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Food and beverage standardization has become prominent, and the momentum of regional food has not decreased… | appreciation of cases submitted for the fourth Isee Global Food Innovation Award

has challenges, content, communication, experience and social interaction. Overseas and local innovation forces will collide and blend here. This is a stage that every food company can’t miss. At the same time, we hope to provide an open and innovative perspective to look at ourselves, look at the industry, and make further progress towards the new food age.

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Condensing global innovative ideas and practices and accommodating new brands and products from around the world, the registration channel of the fourth Isee Global Food Innovation Award (hereinafter referred to as Isee Innovation Award) initiated by foodaily daily food has been officially opened on November 9 (click to read the details) Observe global innovation from the perspective of business ecology. The fourth Isee innovation award will explore the innovation models of products / brands / technologies / enterprises / figures, create industry benchmarks, highlight the innovative spirit of food and enable new food consumption. In addition, this year, we will upgrade communication and experience, show innovation to industries and consumers through a series of creative activities, so that good products can be used more No one saw it.
In just three weeks, 230 + brands are actively submitting reports. Next, we will show you the style of submitted works according to different award categories (the registration is still in progress, and the registration channel will be officially closed on January 21, 2022).
First of all, the first bullet of Isee Innovation Award Presentation Case appreciation will share the product / brand presentation works for you. Among the submitted entries, we have selected the product / brand cases of convenience food, compound seasoning, vegetable protein beverage and children’s food. Let’s follow foodaily to see these entries~
Catering standardization empowerment,
Convenience and quickness become more and more prominent
The rise of the home economy, the single economy, the lazy economy, and the fast-paced life of modern people have driven the increase in the demand for convenience food. According to the data of the head leopard, the scale of the convenience food industry in 2020 was about 294.5 billion yuan, and the growth rate of the category online scale in the past year exceeded 70%. The online channel has become the core driving channel of the industry, and the sales of several emerging leaf categories have doubled, showing a huge growth Market potential.
At the same time, the brand matrix has become richer. Traditional food occupies a dominant position in the market and the growth rate exceeds that of imports. Emerging brands have accelerated their launch, and catering brands and snack brands have also come to an end. The innovation of various brands has been continuously improved, forming new subdivided categories and differentiated products.
Canned abalone: let abalone go deep into daily life
Abalone Knight focuses on abalone ready to eat products and strives to make abalone go deep into people’s daily life. The product line is composed of “one person eating” + “family banquet”. One person eating mainly focuses on three meals for individuals or families, such as canned abalone, Abalone Porridge, abalone sauce, abalone soup, etc.; the family banquet series mainly focuses on abalone prefabricated dishes for banquet or Festival dinner, such as large pot dishes, Buddha jumping over the wall, etc.
Abalone’s choice of abalone canned fish with special abalone sauce. The abalone juice is selected for over 1 years, including chicken, dry collocation, Jinhua ham, choice rib rib, and Japanese Bay shell. It is cooked through four days and three nights in South Fujian, and combines with many kinds of food essence. The three bowls are boiled into a bowl, without chemical addition. It is safe and safe. The whole aroma is strong, the taste Q is fresh and tender, abalone juice. It is very layered, salty, fresh and slightly sweet, with classic taste. It is packed in an independent box, small and convenient, ready to eat with the lid open, easy to carry and easy to store. When you are hungry on the way to travel, you can eat it when you stay up late at night, eat it when you are greedy to watch the drama as a snack, and eat three meals a day with the staple food. It can be mixed with rice, noodles, fried vegetables, barbecue and hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot.
  Source: Knight Bao
Hi, skin duck self heating casserole: Chinese casserole cooking, cooking a good taste
In September 2021, hi PI duck entered the market with self heating casserole as the entry point. As the first self heating casserole in China, the brand takes “Chinese casserole, cooking good taste” as the core concept, aiming to solve the pain point of unhealthy and nutritious fast food for young people.
Each special material bag is freshly stewed in a casserole. The bottom material bags of the four flavors of soup are cooked with fresh fish, native chicken, beef big bone and pig tube bone respectively. It is a self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot that can drink soup.
