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Ten billion market leader, why does douben bean help Chinese soybean milk to the fast lane?

produced a cup of good soybean milk in 2004, and the new products of douben bean have a great future!

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As a “shoulder” in the domestic plant beverage market, Soybean milk (soybean milk) has a long drinking history in China. In recent years, with the gradual awakening of contemporary consumers’ health awareness and the continuous improvement of their attention to nature and sustainability, the global soybean milk industry ushered in a new round of development opportunities. According to global information, the global soybean milk market in 2019 was US $122.9 million, which is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.5% in 2027 It is expected to reach US $251.2 million.
Soybean milk is flourishing in overseas markets, and the domestic market is also surging in spring. A large number of capital overweight, many giants enter the market, and all kinds of new concept soybean milk are dizzying.
On December 11, doubendou, the leading brand in the domestic soybean milk industry, released new organic whole soybean milk products in Beijing. It is said that the product takes four years to polish and is unique in the market with innovative technology, abundant nutrition and delicate taste. Following the launch of the first normal temperature pure plant fermented yoghurt on the market in January this year, doubendou continued to develop the soybean milk track and cast another boulder on the market.
Under the good background, what is the real face of the domestic soybean milk industry? What enlightenment can douben’s new products bring to the industry? After feeling the tide of global soybean milk innovation, should the future of Chinese soybean milk be described?
The 20 billion market has expanded steadily,
Change the consumption concept and help the industry run
In recent years, the plant-based craze has swept the world, and capital giants have laid out plant beverage tracks one after another. Soybean milk with a deep consumption foundation has also become a hot spot for investment. In addition to the old soybean milk enterprises such as vita, black bull and vita, which continue to stick to the array, cross-border stars such as Dali, Yili, Mengniu and Coca Cola also compete to enter first, with a tendency of catching up from behind. The strong support of capital and brand has supported the steady growth of soybean milk market. From 2014 to 2018, the compound annual sales and sales growth of packaged soybean milk drinks in the Chinese market were 9.3% and 12% respectively, far exceeding 1.1% and 4.6% of milk. By 2020, the overall market scale of soybean milk has stabilized at 25 billion yuan.
In terms of market share, Daly’s douben bean ranks first with 20.7%, followed by Vitasoy and Weiyi with 16.9% and 10.4%. Yili selection, ancestral name and Mengniu silk are 5.2%, 3.1% and 2.5% respectively, forming the third camp.
Behind the prosperity, we also need to see that the soybean milk market also has its own pain points and needs to face the test of competition between major categories brought by new consumption.
First of all, the soybean milk industry is relatively lack of technical barriers, the market entry threshold is low, and a large number of novice players come one after another, resulting in serious product homogenization and fuzzy product memory, which greatly increases the substitutability between brands. Moreover, compared with milk, soybean milk innovation is too dull and single category, which is difficult to arouse people’s interest. The high-end and functionalization of milk products has begun to take shape and won the recognition of consumers. On the contrary, few brands seriously study consumer demand and develop products with real gold content. They only rely on high-quality raw materials, no addition and other selling points, lack functional blessing and rich drinking scenes, which has become more and more difficult to impress the market. At present, the brand dispute is mostly concentrated in the first and second tier markets, and the lack of sinking strategy has also exacerbated the involution between brands.
From the consumer side, the eating habits and cognition formed over the years also make it a little difficult for the soybean milk industry to run fast in small steps.
According to the survey of China economic intelligence network, soybean milk ranks first among the breakfast drinks of Chinese people, accounting for 39.13%, Milk only ranked third (14.2%). “Drink soy milk for breakfast “It has become a national cognition, which makes soybean milk solidified in the breakfast scene by consumers. On the contrary, milk and fruit juice are not bound by breakfast and are still associated with travel, sports, leisure and other scenes. When milk seeks new growth points through broadening the scene, soybean milk can only be limited to the breakfast scene for fierce stock game.
At present, the soybean milk market is still dominated by bulk products, and prepackaged products account for only one tenth. Chinese people prefer warm boiled bulk soybean milk. The popularity of soybean milk machines also provides great convenience for home-made or roadside breakfast vendors.
Finally, people’s nutritional awareness needs to be improved. In fact, soybean milk is a high-value food with relatively balanced nutrition and easy digestion and absorption. Comparing it with milk, overemphasizing some nutrients and ignoring the overall nutritional value is not a scientific concept of nutrition. Some negative public opinions that soy milk contains estrogen and will harm children and men also affect consumers’ decision-making. Although many experts, scholars and industry figures refute rumors and correct them, eliminating prejudice is still a long process.
Challenges are also opportunities. Dali, who founded the high-end soybean milk brand doubendou four years ago and entered the bureau with his head held high, aimed at the plant protein beverage market still in the expansion and increment, used innovative products to drive the industry upgrading, establish a benign ecology, and let the public see the new dawn of the soybean milk industry.
