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Trembling sound tea milk: nowhere to place the flow, to tiktok is the next exit?


Advertising stagnation, traffic peaking, byte beating, do not want to fall into the dead cycle mode, is the next exit tea?

Recently, Beijing byte beating Network Technology Co., Ltd. (jabo) has applied for registration of the “byte tea” “ByteTea” trademark. The international classification is tiktok and convenient. The trademark status is all applied.
China’s postal service, which registered in November last year, tiktok’s tea brand, and the China post that opened the tea shop in June this year, seems to want to go through it again.
However, the tiktok race is in full swing. The future development of “post oxygen tea” is not yet known.

without place

Is the next exit from emptiness to reality?
While the tea track is hot, the jungle law of survival of the fittest is still applicable. However, with the participants’ development of new categories, the homogenization of the industry will become more serious. Even Naixue’s tea, the “first share of new tea”, is facing the dilemma of difficult profitability.
People in the tea industry said: “today’s new tea is not as easy to do as expected. It needs to be very tight in all links such as supply chain selection, product renewal, quality control, store design and so on.”
If the postal tiktok shop is a sick and desperate doctor, what is the purpose of the tea brand registered by shaking the voice?
The reason is actually very simple. After a few years of bonus period, now the short video platform has also entered a bottleneck period.
First, the DAU of the tiktok and the headlines today are all weak and the advertising revenue growth is obviously declining. The byte beating has completed advertising revenue of about 115 billion yuan in the first half of this year, achieving double-digit growth, and nearly completed the original goal. In the third quarter of this year, the growth rate of word jump advertising revenue declined significantly.
Tiktok Kwai Kwai, Kwai Chung, is now developing rapidly. The rapid development of the market has been increasing tiktok and pushing the diversification of content and users.
Third, the tiktok is difficult to break the traffic ceiling and cash flow dilemma. User growth is slowing down, commercial overreliance on advertising is the sword of Damour’s on the byteces.
Byte not only frequently laid out the social field, successively launched social software such as fly chat, multi flash and lark to become an “app assembly line factory”, but also began to test the short play payment mode not long ago, which is also the second realization attempt of byte in video content after watermelon video launched platform members.
All the above actions reveal byte’s anxiety about traffic growth and flow realization, and desire to build a moat through more products to stabilize byte’s commercial buildings.
The growing “puffiness” has to continue to transfuse blood for new businesses and seek the way to break the bottleneck in the cold winter. But is tea the most suitable business? How should this value chain be constructed?
Source of bagged “byte tea” in byte beating work area/   Know
As you know, in the discussion on the topic of “byte beating’s application for registration of the trademark of” byte tea “is to enter the tea industry? What are the advantages and disadvantages of large Internet manufacturers entering the tea market?” the netizen “ten years of tea travel” said: “The tea industry is a consumer market based on trust. It can’t be achieved completely by money or flow. Big factories still have boundaries. They can’t want to do everything and make any money. Of course, they can invest and don’t end up on their own.”
Obviously, the netizen was not optimistic about byte tea, and even compared the example of meituan: “just like meituan shouldn’t do catering, you can’t stand in the perspective of the referee and participate in the next game. It’s unfair. Do something, don’t do something!”

