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The 2021 world plant-based award was announced, giving consideration to health and taste, making the industrial development more “sustainable”




Text: Sabrina Li, HN Wang

Source: foodaily daily food (ID: foodaily)

In the early morning of December 10, the winners of the 2nd world plant based Awards (2021) were fresh. After careful consideration by the jury, 110 entries from 20 countries finally produced 15 single best winners, covering all aspects of plant-based industry products, technologies, brands, etc.
The world plant-based award was jointly founded by the authoritative British media Foodbev media and the plant-based World Expo in 2020 to celebrate the innovation and excellence of the plant-based food and beverage industry. During the epidemic, global consumers gradually realized the importance of healthy diet, and the plant-based market also ushered in a year of outbreak. Whether at home or abroad, more plant-based products have entered the vision of consumers. Product types are becoming more and more diversified, including plant meat, plant-based milk powder, plant-based seafood, plant-based cake, plant-based cheese, Various bold innovations make consumers realize that “vegetarianism” can also be delicious.
Looking at this year’s award-winning products, foodaily found that sustainability, health and giving consideration to taste are the common characteristics of the award-winning products. Whether it’s baby milk powder, Thai fish sauce, desserts, drinks and dinner, the sources of raw materials used are more extensive. Traditional beans no longer dominate, and nuts, oats, hemp seeds, even seaweed, green bananas and other uncommon ingredients appear frequently.
While meeting the needs of the public, plant-based brands are also actively practicing the goals of sustainability and environmental friendliness. For example, else nutrition, who won the “best dairy substitute / best milk substitute” award this time, and ravage, who was shortlisted for the “best milk substitute / best milk substitute” award, reduced the waste of raw materials by improving the production line and process, while hope and sesame chose self pollinated and drought resistant sesame as the raw material of plant protein, It has avoided the harm to the environment caused by breeding commercial bees, won the award of “best milk substitute / best milk substitute” in one fell swoop in this award, and won the highly recommended awards of “best plant-based beverage” and “best plant-based sustainable product / brand”, which can be called a big winner.
Among the award-winning products, foodaily also found that plant-based brands attach importance to the Asian market: livekindly collective, a company focusing on plant-based life, launched chicken brand harpy chicken and pork brand Luoka pig respectively for Chinese consumers; Plant chicken brand chkn not chicken currently has only three products, one of which is the flavor of garlic soy sauce with Asian characteristics. In addition, raw materials with Asian characteristics such as longan, red jujube, cassava and konjac also appear in a variety of products. These fully reflect the importance of the Asian market in promoting the global plant-based industry.
Next, let’s feel how the innovation and creativity of these plant-based brands shine in the products!

best dairy substitute / best dairy substitute
else nutrition – plant based nutrition toddler drink

A 100% botanical organic infant formula made from almonds, buckwheat and cassava. This plant-based nutritional food for young children has complete essential amino acids and is a clean non transgenic protein source. And rich in vitamins and minerals, it is an important source of protein, calcium, iron, fiber and healthy fat, which helps to promote the growth and development of infants and young children. The brand’s “beyond organic” production process includes the transformation of the whole plant without the use of highly processed extracts or derivatives. The product has zero milk or soybean content and does not contain gluten, hormones, antibiotics, palm oil and corn syrup.
Source: Foodbev media
Highly recommended
Misha’s ™ – Black Truffle Cheese
This pure vegan cheese with black truffle flavor is additionally added with black truffle oil to bring the product a rich butter like taste and velvet like texture. With cashew nuts and almond base as the main ingredients, pure cheese can be used to make delicious mushroom wonton, pure salad, truffle macaroni and delicious truffle pizza with rich cream white sauce. Free of lactose, soy, starch or nutritional yeast, ketogenic diet friendly. Misha’s is a brand that produces high-quality pure cheese. It uses cashew nut and almond milk, various locally purchased herbs, vegetables and spices to make pure cheese.
Source: Whole Foods Market
Shortlisted products
Garfields Vegan Food Company – Vegan Cheese
Happy Cheeze GmbH – Vegan Passion Creamy White

best vegetable meat

Plantcraft – Plant-Based Pâté
This is a pure French meat sauce (P â t é), which is made of sunflower seed oil, green banana powder, flaxseed powder and other natural plant ingredients. It is seasoned with onion and garlic. It contains no additives, grains or eight allergens and can be used to make cream pie. There are two flavors: spicy and original.
Source: plantcraft
Shortlisted products
Longève Brands – Plant-based Protein Crumbles
NoBull Burger  – the true veggieburger!

