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Riding the east wind of new Chinese baking, the humble peach crisp turned over?



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people who grew up in the north of the last century still have some impressions of peach crisp, biscuits, wheat milk essence and so on. When mushrooms were young, the impression of peach crisp was that they were neatly packed in a red square carton, or they were bought in bulk and put in a tin box. Although not as some netizens share, the peach crisp has the smell of oil, but it’s really not how interested in this dessert.
in the passage of crosstalk master Hou Baolin, the car pressed the peach crisp into the asphalt road, and the stick did not tilt the peach crisp out, but folded it, which satirized the quality of the peach crisp in the past. Although this was before the 1990s, it also confirmed that Taosu had experienced a period of very poor quality.
○ Taosu, Zhan Ji’s official website
even so, it seems that the elderly have always embraced this old-fashioned dessert in the long river of years, and have not turned black because of poor quality. In the final analysis, it is the loyal tip of the tongue feelings cultivated in the era of limited material living conditions.
but today, baking products that constantly push through the old and bring forth the new are competing for our attention. The peach crisp in the corner seems to have been forgotten if we didn’t see the old people buying and eating. However, from the perspective of such young people, the interpretation of peach crisp may be wrong in front of today’s market data. After all, according to the data in the 2021 insight report on women’s quality life trend released by the first financial business data center (cbndata), Taosu was listed three times in the top 10 women’s online national style snacks in 2020.
○ screenshot
of 2021 insight report on women’s quality life trend on the one hand, the inherent cognition is subverted by market data, and on the other hand, the new Chinese baking trend has been sweeping for a long time. Is Taosu really popular, or has the Taosu market never been silent? We might as well start with the most representative Jiangxi Province and the new Chinese baking brand to see the development of the peach crisp market.
1、 Jiangxi mark on Taosu II. Representative of the new Chinese baking brand
focusing on Taosu
Jiangxi mark on Taosu
before introducing market data, it is necessary to “correct a name” for Taosu. Limited by the development of food raw materials, Taosu once had a period of poor quality, but with the development of the times, today’s Taosu is basically a “delicious version”. As conveyed in the name “crisp”, it has a typical crisp, fragile and easy taste, which can be compared with cookies.
is not made with yeast and the bread process is not as complicated as that. Sodium bicarbonate (commonly known as baking soda) and ammonium bicarbonate (commonly known as smelly powder) are usually used as chemical expansion agents to make the dough produce gas during baking and form an irregular broken surface of the cake. However, for many people, they don’t like peach crisp because some products have obvious ammonia alkali residue, which is not pleasant to smell.
○ peach crisp, the modern version of the official website
of Luxi River, generally uses enough oil and has a pleasant feeling of crisp residue at the entrance. If you like the taste of cookies, it’s not surprising that you like peach crisp. Therefore, peach crisp is also one of the first batch of Chinese baked goods to explore industrialized production in China.
in the process of collecting and sorting out data, it is found that there are few special introductions and reports on peach crisp categories in the market, and only a few paid industry data. So let’s start with Jiangxi food factory that publicly disclosed data and Jiangxi Yingtan City, which was rated as the “hometown of Chinese pastry (Taosu)”.
1. Jiangxi food factory
was established in the 1950s. As a time-honored enterprise, Jiangxi food factory
is the first factory in Leping City, Jiangxi Province to produce peach crisp. In 1994, Jiangxi food factory cooperated with scientific research institutions to develop China’s first mechanized peach crisp production line, thus ending the long history of manual production of peach crisp. At that time, it was a big event reported in the newspaper.
The peach crisp produced by
has also been praised as “China’s peach crisp king” by domestic food experts. Among them, although there is no lack of speculation about commercial value, its national influence can be seen.
○ Jiangxi food factory, green 985
in 2009, the enterprise was restructured, but the nature of the enterprise is still state-owned. The factory was rebuilt in 2016, with a site of more than 20000 square meters, hundreds of employees, perfect production equipment and today’s modern management system, with an annual output of 10000 tons of peach crisp.
currently offers peach crisp with original flavor, cream flavor, salt and pepper, chocolate, chives, ginger, Hericium erinaceus, sesame and other flavors, involving medium and high-grade positioning.
○ old photo of Jiangxi food factory, green 985
in Leping, Jiangxi Province, in addition to Jiangxi food factory, there are many other peach crisp manufacturers, such as woguan peach crisp, gaojiazhuang peach crisp, etc.
however, it is not Leping City but Yingtan City, which is known as “the hometown of peach crisp in China”, that Jiangxi is really famous for its peach crisp category.
2. Hometown of Chinese pastries (peach crisp)
in 2017, Yingtan City was awarded the title of “hometown of Chinese peach crisp” by China Light Industry Federation and China baking Sugar Products Association; In 2018, Yingtan City was awarded the title of “hometown of Chinese pastry (peach crisp)” by the baking trade union of the all China Federation of industry and commerce.
is supported by strong data behind these titles. According to the introduction of China Light Industry Regional Development Service Platform, at the end of 2015, Yingtan peach pastry baking enterprises and merchants achieved a sales revenue of 20 billion yuan in China, accounting for about 8.95% of the national baking food market in that year!
at present, 100000 people in Yingtan are engaged in the production of peach crisp baked food in about 20000 stores across the country, including more than 30 Enterprises above Designated Size, creating regional well-known brands such as “Luxi River”, “Zhan Ji”, “Hu Ji”.
