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Chunzhen releases jumping sugar yogurt, fit8 and Xiaohuang people jointly push probiotic protein powder… | it’s hot for a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Chunzhen promotes the new greedy yogurt, which contains jumping sugar to carry out the trendy and interesting experience to the end
2. Changqing launched protein time yogurt, RO membrane process concentrated milk fermentation without adding protein powder
3. Yili Zhixuan promotes new boxed soybean milk with 7.5G high-quality vegetable protein to provide nutritional choices for breakfast
4. Chali tea contains red jujube, medlar and ginger tea, which nourishes new vitality in winter
5. Costa x Thomson Beijian pushes the protein energy coffee gift box, and the energy CP is in good condition for migrant workers
6. Bio-e’s new bagged Prunus fiber juice, a variety of dietary fibers help the intestinal tract more unobstructed
7. Fit8 x Xiaohuang released a new single probiotic protein powder. The hand-made original bottle makes the muscle strengthening experience more interesting
8. Leshi’s high-end series of purple potato chips are newly launched. The original cut purple potato contains anthocyanins
9. DayDayCook vegetable pasta is on the market. 10 minute quick cooking brings a light and luxurious cooking experience
10. Plavest paifu always launches high protein sugar control noodles, low fat and high protein, and opens a new healthy diet
11. Chuji launched magic quinoa cookies, precious A2 milk source and high-quality carbon water formula to awaken vitality
12. Yungeng makes x to eat the new brown sugar pot, and the 10% brown sugar spray ratio makes the taste sweet and not greasy
13. Nowwa coffee has successively completed round B and round B + financing, with a cumulative amount of RMB 200 million
14. Akita Manman has completed the round B financing of tens of millions of dollars and is committed to developing food more suitable for Chinese babies
15. Coconut food brand yeman won the ten million pre-A round of financing from aoniu capital, and will launch products around whole coconut baking in the future
16. Taste room, a lifestyle fine brewing brand, won ten million yuan pre-A round of financing and exclusive investment in Pro food
17. Yizi took a stake in Enxi village, a bakery manufacturer, and strengthened the development of extension products and low-temperature short-term protection products
18. Guangming dairy acquired 60% equity of xiaoxiniu and continued to improve the layout of milk sources in the West
19. Suntory 100% plant-based PET bottles come out, aiming to replace all petrochemical based PET bottles by 2030

Recently, Chunzhen launched a new greedy yogurt with a strong sense of creativity, especially adding four interesting ingredients: sea salt almond crushed kernel, excellent crisp milk, freeze-dried red heart pitaya pudding and jumping sugar, and providing more high-quality protein supply and reducing the content of white granulated sugar, so as to make the delicacy light burden. Yogurt cup body adopts 8-layer structure with high barrier, which aims to lock the fresh taste of yogurt; It also adopts an integrated custom spoon, which is simple, lightweight, convenient and not dirty. The new price of the new tmall flagship store is 120g * 6 cups / piece / 59.9 yuan.
Photo source: Chunzhen flagship store


On December 7, Yili Changqing launched a new protein time yogurt, which uses advanced RO membrane process to concentrate milk fermentation. Compared with Changqing 100g original flavor fermented milk, it uses 30% raw milk to concentrate without protein powder. The high-quality protein content of each cup reaches 5g, which is 1.6 times that of ordinary yogurt. The new product has two flavors: natural flavor and velvet coconut flavor. The former has 0 sucrose and 0 sugar substitute, and the latter adds coconut jam to provide natural sweetness (4% sucrose), and coconut meat also adds rich taste to yogurt. The product is priced at 135g * 8 cups / 71.8 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Source: Yili fresh milk flagship store


