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Zong Qinghou said that he wanted to gradually retire to the second tier of Wahaha. Ruixing’s performance in the third quarter was released, Yili’s fixed increase of 12 billion yuan was implemented, COFCO Coca Cola Guizhou plant was put into operation, and bein America’s new cooperation

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Zong Qinghou: I want to step back to the second line

Yesterday, Zong Fuli served as vice chairman and general manager of Wahaha Group. His father Zong Qinghou said in an exclusive interview, “now I want to step back to the second line, let young people do it in the front, look at it in the back, and check it. In this way, young people can be trained and their foundation can be guaranteed to be evergreen.” (China Economic Net)

Ruixing’s total revenue exceeded 2.3 billion in the third quarter

On December 9, Ruixing coffee released its unaudited financial report for the third quarter of 2021. The data showed that the company’s total net income in the third quarter was RMB 2.352 billion, an increase of 105.6% over RMB 1.143 billion in the same period last year. Among them, the same store sales of self operated stores increased by 75.8%, and the associated stores increased by 355% over the same period last year, reaching 416.1 million yuan. The operating loss in the third quarter was 6.7 million yuan (US $1 million), and the operating loss in the same period in 2020 was 465.5 million yuan. The net loss in the third quarter was 23.5 million yuan (US $3.6 million), including a one-time loss of 14.2 million yuan (US $2.2 million) on the deposit that could not be recovered due to the relocation of the Beijing office, and a net loss of 1.712 billion yuan in the same period in 2020.  

, the total number of Ruixing coffee stores is 5671, including 4206 self operated stores,

“We saw strong overall business performance in the third quarter as customer retention and order frequency increased, brand awareness increased and our products achieved higher average selling prices. Specifically, some of our innovative products, such as iced coconut latte, benefited from relatively hot weather (compared with other seasons) and were very popular with customers.” Guo Jinyi, chairman and CEO of Ruixing coffee, said, “in addition, we continue to implement the strategic plan and expand affiliated stores, which has made a significant contribution to revenue growth. Our profitability has been improved through the significant reduction of operating loss in this quarter and the increase of store operating profit margin to more than 25%

Yum China completed its stake in Hangzhou catering service group

Business information shows that on December 9, yum (China) Investment Co., Ltd. added foreign investment, and the new investment enterprise is Hangzhou Catering Service Group Co., Ltd. The snack generation has introduced that it holds shares of Hangzhou KFC, and also operates about 60 Chinese restaurants with four time-honored brands: zhiweiguan, Hangzhou restaurant, Kuiyuan restaurant and Tianxiang building, as well as high-growth food processing business. (snack generation)

Yili shares achieved a fixed increase of 12 billion, and the consumer industry in the A-share market has the largest scale so far

On December 9, Yili Co., Ltd. announced that the fixed growth of 12 billion yuan was successfully implemented, and the capacity construction of high growth and high value-added categories such as milk powder, infant formula and so on. The non-public offering is not only the largest bidding fixed increase financing in the consumer industry in the A-share market so far, but also the fixed increase project with the largest number of subscription (53), the lowest issuance discount (5.46%) and the highest subscription multiple (3.4 times) since the release of the new refinancing regulations. (issued by the company)

COFCO Coca Cola Guizhou plant is expected to be officially put into operation by the end of April next year

On December 8, Shen Peng, the construction director of Guizhou plant project of COFCO Coca Cola beverage (Guizhou) Co., Ltd. in Gui’an new area, introduced that the project is planned to be officially put into operation at the end of April next year. After putting into operation, it mainly produces steam water products. It is expected to install two pet steam water production lines and one pet water production line, and the annual output is expected to reach 170000 tons. (Guiyang network)

Beinmei and Zhongheng Yiyuan have reached a strategic cooperation to develop nutritional products

