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Yizi took a stake in Xi’en village and completed the industrial and commercial change. The chairman of Nestle plans to resign as a director of Roche. Naixue takes a stake in Tianye with 38.64 million yuan. New dairy has completed the purchase of AoYa shares, and Yuexiu Huishan liquid milk has held a dealer meeting

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Yizi shares in Xi’en village, accounting for 5% of its registered capital

Industrial and commercial data show that recently, Yizi took a stake in Xi’en Village (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd. to complete the industrial and commercial change, and Yizi accounted for 5% of the company’s registered capital. Xi’en village was established in 2018 with a registered capital of RMB 12.62 million. Snack generation has previously introduced that this is Yizi’s first investment in Chinese local food enterprises. The cooperation will help it expand its product category portfolio in the Chinese market and develop low-temperature and short shelf life baking products of Yizi’s brands. Enxi village mainly produces mousse cakes, thousand layer cakes, Dafu, ice moon cakes, cookies and other types of cakes. It has its own factories in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Dongguan that can cover the business of the whole country. (company announcement)

Naixue’s tea 38.64 million yuan into Tianye shares

Recently, the basic level enterprise field shares disclosed the fixed increase plan, which plans to increase 30 million shares at the price of 3.22 yuan per share, and is expected to raise 96.6 million yuan. Among them, Shenzhen Pindao Catering Management Co., Ltd., where Naixue’s tea is located, plans to subscribe 38.64 million yuan. Tianye shares are mainly engaged in the processing of tropical fruits and vegetables. The main products include tropical raw material fruit juice, quick-frozen tropical fruits and vegetables and canned fruits and vegetables. In terms of performance, the company’s operating revenue in the first half of 2021 was 219 million yuan and its net profit was 38.6651 million yuan. (company announcement)

Dali food promotes HK $1 billion Share Award Scheme

Recently, Dali food announced that the board of directors approved the adoption of the Share Award Scheme on December 2 to recognize the contributions made by several qualified participants and give awards, so as to encourage and retain them to continue to work for the sustainable operation and development of the group, involving a capital of no more than HK $1 billion. (company announcement)

The settlement of new dairy’s purchase of Australia Asia investment shares has been completed

New dairy announced yesterday that it had obtained the relevant documents required to be provided by Jiafa and AoYa investment to meet the conditions for completion of the delivery, provided Jiafa and AoYa investment with the relevant documents required to be provided by the company and GGG to meet the conditions for completion of the delivery, and paid Jiafa a transaction consideration of US $58.4 million, GGG has completed the equity registration of holding 16.8056 million ordinary shares of Australia Asia Investment and obtained the stock certificate. (company announcement)

Yuexiu Huishan liquid milk dealer conference held

Recently, the dealer conferences of Yuexiu Huishan liquid milk marketing division were held in Yingkou, Shenyang and Changchun. It is reported that in 2022, two battles that must be won were established: “optimizing product structure and improving gross profit in all links” and “deeply cultivating channels, expanding markets and establishing barriers”. Meanwhile, in the 14th five year plan of dairy sector, it will challenge the revenue target of 12 billion in 2025. Yuexiu Huishan double joy burst bead series, fragrant milk, thick milk, Oatmeal Milk and many other new products appeared first. (issued by the company)


Recently, at the 3rd China GI (glycemic index) International Conference held by China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute, Nestle was invited to share its scientific and technological achievements and experience in the field of GI research. Andreas Rytz, a senior data statistician from Nestle R & D center, shared Nestle’s technology in predicting GI value and dietary plan based on macronutrient composition. Using this technology, we can guide the product formula or diet plan and help people achieve a healthy life. (company announcement)

“Orange planet” completed tens of millions of angel round investment


Recently, the food brand “orange planet” announced that it had won a ten million Angel round of RMB investment. The investors were led by Xiaomi group, followed by Shunwei capital, and Yiwei capital acted as the exclusive financial adviser. According to Yao Huiyu, co-founder of orange planet, the financing will continue to be used for product R & D and optimizing the supply chain. (36 krypton)

The bear claw coffee that once cured the whole network has changed

Remember the popular bear claw coffee in Shanghai last year? In fact, the deaf and dumb baristas in the “bear cave” have been struggling about whether to go “outside the cave”. On December 3, the first anniversary flagship store of hinichijou bear claw coffee opened in the crystal center of Jing’an Temple in Shanghai. On the same day, the founder of bear claw coffee also invited all customers to “tear down the wall” with them. In other words, the new shop no longer delivers coffee from the “hole”, but “has a panoramic view” like all coffee shops. (surging)

Nestle chairman intends to resign as a director of Roche

Yesterday, Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche said that Paul bulcke, a member of Roche’s board of directors and current chairman of Nestle, would resign as a director after next year’s annual general meeting. Roche added that Bo Kai has been a member of Roche’s board of directors since 2011 and has now decided not to participate in the re-election of the annual general meeting of shareholders held on March 22 next year. (Reuters)

Carrefour’s two month strike in the United States is expected to end

Carrefour, a US food company, said yesterday that it had reached an agreement with local trade unions to sign a new five-year contract for its employees in several breakfast grain factories in the United States, which is expected to end the strike in recent two months. The interim agreement reached after several rounds of negotiations with the trade union includes increasing wages and benefits for all employees. Carrefour is one of several major U.S. companies facing worker strikes recently as the U.S. labor market tightens and inflation reaches an all-time high. (Reuters)

Quick reading of food industry information


Brazil coffee export giant cuts forecast

Cooxup é is the largest coffee cooperative in the world and the largest exporter in Brazil. On the date, it lowered its forecast for coffee exports in 2021 from 6.5 million bags to 4.8 million bags, saying that transportation bottlenecks and reduced production are allowing the company to reduce exports. The president of cooxup é said that the company would adopt the alternative of container transportation for the first time, using 1000 kg bags to put coffee into dry bulk carriers. (Reuters)

Symposium on food and beverage industry development held in Sichuan

On December 3, the Symposium on the development of food and beverage industry was held in Chengdu. From January to October this year, the operating revenue of the province’s food and beverage industry reached 806.54 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11%. The meeting stressed that the food and beverage industry is less impacted by the repeated epidemic and the disorder of the global industrial chain supply chain, and the production environment is relatively stable. Among the 830 key food and beverage enterprises monitored in the province, 702 raw materials come from the province, accounting for 84.6%. We should seize the opportunity of the effective guarantee of strong demand and energy and other factors at the end of the year, make full efforts to produce and contribute to the steady growth of the province. (Sichuan Daily)


Zhou Xiaochuan: strengthen ESG investment and prevent systemic financial risks

The 18th annual global conference of the International Financial Forum (IFF) opened today. Zhou Xiaochuan, former governor of the people’s Bank of China, said that maintaining the smoothness and resilience of the global supply chain, ensuring the smooth exit of unconventional economic stimulus policies, and protecting the global economy towards a sustained and stable recovery are testing the world, especially major economies and economic policy makers. Zhou Xiaochuan stressed that finance should take serving the real economy as the starting point and foothold, promote finance to better serve the real economy, strengthen ESG investment and prevent systemic financial risks. (SSE report)

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