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Yum China’s latest investment was approved, oatly and Wework were going to open coffee shops, the prices of some products of Qianwei central kitchen were raised, the restructuring of Ruixing coffee creditors was approved, and General Mills sold European Yunuo business

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The price of some quick-frozen rice flour products in Qianwei central kitchen increased by up to 10%

Today, Qianwei central kitchen, the first stock in the catering supply chain, announced that in view of the continuous rise in the costs of raw materials, labor, transportation and energy, the company decided to reduce the product promotion policy or increase the distribution price of some quick-frozen rice flour products, with a price adjustment range of 2% – 10%. The new price will be implemented according to the price adjustment notice of each product from December 25, 2021. (company announcement)

Oatly and Wework open a coffee shop

The official account of WeWork WeChat is released today, and will officially work with Oatly to open the concept cafe in December 10th. The store is located in

Yum China’s acquisition of control of KFC Hangzhou was approved

On November 30, the Anti Monopoly Bureau announced a number of cases of unconditional approval of business concentration. The case of Yum (China) Investment Co., Ltd. obtaining the control of Hangzhou KFC Co., Ltd. through other means was concluded on November 26. Xiaoshidai once introduced that in this case, in addition to holding Hangzhou KFC, Hangzhou beverage service, which Yum China plans to take a stake, also operates about 60 Chinese restaurants with four time-honored brands: zhiweiguan, Hangzhou restaurant, Kuiyuan restaurant and Tianxiang building, as well as high-growth food processing business (xiaoshidai)

Ruixing coffee’s creditors approved the US $460 million restructuring plan

Yesterday, Ruixing coffee’s official website issued two announcements that the company’s creditors had approved a previously announced restructuring plan of convertible preferred notes. Meanwhile, Ruixing coffee completed the investment agreement with the affiliated company of Dazheng capital as the lead investor. Ruixing coffee said that creditors unanimously voted to approve the restructuring plan of US $460 million convertible senior notes with a coupon rate of 0.75% and maturity in 2025. At the same time, Ruixing coffee issued and sold senior convertible preferred shares with a total income of about US $240 million to Dazheng capital through private placement. In addition, Ruixing coffee has reached a separate agreement with joy capital to complete all the contents of its investment agreement, with a total of about US $10 million of senior preferred shares. Both Dazheng capital and pleasure capital are existing shareholders of Ruixing coffee. (issued by the company)

JDB plans to produce aerated drinks in Guangdong

Recently, the intelligent production line expansion project of Qingyuan jiaduobao Beverage Co., Ltd. was approved, with a total investment of 13.5 million yuan. The scale and content of the project is to separate an independent production workshop of about 3000 square meters from the existing plant for the installation of the company’s newly launched production line of aerated beverage products and supporting equipment and facilities. The design capacity is 10 million cases / year, and the production line is basically a fully automatic production line. (online approval and supervision platform for investment projects in Guangdong Province)

Chongqing beer plans to expand production capacity in Foshan and Xichang

Chongqing beer announced yesterday that Carlsberg Chongqing Beer Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary, plans to build a new production base with an annual beer production capacity of 500000 kiloliters in Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. The total investment in the first phase of the project is more than 2.5 billion yuan and the investment in fixed assets is about 1.03 billion yuan. At that time, Foshan production base will become Carlsberg’s largest production base in China. Meanwhile, Xichang company plans to invest in the expansion of production capacity, from the annual production capacity of 38000 kiloliters of beer to 110000 kiloliters, and the investment in fixed assets is about 102 million yuan. (announcement of Foshan Sanshui southwest Street and company)

Du Huabo, managing director of Shengli beer resigned and Yan binnuo took over

On December 1, Shengli beer announced that Du Huabo, who has served as the executive director and managing director for nearly 9 years, resigned. At the same time, the group appointed Yan binnuo as the executive director and managing director. The two matters will take effect on January 16, 2022. (Ming Pao)

Yili said the golden code broke 20 billion

On December 1, Yili Jindian’s annual sales exceeded 20 billion yuan, becoming the third brand with an annual sales revenue of more than 20 billion yuan after Yili and amuxi. (China Economic Net)

Wei Lihua said that the overall revenue of JUNLEBAO exceeded 20 billion in 2021

Recently, Wei Lihua, chairman and President of JUNLEBAO dairy group, said that JUNLEBAO milk powder exceeded 100000 tons this year, leading the production and sales in China, and JUNLEBAO’s overall operating revenue exceeded 20 billion yuan. (China Dairy Industry Association)

Yike food IPO registration takes effect

According to the website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, on December 1, the audit status of Jiangsu Yike Food Group Co., Ltd. to be listed on the gem was changed to “effective registration”, and the estimated financing amount was 1.0663 billion yuan. (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

