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Brand rejuvenation is a multi-dimensional, multi-level systematic project.


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Under the new consumption wave, we have witnessed the rapid rise of too many cutting-edge brands after meeting the needs of young people or successfully finding ways to communicate with young people. At the same time, we also see that many classic brands in the consumer field actively respond to changes, embrace young people, and try a variety of paths and multiple identities to achieve brand rejuvenation.
Recently, Master Kang, a convenience food giant, named a national tide variety “China Tide”, in which advertisements for Master Kang’s braised beef noodles appeared many times. But interestingly, the program is highly praised by young people. Most young people don’t seem to dislike or even like Master Kang’s implantation. It has to be said that Master Kang is very attentive in advertising, and combines the national tide flavor of music in the program with the classic taste of braised beef noodles very well, without any sense of conflict.
Photo source: screenshot of fan comments on “China Tide” released by Master Kang’s official wechat
Through foodaily’s in-depth understanding of Master Kang, we found that Master Kang has indeed formed a set of established and effective strategies on how to communicate with young ethnic groups and how to realize the rejuvenation of the brand:
1. Product level: according to the dietary preferences of young people, product innovation is carried out, and a new product matrix with multiple specifications and tastes is launched. In addition to the star single product braised beef noodles, Master Kang also introduces taste types loved by young people, such as Suda noodle restaurant, soup master, tomato, egg and beef noodles;
2. Marketing level: Master Kang cooperates with high-quality idols, variety shows loved by young people, IP popular with young people, and injects young vitality into Master Kang’s brand with the help of external elements in line with Master Kang. At the same time, focusing on the values recognized by the young people, Master Kang actively created a brand image and won the favor of the young people from the perspective of improving itself.
Source: WeChat official account of Kangshifu
Compared with the rejuvenation at the marketing level, the rejuvenation at the product level has particularity. Different brands and different food segmentation industries have different innovative methods at the product level, so it is difficult to form a general younger playing method. Therefore, this article mainly interprets Master Kang’s idea of rejuvenation from the perspective of brand marketing.
Positive energy + National tide,
Master Kang embraces the young ethnic group
with a dual attitude
1. Master Kang’s insight: positive energy is the mood of the times, and the national tide is popular with young ethnic groups
In recent years, promoting positive energy is one of the main themes of society. Especially in the context of the global epidemic, we can see or hear heroic deeds from all walks of life almost at any time. For example, when the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, Zhong Nanshan, 84, still rushed to the front line of the epidemic and led the anti epidemic work at the first time; In the Tokyo Olympic Games, Su Bingtian broke the Asian men’s 100m record in 9.83 seconds; After the launch of Shenzhou 13, Zhai Zhigang became an aviation pilot again after 13 years
Under the background of frequent heroes and events, our perception of positive energy is stronger and stronger, and the sound of positive energy can better arouse the emotional resonance of the public.
If the heroic figures and deeds have aroused the positive energy of the Chinese people, the economic development background of the rise of great powers has given the Chinese people strong national self-confidence. Especially for young ethnic groups, Ta grew up in the period of national economic take-off, which led to ta having a stronger sense of national pride than other intergenerational groups. In terms of consumption behavior, Ta people have more trust in domestic products, and domestic brands have become a new fashion for young consumption. At the same time, Guochao culture representing national characteristics is also popular among young ethnic groups.
According to the 2021 Guochao search big data released by Baidu, the search popularity of “Guochao” related content has increased by 528% in recent ten years; In the past year, the post-90s and post-00s accounted for more than 70% of the attention groups related to “national tide”!
Under such a background, national tide and positive energy have become the most popular elements of the times for young ethnic groups. For consumer brands, youth marketing around the national trend and positive energy is a shortcut. Based on this insight into the times, Master Kang has opened a young marketing road integrating national tide and positive energy.
2. Master Kang braised beef noodles × Zhang Yixing, jointly carry forward “China Red”
How to reflect the national tide?
Master Kang chose the star single product braised beef noodles packaged in bright red as the product entry point of Guochao marketing, and also finalized Zhang Yixing as the spokesman of braised beef noodles.
As we all know, red is the most representative color of Chinese traditional culture. The walls of the Forbidden City are red, the Chinese knot is red, and the Spring Festival couplets and lanterns necessary for the Spring Festival are also red… Master Kang’s choice of braised beef noodles as a national fashion item is obviously correct. Moreover, braised beef noodle itself has always been a kind of Chinese classic cuisine loved by Chinese people.
Photo source: Master Kong official flagship store
Master Kang’s braised beef noodles have a classic national tide flavor, and its brand spokesman Zhang Yixing is naturally “national tide”.
