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From “boring artifact” to “human charging treasure”, functionalize and activate the new password of chewing gum!

“charging” your body with gum? It’s not just a big brain hole!

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Recently, natural growers, an organic food retailer, released ten nutrition trends in 2022 and comprehensively predicted the key development directions of functional foods in the new year, including “overcoming burnout” With the increasing social tension and the fast pace of life, almost everyone is inevitably under pressure and falls into a state of physical and mental fatigue. Therefore, refreshing and decompressing food has become people’s just need.
After energy drinks, coffee has become the first choice for many workers to refresh themselves. However, the time spent in brewing coffee and the bitter taste that makes many people frown have led more and more brands to explore product forms that are more time-saving and more palatable – from changeable snack bars to sparkling water, a new favorite of drinks, and even small and chewy chewing gum.
With the rapid development of online shopping, the past situation of holding a bag of chewing gum at the cashier seems to have become more and more blurred. The change of shopping methods is not the root cause of the desolation of the category. The slow pace of innovation and no difference in positioning are the root of the loss of chewing gum.
Even follow the “sugar reduction trend” The introduction of various sugar free series and the long-term solidified product image of chewing gum still make it difficult for consumers to regard it as a healthy snack. Nowadays, the realization of functional differentiation has become an innovative idea of many brands. What else can a small chewing gum do in addition to refreshing breath and obtaining some happiness and satisfaction? Make it a “fast charging treasure” for migrant workers in Chengdu How? It’s small and portable, can be eaten anytime, anywhere, and has a variety of flavors. Is there a better energy carrier than it?
Apollo, a brand of liquid core, an American energy beverage company, launched an energy gum a few years ago, linking chewing gum with refreshing energy filling materials, creating a new concept of “energy gum”.
Source: Twitter
Compared with energy drinks, is it cool and fast to supplement energy through chewing gum? Will functionalization be the next trend of chewing gum innovation? Compared with overseas focusing on functional performance, how should the domestic chewing gum market develop?
Fast, fast! “Fast charging” shows the true colors of heroes
The shell of xylitol chewing gum is wrapped with caffeine core. Apollo energy gum is a breakthrough attempt of cross category integration and innovation of chewing gum and coffee. During chewing, the central natural caffeine and B vitamins will be released immediately, bringing rapid energy improvement to the human body, and its effect is about twice that of energy drinks or coffee.
In addition to more powerful energy supply, this product containing natural caffeine extracted from raw coffee beans is also more favored by healthy awakened people than most energy drinks in terms of health properties Efficacy and unique taste, but at present, most energy drinks are not absolutely healthy. Due to the low cost and large production capacity of synthetic caffeine, a considerable number of rechargeable drinks on the market will still regard artificial caffeine as the first choice.
Source: foodnext
Although artificial caffeine has a strong stimulating effect, it often feels more tired and overdrawn after excitement. Many consumers who pay attention to health begin to have doubts about energy drinks. The natural caffeine contained in Apollo energy gum can gradually and slowly stimulate nerves, which has a long effective period of stimulation and is relatively mild. It has no harm to human body, is not addictive, and has higher safety.
Source: Amazon
In addition to natural caffeine, Apollo energy gum also fortifies a variety of B vitamins. Each piece of gum contains 16mg of vitamin B3 (niacin), 3.2mg of vitamin B6 and 12.6 μ G vitamin B12 meets the daily recommended intake standard of NRV (nutrient reference value) in China, which is further higher than that of general vitamin drinks.
In the selection of sweet ingredients, Apollo energy gum is health-oriented, and xylitol obtained from birch or corn is used as the sweet source. Xylitol is similar to ordinary sugar in sweetness, but the calories are reduced by 40%, so that each Apollo gum contains only 5 calories.
Source: Amazon
Apollo energy gum provides consumers with the experience of “charging” quickly and reducing stress. Its consumption scenario is positioned after crazy fat burning exercise and fitness, in front of a thoughtful desk, after meetings and exams with breath holding and brain running at high speed, chewing an Apollo energy gum will be a great choice to relax after a “fierce battle”.
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The penetration of consumption scenes in daily work and life is certainly the key for chewing gum to surround a wider audience, but Apollo energygum’s original intention and ambition are more than that. A hard-working competition, a road trip, or an extreme sport with a fast heartbeat… Loving challenges and adventure is the normal life of European and American people. It is a person who can sweat and show himself at any time Tailored energy supplements may be more like the label of Apollo energy gum.
