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How does DayDayCook interpret “convenience and new cooking”?

focuses on healthy and interesting daily cooking. Daydaydaycook takes plant meat as the main development direction in the future. Where will it go?

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In Chinese people’s eating habits, the staple food has always had a unique position that can not be replaced. Although there are differences in food among the four directions due to China’s large museums, porridge and noodles can still dominate the world in the food exhibitions at all times and in all countries.
Chinese people’s love for staple food is also reflected in the younger generation’s preference for convenient staple food products. According to Nielsen IQ online quantitative research data, in recent years, generation Z, as the main force of new consumption, has mainly increased the categories of consumption, focusing on new staple food plates such as convenient staple food, instant oats, self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot and instant rice [1].
Compared with the frequent “rollover” events of exquisite cooking, the convenience, health and diversified tastes of the new convenient staple food products are obviously more in line with the needs of young consumers who are busy but still pursue quality. However, with the gradual saturation of the current market segment, consumers’ expectations for instant noodles are increasing, and there is a “fairy fight” in the market The scene of has begun to take shape, and even gave birth to a unique new staple food culture.
Under this new culture, how can brands make products the most special in the “vast sea of people”, and how can they really integrate products into consumers’ three meals a day to form companionship, so as to gain a foothold in the increasingly competitive industry? Foodaily today introduces an innovative brand  —— From the gourmet we media platform & community to today’s new consumer brand, daily cooking DayDayCook has its own opinions and innovative practice for the new convenient staple food.
Quality new staple food,
Healthy choice for new youth kitchen
Why can instant noodle products rise and become a popular trend in China? In the generally recognized common sense of consumers, noodle cooking can derive multiple tastes from a single material, which is easy to meet the needs of different groups; moreover, the eating method of noodle products without separate meals is more convenient, which is more in line with the needs of mainstream young consumer groups; in the youth fast Festival In the state of work and life, consumers have a strong demand for fast food, and cost-effective noodles can easily become the choice of the public; in addition, fast food can save the temporary ordering and queuing time, so the convenient staple food of noodles came into being.
Photo source: daily cooking DayDayCook
However, for contemporary young people, being full and convenient is not all the criteria to judge whether a convenient staple food is worth choosing. They also need to be able to eat well healthily and have emotional value.
1. It should be convenient, delicious, healthy and nutritious, and the new working youth should be better to themselves
The new generation Z young people with distinctive personality are particularly rational in “eating”. The concepts of high quality, niche and national pride are more mainstream, and convenience + health has become an eye-catching label in their eating preferences.
Convenience may be the “inside roll” caused by economic and social development. Under the normal situation, the new youth have the greatest demand for three meals a day; while the health demand is reflected in the reality that generation Z consumers are more likely to be attracted by food labels such as low calorie and low calorie. Therefore, “three low” (low fat, low calorie and low sugar) Natural, organic and even punk health care have become a significant preference for food and beverage consumption of contemporary new youth.
In addition, due to the increasing popularity of environmental protection education, the new generation of consumers also have more favorable feelings for brands that convey the concept of safety and environmental protection. On this basis, products represented by plant-based staple foods are quietly rising, occupying a world in the subdivision track of high-quality and nutritious healthy fast food.
It can be said that the emphasis on healthy diet is often more reflective of their original attitude among the new youth groups filled with funeral culture – the seemingly helpless migrant workers in the world are still full of enthusiasm for life, like students who shout that they don’t want to review and don’t do well in the exam, but secretly try to get full marks.
2. When low calorie pasta hits high protein plant meat, the quality life index is full
Convenient fast food track has a long history of development. Among many sub categories, fast food pasta has achieved very good results in domestic sales in recent two years. Some data show that pasta categories will continue to grow rapidly in the Chinese market. From 2020 to 2027, the growth rate will reach an average annual growth rate of 4.1%, higher than the global average growth level of 2.3%. By 2027, China’s pasta market is expected to reach 20% To US $3 billion (about 19.6 billion yuan) [2], that is to say, this is a huge 10 billion market. It is a genius to combine the growing category of pasta with the fast-food sector with the same rapidly rising demand.
However, in the current instant pasta market, the phenomenon of product homogenization has begun to take shape. Both the empty moment with a high market share and the blue chimney with a distinctive sense of design have once satisfied the appetite of many pasta lovers. However, the new generation Z youth who are increasingly pursuing the lightweight of staple food will inevitably have a “sense of guilt” when pressing the selection key of these products.
Cooking day by day, daycool found that the new youth did not announce their expectation – instant pasta. Can’t it be delicious and burden free?
Of course, the answer is yes. The new plant meat pasta cooked every day may be a good choice for differentiation.
