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The new Chinese baking starts the “random war” mode and will enter the knockout competition next year

product competition enters “borderless”.
The outbreak of new Chinese baking began in Changsha, initiated by Hutou Bureau, Standard Chartered cake bank and Mo Mo dim sum Bureau, and then detonated the national market. Nowadays, local brands have emerged in many first tier cities.
For example, there are “Zhengao xingdim sum bureau” in mordu, “tangxiaohe dim sum bureau” in Tianjin, “lion head dim sum bureau” in Guangzhou, and “Lingcha dim sum bureau” and “Sanwei crisp house dim sum bureau” in Xiamen. Even “Nanyang master” changed its name to “Nanyang dim sum bureau”
The new Chinese baking has officially entered the surging “chaos war” market.
The new Chinese baking industry triggered a “chaotic war”
In a shopping center in Zhengzhou, there are more than 80 stores on the negative floor, and more than 10 baking brands have been piled up. Among them, the new Chinese baking has opened the “door-to-door” positive competition.
Although the two major brands with new Chinese baking whirlwind – Hutou Bureau and Mo Mo dim sum bureau have not entered Zhengzhou, the market has started a “hand to hand fight”.
When we were exploring the store, we saw that within a dozen steps of the negative floor of the shopping center, four brands were promoted. Luxi river is on the left side of one dim sum Bureau, and a cake bureau is in front of the right side; And just across from this bakery is master Bao.
The actual competition is more intense and has been upgraded to the competition of the whole baking industry.
Around these four new Chinese bakeries, there are also many well-known bakery brands. Among them, there are Korean brand duole day, domestic brand Diandian and Luxi River peach crisp, the main praiseworthy Yuefeng hall, Xishu puff, and tea + baking brand “tea hot wheat”.
In addition to the “door-to-door” of store layout, the product line is also more and more similar. In particular, the super explosive “Mashu” has become the standard configuration of almost every family.
For example, luxihe, the brand of new baking head, is featured with peach crisp. Today, “Taiwan cassava” has become a signature product together with gold medal flower cake and original puff.
For example, in the menu of the baking brand focusing on Guofeng Xiandou cake, in addition to exploding Xiandou cake, handmade cassava has also become a drainage product.
For example, hi tea hot wheat launched a series of taro mashed sweet potato products such as Brey QQ sweet potato.
Even Zhang tailiu, who sells Causeway roast, has launched Causeway roast with mashed taro and mashed potato. This shows how fierce the competition is.

Product competition “borderless”