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In addition to the high adaptability of a variety of consumption scenarios, Apollo energy gum also has a unique advantage in boosting the race track competition of charging products. Coffee is recognized as a refreshing thing all over the world, but in the time of racing against the clock, consumers are eager not to spend time drinking a cup of hot coffee or running on the way to the coffee shop. Apollo energy gum is seizing this consumption pain point and creating a fast, convenient and delicious coffee substitute through chewing gum, a lightweight carrier with stronger mobility, to respond to the consumption demands of fast-paced life.
Source: Twitter
According to a recent study, when healthy adults drink energy drinks containing 320 mg caffeine, they will have an impact on the cardiovascular system, such as abnormal heart rate and high blood pressure. This is not only related to caffeine, but also the large amount of sugar and other stimulating substances contained in energy drinks are regarded as one of the incentives to aggravate cardiovascular load. Therefore, the differences in human metabolism formed by different ways of caffeine intake urge people with “healthy awakening” to look for more pure caffeine carriers.
At the beginning of research and development, Apollo team realized that caffeine is only one of the factors of the “energy formula”. Under the general health trend, as long as we find a healthier and more convenient carrier than energy drinks or coffee, the formula can still be established. It has been scientifically proved that chewing gum can provide cognitive benefits, such as reducing stress and improving attention. Apollo noticed this feature worth mining and thought that “chewing gum” would become a new way of caffeine transmission. Therefore, after more than 700 formulas for more than ten years, Apollo found the best combination of “gum x caffeine” and finally developed Apollo energy gum.
Source: Amazon
Since its inception, Apollo energy gum has quickly won the favor of the market. With the establishment of a distribution system covering northern Europe and the rising sales data, it is imperative for Apollo to go all over Europe. In order to accelerate the offline penetration, Apollo has launched strategic cooperation with the experienced dealer refuel AB, focusing on the convenience store channels, especially the product implantation of gas stations and sports venues, and gradually deepen the product value in the scenarios of long-distance driving, competition and confrontation. Scott Schaible, director of Apollo media, said: if the brand can really create products with breakthrough added value, it is a brand premium, and Apollo energy gum gum, which challenges the current situation of consumers’ energy supplement, is born at the right time.
Chew out a new world:
The global chewing gum market is full of functional wind
With the daily trend of functional foods, more and more functional demands are placed on chewing gum. Functional chewing gum has become an eye-catching sub field in the candy category. According to the data released by industry research, driven by the increased demand for nicotine gum in smoking cessation treatment and the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of the benefits of functional gum, the global functional gum market will reach US $5417.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to increase to US $6716.2 billion in 2026, with an average annual growth rate of 5.5%. Among them, North America takes the lead with a share of more than 35%. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing regional market, with a compound growth rate of 10.1% in the next six years.
Source: conference news
In addition to the need to quit smoking, oral health, weight management, energy supplement and improving lifestyle are also the main functional types of chewing gum.
As mentioned earlier, sports, exploration and extreme challenges have become the norm of public life in Europe and America. The demand for various energy foods has always occupied the main share of the sports nutrition and functional food market. Because excessive intake of caffeine will cause side effects such as anxiety, poor digestion, muscle decomposition, nausea and hypertension, food management and health institutions all over the world have drafted regulations and standards for the use of caffeine in energy supplements. This also gives new development opportunities for energy chewing gum, because compared with energy drinks, the product form of chewing gum is more conducive to controlling caffeine intake.
Due to the good inclusiveness of gum base for functional components and the high absorption rate of oral intake, chewing gum has become a test ground for more functional demands.
For example, chewing gum developed by Volatile Analysis, an American company, claims that it can detect lung cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic cancer, and can replace blood tests and biopsies. The residual saliva after chewing gum contains volatile organic compounds unique to each cancer. Cancer can be qualitatively judged by measuring its content.
At present, the epidemic is spreading all over the world, chewing gum is regarded as a “surprise soldier” to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Researchers at University of Pennsylvania in the United States, by adding ACE2 receptor protein in chewing gum, “capture” COVID-19 in saliva to reduce the possibility of virus spreading through droplets. The tube experiment confirmed that the absorption of COVID-19 by the receptor protein reduced the number of viruses by more than 95%.
With increasingly rich functions and expanding eating scenes, “energy supplement at any time” has become the most moving selling point of energy chewing gum.
According to the global energy chewing gum market report released by overseas research institutions, it is expected that professional sports fitness and mass exercise will be the two main consumption scenarios of energy chewing gum in 2023 compared with 2016. The demand for research (learning and mental work) and business is still small, but the growth rate is considerable.