Friends familiar with Zhang Yixing must know that Zhang Yixing’s dream since his debut is to carry forward Chinese traditional art and bring Chinese music to the world. The new m-pop music created by him integrates a variety of traditional music styles and a variety of languages dominated by Chinese. Its characteristic is that it has both the essence of Chinese traditional art and Western popular elements.
The cooperation between Master Kang’s braised beef noodles and Zhang Yixing is a combination of Guochao red, Guochao flavor and Guochao music.
3. Master Kang braised beef noodles × Zhang Yixing, activate young positive energy
In addition to Guochao, positive energy is also the meeting point between Master Kang’s braised beef noodles and Zhang Yixing.
On the basis of adhering to the classic taste of braised beef noodles and retaining the color matching symbolizing Chinese red, Master Kang has continuously improved the materials and packaging of products according to the real feedback of consumers, which has achieved the timeless classic taste of braised beef noodles.
It is also because of the persistence of taste that Master Kang’s braised beef noodles have become a good partner for generations of young people on the way to pursue their dreams. Who young man has never eaten a bowl of Master Kang’s braised beef noodles?
Zhang Yixing himself is also a person who works hard all the time. His nickname on his microblog is “work hard and work hard X”. How hard does Zhang Yixing work? Taking the agenda he posted on his microblog as an example, he only rested for eight days in 2018! His agent also revealed that Zhang Yixing was the least tired artist he had ever seen.
Photo source: Zhang Yixing’s personal microblog
One is a classic brand that adheres to classic taste and works hard to polish products for 30 years, and the other is a high-quality idol who doesn’t know tired and never forgets to work hard even if he has succeeded. This is the “positive energy combination” of Master Kang and Zhang Yixing.
4. Online multi-channel + offline naked eye 3D, multi-dimensional activation of brand assets
The cooperation between mature brands and idols will not only consider the fit between idols and brand tonality, but also the emotional value brought by idols to the brand.
Through Zhang Yixing, Master Kang’s national trendy packaging and unremitting product spirit can quickly reach the young ethnic groups and be recognized. At the same time, the young trend elements of Zhang Yixing, such as music, hip-hop dance and acting skills, also give the Master Kang brand more diversified young assets.
Of course, the successful cooperation between brands and idols should not only consider the degree of fit and emotional value, but also the form of communication. The cooperation between Master Kang’s braised beef noodles and Zhang Yixing began with an official publicity cooperation video full of Chinese red, followed by continuous publicity of the daily interaction between Zhang Yixing and braised beef noodles, such as calling on fans to express Zhang Yixing in the form of award-winning interaction on the microblog.
Photo source: Master Kang braised beef noodle official micro
Taking the official publicity cooperation video as an example, the video is mainly in the traditional Chinese red color. Zhang Yixing tells his persistence in chasing dreams and Master Kang’s persistent and lasting classic taste in the red theme background. In addition to China infrared, the official publicity video also includes a large number of Chinese elements such as drums and silk, as well as Zhang Yixing’s trend dance steps of integrating China and the West. It can be said that such a short 50 second video has been full of a strong “national tide flavor”.
The video is mainly distributed on wechat and microblog, especially on the microblog platform. Master Kang invited big V in many fields to participate in the dissemination. Finally, the Guochao video has been forwarded for 1 million + on the microblog platform, which is undoubtedly a great success.
Photo source: Master Kang’s official microblog of braised beef noodles and Da V’s personal microblog
of “millet surfing guide”
In addition to online multi-channel communication, Master Kang also made the video into a naked eye 3D large screen advertisement for display in Wangfujing, Beijing and Jianghan Road, Wuhan. The lifelike effect of naked eye 3D completely presents the national tide characteristics of Master Kang’s beef noodles, while allowing consumers to feel the perfect combination of national tide culture with Zhang Yixing and Master Kang’s braised beef noodles.
Photo source: Master Kang braised beef noodle official micro
Overall, the cooperation between Master Kang’s braised beef noodles and Zhang Yixing is not only a perfect fit between the brand and idols, but also a successful marketing for the brand to release young vitality and activate young assets through idols through multiple channels and dimensions.
Popular variety + virtual IP,
Master Kang creates multiple roles and integrates into young ethnic groups
In the field of mass consumption, the rise of new consumer brands and the competition of many new brands for young groups in recent years have led to the swing of young groups’ cognition of consumer brands. This puts forward a new problem for consumer brands, especially classic brands: how to consolidate consumers, especially young groups, their brand loyalty?
Foodaily believes that in the new consumption era, the communication between brands and young groups is not enough to establish a young attitude and activate young assets. To become the best friend of young people is what brands must do to occupy the minds of young people for a long time.