Bainmei announced that it and Zhongheng Yiyuan signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement on December 9, and the two sides will jointly develop functional products and nutritional products for mothers, infants and adults. Zhongheng Yiyuan will provide beinmei with patent technical support in relevant fields. Beinmei should give priority to the technical solutions and key raw material support provided by Zhongheng Yiyuan. (Zhitong Finance)


The subsidiary of bainmei’s controlling shareholder plans to initiate the establishment of industrial incubation fund

Beinmei announced that it recently received the notification letter from the controlling shareholder that golden future investment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of beinmei, intends to establish an industrial fund as a general partner (GP). The total scale of the fund is RMB 2 billion, with the first phase of RMB 300 million, of which golden future investment subscribed RMB 3 million as a general partner, accounting for 1%. The investment field of the fund mainly focuses on the incubation of mother and baby industries, and the company has the priority of M & A for the projects successfully incubated by the fund. (Zhitong Finance)


Tiago zhenzang whisky tmall flagship store launched

Tiago zhenzang whisky flagship store officially landed on tmall today. Every high-end whisky settled in the flagship store has an official direct sales guarantee. (issued by the company)

Guizhou Maotai plans to build a packaging logistics park of RMB 7.833 billion

On the evening of December 9, Guizhou Maotai announced that it plans to invest 7.833 billion yuan in overweight packaging and logistics projects to meet the company’s production needs, and the required funds will be raised by the company itself, with a construction period of 24 months. (Daily Economic News)



On December 9, Qiaqia food announced that in order to meet the company’s strategic development needs, the company plans to invest 200 million yuan with Nanjing Fosun Qiaqia enterprise management partnership (limited partnership) and other companies to establish Fosun Qiaqia technology consumption private equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership), with a target scale of 500 million yuan. The fund’s investment in food and beverage consumption projects shall not be less than RMB 100 million. (gelonghui)


Keming food plans to invest 50 million yuan to subscribe for the shares of Sichuan Chengdu Xinjin siyiwu equity investment fund enterprise

On December 9, Keming food announced that the company planned to sign the partnership agreement of Sichuan Chengdu Xinjin siyiwu equity investment fund enterprise (limited partnership) with Shenzhen Wangju Investment Co., Ltd. and Sichuan xiangheyun Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., and Keming food participated in the subscription of Sichuan Chengdu Xinjin siyiwu equity investment fund shares as a limited partner. It is reported that the fund aims to raise 1.15 billion yuan. Keming food plans to use its own funds to subscribe 50 million yuan, accounting for 4.35% of the total contribution of the fund. (Leju Finance)


Laifen plans to push the first phase of employee stock ownership plan

On December 9, Laifen announced the first phase of the employee stock ownership plan (Draft). The upper limit of the total funds to be raised by the employee stock ownership plan is 13.028027 million yuan, and the total number of employees participating in the employee stock ownership plan does not exceed 50. (gelonghui)


Yanjing Beer: the five-year growth and transformation strategy project is being fully launched

On December 9, the research record released by Yanjing beer shows that the company is fully launching the five-year growth and transformation strategic project, and will take the four key measures of “strong brand, solid channel, deep cultivation of market and lean operation” as an important content of strategic transformation in the future. (Beijing News)

Golden ham: Building Internet brand consumer goods in meat industry

On December 9, JINZI ham said on the investor interaction platform that the company would focus on the field of meat consumer goods around the core value of JINZI brand, focus on ham, meat products, plant meat and other businesses, do a good job in the three links of products, channels and brands, practically strengthen the organization construction and incentive mechanism, and create Internet brand consumer goods in the meat industry. (Beijing business daily)


Nowwa coffee has continuously completed round B and round B + financing of RMB 200 million

Recently, the chain coffee brand nowwa coffee (nowwa) announced that it had completed two rounds of financing, round B and round B +, with a cumulative amount of RMB 200 million. This round of funds will be mainly used for product R & D, supply chain construction, store opening and it system construction. Nova coffee was founded in June 2019. At present, it has more than 1500 stores and services covering 20 cities. In the first three quarters of 2021, the revenue increased by more than 600% year-on-year, and has grown into the cutting-edge coffee brand of Alibaba local life and meituan review top 3. (36Kr)