Recently, the official of Zhixuan vegetable milk microblog announced the launch of new boxed soybean milk, claiming that healthy and delicious “beans” are pinched and overweight breakfast. The new product takes non GM soybean as raw material and fully releases the mellow smell of Soybean after 44 processes and micron fine grinding. Each box of soybean is added with 32g, containing 7.5G high-quality plant protein, mellow taste, 0 cholesterol and 0 trans fatty acid, which can be used as a delicious and nutritious high-quality breakfast. Tmall flagship store sells for 250ml * 16 boxes / box / 59 yuan.
Photo source: Zhixuan flagship store


On December 9, Chali tea released the “winter Health Guide” red jujube, medlar and ginger tea, hoping to bring warm companionship to female friends and cultivate a warm and moist look. The tea bag contains red jujube, medlar and ginger, and the red jujube is diced to better extract nutrients; The tea soup is light yellow and bright, with rich jujube flavor and slightly ginger flavor. You can drink it at 80 ° C. In terms of packaging design, the new products are mainly red, which runs through the national fashion design. The color matching of red, gold and black is dignified and atmospheric, which shows the oriental charm. The new tmall flagship store sells for 27g / box / 39 yuan.
Source: Chali flagship store

5、COSTA X 汤臣倍健推蛋白能量咖啡礼盒,能量CP为打工人续航好状态

On December 10, costacoffee wechat officials announced that they had joined hands with Thomson Beijian to launch a new protein energy coffee gift box to create a super energy CP combination. The new product packs Thomson Beijian protein powder (plant type) solid beverage and Costa cold extract instant coffee separately, and is equipped with an electric stirring cup, which is convenient for consumers to stir them and eat them, so as to easily get a cup of protein energy coffee. In terms of appearance, both products are in the shape of battery, and are packaged in golden brown, with full texture and full sense of charging. At present, the products can be given simultaneously on platforms such as Tomson Beijian’s official number of xiaohongshu.
Source: costacoffee


Foodaily found that bio-e’s official flagship store recently launched a Ximei fiber juice, which can “improve uh huh and return to healthy skin”. The new product is added with concentrated prune juice from California, USA, containing dietary fiber, xylitol and sorbitol, which can help intestinal peristalsis; It contains a variety of nutrients such as phenols, VC, VA, magnesium and potassium, which can also supplement the daily needs of the body and enhance the vitality of the skin; At the same time, the blessing of the four prebiotics of galactooligosaccharide, stachyose, citrus fiber and inulin is to strengthen the intestinal defense line. In terms of packaging, the product innovation adopts bags, which are ready to eat and can be opened repeatedly, which is convenient and fast. The promotion price of new products is 120ml * 3 bags / 119 yuan.
Photo source: Bioe flagship store

7、ffit8 X 小黄人发布全新单品益生菌蛋白粉,手办级原创瓶身让增肌体验更有趣

In December 7th, ffit8 jointly launched a new probiotic protein powder containing WPC whey protein, WMP full fat milk powder, MPC concentrated milk protein and WPI separated whey protein four essential protein. The aim is to help maintain metabolism, compact skin and improve protein absorption. The new product also specially adds a new generation of active probiotic lactospore ® Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856, with a survival rate of 95%, can strengthen intestinal defense; In addition, a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids can provide a variety of nutrients for the body. You can choose the brewing concentration according to your personal preference or mix it with other drinks.
The packaging of the new product is full of creativity. The original bottle body design of the hand-made little yellow man is cute and cute. It also has a special red fire hydrant shape, which is unique. According to fit8 tmall flagship store, the price of this little yellow man co branded gift box is 399 yuan / box.
Source: fit8


Recently, the official account of the public entertainment announced the launch of a new high-end purple potato series and set the taste to be an attractive and flavored grapefruit flavor. Purple potatoes rich in anthocyanins are selected for new products. Without adding artificial colors, the ingredients are simple, safe and crisp. Each box contains 5 independent small packages, which is convenient for storage and can better control calorie intake. It aims to capture young people in detail. The new product has been launched in the official flagship store of tmall PepsiCo group, and the preferential price of double 12 event is 75g / box / 19.9 yuan.
Photo source: Leshi