With patented design and appearance, the food packaging box can be used twice. Each casserole gives a seed blind box, which can be processed into potted vegetables and fruits. It is practical, environment-friendly and interesting. The cover can be used as a bowl and as a meal box, which is convenient and hygienic. Consumers can not only fully experience the fun of planting, but also obtain spiritual satisfaction in independent social sharing.
  Photo source: Hi skin duck
The momentum of regional cuisine has not decreased,
Rejuvenate traditional classics
In the fast-paced life, consumers’ demand for convenience food is no longer limited to satisfy their hunger. People’s memory of their hometown is becoming stronger and stronger. A delicious food representing the flavor of their hometown can just release the sadness at the bottom of their heart. Local delicious food has become popular, mobilizing consumers to “worry about their hometown” and “experience local culture” And other emotional needs, the reproduction and evolution of traditional classics and local flavor has also become a hot trend of food innovation and development.
Yuncai Nanshan comprehensive mushroom soup bag: excavating Yunnan products
Founded in 2021, Yuncai Nanshan is a young Yunnan characteristic product brand incubated by Yunnan Jiahua Food Co., Ltd. and is committed to mining high-quality local products and providing consumers with healthy, natural and authentic Yunnan products. The team visited many places in Yunnan and, after multiple screening, finally adopted the seasonal Puer Boletus, Shangri La Morchella and Shangri La Tricholoma as representatives to develop products.
There are four kinds of Yuncai Nanshan mushroom soup bags. Carefully selected wild fungi are dried and vacuum packed to retain the freshness and flavor of fungi to the greatest extent. At the same time, it is convenient for storage and transportation, so that consumers can truly realize the freedom of fungi no matter where they are, no matter what season. Soak for 30 minutes after opening the bag, let the mushrooms fully absorb water and expand, and then wash twice. You can make soup with spare ribs, chicken and ham. You can enjoy Yunnan mountain delicacy at home.
Photo source: Yunyao Nanshan
Nanchang mixed powder: cross border inheritance of local specialties
Slag ash, a national tide rice noodle with internet gene, is a new fast food brand hatched by playing games. Slag ash takes “being happy everywhere” as its brand proposition and is committed to the creation and inheritance of local characteristic Cuisine.
As a national Chao rice flour, slag ash pursues the three values of authentic Jiangxi flavor, assured real materials and all things can be mixed. At the same time, as the first new fast food brand to combine script killing and trendy play, and the first new fast food brand to customize the role of immersive brand IP script killing, he created the first customized script of new fast food brand to kill “please stay, listen to me”. Combine Guochao food culture with authentic Native flavor to create a new Internet gene food species with “beauty and material”.
With Nanchang powder mixing as the center, the authentic Jiangxi local cuisine will be “scientific and technological”, “fast food”, “young” and “brand”, breaking regional restrictions, pure grain flour making, c-position Luzhou flavor soul sauce and various flavors, so as to realize the romance of “rejuvenation” and “lightness” of traditional food culture.
Image source: slag ash
Consumer demand is increasingly diversified,
Comprehensive upgrade of nutritional taste
With the improvement of people’s living standards, the public pays more and more attention to the healthy lifestyle. The change of the epidemic situation to people is not only wearing masks, but also the improvement of the overall health concept. For the workers of “996” and “007”, sitting down and eating a nutritious and healthy dinner sometimes becomes a luxury; for fitness and weight loss “enthusiasts” Generally speaking, because of obsession with perfect body, they often choose boring and single “grass food”… How to fill their stomachs quickly and healthily has become one of the innovative trends of convenience food.
In recent years, with the improvement of processing technology, some healthy, nutritious and diversified food substitute products came into being. While retaining the original flavor of food materials, the nutrition collocation is more reasonable, which can be presented as a complete meal, meeting the diversified needs of consumers to eat, fast and raise.
Bean snack: fully tap the diversified charm of soybean plant protein
The bean meal integrates the traditional Chinese nutrition concept into the light food demand of modern people, selects non transgenic soybean plant protein in cold black soil, and adds healthy ingredients according to the scientific nutrition ratio, light fat, light sugar, light calorie, 0 trans fatty acid and lasting satiety.