Industrial and commercial information shows that on December 8, the registered capital of Shijiazhuang JUNLEBAO Dairy Co., Ltd. increased from 60.4391 million yuan to 60.9716 million yuan, an increase of 0.88%. The investor added Tianjin Bojia Sanbao equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership), with a capital contribution of RMB 532503. (snack generation)


Since December, the front-line employees of HEMA have ushered in double-digit salary increases

Since October, HEMA has piloted the salary adjustment plan for picking and distribution personnel in some regions, and implemented it nationwide from December 1. After the salary adjustment, the monthly salary of HEMA front-line warehouse allocation personnel will get a double-digit general increase. After this round of salary increase, front sorting has also become one of the jobs with the highest increase. According to the relevant person in charge of HEMA, after the salary adjustment, the turnover rate of HEMA front-line picking and distribution personnel has been significantly reduced, and the efficiency of stores has been significantly improved. (Beijing Youth Daily)

The descendants of Vitasoy sued BNP Paribas for default

On December 8, Luo Qiyin, a descendant of the founder’s family of Vitasoy, filed a lawsuit against BNP Paribas Hong Kong Branch. The incident involved that she instructed the bank to sell a batch of shares in real time in 2018, but the formal implementation was delayed for more than two months. Therefore, she accused France and Pakistan of violating the contract or liability, asked for compensation, and asked the bank to compensate for the losses, interest and costs caused during the period. According to Bloomberg, excluding other costs, Luo Qiyin received nearly 6 million yuan less during the period due to France Pakistan’s delay in selling shares for about two months. (Ming Pao)


Goat milk powder company bubs adjusts supply chain in Chinese market effectively

On December 9, Dennis Lin, executive chairman of the board of directors of bubs infant formula goat milk powder company, said that in the past two years, when the purchasing channels dominated by Chinese students and tourists disappeared, the company readjusted its supply chain into the Chinese market, including cooperating with more complex middleman online platforms to reach purchasing buyers in Australia and China, The strategy is producing positive results. (Aohua Finance Online)

PepsiCo Greater China launched the second phase of “PepsiCo nutrition action” and donated US $1 million


On December 9, PepsiCo launched the second phase of “PepsiCo nutrition action” in Greater China and announced that it would donate another US $1 million to China Poverty Alleviation foundation to continue to support the improvement of children’s nutrition in underdeveloped areas. (issued by the company)


Master Kang water education public welfare project goodbye Guangzhou


On December 9, the water education public welfare activity of “knowing water, loving water and saving water”, CO sponsored by China Beverage Industry Association and Master Kang beverage, was held in Tieying primary school, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. Chen Mo, director of the South China Office of Master Kang holdings, said that Master Kang will continue to promote the impact and development of water education and build water education activities into a business card for Master Kang to practice corporate social responsibility. (issued by the company)

Costco announces first quarter results for fiscal 2022


Today, Costco, a US retailer, announced its results for the first quarter of fiscal 2022. In the quarter, it earned nearly 13% more to US $1.32 billion, with revenue of US $50.36 billion, up 16.5% year-on-year, higher than the market expectation of US $49.65 billion, earnings per share of US $2.98, also better than the expected US $2.62. During the period, same store sales increased by 15% and e-commerce sales increased by 14.3%. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Starbucks USA

Starbucks employees voted on December 9 to form a union in a store in Buffalo, New York, which is the first Starbucks store to form a union in the United States. (Reuters)


Nestle Health Sciences launched its first Diabetes Project in Malaysia


Nestle Health Science launched its first Diabetes Project in Malaysia. The project includes a new

