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Adopt a cow and win Netease’s “the most growing new brand in 2021”!

On December 14, 2021, the “Netease · new energy dairy industry summit” hosted by NetEase Finance was held in Beijing. At the meeting, NetEase Finance held an award ceremony for “2021 Netease · new energy – dairy industry list selection”. The cutting-edge dairy brand adopted a cow and won the “cutting-edge brand with the most growth in 2021”.

Over the past 40 years, China’s dairy industry has achieved leapfrog development. At present, a new consumption wave characterized by quality life and cultural self-confidence is rolling in, and a large number of new and old brands cooperate to promote the comprehensive revitalization and high-quality development of the dairy industry.

Zhou Zhenfeng, Deputy Secretary General of China Dairy Association, pointed out at the “Netease · new energy dairy industry summit” that the milk output in the first three quarters of 2021 was 25.14 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 8%; The output of dairy products was 22.545 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 10.3%; The main business income of dairy enterprises was 349.98 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.5%, which opened a good situation for the dairy industry in the 14th five year plan.

As a cutting-edge dairy enterprise that has raised cattle for seven years and established a brand for five years, it has adopted a cow, positioned itself as “we are a company that raises cattle for users”, practiced the brand concept of “if cows are well raised, milk will be good”, and adhered to building a whole industrial chain, from pasture planting to dairy farming, from feed processing to dairy processing, Control every link affecting quality in your own hands.

Up to now, the company has formed a product category matrix of “liquid milk + milk powder + cheese stick + custom milk card”. In April 2021, the company launched a new high-end product A2 β- On the basis of casein pure milk, Juan Shan milk with high protein, high milk fat and excellent taste has been introduced to form a differentiation advantage.



High quality products benefit from the in-depth layout and refined operation of the whole industrial chain. Adhere to controlling the quality of raw milk from the source. Since the establishment of the first large-scale modern pasture in Hebei with an investment of 460 million yuan in 2014, we have adopted a cow, actively distributed the golden milk source in China, and built eight modern pastures in Hebei, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places, So far, it has six modern pastures that have passed the internationally accepted gap level I (China’s good agricultural practice) certification. Kanghong pastures was recognized as “cow standardization demonstration farm” by the Ministry of agriculture in 2017, and won the gold award of China silage quality evaluation competition (geaf competition) twice in 2018 and 2020.

In the dairy industry, cattle management, silage and milk source tracing in the source pasture have always been the pain points that the traditional dairy industry is difficult to break through. In the process of producing a cup of good milk, adopting a cow has carried out the digital intelligence strategic layout earlier. Through the continuous investment in the digital construction of the whole industrial chain, taking nails as a new productivity tool, it runs through the core links such as pasture, breeding, supply chain and marketing, so as to effectively realize the double increase of product efficiency.

In terms of building a digital intelligent pasture, adopting a cow can realize real-time dynamic monitoring of accurate feeding, daily milk yield, rumination, activity and oestrus of dairy cows through the application of aiot hardware and software systems such as SCR intelligent collar, dg-star system and American dc305 herd digital intelligent management platform. At the same time, it can intuitively analyze the average lactation curve of a single cow and the herd, In order to timely find the problems and change trends of dairy cows in health and breeding, and make scientific decisions, so as to realize the digital intelligent management of the whole life cycle of dairy cows.

In addition, on the basis of ranching, adopt a cow and continue to arrange dairy processing. The brand’s first large dairy processing base was put into operation in Shandong in October 2020. It introduced global advanced production lines and processes such as Tetra Pak in Sweden and Sidel aseptic cold cans in France, with a daily processing capacity of 800 tons of dairy products, and provided quality assurance for dairy products through the digital intelligence upgrading of the whole industrial chain. The base not only realizes the intelligent and unmanned operation in the pretreatment stages of raw milk filtration, separation, sterilization and homogenization, but also further opens up the digital intelligent central control management in the whole links of raw milk inspection, pretreatment, filling, packaging logistics and warehousing.

Not long ago, the intelligent manufacturing base successfully passed the three EU system certification of IFS, SQF and brcgs, which represents the adoption of a cow. The production capacity of Shandong factory is in line with international quality, and the products produced have been recognized by more than 130 countries.


In 2020, the average unit yield of adopting a cow has reached 12.7 tons. According to the relevant statistics of Holstein magazine, this level ranks second in China, second only to Australia and Asia ranch.

Adopting a cow is also committed to providing consumers with better milk products and purchase experience through refined user operation and continuous optimization iteration. For example, strengthen the contact with users through online cattle raising games; Prepare exclusive birthday dolls, peach gift boxes and gift boxes for members; For customer complaints, users will be provided with personalized customized services such as apology gift bags. At the same time, the company deeply binds the enterprise value of “customer first”, organizes the company’s managers to regularly rotate the front-line customer service and sales posts, and listen to the voice of users.

In the future, adopting a cow will keep up with the development of China’s dairy industry, constantly adjust the product structure and meet the escalating consumer demand; Actively carry out scientific research, overcome core production technologies, increase the research on the nutritional value of milk and dairy products, produce more nutritious and targeted organic products, better promote the development of “healthy China”, and practice the sustainable development path of green and environmental protection in ecological protection.

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