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Midfield battle of brewed beer: 2450 entrepreneurs poured in one year, 4 factories changed hands and no one took over

there is no doubt that today’s refined beer is conquering more and more consumers by virtue of taste advantages and social potential.
In the wave of high-end beer, refined beer is becoming a good breakthrough.
with the entry of industrial beer brands such as Budweiser, Chongqing beer, Tsingtao beer and China Resources beer and catering brands such as Haidilao, the craft beer track is setting off a new round of beer war.
“in this industry, there will be a group of fine brewing beer entrepreneurs every year, and a group will die every year.” Some entrepreneurs said bluntly, “the mortality rate in this industry is very high, and even one third can’t live for a year.”
this is undoubtedly a cruel industry, but it does not hinder the latecomers who are optimistic about the industry. Some entrepreneurs believe that refined beer has changeable taste, mellow taste and strong hops aroma, which is being loved by young people. And entrepreneurs have joined the Bureau, which is also a good time for the industry to realize large-scale operation and increase sales significantly.
it is undeniable that with the rise of fine brewing bars all over the country, some restaurants also begin to sell fine brewing beer, so that more consumers are willing to supplement it with fine brewing beer between meals. This industry is constantly brewing new possibilities.
epidemic besieged beer entrepreneur

at the beginning of 2019, Li Wei happily agreed with his comrades in arms to start his own business and make a fine brewing beer brand, and his comrades in arms were responsible for investing in him. In July, his brand successfully landed in Tianchang high tech Industrial Development Zone, Anhui Province, and experienced nearly half a year of approval and preparation. At the beginning of 2020, Li Wei finally completed a series of procedures, and was confident and ready to do a big job.
but the sudden outbreak directly pressed the pause button for Li Wei’s enthusiasm.
map / photo network. Based on VRF protocol
, Li Wei still remembers that the epidemic was in a sensitive period at that time, and his comrades in arms could not invest in it as promised because of the epidemic. “In those days, I was just recommended by a friend in Qingdao. Let me try to interview an investor who wanted to invest. I decided to venture back to Qingdao. As a result, I only went to the provincial boundary and was blocked back.”
Li Wei recalled that during that time, he had been running around to raise funds, but his financing was not smooth because some cities were blocked. There are 20000 rent expenses every month. In addition, the project is in the early stage, so it is necessary to decorate and purchase equipment. Seeing that the original plan to complete the commissioning by the end of April 2020 has been delayed step by step.
“there was no capital turnover, and it is impossible to say it is not urgent.” At that time, everyone was in the anti epidemic transformation, but the project had just started, because there was no product company, there was no possibility of profit, “maybe my personal ability still needs to be improved.” A few months later, Li Wei’s venture also failed.
coincidentally, last year, the epidemic also made Liu Liang, an entrepreneur who was also preparing to do a big job, give up the fine brewing beer brand established for more than a year.
at that time, Liu Liang company had just completed a million level financing in 2019. After running through the supply chain in a year, it also carried out marketing in we media, and the number of online sales reached thousands of bottles within 2 days of being online.
at that time, the discussion and heat of refined beer were not small. Pan Dinghao, founder of panda fine wine, also told the media that panda fine wine developed earlier. When it appeared as a new lifestyle that year, it immediately attracted a lot of media attention and reported many times.
it can be seen that before the epidemic, the market prospect of refined beer was broad.
but Liu Liang did not expect that the epidemic would last so long. You know, refined beer itself focuses on offline channels and heavily relies on bars, catering and other channels. However, under the epidemic, bars and other entertainment places have been closed one after another, and the bankruptcy rate of the catering industry has gradually increased. The sales of non rigid products such as refined beer will inevitably be affected.
“I was going to have another wave. When the epidemic came, shareholders considered that the risk was relatively large. It would be safer to give up.” Liu Liang, who has opened a factory for many years, has Internet and industrial experience and is familiar with supply chain management. After understanding the market trend, he also chose to give up his continued investment in the company for the sake of insurance.
in fact, a number of start-ups on the market have not been able to withstand the devastation of the epidemic.
“the mortality rate in this industry is very high. The annual mortality rate is even as high as 36%, and even one third can’t live for a year.” Shen Kai, the founder of dream brewing, revealed to the “forefront of entrepreneurship” that some start-up brands making fine brewing beer have imperfect offline channels. In addition, a large number of closures in the catering and bar industries can only switch to online, “find wanghong to distribute. Open a tmall Taobao store online. There is no other way.”
in this situation, it is difficult for the refined beer brand to continue without capital blessing.
you should know that a qualified winery also needs to be equipped with filling equipment of 20-30 million yuan and brewing equipment of nearly 30 million yuan. In addition to the working capital that the winery should hold, on the whole, entrepreneurs need at least hundreds of millions of yuan of capital reserves to invest and build factories. Therefore, most entrepreneurs choose the mode of factory OEM production. The reduction of orders also led to the mass closure of factories at the end of the supply chain.
“of the 10 factories I saw, 3 or 4 were transferred this year, which can’t be opened at all.” Shen Kai added that no one is even willing to take over, “even if it is transformed into low-grade wine, the sales volume can reach 20-30 million, and there is still no way to survive.”
this makes Liu Liang, who has quit the track, have to sigh, “the financing of the track was very hot in the first two years. I felt like standing at the air outlet, and then suddenly there was no sound.”
with the fall of some start-up brands in the industry, the craft beer industry seems to be forced to “keep a low profile”.
beer is also rolled inside

on the one hand, it is the continuous influx of refined beer entrepreneurs. On the other hand, the bad news of the successive downfall of industry pioneers continues.
enterprise survey data show that the number of dead brands in the industry is increasing year by year. From 2016 to December 2, 2021, the sales volume of fine brewing beer related enterprises was 11, 40, 116, 278, 414 and 506 respectively. However, some people continue to enter the industry, and the registration of fine brewing beer related enterprises has increased rapidly in the past three years. There are 172, 399, 617, 1258, 1683 and 2450 enterprises related to brewing beer respectively. Allen lueth (Lu Weilun), CEO of

