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This snack brand has a private revenue of 160 million in half a year!

successful transformation from “traditional store service” to “community service”.
As mentioned by Jianshi earlier, most of the current private domain head cases have done several things right, that is, they have laid out digital management earlier and began to quickly enter the private domain at the end of 2019. Today’s snack brand is one of them, and it is also the main reason why Jianshi is interested in it and has a deep chat.
The whole private domain team of the brand has 50 + operators; the whole digital technology team of the group has nearly 200 people, and the annual technology development cost is 100 million. With such a team, the private domain contributed 7.6% of the total revenue in the first half of 2021.
At this time, the brand already has 12000 + enterprise and micro communities and 1.2 million + private domain users. These come from the shopping guides of more than 3000 stores across the country, which guide store customers to add micro, with an increase of more than 50000 people / day at the peak.
Their private domain system is divided into four steps, that is, from the public domain, to the community, to the applet, and finally precipitated in the app. They had the app as early as 2012, and had a “private domain” before the epidemic in 2019 Up to now, from the original traditional store service, it has successfully transformed into a brand with community service ability by expanding categories through the buyer system and optimizing the supply chain distribution system.
Let’s look at two groups of data: before making the private domain, the app can live tens of thousands a day, and then it can live up to 300000 + a day, usually 160000-170000; in the first half of 2021, the average monthly private domain order is 450000, and it is still growing rapidly in the second half of 2021.
Reviewing the development of this brand is the first step and the mentality of “all in”. In the words of its private domain director, it is concluded that “from traditional stores, to digital transformation, and then to entering the omni-channel private domain, ideological changes are more important than commercial changes.”
Due to various factors, today’s article cannot publish the real name of this brand. What can be guaranteed is that these data and playing methods are true and effective, and we hope to provide valuable references for readers. Next, please return to the dialogue scene with the text record. As follows, enjoy:
private domain model: public domain – Community – applet – App
See reality: how is your private domain system built?
Guest: it is mainly divided into four steps, from the public domain to the community, to the applet, and finally settled in the app. Now the community lives nearly 200000 a day, and the community group applet has accumulated 3 million users since it was launched in 2019.
The main source of users from the public domain to the community is customers who enter the store. Our clerk will invite customers to join the group to receive benefits. After joining the group, we will take the initiative to push a small program link. The collection of vouchers and rights will be completed in the small program. Finally, we hope these people can download the app.
Among them, it is the most difficult to convert from applet to app. So we did one thing, increasing the number of applets to 3, including member applets, official flagship store applets and brand applets. Each applet can complete its own business segment.
When users want to enjoy all services, we will guide users to download apps. Each applet is a separate business segment, and super app is the collection of all functions and services. Our ultimate goal is to make app icons occupy a place on users’ mobile desktop.
See the facts: when does the app go online? Is there any significant change in the daily life of the app before and after the private domain?
Guest: there will be an app in 2012. Before making a private domain, it can live tens of thousands of days, and then it can live up to 300000 days, usually 160000-170000.
Our private domain started in 2019.
Before 2019, our app focused on Building B to C malls. The purpose was to establish a platform. At that time, the traffic was not high and the user experience was not strong. We did not grasp the actual pain points of users and solve the needs of users. Later, we re positioned the app and changed it from a mall to a tool for serving users. Later, we put all member centered tools in these three years.
The maximum daily powder increase is 50000, and the powder addition rate of stores is 1 / 3
Reality: what data do you pay most attention to in daily operation and how to improve it?
Guest: it’s mainly about the number of group users and new users. There are several key scenarios for new users:
First, every day when customers come to the store, the shopping guide will invite them into the group;
The store’s practice is to put a QR code at the cashier so that users can see it; each clerk is also required to tell users the benefits they can enjoy after joining the group at the last step of the cashier, such as sending discounts and new products regularly in the group. When users enter, the system will automatically push a small program. In the process, if it is not a member, the small program will automatically register as a member, if it is already a member You can get the coupons before you leave, and set different rights and interests for new and old customers.
The second is the DM order of public domain order, which invites users to join the group;
In the DM order, we first tell users that we have a private domain and can get better services in the private domain. The most important thing on the single page is to have a small program code. For example, the takeout code will be placed in the takeout order, and the corresponding code will be placed in the flagship store order. This link is in the small program, and a group entry code will appear after the transaction is completed.
The third is to do some joint interaction with other brands. That is, users who can be reached online and offline, themselves and third parties will give priority to guiding them into the group.
In terms of brand linkage, we have a lot of cooperation with many super brands recently. For example, users who do broadband in Telecom can get our members. Theoretically, these users who do broadband are willing to become members on the 7th to 8th floors.
Most of the three scenarios are still in stores. Nearly 3000 stores across the country will add more than 50000 people every day, with an average of about 14 people in a single store, and the powder addition rate can be 1 / 3.
See the truth: how to operate and retain users after they come in?
Guest: there are mainly two kinds: first, because we have a full-time community service team, we regularly send the day’s discounts and activity commodities to the group every day, as well as service reminders with more emotion and temperature. Customers’ needs are fed back in the group, and we will respond and serve in time to establish a heart-to-heart connection with customers.
