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Oreo pioneered the baking technology of pure white biscuits, promoted the new three yuan low GI yogurt, and Mengniu released 6 times calcium normal temperature cheese stick… | hot smell in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Mengniu released the new normal temperature cheese stick “6 times calcium cheese stick”, reducing sugar and sodium by 25%
2, three yuan on Xinyi sugar flat yogurt, double low G intake help obesity and diabetes management
3. Oreo’s new snow and ice exotic winter limited white biscuits adopt the industry’s first pure white biscuit baking technology
4. Tea Yan Yue is a new black-and-white jet cream milk tea partner. Learn how to make milk tea in stores and add a beautiful cream buff to milk tea
5. Buffx launches melatonin sleeping soft capsule, and blue hat certification makes sleeping safer
6. The new Valley on the blue chimney is fiber oat milk, and the ingredients list is only oats and water
7. Hero zero’s new awakening agent endurance solid drink, novel jumping sugar taste, makes it full of refreshing fun
8. New coconut milk coffee on infinite spectrum, real coconut milk added, restored store raw coconut Latte
9. Wimo Portugal promotes the special flavor of new winetail sparkling wine to create the collision between natural juice and wine
10. Wonderlab heavy new Silk Road customs clearance Guochao series gift box, including light food milkshake and probiotic series
11. On Saturday, X akoko launched the “rabbit star world gift box” for Christmas season, which combines vegetable meat with dessert snowflake crisp
12. The new corn paste biscuits can be eaten dry or hot soaked to make paste porridge
13. Laojinmo prescription is a new yogurt medlar Hawthorn pill, which has the same origin of medicine and food and is developed in combination with Oriental taste
14. The meat squad leader introduced square lunch meat, which has a full sense of meat, breaks the traditional cognition, and is delicious to eat immediately
15. Baby food brand Wo Xiaoya completed a round of financing of RMB 100 million, adding a new positioning of “baby food new Dinner”
16. RISSE Ruisi tavern, a z-generation chain tavern, received tens of millions of yuan of angel + round financing, and two rounds of financing within half a year
17. Lanzhou Ramen brand Chen Xianggui completed 200 million yuan a + round financing, with a post financing valuation of nearly 1 billion yuan
18. Halogen tiger, a chain brand of hot brine mixed powder, will complete an angel round financing of nearly ten million yuan and make joint investment with the fund and narrow gate group · zero incubation
19. Founder Niu Gensheng completely withdrew and Mengniu entered the COFCO era
20. New hope’s “plant expectation” plant meat project started, and launched four products: plant sausage, plant meatball, plant crisp and plant meat pieces
21. Hungry? Launch AI dish analysis system “hungry taste” to help businesses develop and improve dishes
22. Kraft Heinz sold part of its global cheese business assets to groupe Lactalis subsidiary for a total consideration of about US $3.3 billion

Recently, foodaily observed that Mengniu released its strategic new product “6 times calcium cheese stick” in the field of normal temperature stick The new product has made a breakthrough in normal temperature technology, adopted new sterilization and filling technology and new light and oxygen blocking packaging, double protected the product quality, reduced sugar and sodium by 25% from the perspective of health and nutrition, and contained 6 times the calcium of milk. At present, the cheese stick has launched three flavors: classic original flavor, popular strawberry flavor and multi fruit flavor.
Source: Mengniu



Deep fried dough sticks were used to help the obese and diabetes management. The highest blood glucose load (GL) was only 2, and the glycemic index (GI) was only 20, much lower than that of steamed rice (83), fried bread sticks (75), and even lower than mung bean (27), G three. In addition, the brand believes that sugar control ≠ reducing sugar intake, but should be control + regulation. Therefore, dietary fiber and mulberry leaf extract are specially added without sucrose to help maintain normal intestinal function and help healthy life. The new product is now priced at 200g * 20 boxes / 199 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Source: Sanyuan


In November 29th, official account of Oreo WeChat public announcement released new ice and snow. The new product broke through technical barriers and adopted the first white biscuits baking technology. It changed the biscuits from classic black to white. The printing became snow like and vanilla ice cream flavor from OREO. In order to bring you this winter surprise, Oreo also used 10. 000 pieces of pure white biscuits have specially built an ice and snow castle. It is planned to parachute on the big screen of Bailemen, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai. The products have been put on the shelves at Yizi tmall flagship store and Oreo applet mall, with a price of 116g * 3 boxes / 45 yuan.
Source: Oreo