Master Kang has also done a good job in this regard. Take two recent marketing actions of Master Kang as an example——
1. Master Kang and master Tang × Lee Seung Hyun, as a trusted “big brother”, has an equal dialogue with young people
Like Master Kang’s choice of Zhang Yixing as the spokesman for braised beef noodles, master Tang announced that Lee Seung Hyun was the brand spokesman, which also considered the fit between the brand and products and Lee Seung Hyun.
Master soup is a convenient food that focuses on master soup. Master soup has two characteristics: first, it has high quality and high nutrition; Second, it has been polished for a long time and can stand the test of time. These two characteristics are just a perfect match for Lee Seung Hyun, who has been dormant for seven years and has been highly praised as soon as he returns.
But this is only one of them. Master Kang attaches more importance to the image of “high-quality brother” established by Lee Seung Hyun in the program “brother through thorns”. Such an equal image can help the brand establish an equal relationship with young ethnic groups – Master Kang, like the big brother next door, has good quality, trustworthy and trustworthy.
2. Master Kang is delicious and crisp × Luo Tianyi, with the role of “two-dimensional unity”, integrates into the subculture
Like master Tang, Master Kang’s purpose of holding a large-scale birthday party for virtual IP luotianyi is also to establish an equal “partnership” communication relationship with young people, especially subcultured young people.
Therefore, in the whole co creation activity, we can see that Master Kang’s fragrant and crisp is not like a brand or product, but more like a “two-dimensional same good”. We invite all friends who also like Luo Tianyi to release spontaneous blessing videos, pictures and words under the topic of # using fragrant and crisp to celebrate the birthday bar # activity on microblog and station B.
Photo source: Master Kang braised beef noodle official micro
It is precisely because of the establishment of a good relationship with the fans that they are willing to take the initiative to participate in the activities and reveal Master Kang’s delicious crispness while publishing videos and pictures. From the data, the total exposure of the whole birthday celebration reached 400 million +, and the total interaction between Master Kang and fans exceeded 760000 times; During the event, the official flagship store of Master Kang tmall rose by 120000, 30 times that of the same period last year, and the highest number of visitors on the page was up to 380000. The daily average live Gmv of Master Kang tmall’s official flagship store was 1.5 times higher than the usual live broadcast
Looking back on these young communication cases of Master Kang, we can see that Master Kang pays attention to differentiated communication when conducting equal friendly interaction with young ethnic groups. The combination of different products, different idols / IPS and different communication methods helps Master Kang establish a rich, diverse and hierarchical equal relationship with young ethnic groups.
The “way” of Master Kang’s Rejuvenation — the “rejuvenation” of brand values
In the process of marketing research on Master Kang, we found that Master Kang is still doing many things that seem to have nothing to do with “Youth”.
For example, Master Kang started a comprehensive carbon screening project to master the group’s carbon footprint and lay the foundation for the subsequent implementation of carbon reduction; Master Kang has recommended water-saving and emission reduction schemes in many fields, including steam heat recovery and nearly zero wastewater discharge
Sustainable development is the inevitable trend of the times, and the young ethnic groups, as the vanguard of the times, are bound to resonate with sustainable development. If Master Kang’s “skill” in brand rejuvenation is to establish a young attitude, activate young assets and “make friends” with young ethnic groups, then the implementation of Master Kang’s series of public welfare initiatives and sustainability strategy is to achieve rejuvenation at the level of “Tao”.
Source: Master WeChat official account
The so-called “way” of brand rejuvenation is to establish communication with young ethnic groups from the perspective of values and brand spirit, and even lead young ethnic groups. Master Kang’s “way” of rejuvenation is undoubtedly prescient from the perspective of sustainable development.
Throughout the brand rejuvenation strategy of Master Kong, we will find that, unlike cutting-edge brands and other classic brands, Master Kang’s brand rejuvenation has the following characteristics:
1. Systematic, diversified and multi-level brand rejuvenation strategy: unlike other brands, Master Kang’s rejuvenation is more diversified. This is reflected not only in the innovation of taste, materials and packaging at the product level, but also in the customization of different young communication strategies for products with different characteristics at the marketing level; At the same time, when communicating with young people, Master Kang pays attention to the sense of hierarchy, which not only strengthens the young assets of his own brand, but also establishes a diversified image (such as a trusted big brother and a two-dimensional unity that can interact equally);
2. Actively cross-border breaking the circle and looking for young vitality for the brand: Master Kang’s rejuvenation began with the national trend, but it is not limited to the national trend. Two-dimensional breaking the circle, cross-border game IP and popular variety show are also the brand rejuvenation measures being carried out by Master Kang;
3. More than the “art” of youth: Master Kang continues to explore the “way” of youth on the basis of “art”. Based on the judgment of the trend of the times, Master Kang starts from sustainable development, establishes resonance with young ethnic groups at the value level, and even leads the values of young ethnic groups, which is an extremely important part of his brand rejuvenation strategy.
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