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Feishilan China’s revenue tax has increased 20 times in the past 13 years. Today, it is pleased to mention the “District Chief Quality Award” of Huangpu District

Royal Netherlands fislan China, which has been “settled” in Huangpu District of Shanghai for 13 years, won the Huangpu District Chief Quality Award for the first time and became the only food enterprise to win the award.

At the third Huangpu District “district head quality award” commendation meeting held today, feishilan China was awarded the Huangpu District head quality award Organization Award for its excellent performance in brand, service, quality, talent and public welfare. The award is the highest quality honor established by Shanghai Huangpu District People’s government to commend enterprises, social organizations and advanced individuals who have made outstanding achievements in quality management, brand building and operation performance.

Huang Fang (first from the left in the front row), director of corporate affairs of feishilan, was at the award ceremony

It is understood that feishilan China was officially registered in Huangpu District, Shanghai in November 2008. Since its establishment, the scale of revenue and tax have increased 20 times, and it is also in the forefront of China’s infant milk powder market.

Traceability of the whole industry chain

It is reported that the selection criteria of the above “district head quality award” of Huangpu District follow the “criteria for excellent performance evaluation”, and in combination with the operation and management of the enterprise, the evaluation is conducted from the seven dimensions of leadership, strategy, customer and market, resources, process management, measurement, analysis and improvement and results, mainly focusing on the leadership, strategic planning and brand value proposition of the enterprise, And investigate the organization and implementation of quality supervision.

As a cooperative dairy enterprise, fisland, which ranked seventh among the top 20 global dairy enterprises in 2021, has been established for 150 years. At present, there are nearly 20000 member dairy farmers and more than 10000 own pastures in Europe, and nearly 80% of the pastures in the Netherlands.

Shen Shanzhou, head of Huangpu District, presented medals to feishilan

The company adopts the foqus quality management system for the whole process of “from pasture to table”, controls the pasture, milk source, processing, packaging, distribution and other links at all levels, tracks the whole process of dairy safety through technological innovation means such as QR code and blockchain, and constructs an information traceability mechanism for the whole industry chain.

At the same time, feishilan invests heavily in improving production facilities every year, and continuously improves the process level to ensure the quality of dairy products. The company also implemented a strict quality assurance system, rejected unqualified materials and products, set a high access threshold for the approval and change of material suppliers, and strictly controlled the quality of products and services in an all-round way.

Digital innovation benchmark

In addition to building a whole chain quality system, in recent years, fislan has also been exploring and innovating in digitization, and has realized digital transformation in terms of digital architecture, big data application and e-commerce marketing growth.

Among them, the company uses artificial intelligence technology to provide consumers with visual expert “cloud consulting” services through video connection, and was rated as “2020 artificial intelligence pilot application scenario” by Huangpu District Science and Technology Commission.

The world’s first innovation experience center was unveiled

In October this year, the world’s first innovation experience center in Shanghai was unveiled. With the differentiated experience of online and offline linkage and virtual reality interaction, the center provides customized services and a full set of digital consumption schemes for enterprise customers and consumers, and was awarded as the “digital transformation application scenario Experience Center” by Huangpu District.

In addition, feishilan also aims at key core cities, expands emerging social platforms, uses digital marketing to create social reputation, carries out consumer education, and provides breeding support for more than 1 million new mothers every year.

Create win-win core values

Under the core value of “win-win spirit”, fislan China is not only committed to building a platform for employees’ growth and creating a diversified and inclusive corporate culture within the enterprise, but also participates in and promotes multiple public welfare projects at the social and community levels, and actively responds to the government’s call for targeted poverty alleviation, helping vulnerable groups and building a healthy China.

Group photo of loving sister-in-law

On the one hand, fislan provides a series of training programs for employees at different levels to help employees improve their professional skills and quality and continue to build a core backbone team.

In July this year, feishilan China was awarded the certification of “the best workplace in Asia in 2021” by the great place to work Institute, a world-famous human analysis and consulting company. Last year, the company was also awarded the certification of “the best workplace in Greater China in 2020”.

On the other hand, feishilan has organized and promoted many public welfare projects in China, such as “loving sister-in-law”, “loving the future”, “Feichang dairy farmers” and “China dairy index report”. It has contributed nearly 50 million yuan to the society through the three pillars of empowering women, caring for children and supporting the dairy industry, directly helping more than 44000 people improve their nutrition and living environment.

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