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Push the subversive whole piece of vegetable beef on Sunday! It will be launched in cooperation with Xi tea

On December 8, a new product press conference was held at Shenzhen headquarters on Sunday, announcing the launch of its annual subversive new product: “master Zhou zero black pepper vegetable beef”, which represents Zhou zero’s leap forward in plant protein technology. At the same time, the company revealed that it would cooperate with Xi tea again to launch at least one meal made of “master Zhou zero black pepper vegetable beef”.


This product is made of non transgenic plant protein containing 8 essential amino acids for human body. In addition to retaining the fiber texture to the greatest extent by using the “intermittent knitting flavor method”, it also uses the “refined molecular enzyme crosslinking technology” to crosslink and polymerize the protein molecules, increase the physical properties of the product, improve the texture, shape the whole meat, and produce a “whole piece” Vegetable protein meat with beef fiber texture.

Different from the usual vegetable meat in the form of minced meat, “Zhou zero master black pepper vegetable beef” is more refined in taste and texture. It also has the characteristics of no nitrite, no preservative, low fat, 0 cholesterol, 0 trans fatty acid, high dietary fiber, containing prebiotics, helping digestion and providing more sense of satiety. The product can be made into meat slices, ham and other forms. It can be combined with Chinese and Western practices to make delicious meals and serve as daily meals. It not only greatly enriches the eating scene, but also helps to meet the health needs of modern people.

At the meeting, Kiki, CEO of Sunday zero, revealed that Monday zero will take the lead in launching at least one new product containing “master Sunday zero black pepper vegetable beef” in cooperation with Xi tea, and will soon launch convenience stores, Western restaurants, bars, cafes and large supermarket chains. Prior to this, we had a continuous cooperative relationship with Xi tea on Sunday, and launched word-of-mouth products such as “future meat hamburger” and “future meat pastoral sandwich”.

Guests who experienced the product said that “master Zhou zero black pepper vegetable beef” has a very delicate meat texture from the appearance, showing a more real meat feeling. It is sliced and ready to eat. It is moderately soft and tender, chewy, salty and delicious. It is paired with Italian oil soaked olive and Mediterranean vinegar soaked caper, which is sour, refreshing and appetizing, Also experienced the real classic flavor of beef slices with black pepper.

In addition, the on-site guests also experienced six exclusive creative fusion dishes carefully cooked by Zhou’s sporadic chef team, combined with seasonal food and Chinese consumers’ eating habits, including dishes made of master black pepper vegetable beef and other creative vegetable dishes. From staple food to dessert, each meal has its own characteristics and is full of praise after tasting. The reason for the breakthrough taste iteration is inseparable from the attention paid to product R & D on Sunday.


At present, the R & D team of week zero accounts for nearly 1 / 3 of the whole company, and nearly 30 patents have been or are being applied for. Since its inception, it has continuously refined the “color and flavor” of plant meat on Sunday, established a full-time R & D team for test scheme and factory verification, invested advanced new equipment and various test materials, and achieved the current taste effect through years of continuous R & D and trial and error.

Why did you choose this product to invest so much R & D resources on Saturday?


Zhou zero said that the new products can help partner brands create richer products and give consumers a better healthy food experience.


“Through market insight research, we found that beef slices and ham products are widely used in Chinese and Western food. In OLE, HEMA and other new retail channels, the sales of semi-finished products of beef slices and Ham have increased steadily, indicating that there is obvious demand in the b-end catering channel and C-end channel, which is very suitable for both meals and meals.” The relevant person in charge of the company said.


Nitrite, preservatives and other consumer concerns exist in beef slices and ham products on the market due to process practices. The plant meat version can remove consumers’ concerns and provide higher health and nutritional value for this category.


Therefore, the research and development was carried out based on plant protein technology on Wednesday. In addition to solving the problems of nitrite, preservatives and cholesterol, these products also have the advantages of prebiotics, high protein, high dietary fiber (up to 6G per 100g) and even low fat (less than 3G per 100g). Finally, through the large-scale effect of the supply chain and the market, Zhou zero succeeded in making the products have a price advantage over similar products in the market, and truly achieve Wumart and cheaper prices.

