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It is predicted that these four flavors will be popular in 2022!

several flavors that will be popular in food and beverage in 2022.
Beck flavors, an American flavor company, recently predicted several flavors that will be popular in food and beverages in 2022, including Clementine orange in fruit category, elderberry in plant medicine category, carambola + apricot in innovation category, and coconut Caramel cookies in indulgence category.
The company’s marketing and R & D team analyzed consumers’ taste preferences and the trend of promoting today’s purchase behavior, and made predictions based on consumers’ needs for health, adventure and nostalgia, because consumers’ tastes will change over time, which is usually affected by their environment, values and moral positions.
Fruit category: Clementine red orange
For many years, citrus fruit has been a favorite flavor of consumers all over the world, not only because it can bring fresh, sweet, sour and delicious taste and aroma to food and beverages, but also because it is rich in vitamin C, various minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidants. In the current global health crisis caused by the epidemic, citrus can provide additional health benefits for food and add citrus The food and beverage with orange ingredients has the properties of supplementing vitamin C and enhancing immunity. Through continuous hybridization under the citrus category, there are hundreds of common varieties, including well-known lemon, orange and orange, as well as relatively novel varieties such as blood orange, bergamot and grapefruit.
According to Beck flavors, 83% of consumers worldwide agree that a healthy diet can enhance immunity and help prevent diseases.   Demand for citrus, berries and botanical drugs related to super fruits or super foods has increased over the past year because they have the “health aura” consumers are looking for.   When consumers want food and drinks to enhance their immunity, one third of consumers will choose citrus and taste. In view of the impact of the epidemic, consumers are very concerned about a healthier diet – including reducing calories, better ingredients, low sugar or low-carbon water, and turning to representing “healthier” Through the adjustment of the formula, the same citrus flavor can also show different tastes and characteristics. The sour and sweet taste of citrus can also neutralize the bad taste of some functional components (such as the fishy smell of DHA, the bitter taste of plant medicine, etc.).
Moreover, more and more consumers are interested in exotic citrus fruits such as citrus, kumquat or grapefruit. Last year, Beck flavors selected Japanese grapefruit, which represents the regional characteristics of East Asia, as the annual flavor, while this year, it selected Clementine red orange, which represents the regional characteristics of the Mediterranean, as the annual flavor. Clementine red orange is a hybrid of Mediterranean red orange and sweet orange, and was named in 1902 Orange, smooth fruit surface, 7-14 capsule petals and easy peel. The commercially produced Clementine red oranges are seedless varieties, which are regarded as seedless Ou oranges. Their fruits are juicy, sweet and delicious. According to innova’s data, the number of new food and beverage products containing Clementine red oranges doubled from 2016 to 2020.
Hint Clementine red orange flavor water, with Zero sugar and calories, does not use sweeteners, and only adds natural and real Clementine red orange juice for seasoning.
Yogi the lemon red orange flavored tea bag, add the South African drunken eggplant, lemon grass, cinnamon, lemon balsam leaf, ginger root, Dr. Louis tea, citrus flavor, stevia leaf, Ding Xiangya and so on, do not contain artificial flavors and sweeteners, help relieve the pressure.
Plant category: elderberry flower
In the category of botanical drugs, elderberry is selected as the annual flavor, which is another flavor with strong health implications. Beck flavors points out that more and more food and drinks have added flower ingredients, which can be perfectly matched with more familiar flavors such as apple, pear, blackberry or passion fruit, creating products that consumers can easily enjoy. At present, in new products The flavor of plant medicine is surging. In the past five years, new products with the theme of flower fragrance have increased at a CAGR of 21% worldwide, which can provide fresh and flower fragrance for food or beverages and bring new innovative tastes that consumers may not have experienced before.   Matching exotic plants with more mainstream or traditional fruits or berries can create a unique flavor and attract consumers to try.
Elderberry flower can not only improve immunity and resist influenza virus like elderberry, but also alleviate anxiety, promote sleep and beauty. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that elderberry flower steaming water can nourish and beautify the face, anti wrinkle and whitening. In addition, elderberry flower contains antioxidants that can help remove free radicals in the body and delay aging.
Jiant’s hard Kangpu tea brewed from organic green tea has an alcohol content of 4.5%. Elderberry Jasmine has a fresh flower flavor, refreshing and pleasant, reducing the stimulation of alcohol.
Innovation category: carambola + apricot
The epidemic stopped people’s travel plans, and consumers were extremely eager for new experiences, and exotic flavor had a strong attraction to them. The study found that exotic restaurants from all over the world were very attractive to 63% of consumers. Beck flavors selected carambola and apricot from Asia as the annual flavor of the innovation category in 2022 to meet consumers’ adventurous spirit and exotic flavor.
Carambola is native to Malaysia and Indonesia and widely planted in the tropics. Carambola has sour and sweet taste and flat nature. It has the functions of generating saliva, relieving cough, lowering Qi and medium. Carambola juice contains a lot of oxalic acid, citric acid and malic acid, which can improve the acidity of gastric juice, promote food digestion, protect the liver, reduce blood glucose, blood lipid and cholesterol, and reduce the body’s absorption of fat.
Polar carambola flavored lemonade contains soda, natural spices and fresh lemon essence, without sugar and sweeteners.
Indulgence category: coconut Caramel cookies
Now, consumers like food that makes people feel comfortable more than ever before. Beck flavors found that nearly a third of global consumers have an increased preference for nostalgia and traditional flavors in the beverage category.
Coconut, caramel and cookies are three familiar and favorite dessert flavors for consumers. Combine them into new flavors to add new experience while nostalgic.
Clover Valley coconut Caramel cookies
The choice of flavor has become more and more important because it has become a good way for products and brands to stand out in the competition.   As more exotic citrus fruits, berries and botanical flavors take their place in the market, new mixed flavors will become more prominent. Consumers’ continuous attention to health means the continuous demand for more natural, healthy and clean flavor ingredients.
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