Tyson Foods will invest $1.3 billion in automation


Tyson Foods said it was expanding its global protein production capacity and investing more than $1.3 billion in automation to meet the soaring demand for meat. The company said that the tight labor market has led to higher costs for meat companies, so it will replace some work previously done by people with overweight automation. (Reuters)

Starbucks said that the news of “no extra charge for vegetable milk” was untrue


In response to the report that Starbucks would stop charging extra fees for vegetable milk in the United States in January, the company responded that the news was untrue. (Bloomberg)

Impossibile foods vegetarian menu online chain restaurant


It is reported that impossible foods is expanding the impossible food shop project, providing vegetarian menus and launching them in doghaus restaurant. Starting this week, nearly 40 dog Haus restaurants will become invisible food shops. The menu offers six imposible foods products, including four hamburgers, chicken nuggets and sausage tortillas. (Mercury News)

Plant based dog food


On December 6, Tesco, a British multinational retailer, announced that it would launch its first plant-based dog food, which is produced by Scrumbles, a British natural pet food company. (Pet food processing)

Taco Bell cancelled the test plan for beyond meat products, but will continue to cooperate


According to people familiar with the situation, Taco Bell cancelled the test plan for carne Asada plant steak made by beyond meat because the company was not satisfied with the samples. But the two companies said in a joint statement that they would continue to cooperate. (Bloomberg)

Meatless farm, a vegetable meat brand, announced the appointment of a new CEO


On December 9, meatless farm, a vegetable meat brand, announced that upfield Benelux and Dior decuper, the former general manager of France, had been appointed as the New Global CEO of the company. Upfield is a large plant-based consumer goods company, which was spun off from Unilever in 2017. (Business Leader)

Quick reading of food industry information


Yan Xiaobing, head of Jingdong international, will retire after the Spring Festival

On December 7, Yan Xiaobing, head of Jingdong international of Jingdong group, proposed to retire after the Spring Festival next year due to family and physical reasons. Daniel Tan (Chen guanhan), former president of Jingdong Retail communication business department, took over the international business. (latepost later)


Alibaba’s new subsidiary yuanjingsheng business is related to yuanuniverse

Alibaba established its wholly-owned subsidiary yuanjingsheng (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. on December 6, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, the legal representative is Peng Wei, and its business scope includes software development; Calculator system services; Performance brokerage; Internet information services, etc. According to media reports, the company’s business is related to metauniverse. (Ming Pao)

Baidu will push yuan universe products

Baidu announced today that it will release the yuan universe product “Xi soil” on the 27th of this month. Baidu said that xirang app is the first domestic meta universe product to create a multi person interactive space that spans virtual and reality and lasts forever. From December 27, every user can create an exclusive virtual image, log in to xirang on personal computers, mobile phones and wearable devices, listen, go shopping, communicate and watch exhibitions. (China finance and Economics)


Sydney Lin Shanshan’s microblog was blocked and several Sydney related companies were cancelled

Today, after being fined more than 90 million yuan for suspected tax evasion, online Red Sydney and Lin Shanshan’s microblog were blocked. In addition, according to the industrial and commercial information, Hangzhou Qianyi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., with Sydney (Zhu Chenhui) as the executive director, was cancelled on December 3 due to the dissolution of the resolution. Previously, several Sydney related enterprises have been cancelled, including Shanghai douzima marketing planning center on August 19 and Shanghai Huangsang marketing planning center on September 1. (financial sector)


Express delivery to medium and high risk areas in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing is suspended and can be sent

According to the news released by Hangzhou, on December 9, the information of “national suspension of receiving and posting express parcels sent to Hangzhou, Shaoxing and Ningbo in Zhejiang Province” was posted on the Internet. The person in charge of Postal Administration confirmed that according to the documents issued by the State Post Office, the communities (villages) in medium and high-risk areas designated by the local government were suspended from receiving, but sending is OK, Therefore, there is no suspension of express delivery to the three places. (Sina Finance)

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