Recently, chayan Yuese launched a black-and-white jet cream milk tea partner in its official flagship store, hoping to provide convenience for consumers to make milk tea at home and enjoy a delicious milk tea professionally made in the store without going out. It is reported that people need to shake it 3-5 times before using the cream gun, and then beat cream 3 times for each cup of milk tea. In this way, a can of light cream is just enough Make 7 cups of milk tea. In addition, the product needs to be stored in the refrigerator after opening the can, and it needs to be consumed within 10 days. At present, the new product can be purchased at the flagship store of chayan Yuese tmall, with a price of 250G / bottle / 28 yuan.
Source: Tea Yan Yue se


Recently, buffx launched melatonin sleeping aid soft capsule, which has been certified by blue hat. Melatonin is the core ingredient of the product. Every 100g sleeping aid soft capsule contains 0.6g melatonin and vitamin B6. The package is small and convenient, and can be carried with you. Of course, this product is a health care product, not a drug, and can not replace drugs to treat diseases. It is not suitable for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers Suitable for use. The new product can be purchased at buffx tmall flagship store at a price of 4.5g/bottle/39.9 yuan.
Image source: buffx


In November 30th, the new western style brand blue smokestack introduced the new product Valley, which is made of oat milk. The new ingredients are pure, only two ingredients of oats and water. There is no other addition. Every oat milk contains about 33g oat essence, and the office workers can supplement their nutrition whenever and wherever possible. For the fitness party, the heat of a bottle of oat milk is only about 45 thousand calories, less than the heat of an apple. The new product has two flavors, the blue one is the classic oat flavor, and the pink one is specially added with hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) from Huaxi biology to meet the needs of different people. The new product has been launched in tmall flagship store, with the price of 330ml * 6 bottles of original flavor / 69.8 yuan and 330ml * 6 bottles of hyaluronic acid / 89.8 yuan.
Photo source: blue chimney


In November 30th, the official account of WeChat hero No. zero released the new stamina solid beverage, which aims at helping the working people, the postgraduate entrance examination party and the game maniac and so on to love the night stars to refresh themselves and refresh their minds. The new product is added with caffeine and taurine, which helps to regulate nerve function, promote cell absorption, improve the maximum oxygen uptake of the human body and super wake up the brain; Add vitamin B1 & B2 to strengthen energy metabolism and effectively resist fatigue; Keoja beetroot enzyme is added to maintain human circulation and metabolism, improve blood oxygen and promote fat decomposition. It is worth mentioning that this solid energy drink also uses a new functional micro foaming technology to bring a novel taste of jumping sugar and crisp hemp, which makes it refreshing and interesting. At present, the new product has been launched in tmall flagship store, with a price of 30g / box / 169 yuan.
Source: Hero zero


On December 1, infinite spectrum boopoob launched a new type of coconut milk coffee. The product selects fresh coconut to extract the original pulp, goes through aseptic cold pot to lock the freshness quickly, and then integrates pure coconut fragrance into mellow coffee to restore the taste of raw coconut latte in the store with one click. The new products are in line with the general trend of health. 0 lactose, 0 cholesterol and 0 preservatives are added to reduce the burden on the body and be friendly to people who are lactose intolerant. Coconut milk coffee has been launched in the infinite spectrum applet mall at 340ml * 6 bottles / 59 yuan.
Source: infinite spectrum


Recently, WiMo has been making a new Winetail bubble wine special, which uses high-end imported red wine and non concentrated fruit juice to create a collision between natural fruit juice and wine, and 0 adds artificial flavors and pigments. The new delicacy has everlasting longing for each other, including 3 kinds of flavors, including the sanchiya Cabernet Sauvignon, cranberry Moss Cato and apple collocation. At present, the new product has been sold in the official flagship store of Portuguese engraved tmall, with a price of 250ml * 6 bottles / 79.6 yuan.
Image source: wimo Portuguese carving


Recently, wonderlab has launched a new Silk Road customs clearance Guochao series gift box, including light food milkshake and small blue bottle probiotic series. Among them, the light food milkshake combines the six Silk Road landmarks of Xi’an, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Turkey to design six flavors: Jingui wine, peach apricot, medlar purple mulberry, frankincense walnut, Badanmu salted milk tea and Chunxiang golden melon milk. The packaging of the milkshake also makes the image of ladies in the Tang Dynasty with a strong national tide flavor; The small blue bottle probiotic gift box is designed into a series of limited landmark bottles in combination with Silk Road landmarks such as Loulan, Hotan, Chang’an and Dunhuang. After drinking, the small blue bottle can also be used as a chess piece for customs clearance Games with the Silk Road national style silk scarf chessboard.
Source: wonderlab