Nutritious, safe, simple and convenient. While solving small hunger, high dietary fiber can improve intestinal health, collagen rose can alleviate skin problems, ginseng and medlar can restore spirit. It is an exclusive plant protein light food substitute drink for young people.
After the soymilk and soymilk on the market are imported, you can still feel the unique smell and astringent taste of soybeans. The soymilk snack has been improved, which not only retains the mellow smell of soybeans, but also covers up the smell and astringent taste of soybeans. The small bag packaging is easy to carry. You can take it out in your pocket or bag at any time to make a cup. It is full of satiety. It is very suitable for office workers, stay up late and work overtime, and stay up late.
Source: bean meal
Wang full a little leisure series of salty cereals: Cereals turn into healthy high fiber salty snacks
Based on the core of “healthy high fiber”, Wang’s leisurely series of salty cereals introduced cereals into the scene of leisure snacks for the first time, and developed three products with great taste impact: spicy crisp, curry flavor and meat floss flavor: spicy crisp, wrapped in chili powder, paired with Guizhou chili crisp and “potato capital” Diced potatoes are spicy and crisp; Japanese curry is very exotic with curry powder combined with potatoes and okra; meat floss is controlled with salty meat floss combined with seaweed and corn, which has a unique taste.
The product packaging is lively and interesting Japanese cartoon style, which causes taste resonance by visual impact, and deepens the brand’s favor and memory in the hearts of users.
Photo source: Wang manfull
Diversified scene design,
Meet the diverse needs of dry people
Benefiting from the huge market of China’s catering industry and the rapid development of the upstream hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot industry, China’s composite seasoning market has risen rapidly in recent years. Frost Sullivan data show that the scale of China’s composite seasoning market has expanded from 65.4 billion yuan in 2014 to 150 billion yuan in 2020, with an average annual compound growth rate of 14.8%. It is expected to reach 165.8 billion yuan in 2021.
When young people with poor cooking skills have to go into the kitchen, convenient and fast compound seasonings become just needed. Just prepare the ingredients and complete some simple steps. Even the kitchen Xiaobai who doesn’t know how to cook can easily make delicious dishes to fill his stomach. The demand for compound seasoning is gradually enlarged, and all kinds of new products of compound seasoning are also emerging.
Kraft Heinz Heinz salad spray: original salad dressing spray form
For the fashionable young white-collar workers who are keen to pursue a healthy lifestyle and taste fresh food, Heinz has launched a new Heinz control card vial. This product uses a unique salad dressing spray, with a spray less than 2 calories, compared with the salad dressing, the heat loss is 85%, and the fat is reduced by 91% (lemon flavor). Spray design can control the dosage accurately, readily available and evenly sprayed. Select concentrated lemon juice / lime juice, which is the perfect combination of refreshing and versatile light food
Following the popularity of European countries and South Korea, Heinz salad spray was launched in China in November 2021. Xiao Hong blogger tried to try it out. Only two weeks, the control card small light bottle sales volume in kraft Heinz food flagship store surged to the first place.
Source: Kraft Heinz
Add some real chicken soup with spicy red oil bowl chicken seasoning: contain real chicken soup to restore the authentic flavor of Leshan, Sichuan
Founded in 2020, add some flavor to pre tune the rich flavor of a big dish in a package of ingredients, so that people can make delicious dishes comparable to restaurants simply by cooking.
“Real chicken soup bowl chicken seasoning” is the first bowl chicken seasoning containing real chicken soup on the market. Chicken soup stewed at high temperature for 3 hours with red oil bag prepared with 4 kinds of chili peppers fully restores the authentic flavor of Leshan, Sichuan. Just use a bottle of mineral water for 15 minutes to restore the taste that is not inferior to that of foreign food. This product has sold 500000 boxes in the whole network within 2 months after its launch; 130000 boxes were sold in the live broadcast room of Weiya in 4 hours, taking the top 1 of the best-selling products in a single game.