“Bean based” deeply cultivates the market, “people-oriented” empowers the brand, and bean based beans sing the new meaning of soybean milk
According to the industry research report released by Guohai Securities, China’s per capita soybean milk consumption in 2018 was only 0.95l, much lower than that of the United States and the United Kingdom; Benchmarking Japan, which has similar eating habits, has three times the incremental space.
Broad market, calling for bold and knowledgeable brands.
Douben bean, founded in 2017, is a brand of nutritional drinks built by Dali group after aiming at the huge potential of soybean milk market. In the year of its establishment, it launched natural “bean based bean” soybean milk without addition, which quickly detonated the market. According to public data, the sales reached 1 billion yuan in 2017 alone.
Today, doubendou has already become the largest player in the soybean milk market. Along the way, every product it launched reflects the perfect integration of ingenuity and technology, and leads the innovation trend of the soybean milk industry.
To cater to the consumption trend of high protein, the first product launched by douben bean is pure soybean milk with up to 4.0g protein per box. The concept of high protein instantly distanced itself from other soybean milk and set up a new model of soybean milk.
Source: foodszs
After that, doubendou successively launched black soybean milk, nut soybean milk, sesame soybean milk, red jujube soybean milk and other products, and captured consumers with fresh taste through multiple product matrix. At the same time, the matching concept of “learning from each other” and “complementing each other” between soybeans and other ingredients brings consumers a healthy experience of “one plus one is greater than two” and directly attacks the hearts of the “punk health” generation.
In four years, douben bean has established four strains of organic soybean milk, pure soybean milk, original soybean milk and Weizhen soybean milk, covering the high-end, middle-end and mass markets.
At the beginning of 2021, doubendou launched the first normal temperature bean yogurt “flogurt zhiyoujia” in China. It uses lactic acid bacteria to energize soybean milk, which is friendly to gastrointestinal sensitive consumers. Normal temperature Tetra Pak packaging is convenient for storage, which increases the range of reaching consumers.
From the first normal temperature sugar free pure soybean milk, the first high-end soybean milk to the first green soybean milk, and then to the first normal temperature plant bean yogurt, bean based beans have created many firsts in the industry and become a well deserved leading brand.
Source: commercial
Towards the end of 2021, douben launched organic whole soybean milk. The products have excellent performance in material selection, technology, nutrition and taste, which can be regarded as a model of “redefining the new height of high-end soybean milk”.
First of all, in the selection of materials, douben bean adopts Heihe 43 organic soybean planted in Songnen Plain, one of the three black soil belts in the world. Compared with ordinary soybean, Heihe 43 has stronger flavor and higher nutritional value. Douben bean strictly manages the planting process of exclusive soybean farm, and the whole process is organic without any biochemical addition; The two-year one season planting mode ensures that every drop of soybean nutrition is locked. The product packaging is printed with traceability code, which can be seen by consumers at the heart of the brand.
Source: Sina
The whole bean grinding process is the technical highlight of this new product. In order to ensure smooth taste, traditional soybean milk usually discards bean skin and germ in the production process. These substances are rich in nutrition, just the essence of soybean. Two grinding and three-layer homogenization processes are adopted for beans, so that the whole complete soybean can also realize the high-quality taste experience of concentrated alcohol, fragrance, smoothness and smoothness. In addition, whole bean enzyme killing technology, VTS technology and aseptic filling technology set up three solid lines of defense for product quality and safety, realized that soybean milk is not easy to deteriorate at room temperature, and provided guarantee for multi scene drinking.
Third, organic whole soybean milk has also made a breakthrough in nutrition and efficacy. “Triple primary nutrition” redefines the nutritional characteristics of soybean milk.
Photo source: douben bean
The primary nutrition is primary dietary fiber. Each box of 250ml organic whole bean milk contains 3.0g native dietary fiber, equivalent to 1 apple. Rich dietary fiber can effectively promote intestinal digestion, improve chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia and obesity, and establish a good dietary structure.
The second nutrition is primary plant protein. Each box of products contains up to 6.5 grams of native high-quality plant protein to meet people’s daily nutritional needs. With the exclusive patent technology of douben bean, the protein absorption rate has been greatly improved, and every drop of nutrition can be used to the best.
The third nutrition is the soothing and hypnotic factor GABA. Thanks to its good performance in helping sleep, GABA is known as the terminator of insomnia, neurotrophic factor and spiritual vitamin. Each box of new products contains 3.0 mg GABA, which helps consumers establish positive emotions while strengthening their health.
In order to win the favor of consumers, douben bean is also playing tricks in the drinking scene. It attracts the attention of the new generation through the immortal drinking methods such as soybean milk milk tea, soybean milk fruit fishing and soybean milk burning fairy grass, unties the soybean milk from the inherent breakfast scene, and establishes a close connection with leisure scenes such as parties, afternoon tea and outings.