11、星期零 X AKOKO推出圣诞季“兔兔星世界礼盒”,将植物肉与甜品雪花酥突破性结合

On November 25, the plant meat brand joined hands with akoko, a baking brand, to launch a joint “rabbit star world gift box” for the Christmas season. There are 8 kinds of snacks in the gift box, including 3 pieces of sliced cookies, snowflake crisp and shredded vegetable beef. The three products are made of weekly zero vegetable meat as raw materials. In terms of products, akoko integrates the light truck load reduction attribute of weekly zero plant meat into snacks, makes a breakthrough in combining plant meat with dessert snowflake crisp, and uses plant-based technology to achieve a perfect combination of delicious and healthy. In terms of packaging, the product is mainly based on the brand design element of weekly zero tide fun, and the playing method of blind box is combined in the box. 22 snacks / surroundings are successively loaded into the tear able lattice to create a sense of surprise for consumers.
Source: akoko


Recently, pastoral launched new corn paste biscuits, which can be eaten as biscuits alone or as corn paste after hot soaking for 3 minutes. The new product adopts high-quality coarse grain corn flour, and the content of corn flour is ≥ 55%. Combined with egg, soybean protein powder, sesame and other ingredients, it is more nutritious: a bag of 20g biscuits contains 2.8g protein, which is about equal to a meal of 87.5ml milk. Xylitol is also used instead of sucrose to reduce the burden and be healthier. The new product has been launched into the flagship store of pastoral tmall, with a price of 140g * 4 boxes / 39.9 yuan.
Source: Pastoral


Recently, Laojin mill launched a new yogurt medlar Hawthorn pill, which is wrapped with milk crispy skin and contains sour, sweet and soft waxy “small pill Hawthorn”. The new product adds seven homologous ingredients of orange peel, Poria cocos, Chinese yam, medlar, jujube, malt and hawthorn, which is more in line with oriental tastes; And selected New Zealand imported milk powder, multi-layer milk skin wrapping makes the “small pill Hawthorn” milk fragrance overflow. In addition, the products are low fat, low sodium, 0 flavors, 0 preservatives and no cocoa butter substitute. They are now on the flagship store of Tmall old gold mill, which sells for 128g/ cans /64 yuan.
Photo source: Lao Jin Mo Fang


Recently, the meat monitor introduced the new formula luncheon meat. The formula was simple to break the traditional lunch meat cognition. The quality standard of “six no one added” was first introduced: no nitrite, phosphorus salt, sucrose, flavour, pigment, preservative, and pure plant ingredients added, adding more than 3%. In terms of meat source selection, Fang Fang’s lunch meat selects lean pork and back fat of pig hind legs, which does not contain any chicken, duck, fish and starch. The pork content is ≥ 87%, and the proportion of fat and lean is controlled at 1.5:8.5. We hope to solve the problem of greasy products for friends who are used to eating lunch meat. The new product has four flavors: original flavor of fragrant meat, classic black pepper, refreshing spicy tomato and fragrant corn. The price of tmall flagship store is 435g / box / 65 yuan.
Source: Meat squad leader


Recently, the baby food brand Wo Xiaoya has completed a round of financing of RMB 100 million. The leading investor is Yuanjing capital. The old shareholder No. 2 capital and bright capital all follow up and strive for additional investment. The new follow-up investor also includes triangle capital. This round of financing will be used for professional team building and R & D investment in new categories of baby meals. The brand hopes to further cultivate in the professional fields of the industry and increase the new positioning of “baby meals”. It is reported that in May this year, Xiaoya completed tens of millions of financing for angel round and angel + round.
Woxiaoya brand was officially put into operation in 2020 and mainly provides zero supplementary food solutions for infants and young children. At present, the products launched include a week series of rice, noodles and fresh food, as well as nearly 100 SKU products such as snacks and seasonings, covering staple foods, snacks and seasonings for infants and young children. At present, tiktok has accumulated millions of users. The online Tmall and jitter channels are mainly dominated by the high-end boutique, the mother and baby chain stores, the high-end business super stores, and some maternal and child health care centers.
Image source: nest bud


On November 30, z-generation chain restaurant brand RISSE Ruisi restaurant announced that it had obtained tens of millions of yuan of angel + round financing, which was led and invested by Kaihui fund. This is the second financing obtained by RISSE in half a year. Previously, the brand announced that it had obtained tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing in September, and the investor was Sequoia China seed fund.
Ruisi tavern was established in 2020, and the main consumer groups are small town youth aged 19-28, third tier cities and below. The tavern pays attention to the creation of drinking atmosphere, and provides personalized demand services to young people in the town through on-site activities such as operation zoning, interactive large screen games and RISSE good voice, so as to create a leisure and entertainment space with a sense of scene.
Photo source: RISSE Ruisi Tavern