Different from the material selection of conventional pasta sauces, DayDayCook creatively uses plant meat to replace traditional meat to make sauces, and ensures the taste through a more scientific ratio. The use of plant meat as a raw material makes the goal of “eating full and good” realized, which is very friendly to friends who are keen on convenient staple food and worry about high calories.
Photo source: daily cooking DayDayCook
At the same time, the lightweight of plant meat is also reflected in its production mode. What many people don’t know is that traditional animal husbandry is the largest source of the two strong greenhouse gases (methane and nitrous oxide). The greenhouse gases produced in the process of breeding and production exceed the sum of all cars, trucks, aircraft, trains and ships, and the production of plant meat at the same level can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80% [3]. For those who have accepted the “carbon peak” For the contemporary new youth of “carbon neutralization” environmental protection education, the former will also be a choice more in line with their concept of quality life.
Of course, although it is convenient and fast food, young people still have strict requirements for taste. Another highlight of daily cooking DayDayCook vegetable meat pasta is that it is mainly preserved at room temperature, there are no too many restrictions on storage conditions, and it is more convenient to prepare dishes. In addition, it has specially made three flavors of black pepper meat sauce, tomato meat sauce and cream meat sauce, which are very in line with the taste hotspots concerned by contemporary young people, In addition, the sauce and pasta adopt the scientific ratio of 1.2:1, which can play a very good role in flavor and taste.
3. Light cooking is convenient for new staple food, and there can be no less smoke and fire
For the new youth who pursue the sense of quality of life, even the “fast food” must not sacrifice the “ritual sense” of dining, but the process of realizing the ritual sense should not be too cumbersome, so as to lose the significance of the existence of fast food itself. The light cooking concept of this vegetable meat pasta is just right.
Different from the common packaged instant pasta, it often needs to be refrigerated, slow boiled or mixed with materials. This new type of pasta, DayDayCook, does not contain sea salt and olive oil, so that consumers can freely choose a healthier cooking method. The cooking process of the whole product takes about 10 minutes. Consumers only need to boil water and then add pasta to cook for about 8 minutes, Control the water in the pot and add the material bag to mix well. This cooking method and time are acceptable to most people. At the same time, it also makes consumers have a real sense of “making delicious food”. With simple cooking means, it can bring a sense of dining ceremony and bring some smoke and anger to the often idle New Youth kitchen.
Photo source: daily cooking DayDayCook
Feedback product design with content accumulation,
Daily cooking DayDayCook carefully interprets “simplifying quality life”
In fact, for generation Z, food has never been scarce, but it is difficult to produce difficult food in their own kitchen. It is also the original intention of DayDayCook brand innovation to be able to “make simple dishes”. In addition to products, daily cooking daydaycool brings more humanistic feelings to mass consumers that have not been hidden by the times.
1. From content to consumption, let consumers find resonance
Delicious food can intuitively drive the improvement of quality of life at the taste bud level. For the “little thing” of diet, the younger generation will inevitably appear picky when growing up under the condition of abundant material conditions. However, due to the essence, consumers simply hope to obtain a sense of pleasure through food, just as cooking itself is the addition of a sense of participation and a sense of scene. If delicious food can not really hit users’ taste buds and hearts, After freshness, it is often difficult to escape the fate of being eliminated.
DayDayCook was not a consumer goods company at first, but a gourmet we media website. The ideal is to appeal to new youth to return to the kitchen more, rekindle life inspiration and feel the inherent fun of gourmet food. Its founder, Norma, left the financial industry for ten years in 2012 and began to operate the DayDayCook food platform full-time. In a short time, Norma gained the favor of many capital. The daily activity of the platform was once as high as 20% among similar food platforms.
Photo source: daily cooking DayDayCook
Facts have proved that Norma has long foreseen what kind of food content is more popular among users – “the pictures should be exquisite, but the practice should be simple”. On the daily cooking DayDayCook food platform, the completion rate of high-quality short videos with a duration of less than 3 minutes is higher. In fact, such content preference better points to the attention of young users to high-quality, convenient and fast food. At the same time, it promotes the daily cooking daycook from a high-quality UGC content community to an innovative company that provides food consumer products for new youth kitchens.
Reverse auxiliary product design is accumulated from the existing content end, which is more convenient than conventional research and development, so that the daily cooking daydaycool products can reach the C end with a shorter link. From the consumer’s point of view, the daily cooking DayDayCook products are actually solving their daily dining pain points, and this sincerity is precisely the secret that the personalized generation Z is willing to pay for it.
Since then, no matter how DayDayCook continues to innovate and dig in similar tracks, the priority of its content will bring inherent advantages for the brand to become a more mature consumer goods company.
