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Lycium barbarum Big Bang


How did Lycium barbarum become the top stream of agricultural products?


according to the report on the consumption trend of young people’s health preservation released by the first financial business data center last year, medlar ranked second in the consumption of traditional nutritional supplements for the post-90s in 2019.
many brands have therefore joined the wave of great development of the value of Lycium barbarum. After finishing the new products of tea brands in autumn and winter this year, red found that some tea brands directly added wolfberry to milk tea, such as the black wolfberry roasted milk tea of happy lemon, which is to match the black wolfberry, cheese and milk tea together.
last July, Tongrentang opened a coffee shop called Zhima health in Beijing. One of the main products is “medlar coffee” of 32 yuan per cup. Burning dimension once reported that Zhima health is located in a store near Fuli City, Chaoyang District, Beijing, with a sign of “punk health coffee” and a slogan of “coffee with medlar, get up early tomorrow” pasted on the French window.
in addition to wolfberry coffee, Tongrentang also launched wolfberry products such as black wolfberry bag tea and wolfberry puree. It is found in the letter list that in addition to taking Lycium barbarum puree as the main product, bairuiyuan, a Ningxia Lycium barbarum enterprise, has also developed products with partial snack properties such as Lycium barbarum fruit cake and Lycium barbarum cereal crisp.
according to Guo Yayun, operation director of bairuiyuan, due to differences in the production process, the production loss of Lycium barbarum puree is less, and the gross profit margin is 20% – 30% higher than that of dried Lycium barbarum fruit; Compared with primary agricultural products such as medlar dried fruit, the added value of refined pulp is higher, which directly increases the unit price of shop customers.
“at first, the scene of dried fruit of Chinese wolfberry was kitchen ingredients, and the consumer groups were mainly middle-aged and elderly customers; we hoped that Chinese wolfberry could move from the kitchen to the living room or office, so we developed a small bag packaged non-cleaning Chinese wolfberry, and Chinese wolfberry puree is another form under this consumption scene.” The relevant person in charge of bairuiyuan explained that Lycium barbarum puree therefore makes the user age of the brand probe down a few years, and this part of the crowd is the new increment of the store.
Guo Yayun, the above-mentioned person in charge of bairuiyuan, introduced that the sales of double 11 of pinduoduo stores this year was three times that of double 11 last year.
young people who love health preservation have given birth to a medlar universe.
The important background of the big bang of Lycium barbarum universe is that after long-term low-price competition, many businesses found that the market competition in the low-price range has been quite fierce and there is almost no new space; Users who have stepped on thunder are also abandoning low-cost but equally low-quality goods; Obviously, the platform also realized that low price competition was unsustainable and began to change the direction of policy preference.
these factors have forced the industry to develop from selling medlar dried fruits with low price and low quality in the past to fine processing and high quality.
Guo Yayun told the alphabet that because pinduoduo takes the cost-effective route in the public impression, bairuiyuan’s business strategy in pinduoduo in 2018 is low price. For example, the price of 125g medlar dried fruit is 9.9 yuan, which is already the lowest price in the whole product system of bairuiyuan, but there are still some businesses selling 100g medlar dried fruit at the price of 5 or 6 yuan in the market. The results of bairuiyuan’s store operation can be imagined.
the key point to change bairuiyuan’s strategy is that at the end of last year, an industry sophomore of pinduoduo clearly told bairuiyuan that pinduoduo will go in the direction of high quality and good price in the future.
due to the low customer unit price of agricultural products, the outside world often excludes agricultural products when talking about the brand route and high-quality route of various home appliance platforms, but in fact, the agricultural product industry is also carrying out a consumption upgrading, and wolfberry is an example.
after the Spring Festival this year, bairuiyuan officially adjusted its operation strategy in pinduoduo, eliminated some low-end goods, changed the main products promoted by the store from low customer unit price goods to high customer unit price goods, and began to take the high-end route. At present, the three commodities displayed on the first screen of the home page of pinduoduo store are black Lycium barbarum puree at the price of 85 yuan, special grade wash free Lycium barbarum at the price of 79.9 yuan and Lycium barbarum puree at the price of 59 yuan.
“after adjusting the main push products, the average daily turnover is higher than that in the period when the main push products with lower customer unit price.” Guo Yayun concluded that at this stage, if you want to obtain market share, you might as well completely break away from the low-cost area and change a site for dislocation competition.
of course, high customer unit price depends on high-quality goods. “It doesn’t mean that if you raise the price, you can get market share. It must be that the product quality, service and price match. Otherwise, consumers are not satisfied with the product and won’t pay for it.” According to the strategy transformation of
double disc bairuiyuan, it has shifted from low-cost competition to high-end route. First, it uses premium medlar to replace premium medlar, that is, it uses higher quality commodities to replace the original main push products. Second, the main push products add medlar pulp, that is, it increases the commodities on the high-end line.
The benefits of taking the quality route to businesses have already appeared. The relevant person in charge of bairuiyuan told the alphabet that last year, the customer unit price of its pinduoduo store was only more than 20 yuan. After turning the main products into high-quality products with high customer unit price, the customer unit price in the middle of this year can reach 60 or 70 yuan. At present, the customer unit price of the store is stable at about 110-120 yuan.
