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Force room temperature cheese, Mengniu aims at the next “10 billion” small goal!

In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption and Chinese people’s deeper consumption awareness of cheese, the cheese market has entered the fast lane of development. According to Euromonitor consulting data, the scale of China’s cheese market in 2020 was about 14.9 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 26% from 2017 to 2020.


It is worth mentioning that while the cheese category moves from the minority to the public, the market wind direction also changes from low temperature to normal temperature. Among them, Mengniu’s strategic layout of normal temperature cheese releases a strong industry signal.




The rise of normal temperature cheese is similar to that of normal temperature yogurt.


Industry insiders pointed out that the emergence of normal temperature cheese has solved the development pain points of three categories and will release more than 100 billion market space: first, channel breakthrough. Low temperature cheese needs to be equipped with refrigerated freezers, which can not be widely promoted in all channels; Second, the scene breakthrough. The consumption scene of low-temperature cheese is relatively single, and consumers can’t enjoy delicious food anytime and anywhere; Third, market breakthrough. At present, low-temperature cheese is mainly distributed in the first and second tier markets, and there is still a big gap in the third, fourth and even fourth and fifth tier markets.


Mengniu has a precise insight into the new outlet of cheese development and shows the strategic ambition of “dominating the normal temperature track” from the beginning: clear objectives, rapid sales and huge investment. Compared with friends and businessmen who are hesitating and waiting, or making a small fuss, Mengniu has already made a combination of normal temperature cheese products and established a product matrix including normal temperature cheese stick, normal temperature leisure, normal temperature meals and other series.


According to incomplete statistics, there are millions of normal temperature dairy sales outlets in China, and Mengniu’s channel advantages are well known. Relying on its strong brand appeal, channel control and market insight, Mengniu is fully committed to the normal temperature track, which is expected to reconstruct the brand pattern of the cheese market.




It is reported that at present, domestic children’s cheese accounts for about 60% of the cheese retail market. Among them, children’s cheese stick is the focus of cheese competition. The shock listing of Mengniu 6x calcium cheese stick has also set a new quality benchmark for the whole normal temperature cheese stick market.


As we all know, the popularity of children’s cheese stick is largely due to its high calcium content. In order to better meet consumer demand, the new Mengniu high calcium cheese stick takes a clear-cut stand and plays the core selling point of “six times the calcium of milk”. A Mengniu high calcium cheese stick is about equal to the calcium of a cup of 100ml ordinary milk. Compared with most similar products on the market, its calcium content is one of the highest. In the same category on the market. Of course, as a strategic new product launched by Mengniu in the field of normal temperature cheese stick, Mengniu 6x calcium cheese stick shines in front of people in different dimensions.

From the perspective of health and nutrition, compared with Mengniu’s previous products, it reduces sugar by 25%, reduces sugar intake, and is not easy to cause tooth decay; 25% less salt, higher calcium, lower sodium; At present, the new product has three flavors: classic original flavor, popular strawberry flavor and multiple fruit flavor; From the breakthrough of normal temperature technology, the product adopts new sterilization filling technology and new light and oxygen blocking packaging to double protect the product quality; Then to the details of packaging design, break the conventional packaging layout and color application, form a “visual hammer” with cheese blocks, and use fashionable primary colors such as stripes / wave points to attract more attention when combined with cartoon IP flexibility. The packaging selects the transformers and little Burberry cartoon IP that children like. The two cartoon IP will also launch big movies and cartoons in 2022, which will set off a new wave of popularity.


As a normal temperature product, Mengniu high calcium cheese stick not only builds diversified consumption scenes such as school sharing, on the way after school and going out for fun, but also truly solves the pain point of inconvenient storage and carrying of low-temperature cheese stick. With the help of Mengniu’s control and distribution ability in the normal temperature channel, this cheese stick is expected to quickly occupy the normal temperature terminal.


At the same time, in terms of brand promotion, Mengniu continued to invest in mainstream media and digital media to further strengthen its mental position in the category of normal temperature cheese sticks. It can be predicted that in the upcoming Spring Festival, Mengniu high calcium cheese stick will set off a new round of “normal temperature storm” in the industry.





Careful people can easily find that cheese is not just for children. Cheese products in the domestic market are constantly breaking through crowd restrictions and product positioning, and developing rapidly in the direction of adult, snack and functionality.


In the face of the trillion leisure snack market, Mengniu took the lead in arranging normal temperature cheese snacks, breaking the low temperature limitations and achieving brand share. At the same time, Mengniu opened up a new category with great potential, and continued to lead the industry trend through bold innovation.


It is reported that the product innovation of Mengniu normal temperature leisure cheese pays special attention to the sub category “group CP” loved by consumers. By creatively combining cheese with snacks such as dried fruit and puffed food, it is more suitable for the taste needs of Chinese people and provides richer health nutrition; In terms of product form, Mengniu also breaks the traditional cognition. Not only does the traditional triangle cheese awaken everyone’s cognition, but also a variety of imaginative designs give delicious products more consumption fun.



Up to now, Mengniu has launched seven series and more than ten normal temperature leisure cheese snacks with both creativity and delicacy, which are deeply favored by consumers, especially young people. Among them, the popularity of cheese berry and cheese triangle remains high, and people are crazy about Amway on xiaohongshu and e-commerce platforms.

Moreover, for normal temperature leisure cheese snacks, Mengniu also specially launched an independent sub brand “Zhishi molecule”, which represents Cheese Culture and new consumer groups. Its catchy name is easy to remember and read, which is very conducive to the dissemination and accumulation of brand assets.

The target group of “Zhishi molecule” is 18-30 young women and teenagers. Many of them are heavy snack lovers and are willing to try new things. In order to better communicate and interact with them, Mengniu also specially invited Gu ailing as the spokesman of “Zhi style molecules”.



Xueba halo, sweet appearance, champion identity and new-style youth, in Gu Ailing’s body, the brand attitude of “new cheese, dare to be presumptuous” can be vividly explained. As the world champion of freestyle skiing, Gu Ailing’s emotional endorsement also injects champion quality connotation into “Zhishi molecule”. Moreover, with the Winter Olympics approaching, the brand promotion of Mengniu normal temperature cheese snacks also has more topic tipping points. In addition to a series of brand communication such as social media grass planting and cross-border Brand Co branding, the influence of “Zhi molecules” will break through the circle of different people and cause brand resonance among more consumers.


Mengniu’s cheese strategy can be described as step-by-step from the launch of the normal temperature leisure cheese sub brand “Zhi molecule” to the shock listing of high calcium cheese sticks. Various signs show that Mengniu, which continues to increase its size in the field of normal temperature cheese, has greater strategic objectives. In the near future, after terensu and Chunzhen, normal temperature cheese may become the next 10 billion single product of Mengniu. In this regard, we will continue to pay attention and bring you more news.

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