Dayue beer, is one of the members who chose to join the fine brewing beer team in early 2021. “Dayue beer was established in early 2010 and has laid a solid foundation in the fine brewing beer industry.” Allen lueth believes that this node is a good time for the company to operate on a large scale and increase sales significantly.
moreover, compared with industrial beer, Refined beer is mainly brewed by al process (top fermentation), with changeable taste, mellow taste and strong hops aroma, it is gradually loved by young people.
one evidence is that domestic giants and wine merchants are also laying out fine brewing. At the beginning of this year, Loewe international, a listed enterprise, announced that it would invest 30 million to build three enterprises related to fine brewing beer. In July, Budweiser announced that it would continue to increase its investment in Budweiser PU Putian factory will invest and build a new fine brewing brewery in Putian.
in the second half of 2017, Haidilao, which made fine brewed beer early, has already received a wave of dividends. Public information shows that in 2020 alone, the sales revenue of refined beer of Haidilao’s own brand reached 250 million yuan, a total of 24.68 million bottles.
in addition, some popular fast food brands and niche theme restaurants, such as barbecue restaurants and Japanese food restaurants, are also launching brewed beer.
public data show that in the distribution of the number of fine brewed beer sales stores for major meals and drinks in Beijing in 2019, the number of restaurants selling fine brewed beer in bars, hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, cuisine and Western food is the largest, exceeding 70% of the number of restaurants in this category, and the second echelon is tea restaurants and barbecue, also about 60%.
has many entrants, which also leads to the war of brewing beer.
“the market share of this industry has reached 10 billion yuan, and the competition has been very fierce.” Shen Kai revealed that there are as many as 60 or 70 OEM factories in China, and the market concentration of refined beer has always been very high.
according to the data of Guanyan report network, Craft beer market Cr4 (the concentration index of the top four market shares) is about 47%, of which Budweiser and Carlsberg, the two foreign leaders, account for the highest share by virtue of some large mature fine brewing products. Some independent fine brewing manufacturers have shown certain national potential, such as youbulao and panda fine brewing. However, their research data show that the annual sales of these brands are less than 50000 tons, and some sales come from non self sources There are brand OEM, more regional independent brewing manufacturers, the annual sales volume is difficult to break 1000 tons, and the pattern is highly dispersed.
“all these beer brands have their own factories, which leads to these 60 or 70 factories to carve up an already small market share.” Shen Kai said bluntly that the survival of refined beer brand is not easy.
in addition to competing for market share, taste is also the focus of competition among companies. In order to “optimize” the refined beer, all brands will differentiate the taste, or add honey, ginger and nectar, or prepare the refined beer with fruit taste preferred by women.
Allen lueth revealed that Dayue has released more than 200 different flavors of beer and alcoholic drinks. “Including Fuzi beer developed in 2010, it is the first brand in China to use Sichuan pepper and honey.” recently, we also developed champagne atmosphere wine, fermented with champagne yeast, added natural fruit, low fat, low sugar and low calorie, and the ‘killing power’ burst. ” He added.
figure / the co branded “banana wheat”
dream brewing of Dayue beer and the God of war relics of the perfect world has launched fruit wine since 2017. Because there are many women who don’t drink alcohol and people who are not used to bitter and refined brewing, Shen Kai made some attempts in taste. Until now, half of the company’s tastes are modulated partial fruit and cocktail flavors, “to ensure that consumers can experience a new taste from the unique taste when they try each kind of refined beer.”
/ dream brewed fruit flavored fine brewed beer
brands not only need to maintain freshness in taste, but also the fine brewed beer track seems to be unable to escape the price war in the end.
for malt, hops, yeast and other raw materials for fine brewing beer, domestic self-sufficiency is limited, and it is heavily dependent on foreign imports. Under the epidemic situation, the raw material cost of domestic brewing beer manufacturers is naturally rising.
“the cost has risen to more than 10% of the original.” Shen Kai added, but the rise of raw materials did not increase the price of refined beer. “Because of the fierce competition in the industry, refined beer also has the trend of price war. After the price is reduced, the gross profit has decreased from 55% before to about 45% now.”
it can be seen that it is not easy for fine brewed beer to get a share in the beer market. In the future, the fine brewed industry may be in the process of reshuffle for a long time.
refined beer is trapped in scenario

. However, the fact that entrepreneurs are struggling does not mean that the refined beer industry is only full of bad news.
data show that the top 10 brands of tmall platform beer sales during the “double 11” period in 2021 are Budweiser, Tsingtao beer, Harbin beer, Yanjing Beer, FUJIA, 1664

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