Picture source: add some flavor
Little bear drives to flavor marinade series: a relic of classic flavor
The little bear adheres to the concept of “quick cooking, easy and delicious”, practices the brand goal of “quick cooking seasoning creator”, creates high-quality composite seasoning for mass consumers, provides simple and standardized quick cooking experience and wonderful taste enjoyment, and allows consumers to enjoy authentic delicious food in a few simple and easy steps at home.
The little bear drives to the flavor marinade series, which selects pure natural spices without adding nitrate and preservatives. Using German grinding and steam sterilization technology, low temperature grinding, fine powder, easy to dissolve, uniform color, safe and healthy, can taste quickly and have strong flavor. At the same time, it has certain water retention, which can improve meat quality, tenderness and taste. The canned package is matched with the free measuring spoon, which is easier to use and save.
In addition to matching with all kinds of meat, vegetables can also be pickled. They can not only be barbecued, but also be fried, fried, boiled and other cooking methods. Whether it is the great God of cooking or the kitchen Xiaobai, they can reproduce the classic flavor with one material, and simply and conveniently make a delicious food comparable to the style of the restaurant.
Photo source: Little Bear arrives
Children’s food: the demand for “fine baby raising” has expanded,
Make safe and healthy “professional snacks”
Snack consumption has always been an important part of children’s consumption, but for a long time, the distinction between children’s snacks and ordinary snacks is not clear, and the distinction between zero supplementary foods suitable for infants aged 0-3 and children’s snacks (aged 3-12) is not clear. Parents often face the problem of not knowing whether the product is healthy and really suitable for children when choosing snacks for their children. On June 15, 2020, the first group standard for children’s snacks in China, general requirements for children’s snacks, was officially implemented, and the concept of children’s snacks became clearer and clearer. From the perspective of market scale, the scale of children’s snack market is about 1 / 10 of that of leisure snack market. According to the estimation of Huaying capital, children’s snacks are expected to reach US $21 billion in 2023, about 150 billion yuan. At present, a large number of new brands of children’s snacks have emerged in the market and made different attempts.
Deer excellent fresh small square cod: layout children’s fresh food, so that more children can get marine protein food
Luyouxian entered tmall in July 2020. Within two years, it has become the first brand in tmall cod sales. The track where luyouxian is located is the intersection of children’s supplementary food and children’s Prefabricated dishes, that is, children’s fresh food track. At present, it has served millions of Baoma groups.
Deer Youxian small square cod selects COD from the pure waters of the Arctic, which is natural and pollution-free. High protein and low fat, containing DHA, EPA, minerals and other elements beneficial to human body. Full automatic processing technology, automatic processing of fresh cod after fishing, removing head, skin and thorn, and complete fish chops are imported with original packaging. No additional auxiliary materials such as salt and sugar are added, which tastes delicious and fragrant. The product is packed with insight and convenience: small side, fresh lock, about 7 small bags per bag; A small bag for each meal can meet the baby’s one meal and avoid repeated thawing of large pieces of fish affecting the taste. Simply steamed or fried, you can prepare a meal for your baby in 5 minutes.
Photo source: Deer Youxian
Bicycle boy cheese sandwich seaweed: a healthy and leisure snack specially developed for Chinese babies
Bike Boy focuses on the research and development of healthy and leisure snacks suitable for Chinese babies, and chooses cheese as the main track of brand food research and development. Cheese sandwich seaweed is developed and supervised by Dr. Cheng Kewei, a doctor of Jiangnan University and a postdoctoral of Zhejiang University who has nearly 20 years of food R & D experience, and selects high-quality raw materials in the world. 55% Danish imported native cheese, Korean seaweed, high calcium and high protein, innovative trehalose formula, not easy to dental caries. Completely free of additives, clean production labels, and provide the healthiest and delicious snacks to Chinese babies as much as possible.
Photo source: Bike Boy
Licheng baby’s high protein cod intestines: bring more natural and nutritious snacks to the baby
Licheng baby under Licheng food is positioned as a snack for children aged 3-12. Relying on the strength of the head office, it has a professional R & D team and a number of core patented technologies. At the same time, it selects a green and pollution-free high-quality market from all over the world and directly selects the place of origin.