2. Sustainable internalism is worthy of lifelong achievement
In addition to taste and cooking methods, “healthy, innovative and interesting” is also a brand label of vegetable meat that DayDayCook will strive to build in the future. According to the product planning of the Japanese cooking DayDayCook brand in the coming year, 80% of them will choose to use plant meat products. The new plant meat pasta is the first work.
The brand needs to grow. At the moment of the popularity of the “double carbon” policy, it is by no means a reasonable choice for enterprises to be alone. The focus of the brand should not be limited to corporate governance, but should bear more social responsibilities and environmental protection responsibilities. The thinking of world sustainable development will continue to empower the brand. This is also the internalism of cooking daydaycool every day to create an “ideal simple meal” for new youth.
Return to the fireworks of traditional food and beverage culture,
It is becoming the core of the “new staple food culture”
From the UGC platform to the consumer goods provider, DayDayCook’s growth path starts with content and then products. Fast food and self heating food are the main products of the previous product, such as self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot and Kwai Fu series, and strive to achieve “simple dishes, simple to do” to fully meet the “one person food” scenario needs, brand voice has long been bedding; The launch of plant meat pasta series products will better improve the product system, make plant meat products no longer far away from consumers, and will further seize the minds of consumers.
Behind this development is the continuous cultivation of DayDayCook for the convenient fast food market and the exploration and practice of the new staple food culture. After consumer education such as “one person eating”, “lazy house economy” and “kitchen white can become a chef in seconds”, what new needs will consumers who put forward higher requirements for quality life put forward for “convenient fast food”?
Photo source: daily cooking DayDayCook
It can be said that in the past two years, capital has frequently favored powdered food, attracted more and more convenience food brands, focused on the “staple food” for product innovation, and the story of promoting the “staple food transformation” has just begun. The fireworks that make the new staple food an expression of love for life and return to the traditional food and beverage culture is becoming the core of this “staple food transformation”. So in this context, where are the opportunities to facilitate new staple foods?
1. The traditional regional delicacies are rediscovered, so that migrant workers in foreign countries can taste the flavor of their hometown
With the rapid development of social economy, tens of millions of migrant workers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen work and live in cities every year. While these migrant workers are busy, what they miss most is the hometown flavor that comforts the tip of their tongue and calms the hearts of the people. For example, snail powder once sold short since the epidemic, the impact of distinctive regional characteristics is difficult to make people not curious. Good (four voices) The voice of Guangxi old watch who can eat and eat is shaking the sky; Recently, Lanzhou beef noodles, which is in the limelight, has also begun to facilitate fast food, making “clean, clean, three red, four green and five yellow” a common meal… Not to mention more emerging fast food staple food categories such as Guizhou rice noodles and Nanchang mixed noodles are growing day by day… It is believed that in China with vast territory and abundant resources, there are many unknown delicacies hidden in the streets, There are many feasible exploration paths for food enterprises.
Source: unsplash
2. Composite seasonings / seasonings around staple foods are expected to explode
Young people can’t give up their sense of food and dining ceremony, which also makes the choice of light cooking with shorter time and lower operation difficulty become the mainstream concern. For some consumers who still rely on fresh ingredients, the seasoning bag with zero difficulty is a time-saving and labor-saving choice, This also makes the composite seasoning brands represented by weihaomei in the current market constantly push through the old and bring forth the new. Those composite seasoning bags that can easily cook only by adding food materials according to the amount have also been loved by some “hand disabled” young people, and the market increment remains to be explored.
3. Westernized eating habits make the new force of the integration of China and the West more worthy of expectation
When low fat, low calorie and low sugar become the mainstream focus of the diet of contemporary new youth, the heavy oil, heavy salt and heavy sugar dishes preferred by traditional Chinese restaurants are not completely needed by generation Z for health preservation. On the contrary, lightweight diet will become a new habit that new youth strive to cultivate. The popular trend of salad, nutritional substitute, plant meat and other products will continue to extend. On Saturday, peppermint health The popularity of super zero brand is also a kind of testimony.
Delicious, nutritious, healthy and convenient, New Youth’s demand for daily diet is increasingly showing more diversified expectations. If the brand can effectively grasp the needs of users and implement these ideals into reality, it is undoubtedly facing opportunities and challenges at the same time. However, the daily cooking DayDayCook, which has always liked to catch up with the new generation, has become “commonplace” for such scenes. As an innovative brand focusing on health and fun and taking plant meat as the main development direction for some time in the future, it is still very expected where the daily cooking daycook will go.
reference material:
[1]NielsenIQ × Blibli insight 2021 Z generation food and beverage consumption insight report
[2] Globalpasta market to reach $15. 1 billion by 2027. Amid the coved-19 crisis, the global market for pasta estimated at US $13 billion in the year 2020, isprojected to reach a revised size of US $15, 2020, globe news wire
[3]CBNData × Tmall’s insight report on 2020 online vegetable meat consumers
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