○ Taosu, Luxi River official
in 2018, Yingtan held the first China (Yingtan) Chinese pastry Expo and the first China (Yingtan) Taosu Festival, and the on-site transaction amount was only 20 million yuan. By the Chinese pastry Expo in March this year, the on-site signed transaction volume had reached 410 million yuan, which has made great achievements for unknown and local fairs.
moreover, since November last year, Yingtan agricultural commercial bank has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the municipal baking chamber of Commerce, launched “baking loan” characteristic products, and invested 500 million yuan of credit funds to support baking enterprises to expand production scale.
The achievements of Yingtan bakers scattered all over the country are also obvious to all. Over the past decades, it has slowly captured half of the new Chinese baking with peach crisp as its brand. Next, we will select several representative brands.
representative of new Chinese baking brand focusing on peach crisp
whether Zhan Ji, who opened the first store in 1999, the “Wei Laobiao Taosu king” registered in 2004, or Luxi River founded in 2013, the helmsman behind them are Yingtan people.
1. Wei Heji, the founder of Wei Laobiao
, who was once brilliant in Beijing, opened his first peach crisp shop in Beijing as early as 1994. At that time, there were basically no foreign brands in the domestic baking market, so the market pressure came from traditional pastry brands such as daoxiangcun. However, by opening 4 branches and developing more than 20 new peach crisp products, the market was opened. When the “Wei Laobiao Taosu king” was registered in 2004, there was an exaggerated queuing situation than today’s Luxi river.
The official account No.
of the “Weir”, “Weir”, but with the 2004, new brands of bread, Paris and other foreign brands entered the mainland, the market began to be significantly affected. In the past two years, while foreign brands have closed their stores on a large scale, Wei Laobiao has also fallen into semi stagnation. At present, only one store in Beijing has been found in public comments. It seems that it is a little lonely compared with the grand occasion of that year.
some people think that Wei Laobiao did not wait for the arrival of the capital era, or that the glory was too early. At least Wei Laobiao has laid decades of market accumulation for Taosu category in Beijing, which may just lay a certain market foundation for Zhan Ji and Luxi river who are new to Beijing.
2. Luxi River in the South
, the new Chinese baking brand in the South represents Luxi River, and its signature products also focus on peach crisp. At present, luxihe has more than 230 stores, which is a direct Chinese baking chain No.1, covering many provinces in China, with a total of more than 100 stores except Nanjing, Jiangsu and other provinces.
○ peach crisp, Luxi River’s official
propaganda describes Luxi River’s peach crisp as an explosive product that “sells an average of 1 kg per second”, which is freshly made and supplied in limited quantities every day. However, from the results, according to the analysis of franchise review, the sales of the top three products (meat floss Xiaobei, original puff and mung bean cake) account for 200% of the sales of signature peach crisp. The comments also pointed out that Luxi River mainly focuses on the concept of peach crisp and now made, but it has a better price advantage than its competitors, so as to attract consumers’ choice.
even so, the sales volume of peach crisp in Luxi river is still strong, and the main position will not change in the short term. In addition to the data disclosure, the main customer group of Luxi river is women aged 20-29, which also directly promotes the spread of Taosu among young people.
○ Taosu, official
of Luxi river. In addition, according to the recruitment information released by Luxi River in November, Luxi river has 6 food processing bases with more than 4500 employees, with a sales revenue of more than 1 billion yuan in 2020.
with the expansion of domestic deployment of Luxi River, more and more stores are opened in the first and second tier cities, and Taosu appears more frequently in the vision of young people. But whether this means that Taosu has successfully entered the young people’s market remains to be seen, but at least it is the beginning.
3. Zhan Ji
, who urgently needs to go out of Anhui Province, was founded in Hefei, Anhui Province by Zhan Zhenhua from Yingtan in 1999. It also focuses on the on-site peach crisp and soon developed into the most representative bakery in Hefei.
at present, Zhanji has more than 100 stores, mostly in Anhui and most in Hefei. The brand has also entered online platforms such as tmall, meituan and hungry.
○ Taosu, Zhan Ji’s official website
before the fire broke out, Zhan Ji’s most popular categories were Taosu and anhydrous honey cake, and attracted more customers than Luxi river. Therefore, how to get rid of the brand’s sense of age and re attract young consumers is a practical problem in front of the brand.
at present, like Luxi River, Zhan Ji also began to pay attention to the VI design of the brand, but compared with the clearer white and green system of Luxi River, Zhan Ji’s visual memory is not so strong.
○ Zhan Ji, queuing site
at present, both Luxi River and Zhan Ji in the store expansion are facing higher rent pressure and labor cost after entering the first and second tier cities.
and the main “peach crisp” category is no more suitable for young people than tapioca, egg yolk crisp, etc. While the brand expands its territory, does it also need to continue to expand and consolidate the middle-aged and elderly customers? After all, compared with young people, the purchasing power of today’s middle-aged and elderly groups is also very amazing.
Perhaps, in the corners of many cities, peach crisp is still a very classic piece, but it is an undeniable reality that it is out of touch with young people. Whether or not to add a suffix of “Palace” to peach crisp, at least in ancient times and decades ago, peach crisp was a single product loved by all ages. Now how did it develop into such an embarrassing situation?
with the east wind of new Chinese baking, at least at present, peach crisp has returned to the vision of young people, and can more and more complex tastes really help the brand to take the lead in the market? Can the middle-aged and elderly people who originally loved peach crisp but controlled their hands because of the demand for sugar and fat reduction usher in their new products?
in addition, in fact, the amount of bulking agent is appropriate. After the peach crisp is roasted and placed for a period of time, the alkali flavor will gradually dissipate, and the peach crisp will be a little greased, making it more crisp. Considering that many stores are more popular when they are fresh, maybe many consumers don’t care much about the taste sacrificed. Fresh now is more attractive. After all, it can be put back slowly when you buy it ~
Author: Mogu; Source: CIB Baking Technology Research Institute (ID: cibtcn), reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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