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Today, seesaw is “together” with the laundress, a New York high-end fabric washing and care brand!

In order to “get out of the circle” under the winter warm drink war, boutique coffee chain seesaw and the laundress, a high-end fabric washing brand from New York, played together.


Today, the snack generation noticed that the “warm winter cashmere limited activity” cooperated by seesaw and the laundress was officially launched. In addition to the fact that offline stores continue to focus on seesaw’s creative beverage line – cheese wool red American co branded drinks, CO branded lamb bags and other limited surroundings will be added during the event. Tmall flagship stores of both sides have also launched co branded gift boxes at the same time.

When learning from seesaw about the specific ways of playing the joint brand, the snack generation learned that in addition to focusing on expanding offline stores, the brand is also vigorously overweight the sales and marketing of online packaged coffee, hoping to provide consumers with a more complete brand experience.


Next, let’s have a look.


Cross border direction


In cross-border joint branding, how to skillfully integrate the brand memory points of both sides has always been an important proposition. In this regard, seesaw’s answer is: first try to find the other half who has enough “CP sense”.


Vincent, its new retail director, said in the exchange that seesaw hopes to create a coffee brand image of “professional, textured, creative and fun of life” through joint names, so it tends to cooperate with art, creative and life aesthetics brands. “Like the laundress, we think it is a brand with both art and life aesthetics genes”.


Xiaoshidai noticed that in seesaw’s recent joint names, its partners are niche brands with a sense of artistic design and conveying the concept of exquisite life, such as MARIMEKKO, known as the “Finnish national treasure designer brand”, and Niko and.


In addition to the image fit, such brands and seesaw are likely to have fans with the same characteristics, and the joint signing is expected to develop potential customers for both sides.


When talking about the latest cooperation, Vincent said: “I think both brands are committed to delivering life aesthetics and serving the same group of consumers who want to enjoy a refined life.”


Finding a brand that matches the “painting style” is only the first step, and the next integration comes to the product level. In order to focus on the hot spot of warm heart marketing in winter, seesaw and the laundress choose products that can create a warm and soft atmosphere and are highly representative of both sides as carriers.


Take the online co branded gift box as an example, including seesaw’s co branded creative coffee exchange certificate and the laundres’s popular wool laundry detergent. In addition, another co branded product “Baa Baa Mini Christmas bag” also integrates the classic elements of both sides and is designed as a lamb with coffee beans.

In addition to the products, the joint brand also makes full use of the online and offline channel resources of the two brands to provide a comprehensive integration experience.


For example, in seesaw coffee shop, consumers can receive “Baa Baa Mini Christmas bag” and wool detergent if they share it with their personal social platform after purchasing joint drinks. At the same time, the two-dimensional code of the flagship stores of the two brands of e-commerce is also printed on the flavor card attached to the joint drinks, so that consumers can more easily buy online joint gift boxes.


On the e-commerce platform, consumers who buy co branded gift boxes can not only obtain physical products such as washing liquid, but also exchange the beverage voucher to seesaw store for a cup of cheese cotton wool red American style, completing the closed-loop drainage from online to offline.


“From the perspective of consumer contacts, seesaw and the laundress are actively exploring online and offline integration. We also hope to provide a more three-dimensional brand experience and attract consumers to participate in this joint event through different paths.” Vincent said.


Second growth curve


Behind the frequent cross-border co branding, this cutting-edge boutique coffee chain, established in Shanghai in 2012, is trying to gain popularity in a faster and wider range.


The snack generation said that since the outbreak of the epidemic last year, seesaw’s strategy has changed greatly – from emphasizing the niche style of coffee tasting culture to paying more attention to the public demand for creative coffee.


With the expansion of product positioning and customer base, the coffee chain, which opened only 7 stores five years before its establishment, also accelerated the pace of expansion. Today, xiaoshidai learned from seesaw that its stores are expected to reach nearly 100 before the Spring Festival.


In July this year, when it was announced that it had obtained the a + round of more than 100 million yuan financing from Xi tea and Hony Baifu, an old shareholder, seesaw once said that the financing would be used for store expansion, supply chain construction and digital construction in China. “In the next five years, we want to see if we can reach 500-1000 stores.” Sally Wu, founder and CEO of seesaw, told xiaoshidai at that time.


In addition to relying on the opening of stores to achieve growth, seesaw is also opening a second growth curve with the accelerated rise of coffee drinking outside the store: a new retail business with packaged coffee as the carrier. At present, the brand has launched coffee liquid, freeze-dried coffee powder, ear hanging coffee and other products.


“Seesaw started from offline stores, so providing a complete brand experience in stores is the most important part. At the same time, in the past two years, we have actively expanded online operation and marketing, hoping to help the overall growth in terms of regional coverage, brand awareness and attracting young consumers.” Vincent told the snack generation that the online sales of seesaw’s new retail this year have increased by about 10 times compared with last year.


He said that on the one hand, the above high growth came from product expansion. “After combing the whole product structure this year, we decided to focus on coffee liquid and expand more new product forms, such as freeze-dried powder. At the same time, we also provide richer creative coffee flavors, such as rose coffee liquid, osmanthus coffee ear hanging, grape sweet wine coffee freeze-dried powder”.

On the other hand, seesaw’s new retail also continued to increase its online and offline integrated marketing, such as social fission, cross-border joint branding, full platform marketing and grass planting. It also cooperated with super anchor. During the double 11, the sales of cold extract coffee liquid exceeded 100000 boxes.


Vincent revealed to the snack generation that at present, new retail has accounted for more than 20% of seesaw’s sales. The sales target of this business next year is to continue to grow several times on the basis of this year. “The future focus of seesaw’s new retail is to continue to consolidate retail products, and there are more Omni channel user operations for online and offline users”.

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