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An out of circle marketing? Box horse lost the official ID?

was played again?

Text: Advertising Copywriting circle

Source: Advertising Copywriting circle (ID: copyquan)

Haha, haha, that’s funny.
Originally, the circle guy was watching the fierce scene of everyone robbing the cat’s nest (sure enough, it didn’t disappoint me). Unexpectedly, he brushed and saw a more lively one——
What do you mean?
This year, in order to celebrate the double twelfth Festival, HEMA changed its nickname – “HEMA”.
Some people commented at that time:
So yesterday I wanted to change back to the previous nickname “box horse” and found that I really couldn’t change it back
Box horse nickname changed
Let’s first feel the ridicule of a wave of netizens:
Ha ha ha ha ha
Find @ come and go (CEO of sina Weibo),
Now it’s a high imitation,
Don’t you want to do it (knock)
I praised the Mola fish two days ago, and today I overturned (defy the law?)
Just use this. It’s good (I’m struggling)
The box horse is still launching another official number
So – # the ugly (not) topic that the nickname of # box horse can’t be changed back, went straight to the hot search list.
After the Tun Tat’s completion of the hippo (not) the box, we started to make complaints about it. Who did it?
“Horse in sheep’s clothing”
Party sheep (not)
I have to say that this expression looks very crafty.
At 11:20, he ma went to the comment area to “question”:
Netizens also commented enthusiastically on the few microblogs of bloggers——
Eat hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot:
net friend:
Eat duck feet:
net friend:
Want to see Zhang Bichen’s concert:
Box horse:
But it is strange that from the moment of the incident, the heat was so great that the parties did not respond.
net friend:
It’s not too big to watch the excitement,
Until 1:00 p.m., the microblog began to respond:
“I’ll return it later. Some in the comment area are unnecessary. Drink a cup of milk tea to reduce the fire”
This is, after bringing a box of horses, you have to bring Xi tea? (no)
Box horse also found that this number is an old fan:
net friend:
This rhythm seems that things can be solved peacefully.
But I have to say that in the face of the bombardment of the whole network, the blogger as the event center is so calm——
I’ve planned to climb the mountain (scratch my head),
The key also didn’t explain why everyone had better change their name.
This no care response made people puzzled about the purpose of registration and began to doubt that the big Oolong was fake.
Some netizens showed their golden eyes:
Employee number,
So, the melon eaters are being played again?
Official and micro enterprises can also make mistakes in marketing
Although many bloggers say that it is true that they have internal information.
But the circle seems that true and false is not the most important at present——
If it is false, the brand has paved the way for a long time and played a big chess with full slot points, and the effect has been achieved.
Even make complaints about the real thing, administrative micro blog has no first time to solve it, but to give it to everyone to Tucao, let the event ferment, it is a smooth sailing, a good marketing!
You see, now everyone knows that HEMA is going to have double twelve.
There are even people who want to continue to squat and rush to register box horses:
The net is full of boxes and horses,
Is this going to play?
In fact, it’s not just box horse. There are also hot searches on similar events that have been written before – Xiaomi tablet forgot its microblog password
Xiaomi wants to release tablet 5, saying that the official wechat password has not been found,
Only Xiaomi’s mobile phone can help promote:
It was also laughed at by everyone,
Later, everyone knew that they were going to send tablet 5.
And it’s funny that Watsons tiktok forgot the flick code.
In the best of spirits, Watsons’s advertising song “love you 105 degrees” suddenly went on fire for a tiktok.
Unexpectedly, the official tiktok code has been forgotten for more than a year.
I can’t laugh anymore.
This one after another, very funny, true and false, difficult to distinguish true and false Oolong events can be discussed. The circle thinks the key is to have a slot.
At leisure, make complaints about the contents of the Tucao administrative micro blog, and add a little bit of official turnover.
It can be said that the official intentionally or unintentionally, with some harmless little embarrassment, took the audience’s joke mentality, handed over the topic to everyone to ferment, spontaneously produced the content of the slot, and the official and micro enterprises may push the boat along with the water, and the thing will be done.
Finally, coupled with everyone’s curiosity to understand things, what should be publicized has also been publicized.
The so-called: I don’t show my pony feet. How do you know what I’m doing?
What do you think?

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