What is more noteworthy is that these baking brands originally had their own explosive products and positioning to achieve differentiated competition. Now, baking has opened the “borderless” competition, and the product lines of various brands have begun to converge.
For example, Luxi River signs are peach crisp, Yuefeng hall is praiseworthy, master Bao’s meat floss Xiaobei, etc. Now, almost all brands are promoting “Mashu” products.
At the same time, each family also innovated the taste of cassava, a super explosive product. It is rich and colorful from fresh milk raisin, meat floss, fresh milk coffee, cheese egg yolk and Bulei QQ.
We also note that another manifestation of product line convergence is that products with high universality and awareness become standard. For example, the product “puff”.
Xishu puff is the most famous brand that originally focused on puffs. There are three signature products: Xishu puff, original Matcha puff and original durian puff.
Nowadays, new Chinese baking brands have launched “puffs” and innovated new products such as sea salt cheese puffs, crispy puffs and coffee puffs.
When exploring the store, a baking expert sighed, “a big scuffle in the baking industry is coming!”
Grab the layout and pull out the sky high rent
The outbreak of new Chinese baking began in Changsha, initiated by Hutou Bureau, Standard Chartered cake bank and Mo Mo dim sum Bureau, and then detonated the national market. Nowadays, local brands have emerged in many first tier cities.
There are “Zhengao xingdim sum bureau” in modu, “tangxiaohe dim sum bureau” in Tianjin, “lion head dim sum bureau” in Guangzhou, and “Lingcha dim sum bureau” and “Sanwei crisp house dim sum bureau” in Xiamen. Even “Nanyang master” changed its name to “Nanyang dim sum bureau”.
With the upsurge of new Chinese baking, Hutou Bureau and Mo Mo also accelerated the pace of expansion.
——Hutou Bureau headed east into Shanghai.
The founder of Hutou bureau comes from the supply chain, is product oriented, pursues product excellence, and pays attention to the optimization iteration of process, equipment, raw materials and products. However, store expansion is not confined to a single city, and has accelerated the pace of expansion.
On September 24, the new Chinese pastry brand “Standard Chartered bakery of Hutou bureau” Shanghai rimoonlight store and longzhimeng store officially opened, and jointly launched the Evergreen Limited gift box with “Taikang Golden Chicken brand”. Previously, Standard Chartered bakery of Hutou Bureau has opened 11 Direct stores in Changsha and Guangzhou.
At the same time, Hutou Bureau went north to Beijing. The first store in Beijing is located in 027, Wukesong South District, Huaxi live, and is expected to open before the end of the year.
It is said that Hutou Bureau has launched the “100 store plan” this year, and will open 100 direct stores in the first-line core area in the next year. In the future, we should run to 400 stores quickly.
——Mo Mo also accelerated the layout of grabbing points.
Mo Mo, founder of radio and television system, is good at marketing. Previously, Mo Mo adopted a regional intensive store opening strategy similar to convenience stores and did not open Changsha. It was not until more than 40 stores were opened in Changsha that cross regional expansion began.
Now, we have opened four stores in Wuhan and signed two stores in Beijing.
It is rumored in the Jianghu that this rush layout has raised the point rent of some shopping centers to 380000 a month. This is a very scary number. “Comparable to the rent for selling luxury cars!” Some people sigh with emotion.
The knockout is coming
The new tea expanded the boundary of Chinese tea and realized the integration of China and the West. It also accelerates brand iteration and evolution.
Today’s new Chinese baking is also “similar to” new tea, which promotes the integration of China and the West. For example, it is also peach crisp. Traditional baking uses pork or palm oil, while new Chinese baking uses butter.
In addition, new Chinese baking also introduces many ingredients in baking. For example, Bulei QQ tapioca, sea salt cheese puff, coffee tapioca, etc.
Some people even compare the competitive relationship between Hutou Bureau and Mo Mo to Xi tea and Naixue.
There are many similarities between the Hutou Bureau and the Mo Mo dim sum Bureau: both have a word “bureau” in their names. They all start from the Changsha market, and their establishment time is very short (Hutou Bureau was established one year earlier than the Mo Mo dim sum Bureau). They both focus on national fashion and Hong Kong style painting, and aim at New Chinese baking. The product structure is highly overlapped. They are all direct stores, and the UI style of official small programs is the same.
Like Xi tea and Naixue, they have broken the limitations of traditional tea drinking, and Hutou Bureau and Mo Mo have also broken the multiple limitations of baking.
But even so, the future of new Chinese baking is more bumpy than new tea.
In 2021, Hutou Bureau, Mo Mo dim sum Bureau, master Bao, guanglianshen and other new Chinese baking agencies successively obtained financing from well-known institutions, and this track was also completely brought to fire.
However, at present, this large market of more than 300 billion yuan has inevitably fallen into product homogenization competition.
For example, the best products sold by Momo dim sum bureau are cassava and puffs, of which the sales of cassava accounts for nearly 40%, and the dependence on a single category is high.
The top 4 categories sold by Hutou bureau are Hutou roll, tapioca, puff and tarts, and the sales proportion of the four categories is very close.
In addition to homogeneous competition, expansion costs continue to push up. For example, as mentioned earlier, the point rent has been raised to 380000 a month.
For another example, some brand organizations expand too fast and increase the risk of enterprise management. For example, a source said that after a week’s business trip, the market developers of a brand returned to the company and found that there was no place to sit.
Back at the beginning of this event, we still want to remind major brands that capital is only the catalyst for this Chinese baking race. What will really test the length of brand life in the future and the new Chinese baking in the future are the ability of product innovation and iteration and the organizational strength of enterprises.
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