Recently, DayDayCook announced the launch of new plant meat pasta, which differentiated most pasta on the market, used plant meat to replace traditional meat to make sauce, and created a more ideal flavor and taste through the scientific ratio of 1.2:1 between sauce and pasta. It is reported that the new pasta is made of hard wheat flour. It has strong wheat flavor, Q elasticity, and is resistant to cooking. It is not easy to paste and adhesion. It can be cooked in 10 minutes. In terms of taste, DayDayCook provides three classic flavors of Western restaurants: Signature meat sauce, signature cream meat sauce and signature black pepper meat sauce. Tmall flagship store sells for 3 boxes / 39.9 yuan.
Click on the picture to view the details
Photo source: daily cooking DayDayCook


Recently, Plavest, a health food brand, has a new high protein control sugar noodles, which is mainly for diabetics, pregnant women and other special groups. The new product subverts the traditional vermicelli. It is rich in animal and plant double protein and mulberry leaf extract, which can effectively inhibit the absorption of sugar. 80g of a noodle can meet 50% of the daily dietary fiber, and can provide a sense of satiety for up to 5 hours. It is suitable for frying, mixing, soup, brine and other eating methods. Tmall flagship store sells 240g, and the experience package is 25.9 yuan.
Photo source: plavest flagship store


Recently, Chuji launched a magic quinoa cookie in its tmall flagship store, focusing on supermodel food formula and creating a high-quality carbon water collection. The new product uses pure A2 milk powder from German pasture, which is rich in A2B casein, calcium and proline. It is gentle to human body and takes care of people who are lactose intolerant; At the same time, chickpea, konjac, quinoa and Qiya seed grain particles are integrated into the product, which is full of dietary fiber. Each box of 150g can meet 50% of the daily needs of adults, and 0 sucrose is added. It can be used for breakfast, fitness supplies and other scenes. The price of activity seconds is 9.9 yuan / box.
Photo source: Chuji food flagship store

12、云耕物作 X 大吃兄上新红糖锅巴,10%红糖喷淋比例让口感清甜不腻

On December 10, yungeng Wuzuo, a high-quality brand without added brown sugar, and the big brother of Guoba King jointly launched a new brown sugar Guoba. Among them, brown sugar raw materials are selected from high-quality sugarcane planted in Ailao Mountain, Yunnan Province. In the processing process, the lime water filtration impurity method of old brown sugar is abandoned and hpena-f3 is adopted ™ The overpressure filtration technology can filter layer by layer to obtain 0 chemical residue clear syrup and 10% gold brown sugar high-pressure spraying ratio, which not only retains the fragrance of pot brown sugar, but also makes it crisp and attractive in color. The new yungeng Wuzuo tmall flagship store sells for 165G / box / 19.9 yuan.
Source: cloud ploughing


It is reported that the chain coffee brand nowwa coffee has recently completed two rounds of financing: round B and round B +, with a cumulative amount of RMB 200 million. Round B was led by Jue capital investment, and all old shareholders followed; SIG Haina Asia led the investment in round B +, the new shareholders Belle group consumer fund and Shengjing Jiacheng master fund followed the investment, all the old shareholders followed the investment, and Gaohu capital acted as the exclusive financial adviser for the two rounds of financing. This round of funds will be mainly used for product R & D, supply chain construction, store opening and it system construction.
Founded in June 2019, Nova coffee mainly aims at professionals and provides high-quality coffee, tea, peripheral, baking and other products of about 15 yuan. In terms of channels, the combination of online and offline channels is adopted. At present, there are more than 1500 stores offline, covering 20 cities.
Photo source: Nova coffee