Licheng baby cod intestines is the star of Licheng baby’s family. With its high content advantages and unique formula, Licheng baby cod intestines ranks top 1 in the sales of COD intestines in the whole network, and more than 300000 pieces have been sold.
The raw materials are selected from wild cod meat in deep Alaska sea area. The content of COD meat is ≥ 70%, the content of high-quality high protein is ≥ 20%, and algal oil DHA is added. Ingredients table 0 monosodium glutamate 0 pigment 0 thickener, more fully nutritious, keep the freshness of foreign waters, and bring more natural and nutritious delicious snacks for babies.
Photo source: Li Cheng baby
The Internet is popular and popular,
The traditional vegetable milk track is rejuvenated
With oatly entering the Chinese market, the traditional Chinese vegetable milk market has attracted the attention of many consumers and capital, and traditional food and beverage enterprises have begun to layout one after another. The health attributes of low fat, low calorie and low cholesterol of vegetable milk not only meet the health expectations of Chinese consumers, but also provide a new choice for lactose intolerant people and elastic vegetarians in China. According to Euromonitor data, the global vegetable milk market reached US $16.9 billion in 2020, with China accounting for 34%, becoming the largest market in the world.
Fino thick coconut milk: defines thick coconut milk
Fino thick coconut milk is a special plant coconut milk for coffee and tea. It is different from traditional coconut milk. It is more suitable as a mixing formula: part of the water in coconut milk products is replaced with coconut water. Through the innovation of formula and process, it creates a pure sweet taste different from coconut milk and a mellow taste different from coconut milk, thus defining the category of “thick coconut milk”. Thick coconut milk has not only become a popular raw material in coffee and tea shops, but also penetrated into the scene of homemade drinks. It is reported that there are more than 10W notes about the keywords “homemade raw coconut latte” on xiaohongshu software.
After the 1L package of fino thick coconut milk was recognized by the public, fino faced the C-end, aimed at the needs of more convenient consumers, and launched 200ml thick coconut milk. The capacity of 200ml / box is just enough to make a cup of raw coconut latte, which is also more convenient for home, office, travel and other scenes. The thick coconut milk MINI has been on the market for one month, and the sales volume of tmall has exceeded 9W +.
Source: fino
Cocoa Full Score sugar free coconut milk: exploring the whole category of coconut lifestyle
The cocoa full score, established in October 2020, takes the market educated category coconut milk as the starting point, tamps the flavor coconut milk category around sugar free coconut milk, and further expands the category of coconut products to the field of food snacks and personal protection.
Cocoa’s full score focuses on coconut as the core raw material, explores the brand of coconut whole category lifestyle, and provides coconut lovers and young mainstream consumers pursuing high-quality light lifestyle with a nutritious, natural, healthy and interesting whole category “coconut · lifestyle”.
  “Sugar free coconut milk” products, from the perspective of “0 fructose, 0 flavors, 0 pigments”, emphasize the low fat health. The heat is less than an apple, which meets the new needs of the new population at the moment. It is rich in protein and nutrition by using the golden ratio of equatorial Indonesian coconut emperor, coconut meat and coconut water. Innovative and more attractive cutting-edge packaging, more fashionable, in line with the aesthetic trend of contemporary young people.
  Source: cocoa Full Score
Review committee of the 4th Isee Global Food Innovation Award
Isee Innovation Award Evaluation Committee consists of five parts: evaluation presidium, business jury, Innovation Committee, product Committee and super consumer, and scores, discusses and makes decisions according to their corresponding focus dimensions in the award evaluation process.

Award contact
Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
Join the community: Cherry (micro signal: 15240428449).

The registration channel for the fourth Isee global food innovation award has been opened. Launched by Foodaily daily food in 2018, the iSEE Innovation Award excavates and commends the global product / brand / technology / enterprise / personas innovation model from the perspective of business ecology. Through media campaigns, innovative search and social experience marketing activities, it shows the innovation to industry, business and consumers, and shows China’s innovation to the world, and promotes the integration of overseas and local innovation. Empowering China’s new consumption. There is not only competition, but also content, communication, experience and social networking. We look forward to the participation of every food enterprise! (click the picture to view the detailed introduction)

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