Addictive logic: “shake, milk” homology

AI media consulting data show that the scale of China’s new tea market in 2020 will be 184.03 billion yuan, which is expected to reach 279.59 billion yuan in 2021 and exceed 300 billion yuan in 2022. At the same time, reports show that after nearly 295%, milk tea consumption will exceed 100 yuan per week; after nearly 5095, milk tea will drink 2-4 cups per week. The huge market scale makes the “addictive” consumption of milk tea a real hammer.
Tiktok tiktok is probably related to addiction, but apple and orange are two kinds of things that are similar to those of milk and tea.
First, tiktok’s recommendation and interaction details can stimulate dopamine surge in the brain and appear to be addictive in behavior. The sugar in milk tea is addictive.
Tiktok DAU (daily active users) tiktok was about 700 million and the average value was over 600 million in the first quarter of 2021. Funny funny video content and full screen immersive viewing experience are important factors for attracting users.
If things go on like this, tiktok tiktok will not be able to stop at any time. If we want to turn on the sound and brush, we will give up the idea of participating in other activities and continue to immerse in the world of trembling. The behavioral addiction is similar to the physical mechanism of substance addiction. They are the result of stimulating the same region in the brain.
It is not difficult to understand why people shout “why worry can be relieved, only milk tea”. The sugar in milk tea has the effect of placebo, so it has gradually become a kind of “just need” for young people. Tiktok, in disorderly fashion, will be boring and addicted to tea.
Second, from mobile phone carrier, the jitter is carried by smart phone, tiktok is a plastic cup, both of them can be grasped by us and realize the rapid possession of fragmentation scene.
As McLuhan said, media is the extension of people. Mobile phone mobile phone has made people’s ears, voice and language extend, and eventually evolved into a fully functional, mobile and handheld computer terminal, which has become the existence of human “artificial limbs”. The shaking of the phone installed on the phone has become a virtual reality that can be touched and depicted by the tiktok.
Tiktok is more vivid and colorful than the real world, and can not help people indulge in it.
On the other hand, the new milk tea derived from British afternoon tea has been improved by the traditional “Hong Kong style milk tea”, which has become a living need that can be obtained by migrant workers anytime and anywhere. It is not difficult to find that more and more young people are walking and drinking milk tea in the first and second tier cities.
The flexibility of tiktok and the portability of milk tea also provide users with more free space and time. At the same time, they also become the real culprit of “shaking and milk” stealing the time of fragmentation.
Picture source/    Lighting miscellaneous shop
But in essence, we are not addicted to the carrier we can hold in our hands, but to the desire to obtain more convenient content (information).
Third, from the product perspective, jitter and tiktok satisfy users’ needs and social needs.
Choosing different flavors of tea and watching different types of short videos, just like “one thousand readers in one thousand readers’ eyes”, according to different user preferences, milk tea shops and jitter are given various choices. “Tiktok” is a good example of Hamlett’s choice.
Compared with coffee, milk tea often knows more about “marketing”. It jumps out of the limitations of traditional drinks and creates all kinds of new proportions. This selectivity greatly stimulates consumers’ desire to buy. When their autonomy is fully mobilized, they will no longer be passive consumers of a single product.
The long time tiktok tiktok tiktok is a much more interesting level. When you watch the jitter, you can read your voice and provide you with more social currencies.
Often laughing and scolding, unpredictable, just between waving our fingers, we feel as if we are involved in the “vortex of living force”, but we don’t know it or even enjoy it. All this stems from the richness and diversity of digital content and forms we can contact.
Of course, all this also stems from the increase in selectivity and the fact that it is easier to be “addicted”. With choice, we are more obsessed with the ability to control information and switch information at will.
Fourth, tiktok and milk tea stimulate initiative and stimulate creativity from the user’s perspective.
Users are both consumers and creators.
The function of video editing is improved by shaking the voice, and the ability of users to produce video content is greatly improved. Through the platform, the user can see his creation and tiktok. Each consumer tiktok his interest and experience and change his content according to his needs, making the voice of the voice tiktok become a thousand interest, often new interest container.
Similarly, milk tea also has the same characteristics. Users have the option to deploy milk tea. In addition to indicating their needs to the clerk, the playing methods of punching in, unlocking the hidden menu and DIY milk tea have also become an important factor for more and more consumers.
Under the Internet wave, the most precious thing is user time. What is the best way to compete for user time? Cultivate user habits, preferably, make users addicted.
Tiktok and tiktok are all addictive features. When chattering sounds touch tea, users will become addicted to addiction, while shaking will eventually achieve a win-win situation.

Product is king or flow will win?