It is reported that Akita Manman, a brand of infant and child nutrition full meal, has completed a round B financing of tens of millions of dollars, which is led by maxice capital, continuously supported by Shunwei capital and Qingliu capital, and Yuanqi capital acts as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of funds will be mainly used for product R & D, brand upgrading and offline channel expansion.
Akita Manman went online in 2018. Focusing on the main and supplementary food for infants and children, it launched pastries, fresh food, seasonings and snacks, gradually built a feeding system for infants and children of all ages, and provided a one-stop scientific feeding scheme for the new generation of Baoma in China. Up to now, the brand has accumulated more than 5 million family users, maintained the new rhythm of launching 5-8 SKUs every month, and explored the needs of babies with users.
Image source: Internet


Recently, yeman, a coconut food brand, obtained a ten million yuan pre-A round of financing, with the investor being aoniu capital. This round of funds is mainly used for team development, new product R & D and brand construction. This round is also the second round of financing completed within this year.
Founded in 2020, yeman takes coconut as the core research and development, focusing on scenes such as breakfast and afternoon tea snacks. Its products include baked snacks such as coconut light cake, coconut chips and coconut biscuits. Yeman said that in the future, it will launch products around whole coconut baking and expand to the field of coconut beverage and personal care. At present, it has launched two channels online and offline simultaneously.
Source: CNMO

16、生活方式精酿厂牌Taste Room获千万级人民币Pre-A轮融资,亲亲食品独家投资

It is reported that taste room, a lifestyle brewing brand, announced the completion of a ten million yuan pre-A round of financing, which is exclusively invested by Pro food. This round of financing will be mainly used for the construction of R & D laboratories, the development of new product lines, the opening of offline flagship stores and the expansion of sales channels.
Taste room was founded in 2016 and launched its first product “Gui” the following year. The founder said that the company has a full set of production lines from brewing to packaging, hoping to make rich beer tastes that are not limited by time and scene. In addition, taste room focuses on offline channels, while “Gui” and juice Xida are the two most important product lines of the company, accounting for more than half of its total sales. At present, the products have been launched into online channels such as tmall, JD and NetEase.
Source: brand planet


Recently, Yizi took a stake in Enxi Village (Shanghai) Industrial Co., Ltd., accounting for 5% of its registered capital. This is the first time Yizi has invested in Chinese local food enterprises. This cooperation will help them expand their product category portfolio in the Chinese market and develop low-temperature and short shelf-life baking products of Yizi’s brands.
Founded in 2018, Enxi village mainly produces mousse cakes, thousand layer cakes, Dafu, ice moon cakes, cookies and other types of cakes. It also has its own factories in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Dongguan that can cover the national business. It has become a long-term strategic partnership with many enterprises such as China Resources Group and Sam’s club.
Source: Enxi village flagship store


On the evening of October 21, Guangming dairy announced that the company acquired 60% equity of Qinghai xiaoxiniu biological Dairy Co., Ltd. at the price of 612 million yuan and became its controlling shareholder. According to the plan, xiaoxiniu company will maintain relatively independent operation in the next three years. Guangming dairy will manage xiaoxiniu company by building an effective governance structure and actively promote the coordinated implementation of business in production, market, channel and other lines. The completion of the acquisition will help improve the milk source, production capacity and market layout of Guangming dairy in the west, and further expand the scale.
According to the announcement, xiaoxiniu was established on September 13, 2002. Its business scope includes the production, processing and sales of dairy products and beverages, the purchase of fresh milk, dairy farming, etc. its core products are “tolumbo” pure milk, “Qinghai old yogurt” and “treasure of highland barley”. The company’s revenue from January to April this year was as high as 241 million yuan.
Source: xiaoxiniu flagship store


It is reported that after ten years of research and experiment, Suntory group has developed a plant-based PET bottle prototype, which is made of 100% plant materials except bottle cap and label. The prototype bottle is made by combining the technology of anellotech, an American technology company, which can convert plant-based p-xylene extracted from sawdust into plant-based terephthalic acid (PTA) and pre-existing plant-based MEG made of molasses. At present, the prototype bottle has been produced for orangina brand in Europe and tennensui bottled mineral water brand in Japan. Suntory said it would eliminate the use of petroleum derived original pet plastic bottles worldwide by 2030.
Source: Foodbev
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