On November 29, Lanzhou Ramen brand Chen Xianggui announced the completion of 200 million yuan a + round financing. The investors are shuidi assets, Huasheng capital and Shanghai Qiaochu Trading Co., Ltd. the funds will be mainly used for offline store expansion. After this round of financing, Chen Xianggui’s valuation has been close to 1 billion yuan. Foodaily inquired about the information. This financing is the fourth round of financing that Chen Xianggui can check publicly. In July 2020, the brand won the angel round financing of millions of yuan from angel investor song huanping, and the source pre-A round financing at the end of 2020. In July this year, it completed the financing of billions of yuan, led by yuanzhengxin Valley and followed by Yunjiu capital.
Founded in 2020, Chen Xianggui focuses on Lanzhou ramen and provides free noodles. At the same time, he also has products such as steel brazed Beef Kebabs, Lanzhou snacks, hand grabbed mutton and so on. According to statistics, Chen Xianggui currently has 129 stores (77 to be opened). Jiang Peijun, founder of the company, said that it is estimated that the number of stores will reach 600 in the next three years. About 73% of Chen Xianggui’s existing stores are located in Shanghai, and the proportion of shopping center stores has reached 76%.


Recently, foodaily learned that halogen tiger, a chain brand of hot halogen mixed powder, will have completed an angel round financing of nearly ten million yuan in September this year, which will be jointly invested by the inward fund and narrow gate group · zero incubation.
Halogen tiger will be established in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province after the epidemic in 2020, focusing on hot halogen powder mixing. The combination of powder mixing and hot halogen famous for efficiency will be selected to realize the escort of hot halogen + powder mixing double track. As a project that has been established for more than a year, halogen tiger has completed the layout of nearly 10 stores in Suzhou market. Founder Xie Chunjun said that next, we will quickly carry out store layout and become a leading brand in East China.
Photo source: halogen tiger


On the evening of November 30, Mengniu Dairy announced the reorganization of the board of directors, saying that Founder Niu Gensheng resigned as a non-executive director and a member of the strategy and Development Committee of the company from December 1 due to his retirement and plans to devote more time to charity work. This means that Niu Gensheng, the “dairy king”, completely withdrew from Mengniu, which he founded.
According to the latest board members of Mengniu, the three executive directors Lu Minfang (president), Wang Yan and Zhang Ping are all from COFCO Mengniu. Wang Yan and Zhang Ping, newly included in the list of executive directors of Mengniu, had previously been the vice president of Mengniu, leading the human and financial work respectively. In addition, Wang Xi, who succeeded Niu Gensheng as a non-executive director and a member of the strategy and Development Committee, is also from COFCO. He joined COFCO group in 2015 and is the head of COFCO’s strategic industry investment department. With the further strengthening of the dominant position of COFCO in Mengniu,
Mengniu will also completely fade its “Niu’s mark” and enter a new COFCO era.
Source: Mengniu


On November 28, the plant meat project of new hope’s zhidewang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. started in Chengdu. It is reported that the company was officially incorporated on April 20 this year. It has three major shareholders: Sichuan Huiji Food Co., Ltd., Xuanhe (Shanghai) Food Trading Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Shibu Fangcao enterprise management center (limited partnership). It is mainly committed to R & D, innovation and promotion of plant-based food, alternative protein food Environment friendly food and its mainly healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle.
At present, the supply chain of the plant expected by Zhide has been fully opened, and the commissioning of various equipment has been completed. Four series products of Zhide sausage, Zhide meatball, Zhide crisp and Zhide meat pieces have been launched. In the next step, new products will continue to be developed, trial production and production will be carried out one after another.
Source: new hope


Recently, hungry has launched an AI dish analysis system “hungry taste” for businesses, trying to help businesses develop new dishes through the platform’s digital technology and market insight, combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, diagnose and give improvement suggestions according to existing dishes, and help businesses design packages.
At present, the beta version has cooperated with several catering chain brands for internal testing. At the same time, hungry Xiaowei has also cooperated with zhenkung Fu, guimanlong, guiyuanpu and other brands to design 12 new dishes and packages. The test covers more than 700 stores in 41 cities. The sales volume of new dishes has increased by up to 30% compared with existing dishes.
Source: hungry

22、卡夫亨氏出售其全球奶酪业务部分资产给Groupe Lactalis附属公司,总对价约为33亿美元

On November 29, us time, kraft Heinz announced through its official website that it had completed the sale of some assets of its global cheese business and had obtained a license to license some trademarks to a subsidiary of groupe Lactalis in France, with a total consideration of about US $3.3 billion.
The transaction involves the transfer of ownership of kafheinz’s natural cheese, crushed cheese and flavor cheese business in the United States, Canada and other countries and regions, as well as the company’s global intellectual property rights of multiple brands. Miguel Patricio, chief executive of kraft Heinz, said that the transaction will improve Kraft Heinz’s overall growth, strategic focus and financial flexibility, which is another milestone in its rapid transformation.
Source: Arla foods
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