standards in the whole chain. (Guangxi market supervision wechat)

Hungry? Add AI system “hungry taste” to help businesses develop new dishes

Hungry? Launched an AI dish analysis system “hungry taste” for businesses to help businesses develop new dishes through the platform’s digital technology and market insight. The current beta version has developed 12 new products in cooperation with a number of catering chain brands, and has been internally tested in 41 cities. (Yibang power)

Blockchain will be used to protect food safety

The website of Spanish newspaper abessay recently reported that blockchain technology is becoming a “powerful weapon” to protect food safety. According to the report, “baas” (“blockchain as a service”) is an important blockchain application that provides a “digital footprint” for the supply chain. It reduces the possibility of fraud (data cannot be edited or deleted), optimizes costs and ensures food safety, which is a global scene brought about by the joint efforts of IBM and Wal Mart. Blockchain technology can track the carbon or water footprint of products or batches, ensure food quality and safety, or become an excellent data exchange connection between suppliers and customers, and strengthen activities and trust between both parties. (reference message)

Didi starts preparations for delisting of NYSE and listing in Hong Kong

Today, Didi travel said that after careful research, the company will immediately start delisting on the New York Stock Exchange and start preparations for listing in Hong Kong. (surging)


“Southeast Asia didi + meituan” grab’s debut fell by more than 20%

On December 2, grab, known as “didi + meituan in Southeast Asia”, officially landed in the US stock market. The company was publicly listed in the United States through merger with Altimeter growth Corp., a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Grab opened up more than 18%, then opened high and went low, and finally closed down more than 20%. (gelonghui)


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