The method of making bean immortal drink by bean spokesman. Photo source: douben bean
Based on high-quality raw materials and enabled by leading technology, doubendou continues to make sincere contributions to the society. In 2021, doubendou won the special prize of science and technology award, the highest honor in the food industry, issued by China Food Industry Association. Tian Yuanxin, vice president of Dali food group, said frankly at the press conference: “all along, douben bean has focused on the R & D and innovation of plant nutrition, which has been highly recognized and affirmed by the food industry and consumers. In the future, douben bean will still be committed to providing consumers with healthier and nutritious plant protein products.”
Chinese soybean milk, future prospects
Douben bean sets an example for the soybean milk industry with new products with full gold content. Looking at the global market, especially the East Asian market, what reference significance can the innovation trend of soybean milk bring to Chinese soybean milk?
1. Aim at the subdivided population and make functional (nutritional) differentiation
Vegemil5060 from South Korea is a soy milk aimed at middle-aged and elderly people. In addition to being rich in plant protein, the product is also rich in calcium and vitamin D that contribute to bone health and prevent osteoporosis. Methionine, which can improve protein efficiency, is added to the formula; DHA、EPA、ALA( α- Linolenic acid) and other unsaturated fatty acids are helpful to maintain brain health of middle-aged and elderly people and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, the product adds β- Glucan, arginine, zinc, selenium and other nutrients with antioxidant and immune effects. It is a functional soybean milk with comprehensive nutrition and strong pertinence.
Source: Amazon
2. Broaden consumption scenarios and diversify forms
In Japan, soybean milk consumption scene has already expanded from the initial breakfast moment to every moment of daily diet, evolved from “can drink” to “can eat”, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people as seasoning and dish raw materials, and gradually becomes one of the representative foods that highlight the “harmony food” style. Marusan’s soybean milk hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot soup is made of organic soybeans and Organic Sesame without chemical seasoning. It has the original taste of soybean milk. In the cold winter, everyone sits around and guards a thick soybean milk pot, which is the most simple portrayal of Japanese people’s family life.
Source: Marusan official website
3. Enabling of processing technology and high-end quality
The roasted soybean milk series launched by Japan’s guijiawan company adopts self-developed advanced technology, which can effectively inhibit the beany smell of soybeans and give consumers a better taste experience. The product also adds roasted “roasted soybean” with greatly increased flavor to the raw materials, which has a stronger aroma. Improve product quality from two dimensions of taste and aroma, showing high-end characteristics.
Source: guijiawan official website
4. Take advantage of the tea upsurge to break through channel restrictions
The combination of soy milk and tea is not new in the world. However, it is quite thought-provoking when it comes to the domestic new tea industry with current competition like the Red Sea and the soybean milk that needs to break the circle.
Since the launch of Doudou Bobo tea two years ago, the trend of soybean milk has become more and more fierce in the tea drinking track. Since then, Lele tea has launched fresh milk tea with mashed potato and soybean milk, Naixue’s tea has launched soybean milk treasure tea, and chabaidao has launched “bean milk Jade Kirin”, which makes people start to look at the soybean milk they have drunk for decades.
In November last year, Dali garden launched soydo early soybean milk tea. Taking “milk tea meets soybean milk, refreshing and not greasy” as the core selling point, Dali garden completed the “marriage” between soybean milk and milk tea in the field of prepackaged tea.
Source: Sohu
Not only in the mainland, but also in Taiwan, the trend of soybean milk and milk tea is also rising. The black tea soybean milk launched by the beverage brand at 3:15 will perfectly match the selected genetically modified soybean milk with oolong tea to achieve a fresh taste like freshly ground and prepared. The product is suitable for both cold and hot. The overall aroma is rich and mellow.
Source: Amazon
Soybean milk is rich in nutrition, mild and honest taste, and is compatible with all kinds of ingredients. It has no obstacle to “team up” with tea and coffee favored by the new generation. When soy milk becomes a characteristic ingredient and a popular symbol, we can’t help looking forward to its future!
In April this year, the Chinese Nutrition Society released the scientific research report on dietary guidelines for Chinese residents (2021), which pointed out that the actual intake was significantly insufficient compared with the recommended intake of 30-50g soybeans and soybean products per person per day.
China is not only the hometown of soybean, but also a large country with a long edible tradition in the production and consumption of soybean products. How to transform the rich soybean resources into more competitive packaged soybean milk, so that the nutritional status of Chinese people can benefit from it? The model raw beans in the soybean milk industry continue to influence consumers with dynamic products and set an innovation benchmark for the industry.
Capture user needs, break the inherent cognition, deeply cultivate technology and polish with ingenuity. Foodaily expects more beans to come out and jointly grind a cup of good soy milk full of passion for 1.4 billion Chinese people!
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