Rosen set up shop in Sichuan for the first time

Rosen announced yesterday that China’s local legal person acquired Sichuan oooh Supermarket Chain Management Co., Ltd., which operates convenience stores in Sichuan Province, China, from Baishi group, a large logistics enterprise. On December 1, seven stores in Sichuan oooh were changed to Rosen and a new one was opened. This is Rosen’s first store in Sichuan Province, and the specific purchase amount has not been announced. Sichuan oooh operates 25 stores in Chengdu Five stores and signboards will be gradually changed to Rosen. (Nikkei Chinese network)

Lee Kum Kee introduces “green finance” service of e-commerce bank

Yesterday, Lee Kum Kee signed a cooperation agreement with the e-commerce bank initiated by ant group. The e-commerce bank will provide targeted loans to Lee Kum Kee dealers and help Lee Kum Kee channel digital upgrading. (released by the company)


Yoshinoya has filed a case for investigation in some illegal stores

On November 30, Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau raided 34 Yoshinoya stores and found violations in many stores, including suspected use of fried chicken marinade without label and failure to replace fried edible oil in time. Some of them have been filed for investigation. (Beijing news client)

Yoshinoya issued an apology statement on its official website

On November 30, Yoshinoya (China) Investment Co., Ltd. issued an apology statement on its official website, saying that the stores involved had been closed for rectification, and that they had accepted the interview and guidance of the competent market supervision department. (Zhongxin Jingwei)

Three squirrels responded to the moldy nut incident, and the notarized and tested products were all OK

Recently, the official blog of three squirrels issued an announcement on consumers’ complaint about three squirrels’ moldy nuts on November 12. Along with the announcement, a quality inspection report and a notarization report were issued. The report shows that the product meets the requirements of quality standards, and there is no abnormality in the detection of impurities, taste, smell, mold and other indicators. (three squirrels official blog)

Wuliangye’s price increase is comparable to that of Feitian Maotai

It is reported that recently, the newly signed contract price of Wuliangye dealers next year has changed. The unplanned price of 52 degree eighth generation Wuliangye has been increased from 999 yuan / bottle to 1089 yuan / bottle, the planned price is 889 yuan / bottle, and the contract volume inside and outside the plan is 3:2. It is estimated that, taken together, the ex factory price of the eighth generation Wuliangye has increased from 889 yuan to 969 yuan, an increase of nearly 9%, which is consistent with the ex factory price of 53 ℃ 500ml Feitian Maotai liquor. The price increase has been nearly three years since the last price increase of Wuliangye. (Securities Star)

Wen Heyou was frozen about 5 million shares

Recently, Hunan wenheyou crayfish Co., Ltd. added equity freeze information. The executee is Hunan wenheyou Cultural Industry Development Group Co., Ltd., the amount of frozen equity is 4.9998 million yuan, and the Executive Court is Shenzhen Luohu District People’s court. (


McDonald’s first “safe classroom for McDonald’s” landed in Huangpu, Shanghai

Recently, macleose, McDonald’s delivery service, joined hands with Huangpu traffic police detachment of Huangpu branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau to officially land McDonald’s first “macleose safe classroom”, and announced the launch of a newly produced road safety video tutorial. On November 30, the theme activity and unveiling ceremony of traffic safety day was held in Dapuqiao restaurant in Shanghai, and Huangpu traffic police were specially invited to hold the opening ceremony. “Mai Le delivers safe classrooms with confidence” is a police enterprise co construction project established by McDonald’s this year. (issued by the company)


Oreo Zero sugar biscuits did not respond as expected in the Chinese market                


Yizi launched Zero sugar Oreo in China in August. This Oreo uses maltitol to replace traditional sugars such as sucrose and glucose, with very slight differences in taste. However, Dirk Van de put, CEO of Yizi international, said that the response of the Chinese market to Oreo sugar free biscuits did not meet expectations. (Reuters)

Tims the first shuttle restaurant in North Wales is about to open


Tims announced that its new North Wales shuttle restaurant will open in Broughton shopping park on December 13 to sell donuts and coffee. The restaurant is the first tims restaurant in North Wales and the first in the UK

Byron Allen’s case against McDonald’s was dismissed


On December 1 local time, the Los Angeles District judge rejected the lawsuit filed by black actor Byron Allen for $10 billion against McDonald’s. He said Allen did not provide sufficient factual evidence to prove McDonald’s “intentional discrimination”. Previously, Allen believed that McDonald’s refused to advertise in black owned media. (Reuters)

Subway joins hands with Nestle to launch vegetarian sandwiches in Singapore


Between now and January 2022, subway Singapore branch will launch a vegetarian sandwich in 50 stores, in which the vegetarian chicken chops are made of soybean protein from the harvest gourmet brand of Nestle. Singapore Subway said it was the first time it used vegetable chicken protein. (PlantBased News)


Unilever appoints new executives

On December 1, Unilever announced a change in its leadership. Ritva sotamaa, the chief legal officer and group secretary, decided to retire from Unilever at the end of March 2022, and Maria varsellona, the current legal adviser and company secretary of ABB Co., Ltd., a global technology company, took over the position. (issued by the company)

PepsiCo Australia, New Zealand


PepsiCo announced that Kyle faulconer succeeded outgoing CEO Danny celoni as the new CEO of PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand, effective in January 2022.