At the meeting, Zhou also shared the trends and future development points of the vegetable meat industry. From 2019 to 2025, the growth rate of global plant meat is about 15%. The market scale will reach US $13.9 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach US $27.9 billion in 2025.


China’s vegetable meat industry is in the ascendant, with a market growth rate of 15%, in line with the global growth rate. There are three main groups of consumers: new middle class, cutting-edge white-collar workers and generation Z. the overall age is between 18 and 35 years old. The proportion of men and women is almost the same, but there are a little more women. In terms of consumption driving force, health upgrading is one of the main reasons.


In addition, the competition in the plant meat industry focuses on three aspects: production capacity, technology and price. Technically, it is mainly the optimization and refinement of the experience of “color, aroma and taste” of plant meat.


In terms of production capacity, technology and price, scale effect has been established on Saturday, becoming the vegetable meat enterprise with the most cooperation with b-end catering in China, cooperating with more than 100 brands such as Xi tea, Ruixing and the whole family, covering 14000 + stores nationwide. In the future, on Saturday, we will make a breakthrough in the b-end business, the texture of plant meat and the simulation of whole meat fiber, so as to provide Ka partners with better product customization services.

It is reported that at present, the plant protein technology has been reserved to version 4.0 “simulating muscle fiber to make plant meat and imitating the discoloration principle of animal meat to make plant meat discolor in the thermal environment. Through wet extrusion and protein directional arrangement and reorganization, it is expected to be realized as soon as 1-1.5 years. In the future, further improvements will be made in texture and flavor, such as” stewed beef, whole chicken chops and whole pork chops ” And other product forms.

Recently, Saturday zero is also actively expanding the C-end business. The business line was officially launched in the second half of this year. It will increase the layout for diversified scenarios around “light burden, delicious and fun”. It will carry out phased iteration according to the feedback of consumers and the research of the business line.

At present, products such as “Huahua zero sense package”, “smile happy shake Cup”, “one mouthful of plant shredded meat” and “week zero protein stick” have been launched on new retail channels such as HEMA and Ole, as well as convenience store channels such as family, Rosen and 711. Products are sold on online platforms such as tmall, official program and youzan mall.


In addition to plant meat products, Zhou zero also uses plant-based technology to meet consumer needs, such as the “Zhou zero plant protein bar” launched for card control fitness crowd , the protein bars on the market can be basically divided into two categories: whey protein made from whey protein powder and chicken breast meat. However, most chicken products have problems such as firewood smell, monotony and taste like chewing wax. Using plant-based technology, Zhou zero protein bar can make q-bomb chewy, no firewood, no smell, unique and delicious, and meet the needs of consumers such as light burden and high protein 。


In addition to focusing on the upgrading of users’ product experience, Saturday also meets their emotional demands by building a living community and delivering a sustainable lifestyle.


For example, our creative market activity “today’s zero” and the recently launched user Lifestyle Community “neighborhood plan” , integrate the concept of sustainability, sports energy, interpersonal relationship, self-concern and growth, and transfer a balanced, diversified and unlimited lifestyle.


In addition, Zhou zero is also continuously recruiting brands, associations and living families with the same frequency to join the neighborhood plan, build a friendly and pleasant community like a neighborhood with Zhou zero, and be neighbors, partners and friends with every user, not only providing users with the products they need, but also practicing and creating an ideal life with users.


The continuous development of China’s plant protein industry puts forward higher requirements for the ability of products, brands and other aspects. It is precisely because of maintaining sensitivity to the market, continuously understanding customer needs, constantly carrying out product innovation and optimizing product experience that we can break through in the fierce competition environment on Sunday, and have been recognized and supported by more consumers in this process. I look forward to it The launch of new products in cooperation with Xi tea on Sunday and further breakthroughs in plant meat technology in the future will bring more yuan and healthier plant-based product choices to the industry and consumers.

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