When an enterprise begins to involve more and more industries, its profits have bottomed out.
According to media reports such as 36 krypton and Shanghai Securities News, the domestic advertising revenue of byte beat has “stopped growing” in the past six months, and this is the first time that byte beat has been commercialized since 2013. You know, advertising revenue is the main source of revenue, accounting for 77% of the actual revenue in 2020.
Tiktok advertising revenue is not only “jumping” but also entering the zero sum game with Tencent and Baidu tiktok. The byte trembling needs to find the next business increment.
In fact, in addition to the registered trademark, byte has long made a small move to enter the tea industry. Investing in the lemon tea brand “lemon season” is the best proof.
According to red, the lemon season, which has won the investment of the company, has opened more than 150 local stores in Changsha in just half a year.
Why did you enter the game and invest in a new lemon tea brand in Changsha?
Chen Weijia, an investor in Changsha, revealed that investing in lemon tea brand is a decision after considering the current situation and future trend of Changsha market and categories.
From this perspective, the byte trembling tiktok is still optimistic about the tea industry.
According to the 2020 new tea white paper released by Naixue’s tea, the scale of China’s tea market in 2020 will reach 442 billion yuan, more than twice that of coffee. It is expected that the scale of China’s tea market will be further expanded in 2021.
The new tea industry has broad market prospects. At present, the high-end ready-made tea industry is in an explosive growth period, and the retail sales are expected to exceed 200 billion yuan in 2025. In the face of such a big cake, naturally even the big factory can’t help but want to take a share.
Second, the new tea has both hot and social attributes. The tea industry links a large number of young consumers, which is also the main group of domestic consumption at present and in the future. The way of greeting young people has even become “Hey, have you drunk the new milk tea from XX family?”, and the content sharing notes on planting and pulling grass of milk tea in Xiaohong book have accumulated more than 5 million +. Punching in and unlocking new online red products have become the daily life of young people chasing fashion trends.
Third, the new tea has fast iteration and high heat. In terms of the new speed, take the head brand Naixue tea and Xi tea as an example, about 40 new products will be launched in 2020, while the ordinary tea brands are generally about 10. An easy job to do is to share the money. It is easy to understand the marketing way and support the huge flow. So the introduction of tiktok joint name is easy. Overall, the choice of tiktok is the lowest cost of trial and error, and the brand refurbishment and the heat preservation are easier to maintain.
Of course, shaking tea is not easy to make milk tea. After all, it is a tiktok industry.
From the outside world, the tea industry has many advantages such as low threshold, high turnover and high gross profit, which also attracts more and more players. New tea brands with their own characteristics emerge one after another, and milk tea seems to have become a “net red” industry that everyone wants to make money.
Tongrentang and Sinopec sell coffee. Naixue’s tea, Xi tea and honey snow ice city are in fierce battle. Veterans and recruits go to battle together. The competitive pressure can be imagined. Even China Post has launched “mail oxygen tea” milk tea shop.
In the new era of reform and upgrading of new retail and new consumption, the number of cross-border players has increased, which has also triggered a discussion on the topic of “whether products are the king or channels and traffic will win”.
Taking China Post’s “postal oxygen tea” as an example, Zhu danpeng, an analyst of China’s food industry, said, “although postal cooperative milk tea has its network foundation and scale advantages, the advantages of scale and stores alone can not be transformed into their competitive advantage, because their system and mechanism are relatively rigid.”
With the rapid development of the whole industry of new Chinese milk tea, the closing rate is also very high. This shows that the overall threshold of the new Chinese milk tea is not low. At the same time, the milk tea industry has entered a fully competitive stage, which puts forward updated requirements for quality, brand, scene, service system and customer stickiness.
Zhu danpeng said: “these do not mean that you can play with the new Chinese milk tea with scale effect or funds. Therefore, I think the risk of postal service in the layout of milk tea is very large. This does not match their own scale advantages and brand advantages.”
From this to the other, if we want to lay out tiktok, we will have many difficulties. After all, the tea brand head brand is still breaking through with the products. The theme of the catering industry is always products.
Even if tiktok opened a tea shop, if it were not purely exposed, if it was not for playing the ticket, it would be a milk tea shop and a brand that was sincere. And the traffic advantage of shaking is not enough to support tiktok’s good business.
Retail business finance believes that, however, whether it is the defense strategy of “the market has not moved, the trademark first” or reserving an action space of “entering and retreating”, the tea industry still has a lot of development space in the future.
Once the tea is tiktok, it is enough to make a gimmick and flow naturally. In contrast, the tea industry does not seem to have the ability to resist the “dimensionality reduction attack” of huge technology companies, because the wolf is coming.
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