“the core reason why the customer unit price can exceed 100 is that the main product of the store has added medlar raw pulp, which directly raises the customer unit price to a higher level.” The person in charge said.
in the category of agricultural products, dried Lycium barbarum fruit is a typical standard product with limited profit margin. The Lycium barbarum gift box and Lycium barbarum fruit pulp on the high-end product line have higher added value and higher profit margin. And increasing the main products also promoted cross consumption. For example, consumers who originally only bought dried fruits began to buy Lycium barbarum puree.
is not only wolfberry, but also many agricultural product tracks show such a consumption trend. The slogan of bairuiyuan is “good medlar can be more expensive”, and the slogan of aonong card, which is mainly engaged in high-quality vegetables, is “more expensive, more delicious”. Zhang Guangpeng, who runs the flagship store of Australian agricultural card in
, also said that most primary agricultural products face the problem of low added value and low gross profit. This means that if businesses want to obtain more profit space, they must go in the direction of high quality and high added value.
Zhang Guangpeng introduced that in order to ensure the quality of agricultural products, aonong card mainly controls the size and taste in terms of product selection standards and quality control. Take Beibei pumpkin as an example. In the dimension of size, aonong card only sells 7 Liang to 1 kg of high-quality fruits; The taste depends on the variety and planting place. Aonong card will start from the seed, select the place of origin with appropriate climate, and add standardized and reasonable planting technology.
the inherent impression of the outside world is that the agricultural product market is still in the stage of low price competition, and the quality of leading commodities is worrying, but in fact, the focus of businesses has changed. Huang Zheng, founder of
pinduoduo, once explained the definition of consumption upgrading in his dialogue with Caijing magazine, “consumption upgrading is not to let Shanghainese live in Paris, but to let people in Anqing, Anhui have kitchen paper and good fruit.”
in the agricultural products industry, the first stage of consumption upgrading described by Huang Zheng has been completed, that is, users enjoy a variety of goods with low prices, and the sales channels of farmers and businesses have been opened.
at this stage, however, the problems existing in the industry are also prominent, that is, the quality of many agricultural products is poor, and some businesses fall into the strange circle of low price competition, resulting in increasing income without increasing profits. In this way, the mission of the next stage of agricultural product consumption upgrading is clear: what users need is better quality goods, and what brands need is to form their own brand power.
In addition to the brand’s own product quality factors, another important reason for the success of bairuiyuan’s new strategy is that there are a number of users with consumer demand for medium and high-end food on the platform, and users will only pursue commodity quality more strictly.
the above person in charge of bairuiyuan said that after bairuiyuan turned to the quality and high-end route, he found that many peers in the market were also moving in this direction.
“the stability of people with high passenger unit price is very strong.” The relevant person in charge of bairuiyuan said that at present, about half of the sales of pinduoduo stores are re purchased by old customers, which will obviously form a snowball effect, help businesses obtain more resources and free traffic, so as to form a greater brand influence.
pinduohuangchun flagship store mainly sells medium and high-end sea cucumbers. Zhang Jie, the person in charge of the store, said that one of the reasons why they chose to open a store in pinduoduo is that they found that many medium and high-end consumers are using pinduoduo, and even customers asked whether they are pinduoduo and have a store.
pinduoduo’s latest quarterly financial report shows that by the end of the third quarter of this year, pinduoduo’s annual active buyers were 867.3 million, and the scale of medium and high-end consumer groups is further expanding.
at this level, the supply side and the consumption side promote each other. The high-quality supply of merchants is a consumption upgrading for consumers. Consumers’ pursuit of quality also promotes the industry from low-price competition to quality competition and high value-added commodity competition.
is similar to the dried fruit of Lycium barbarum. The main customers of dried sea cucumber are middle-aged and elderly consumers. Zhang Jie gave a group of user population structure of his store: 70% are under the age of 45, while only 15% are after the age of 90 and 00. “Young consumers don’t have a high acceptance of dried sea cucumber. Even if they buy it, they mostly buy it for their families.”
sea cucumber merchants are also trying to bring the edible scene of sea cucumber from the kitchen to the living room and office, and develop instant sea cucumber with higher added value. “Because of convenience, young consumers have a higher acceptance of instant sea cucumber than dry sea cucumber.” Zhang Jie said that instant sea cucumber is a good entrance for young consumers, and it is also the category they want to focus on.
a person close to pinduoduo pointed out that pinduoduo’s subsidy ideas for agricultural products are changing. The focus of support for flow entrants such as 10 billion subsidy, time limited second kill and 10000 people group is gradually shifting to high-quality agricultural products, including brand agricultural products, primary agricultural products produced in large-scale, standardized and refined production and highly gold intensive processed agricultural products.
these policies help guide businesses to tap the added value of agricultural products and improve commodity quality, and the adjustment of platform policies will bring a new round of development dividend period.
although many businesses are moving towards the middle and high-end direction, the profit margin of agricultural products is still relatively low compared with other categories. “The negative effect of 10 billion subsidies without commissions is still great.” Zhang Guangpeng said.
under the joint action of multiple factors, the agricultural product market is ushering in a new round of consumption upgrading, and the proposition of a new era for platforms and businesses has changed from providing users with cheap and rich agricultural products to providing higher quality agricultural products.
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