Recently, Suntory spirits officially released information that it will adjust the prices of some Japanese and imported whisky products from April 1, 2022. The price adjustment range includes 31 SKUs of 8 brands represented by Suntory in the Japanese market, including “Xiang”, “Yamazaki”, “Baizhou”, “Zhiduo”, and “McCarran”, “gryfield”, “Baifu” and “turado”, with a price adjustment range of up to 28%. (spirits business watch)


General Mills completes the sale of European Yunuo business

General Mills recently announced that it has completed the sale of 51% of the controlling stake in the European Yunuo business. (issued by the company)

Hooray foods, a plant bacon brand, completed a seed round of financing of US $2.7 million

Hooray foods, a plant bacon brand, announced the completion of a seed round financing of more than $2.7 million. Since its establishment a year ago, hooray foods has sold more than 2 million plant bacon and entered the Canadian market earlier this month. Next year, the company will use the money to launch an improved version of plant bacon. (perishable news)

Budweiser Group Launches New vodka soda

Recently, Budweiser’s vodka brand n ü TRL launched a limited edition Cranberry Vodka hard soda in the United States, including four flavors: Classic cranberry, cranberry orange, cranberry grapefruit and cranberry apple. Labatt breweries, a Canadian subsidiary of Budweiser, acquired Goodridge & Williams distillery in 2020. N ü TRL launched vodka soda and other spirits and mixed drinks brands for the distillery. (FoodBev Media)


Bubs, an Australian milk powder brand, plans to introduce two clean label infant formulas to the United States. At the end of last month, the company launched goat milk infant formula and bubs 365 day grass fed milk infant formula in the United States. The company said it plans to introduce bubs’s full range of infant formula and complementary foods to the U.S. market. (foodnavigator)

Plant based dairy company plantveda foods launches plant-based probiotic yogurt


Plantveda foods, a Canadian plant-based dairy company, launched an alternative to probiotic yogurt: plantgurt. “A cup of plantgurt contains billions of probiotics,” the company said. The product has three flavors: original sugar free, mango and blueberry. It is purchased on the company’s website and is expected to be launched in retail stores in early 2022. (Foodbev)

JBS subsidiary opens plant in Denver, USA

On December 1 local time, plantera foods, a company of JBS, the world’s largest meat processor, announced that it had established a production base in northern Denver and transformed it into a major production center in North America. The person in charge of the company said that the innovation of the factory is that the same production line can be used to produce different types of products. At present, the new factory has begun to produce mushroom meat substitutes fermented by pea and rice protein. (The Business Journals)

Quick reading of food industry information



According to the Shanghai coffee consumption index released by Shanghai in 2021, the number of registered coffee enterprises in China increased by 22700 in 2020 and 20900 in the first October of 2021. The scale of the coffee market continues to expand. In 2020, the scale of China’s coffee market will reach 300 billion yuan. It is expected that the scale of China’s coffee market will reach 1 trillion yuan in 2025. (CCTV financial microblog)

Shanghai spent more than 10000 yuan on food, tobacco and alcohol, followed by Guangdong

According to the recently released China Statistical Yearbook 2021, the first financial reporter combed the composition of per capita consumption expenditure of residents in 31 provinces in 2020 and found that the proportion of food, tobacco and alcohol expenditure in consumption expenditure in 14 provinces exceeded the national average, mainly located in the south. Shanghai’s per capita expenditure on food, tobacco and alcohol reached 11224.7 yuan, which is the only province with more than 10000 yuan; Guangdong, the largest economic province, also reached 9629 yuan, ranking second. (First Finance)

Zhejiang stipulates that take out brothers should set up work breaks when they are busy for 4 hours

Implementation measures of Zhejiang Province for safeguarding the labor security rights and interests of workers in new employment forms (hereinafter referred to as the measures) from December 1

In November, global food prices rose for the fourth consecutive month

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization said Thursday that global food prices rose for the fourth consecutive month in November, reaching the highest level since June 2011. The FAO food price index rose 1.2% month on month to 134.4 in November, as world demand for basic food continued to be strong. The index tracks the cost of a basket of basic foods, rising due to rising prices of grains, dairy products and sugar, while the prices of meat and vegetable oil fell slightly. (Wall Street Journal)

Guangdong introduced measures to promote high-quality development of cross-border E-commerce

Today, Guangdong Province issued several policies and measures to promote the high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce, which provide support for cross-border e-commerce platform enterprises with an annual transaction scale of more than 3 billion yuan, cross-border e-commerce independent station enterprises and cross-border e-commerce sellers who have established independent corporate headquarters or regional headquarters in Guangdong in terms of enterprise land, settlement of senior executives and school enrollment of children. By 2025, strive for 20 cross-border e-commerce enterprises in the province with an annual transaction scale of more than 5 billion yuan, 10 more than 10 billion yuan and 5 more than 20 billion yuan. (Yangcheng Evening News)

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