best milk substitute / best milk substitute

Hope and Sesame – Sesamemilk
This is an organic sesame milk made of non GM sesame and pea. Each contains 8 grams of whole plant protein, 9 essential amino acids and 120 calories. It can provide the same amount of calcium as whole milk, less sugar and more vitamin D. At the same time, it contains sesamein, a plant protein concentrate unique to hope & sesame ™)。 In addition, this sesame milk contains no gluten, dairy products and soybeans, which is suitable for vegetarians. At present, there are five flavors: original flavor, sugar free flavor, sugar free vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut chocolate.
Source: pinterest
Highly recommended
Ravage Industries – POPPYLK-Poppy Mylk Blue Original
This is a poppy seed milk, made from Australian or European blue poppy, with good nut flavor. The product is rich in omega-3, omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. The content of saturated fat is low. Each 300ml can provide about 20% of iron, calcium and copper and about 10% of manganese, phosphorus and magnesium needed by the human body every day. The product line also produces poppy seed oil and poppy powder, which minimizes the waste of raw materials.
Source: Facebook – ravage industries
Shortlisted products
nooj – Almond Paste
Else Nutrition – Plant-Based Nutrition toddler drink

best plant-based beverage

Kabocha Milk Co. – Kabochamilk
This is a kind of plant milk made from kabocha Buttercup pumpkin grown in New Zealand. It is rich in vitamin A, carotene, fiber, minerals and vitamins without artificial flavor or pigment.
Source: kabochamilk
Highly recommended
Hope and Sesame – Chocolate Hazelnut sesamemilk
This is an organic hazelnut chocolate sesame milk made from non GM sesame and pea flavor. Each contains 8 grams of whole plant protein, 9 essential amino acids, and 120 calories. It can provide the same amount of calcium as whole milk, less sugar and more vitamin D. At the same time, it contains sesamein, a protein concentrate unique to hope & sesame ™)。 In addition, this sesame milk contains no gluten, dairy products and soybeans, which is suitable for vegetarians.
Source: ubuy hk
Shortlisted products
Fulfill Food & Beverages  – Karviva Unwined Wine Replacement Juice
Biomel  – Belgian Dark Chocolate Shots

best plant-based condiment

Thai Taste –  Vegan ‘Fish’ Sauce
This is a Thai fish sauce made from seaweed. It has authentic Thai flavor and can be used instead of salt. The raw materials are natural, gluten free, no artificial colors, seasonings or preservatives. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegetarians.
Source: ocado
Shortlisted products
Fabalish – Fabalish Fab-a-Dip

best plant-based dessert / candy

Doozy Pots – Plant-Based Gelato
A plant-based ice cream. The product is made of hemp seed oil, hemp seed protein, whole oats, sucrose and cocoa butter. Hemp seed oil mixed with oats produces a pleasant creamy texture with lower saturated fat and sugar than most commercially available plant-based desserts. The product does not contain milk, CBD or THC. It is suitable for vegetarians. 32% of the product packaging is renewable fiber. At present, the series includes 5 flavors: vanilla beans, coffee biscuits, chocolate raspberries, Chocolate Mint crispy, banana cinnamon.
Source: wonderlab’s doozy pots
Shortlisted products
Laird Superfood- Brownie Mix
Dolfin (UK) Ltd – My Sweet Chickpea

best plant-based functional food
TCI Co Ltd. – Golden formula

This is a functional product formula that can be applied to a variety of products. It is a solid beverage formula independently developed by TCI Co Ltd. and contains tea flower extract. At present, there are two flavors of cream cocoa oats and Cream Strawberry oats.
Source: Alibaba
Highly recommended
Fulfill Food & Beverages – Karviva Whole Plant Smoothie Tranquil
This is a vegetable protein milkshake made from Asian fruits such as pear, red jujube, mulberry and longan with quinoa and Chia seeds. It is rich in probiotics and fiber, which is conducive to promoting brain health and helping to improve problems such as insomnia and anxiety.
Source: Facebook Karuna whole plant wellness drinks
Shortlisted products
Gold&Green ® – Protein Flakes
Phytaphix – Immune Phix

best non food plant-based product

ProAmpac – RecycAll Freshpack
This is a recyclable sandwich package, which is made of all fiber and does not contain plastic components. It is the first plastic free sandwich package in the UK and European markets. This package not only has the same shelf life and accurate moisture-proof level as the traditional sandwich package, but also uses its own micro fibrosis structure to increase the transparency of the package, so that consumers can see the products in the package.
Source: proampac

best plant protein food

Eighth Day Foods – Lupreme
This is a kind of plant meat only made of lupin. Each (about 100g) contains up to 20% protein, all 9 essential amino acids, saturated fat and 15% fiber, low carbon water and low salt. This plant meat tastes mild and is suitable for frying, frying, stewing and other cooking methods. It can replace fish and chicken or cook with meat. Its complex moist elastic structure can help itself absorb the taste of meat. The plant meat is made by traditional fermentation. It has the advantages of simple processing from planting to finished products, high cost-effectiveness, less pollution and high sustainability.
Samples prepared by eight day foods lupreme
Photo source: lupreme
Shortlisted products
Bodyhero – Plant Protein
Oumph! – Kebab Döner Style