Next, we will feel the new vitality brought by functionalization to this traditional category through several new overseas functional chewing gum products.
1. Soothing gum
Source: bubblecalm
Bubblecalm sugar free gum is added with valerian root, chamomile and other herbal extracts γ- Aminobutyric acid. γ- Aminobutyric acid is an important neurotransmitter in human body. It has the effects of calming nerves, soothing and helping sleep. Now, γ- Aminobutyric acid is widely used in sleeping water and yogurt. This gum makes sleeping easier!
2. Immune gum
Source: cupcakes and cashmere
As we all know, vitamins are closely related to metabolism and immune construction. However, vitamin tablets that must be taken every day are always left behind for various reasons. In order to make the intake of vitamins simpler and happier, mighty gum combines vitamins with chewing gum to launch a mint flavor immune enhancing chewing gum. The product contains 11 immune enhancing substances, including vitamins, zinc, elderberries, berries, Ganoderma lucidum, Toona sinensis, Astragalus and other adaptive ingredients, so that consumers can easily obtain essential nutrients.
3. Game gum
Image source: XPG
The rapid development of network technology has brought earth shaking changes to the game world. End games and mobile games continue to seize the mind of the new generation of consumers. However, people are more and more worried about the impact of long-term contact with electronic devices on the body, especially vision. Adata XPG took advantage of the opportunity to launch gaming gum to solve the health problems caused by the game. At the same time, through additional boosting effect, it adds buff to the player’s performance in the game. The product adopts the combination of caffeine and lutein to supplement energy and protect eyes. Users do not need to sip constantly, nor do they need to be distracted from high-intensity games. Only chewing can maintain lasting concentration, reaction agility and hand speed.
4. Anti caries gum
Image source:
Yizi Japan released its first chewing gum containing “vitamin D” last year, accompanied by the sweet flavor of yogurt, berries and mint. Vitamin D helps promote intestinal absorption of calcium and bone formation. CPP-ACP (casein phosphopeptide) is also added to the product, which can not only enhance the acid resistance of teeth, but also prevent dental caries. It is a convenient choice for maintaining teeth.
In August this year, foodaily wrote a report that the deodorant soluble gum developed by American start-up mouth off health using patented enzyme active ingredients represents another important field of oral care. The breath refreshing Xiangkou pill launched by Kobayashi pharmaceutical in Japan and the oral probiotic direct drinking powder launched by Hengmei in China are excellent product solutions in this field.
“Psoriasis” turning over:
Chewing gum incarnates sustainable life pioneer
If the functionalization of chewing gum makes it easier for people to embrace health, developing 100% degradable chewing gum from raw materials to packaging is another new way to realize the demand of sustainable life.
Nuud, a British plant-based chewing gum brand founded in 2020, aims to eliminate the polymers contained in millions of tons of traditional synthetic chewing gum in the world and provide a natural and sustainable alternative product. A kind of tree sap called chicle is added to the product formula. It contains no plastic at all. It is said that it decomposes as fast as banana peel. In April 2021, nuud chewing gum was put on sale in Waitrose supermarket in the UK, and now it has become a representative brand case of sustainable chewing gum.
The advent of nuud not only brings light to the British government, which spends £ 100 million a year to deal with the problem of gum residue, but also provides an innovative model for global gum brands.
From the first day of its birth, the leisure decompression attribute of chewing gum has been accompanied by problems such as garbage cleaning and environmental pollution. According to the BBC, the global cost of cleaning chewing gum is about 14 billion pounds a year. The recycling of waste chewing gum has become a practical problem that brands can’t avoid.
This year, chewing gum giant Mars Wrigley and social welfare enterprise behavior change launched a set of digital slogan posters for free download, including nine different designs, such as the warning sign of “don’t throw chewing gum at will” and the sign indicating the number of dustbins in the area. This action aims to warn people to pay attention to the treatment of chewing gum after eating and guide people to reduce littering.
The series of signs have been tried in various public places, including shopping centers, railway stations and bus stations in Bristol, Islington and Sheffield, UK. The results show that the introduction of labels can reduce chewing gum abandonment by up to 64% within a few months.
Source: behaviour change
The sign action of Mars Wrigley just puts the recycling and cleaning of chewing gum back on track, while the chewing gum recycling program of Livingston center opens up a creative path with strong sustainability.