Second, some welfare vouchers and commodities will be created at some nodes from time to time. For example, take out discount vouchers will be pushed on rainy days, so that users can place online orders and receive goods at home without going to the store; The community group applet also shares the recent hot commodities and high-quality commodities to the group, and users can buy commodities with high cost performance.
In addition, we have tried to do the third thing before, sending some hot news, including weather reminders, but later found that these effects are not very good. There are too many channels for everyone to obtain information, which will interfere with the core service content.
See the truth: is there a ceiling in the powdered area? What are the strategies for powder addition in the next year?
Guest: theoretically, there will be a ceiling, but it hasn’t existed for a long time, and a large number of users haven’t come in. In addition, we have done several things to extend the arrival of the ceiling:
First, through the fission between users, bring new users to the group. In the first half of last year, we launched the “full sales” tool. Any consumer can get a part of the Commission by forwarding the products they are interested in in in our applet and app.
Second, back to community group buying, the essence is to let consumers bring new users in after the payment is completed at a slightly preferential price. We usually find a friend or someone in other groups to complete the transaction.
Third, we have just launched the function recently. We have in-depth cooperation with a short video platform to embed some short video content related to our brand into the app. Users not only like to watch, but also take the initiative to share, so as to attract more users to become members through this path. The core is that “one member can drive 10 members and more”.
At present, the whole sales team is still doing a pilot internally, with the participation of nearly 10000 employees. The forwarded contents include commodities and operation tasks, which can also be transferred to live broadcasting. Anyway, everything can be transferred.
See the truth: it’s early to build the middle platform and pull groups to do private domain since 2019. What was the thinking at that time?
Guest: first, the passenger flow into the store has been significantly reduced through data analysis, and similar problems have been encountered in the industry; Second, public domain traffic, such as third-party e-commerce public domain traffic, is becoming more and more difficult, and online traffic needs to spend more cost to attract people; Third, we hope to build our core technical capabilities through digitization; Fourth, we hope to serve our own members through our more efforts.
Transformation from store service capability to community service capability
See the truth: how do you define your community group model?
Guest: first, the concept of “group”. Most of us are two people. The purpose is very simple. I hope consumers can take the initiative to share with their friends when they enjoy good products and services. We think it’s easy to pull one person, but it’s more difficult to pull more than one person. “Two people in a group” is to consider the better operation of consumers.
The second is to select the applet mode. We found that the applet is the best entrance for a long time. It is carried out in a lightweight mode, so that the tool can contact the user at the first time.
By 2021, after the whole model runs through, about 50000 orders will come in every day. Later, the transaction volume stopped rising. After chatting with many consumers and shop assistants, we found that the community groups are all our own goods, which limits the purchase demand.
Therefore, according to the needs of community users, fresh fruits, daily chemicals and other categories are introduced to win the trust and consumption power of consumers again. Although we, as a brand, prefer everyone to buy their own goods, it is inevitable that when we do the C-end, user demand comes first, and users need richer products, better quality and lower price. These products are basically related to life, such as food, drinks, ready to eat goods, fruits, etc.
When the first mock exam is copied to all shops, we need to consider whether these products are suitable for all consumers. Then we start buying the mobile phone system to find the products that consumers want. Reorganized the whole user demand and supply chain process, so that we can buy more different types of advantageous products.
Therefore, these two points are very important. One is the mobile phone purchase system that selects goods for users, and the other is an efficient supply chain system.
Reality: I understand that your service capability has become a community service capability, from store sales to community service. In fact, the category width is from snacks to other foods to fresh food and then to daily necessities. The core is to provide community users with the goods and services they need.
Guest: Yes.
See reality: how to mobilize the enthusiasm of offline shopping guide and how to divide the benefits of online sales?
Guest: all our private domain revenue comes from the two businesses of going to the store and going home: “going to the store”, that is, all store performance will give shopping guides a commission; The “home” part brings orders through sharing product links. After sharing, the goods also go out from the store. Then the more goods the store sells, the more rewards the shopping guide will get.
Therefore, no matter when you go to the store or when you get home, the more you sell, the more bonus you get, so the shopping guide will take the initiative to develop and serve members.
At the same time, the system can record who shared the members and orders. The company will give another bonus separately, and the shopping guide can get multiple commissions. Assuming that the income of a clerk in our store is 5000 yuan, if we can get another 500 yuan reward every month, it will reach 10% of the income, which is a very considerable income incentive.
See the reality: is the store applet bound to the geographical location?
Guest: Yes, home and store applets are all based on geographical location, which can also provide consumers with faster and better services.
Reality: what are the group’s plans and expectations for the private domain?
Honored guests: when there was no word of the private domain, the most simple and popular words were “rely on yourself”. Later HUAWEI events and COVID-19 confirmed again that the former was talking about the importance of the core technology and ability, while the latter said the matter of their own customers.
Of course, we also welcome cooperation with any platform to convey the value of the brand, but the core is to have our own ability to do a good job in our services. Therefore, we will invest in a team of nearly 200 people, spend hundreds of millions every year to make omni-channel and private domain tools and systems, and build a private domain team of more than 50 people.
Author: a Shuang; Source: jianshishijie (ID: jianshishijie), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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