best plant-based seafood

The Plant Based Seafood Co. – Mind Blown Plant-Based Scallops
This is a plant-based scallop ball, which is made of konjac powder and plant root powder with natural spices. Each 86g contains less than 1G fat, 9g fiber and 6G protein, no gluten, palm oil or soybean. Heat for 2 minutes before eating. The series also has three flavors: plant-based Lobster Ball, coconut fried shrimp and plain fried shrimp.
Source: GTFO it’s Vegan
Shortlisted products
Loma Linda – Spring Water TUNO
Be Leaf Corporation – Vegan Shrimp

best plant-based snack

Dolfin (UK) Ltd – My Sweet Chickpea
This is a chocolate coated chickpea snack rich in dietary fiber. The surface is wrapped with different kinds of chocolate. The perfect combination of chickpea and chocolate makes this snack mellow and delicious. It can be said to be the gospel of sweet food lovers. The product is rich in plant fiber and protein. There are seven flavors: dark chocolate, cappuccino & dark chocolate, coconut & dark chocolate, tiramisu & dark chocolate, cinnamon & dark chocolate, strawberry & cheese cake, Banana & cheese cake. It is worth mentioning that this product won the best plant-based dessert / candy award in the first world plant-based award in 2020.
source: my sweet Chickpea
Highly recommended
ALDI – exclusive Simply Nature Cauliflower Tortilla Chips
This is a potato chip made of cauliflower and cassava. It does not contain gluten and grain. It is non GM and vegetarian friendly. It can be used as an alternative snack to traditional potato chips. Each package of 128 grams contains 140 calories. There are two flavors: sea salt and Spicy Roast cheese.
Source: Aldi
Shortlisted products
ALDI – exclusive Park Street Deli Cauliflower Dips
Laird Superfood – Homemade Pancake & Waffle Baking Mix

best plant-based packaging

Earth By Makers of Coco & Lucas’ Kitchen – Meal For One
This plant-based package is packed in kraft paper. Its interesting product patterns and product descriptions written by the marker bring consumers a unique and approachable feeling. At the same time, the hand-painted earth and portrait logo also convey the brand’s mission – to protect our earth. The product was nominated for the 2021 Sydney design award.
Source: Earth by makers of coco & Lucas’ kitchen
Shortlisted products
Gwennie on the GO -Seasoning Sachets
ProAmpac – RecycAll Freshpack

best plant sustainable plant-based product / brand

Hope and Sesame – Sesamemilk
Hope and sesame is committed to bringing more environment-friendly and nutritious sesame milk to consumers. It uses non genetically modified sesame with 8 grams of protein per 250 ml and recyclable packaging mainly made of renewable plant materials. At present, the brand has organic product line, normal temperature product line and refrigerated product line. The brand claims that planting sesame requires less water than almonds. Because sesame itself is self pollinated, it does not need to produce commercial bees that pollinate almonds like almonds. Therefore, sesame milk is more environmentally friendly than almond milk.
Source: hope and sesame
Shortlisted products
SunOpta and OatGold

best plant based company

Livekindly collective is a company dedicated to promoting plant-based life. It has plant-based food brands covering the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other countries, including plant meat brands harpy chicken and Luoka pig launched for Chinese consumers, and its main chicken and pig meat products. In addition to the food field, livekindly is also the world’s leading digital life brand. Its product line covers daily necessities, food packaging, etc., helping to achieve the company’s goal of sustainable development.
Source: Dutch news
Shortlisted companies
Greenleaf Foods – Lightlife and Field Roast Brands
Infinite Foods

best plant-based startup

CHKN Not Chicken
Chkn not chicken is a plant-based food company founded in 2020, focusing on plant-based chicken, which aims to help people who like meat reduce meat intake and eat high-quality and high-content plant protein at the same time. At present, there are three chicken substitutes of Mexican flavor, Asian flavor and original flavor, which are suitable for a variety of cooking methods. The company’s proprietary extrusion, flavor impregnation and coating technology can restore the juicy, texture and flavor of traditional chicken.
Source: nosh
Shortlisted companies
Float Foods


Globally, the plant-based market has gradually entered the promotion period of rapid development from the initial market exploration period, the industry scale has been expanding, and the category tracks have been subdivided gradually.


China’s plant-based market is still in its infancy. Among the winners, there is only one enterprise of Dajiang biomedicine from Taiwan. However, we believe that with the continuous improvement of the domestic plant-based industry and the gradual improvement of consumer recognition, more Chinese plant-based enterprises and products will shine brightly on the world stage!


The registration channel for the new fourth Isee global food innovation award has been opened. Launched by Foodaily daily food in 2018, the iSEE Innovation Award excavates and commends the global product / brand / technology / enterprise / personas innovation model from the perspective of business ecology. Through media campaigns, innovative search and social experience marketing activities, it shows the innovation to industry, business and consumers, and shows China’s innovation to the world, and promotes the integration of overseas and local innovation. Empowering China’s new consumption. There is not only competition, but also content, communication, experience and social networking. We look forward to the participation of every food enterprise! (click the picture to view the detailed introduction)
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