Livingston is the first shopping mall in Scotland to launch a gum recycling program. Many bright pink chewing gum bins are placed at the entrance of the center. The collected chewing gum is handed over to Gumdrop, the first company in the world to process waste chewing gum into rubber and plastic products, which is processed into rain boots, frisbees, mobile phone cases, stationery and new garbage collection bins to educate and encourage people to give chewing gum “a second life”.
Grasp the new generation,
How should Chinese “bubble gum” be reborn?
With the rise of the new generation and the change of consumer preferences, the situation of relying on chewing gum to unify breath refreshing products in the past is gone. New products emerge in an endless stream of slobber, oral cavity, oral probiotics and oral spray. Chewing gum faces great market challenges.
According to the data of cheetah Research Institute, the scale of China’s chewing gum market decreased from RMB 11.84 billion in 2014 to RMB 10.14 billion in 2018. In the past, chewing gum, which occupied the gold position of the super cashier, was no longer popular under the impact of online shopping. The in-depth reform of retail channels has greatly reduced the probability of impulsive consumption of chewing gum.
The lack of product innovation, insufficient communication of functional selling points and difficulty in meeting the consumption pain points are the root of consumers’ “empathy and farewell”. In fact, chewing gum can timely remove dental plaque and oral residues on the teeth, which is undoubtedly beneficial to oral health. However, at present, most consumers’ cognition of chewing gum only stays at the level of fresh breath. How can chewing gum turn against the wind?
With the collective adjustment of the global chewing gum industry, the chewing gum market led by the United States has had an obvious warming trend, and the domestic chewing gum market has gradually recovered under the agitation of a number of cutting-edge brands. Among them, the grasp of consumer demand has become the key.
More and more people are working overtime, driving and feeling pressure. They can’t help but release pressure and adjust themselves by eating chewing gum and other food. Psychological research shows that chewing gum can reduce anxiety by 16.5% and improve alertness by 18.7%. Especially when performing multiple tasks at the same time, chewing gum can help people improve their overall work performance by 109%.
Source: Twitter
Not just refreshing. Consumers are increasingly pursuing all-round product experience: novel taste, cool packaging, fashionable brand image, marketing activities close to people’s hearts… How can traditional categories capture the hearts of young people?
Recently, Yida, a veteran chewing gum brand, has upgraded and innovated, optimized the overall visual image of the brand, including brand logo, product packaging and other visual elements, launched the new idea of “chewing my fan”, and interpreted the new image of a younger, modern and dynamic brand.
Source: Yida
In terms of products, Yida has also upgraded its formula. According to the skin care needs of young women, it launched two new products: collagen sugar free gum and collagen soft candy in April this year. The product adopts small molecule patented collagen peptide imported from Germany, rich in VE and VC, which helps to slow down aging and delicate skin. With high appearance, it is popular with women.
Since entering the Chinese market in 2012, stride hyunmai has been based on youth, innovation and change, leading the trend of chewing gum, and bold innovation has once become the brand label of hyunmai. In November 2020, hyunmai released the first all black gum in history – carbon black sugar free gum. The product adds cutting-edge raw material plant carbon black to give the product a cool black appearance; With black packaging, it greatly meets the curiosity hunting psychology of young consumers.
Source: chinadaily
In addition, xuanmai joined hands with two young talk show actors to record three life scenes of “endless meetings”, “incomprehensible classes” and “endless racing cars” that resonate strongly with the new generation. While rubbing the hot spots of the program to expand the brand’s voice, it also helps the brand accurately lock the resonance point with the new generation. Into the hearts of consumers, this is the reason why xuanmai has never fallen behind in the market.
Apollo energy gum stands out by highly fitting the “energy” life scene of Europeans and Americans. Putting aside the selling points at the product level of natural caffeine, fast absorption and low sugar and low calorie, foodaily believes that solving the consumption pain point is the biggest enlightenment brought by Apollo to the chewing gum industry.
With solid scientific research and mature ingredient technology, we can give various concepts to small chewing gum and design various scenes for it. But in the final analysis, we should give consumers a real and complete experience.
In May this year, the oral care brand “Bingquan” received tens of millions of dollars of a and a + round financing, which triggered the industry’s discussion on the future trend of chewing gum. According to foodaily, the importance of oral health is gradually recognized by Chinese people. Focusing on oral care will be one of the important trends of gum innovation in the future.
However, the Innovation story of chewing gum goes far beyond this. From function to lifestyle, how wonderful Chinese life is, how much energy is hidden in chewing gum!
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