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The next step in the development of probiotic products: 100 billion high activity!

highly active probiotic end products are ushering in a period of rapid growth.

In 2021, with the normalization of the epidemic situation and the awakening of consumers’ health awareness, more and more consumers began to choose probiotic products. At the same time, many consumers in the market began to increase the intake of probiotics after taking probiotics. In order to meet the needs of consumers, the market began to launch high activity probiotic products with high activity as the selling point Probiotic end products have ushered in a period of rapid growth.
In recent years, foreign well-known brands such as Nestle, life space and renew life are constantly promoting highly active probiotic products, and the number of live bacteria has exceeded 100 billion, and the number of live bacteria is increasing, from 100 billion, 120 billion, 150 billion and even 200 billion. In the domestic market, the number of live bacteria in mainstream products is 20 billion, and some manufacturers are increasing from time to time The number of probiotics is added to pretend to be high viable products, and the probiotic market environment still needs to be standardized.
After in-depth investigation, we found that there are two main reasons for the great difference between domestic and foreign countries:
1: European and American countries are at the forefront of the industry in this subdivided field. They have carried out systematic special research on highly active probiotics earlier, leading the development direction of the whole probiotic market. However, they started relatively late in China and delayed market perception.
A series of experimental data carried out by many foreign universities and scientific research institutes around the comparison of probiotics in high-dose group and probiotics in low-dose group show that the colonization effect of probiotics with high activity and multiple strains in human body is better than that of probiotics with low viable number and single strain. These complete and sufficient theoretical bases are the prerequisite for the market to promote high viable bacteria.
2: The immature industrialization technology of highly active probiotics in China and the high cost of overseas import have set obstacles to the launch of high viable count terminal products.
As we all know, probiotic industrialization technology is the key to the development and application of probiotic products. R & D only provides a theoretical basis. In the production process of probiotics, there are many factors, such as insufficient professionalism of R & D and production personnel, low production efficiency, backward preparation technology and equipment, substandard production environment and so on, which can easily lead to substandard number of viable bacteria and unstable inter batch stability Controllability and quality cannot be guaranteed, which eventually leads to products not being used for industrialized manufacturing.
With the promotion of the “made in China 2025” strategy and under the background of the country’s large-scale promotion of industrial modernization, some domestic probiotic raw material production enterprises have gradually launched large-scale intelligent manufacturing strategy based on process optimization, tackling the breakthrough of key core technologies in production, focusing on how to improve the “high density, high activity and high stability” in the fermentation process To systematically optimize the production and manufacturing process of probiotics from the aspects of culture medium selection, improvement of production conditions, optimization of post-treatment process, deep screening of protective agents and upgrading of freeze-drying process. Based on modern intelligent control means and control technology, it will greatly improve the stability of probiotic production process, improve production efficiency and demonstration of large-scale technology, so as to effectively improve probiotics Improve the quality of raw materials and reduce the cost of raw materials.
At the same time, in the “top ten focuses of China’s Probiotic industry development in 2021” released at the 16th International Symposium on probiotics and health held this year, “probiotic high activity preparation and processing and production equipment” This article is impressively listed. It can be seen that China’s scientific and industrial circles have gradually recognized and accepted high activity probiotic products. The whole probiotic industry has begun to strive to accurately focus and concentrate on solving the practical problems encountered in the development of high activity probiotic industry. The support of the industry can effectively promote the scale of probiotic market and the vigorous development of large health industry.
With the maturity of probiotic market and the improvement of consumer awareness, the development of probiotic industry will be more and more standardized. High quality 100 billion probiotic terminal products will irreversibly replace low viable terminal products and subvert the existing probiotic brand product pattern.

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