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The former CEO of McDonald’s agreed to refund the remuneration of more than $100 million. The small red book of multi brand related notes could not be displayed. Aojiabao appointed a new CFO and investigated the case of illegal sales of imported milk powder by cross-border e-commerce in Harbin

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Recently, some netizens found that when searching for brands such as “dove, Neutrogena, half Mu flower field, Nivea and wonderlab” in xiaohongshu, the relevant notes could not be displayed, and only the prompt “the brand is suspected of false marketing, and the relevant contents will not be displayed” appeared on the page. In response to this, xiaohongshu responded to the blue whale reporter that the platform has launched a new round of “false marketing” governance, and the first 29 brands suspected of false marketing have been banned. Compared with the previous special treatment, the scope of this treatment will be further expanded to cover the upstream and downstream of the whole “writing and distribution” ash production chain. (blue whale media)

Shanxi Fenjiu said it had not received the red headed documents related to the chairman’s retirement

It is rumored that Li Qiuxi, chairman of Shanxi Fenjiu, is about to retire, and the successor is yuan Qingmao, a member of the Party group, deputy director and chief accountant of Shanxi Provincial Department of communications. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Shanxi Fenjiu responded that at present, the company has not received any notice of red headed documents in the province. This is a major personnel change. If it is true, the company will perform the obligation of information disclosure in time according to relevant laws and regulations. (sina finance, wind)

Universal dairy reduced its holdings of 12.68% convertible corporate bonds of new hope dairy

Today, new hope dairy announced that from November 12, 2021 to December 14, 2021, the controlling shareholder universal dairy reduced 910231 new milk convertible bonds in the form of block trading and centralized bidding, accounting for 12.68% of the total issuance of convertible corporate bonds of the company. (company announcement)

Nestle helps build China’s coffee territory

Yesterday, Nestle China said that the “Yunnan coffee flavor map” project, which was finely ground by Nestle and torch coffee laboratory, had ended. In addition, Gan caf É, Nestle’s exclusive high-end coffee brand in China, officially launched Yunnan coffee flavor box. The new product presents the unique beauty of Caiyunzhinan boutique coffee with 9 pieces of boutique coffee with different flavors. (issued by the company)

Three squirrels responded to the “hamster incident”

On December 14, a consumer said that there was a live hamster in the express box of three squirrel snack bags he bought. In this regard, the three squirrels responded on their microblog on December 15 that they had provided the owner with a full order refund or reissue solution for the first time, and launched internal traceability investigation. The logistics warehouse had a strict management system, and the staff were not allowed to bring any irrelevant items (including pet items). (Daily Economic News)

Guangdong new catering transportation group received tens of millions of yuan of pre-A round of financing

It is reported that Guangdong new catering “Xingyun group” recently completed the pre-A round of financing with an exclusive investment of tens of millions of yuan by Beijing life service industry development fund. This round of financing is mainly used for store expansion and supply chain building of its sub brands. (36Kr)


The digital group meal platform “Meifen” completed the E2 round of financing

The digital group meal platform “Meifen” announced that it had obtained E2 round of financing from Sodexo. Previously, it had obtained E1 round of financing of US $100 million invested exclusively by Dazheng capital, and the overall financing amount of e round exceeded 1 billion yuan. This round of financing will be mainly used to accelerate customer acquisition in the global market, improve the supply chain system and promote the strategic layout of innovative business. (36Kr)


Baicao flavor comprehensively upgraded new year products


In order to welcome the arrival of the annual goods festival in 2022, Baicao flavor comprehensively upgraded its annual goods products, not only launched a brand-new “annual flavor” and “super polite” series gift boxes, but also joined hands with the national treasure again to launch national tide gift boxes such as “lucky stars shine” and “Kyushu Jubao”. In addition to being sold in online channels such as tmall and, all gift boxes and cans of Baicao flavor will also be sold simultaneously in offline stores and supermarkets. (issued by the company)


COFCO Coca Cola’s “cola go” project won Coca Cola’s “global customer and Business Leadership Award”

On December 14, COFCO Coca Cola won the “global customer and Business Leadership Award” with the “cola go” project in the Coca Cola system global business leadership competition. In 2020, COFCO Coca Cola took the “cola go” project as the starting point for digital marketing upgrading, and it only took 7 months to promote the system to more than 1.5 million customers in the whole region. In 2021, COFCO Coca Cola continued to optimize the system, “cola go” service end customers, happy will recruit 18 million consumers, use digital UTC and other projects to open up online, offline and self vending equipment, promote the simultaneous development of new retail and smart retail, and improve COFCO Coca Cola’s ability to reach consumers. (issued by the company)


Mead Johnson has become the first international brand enterprise of milk powder to obtain AEO advanced certification

Recently, Mead Johnson nutrition (China) Co., Ltd. passed the customs AEO advanced certification and became the first international brand enterprise of infant milk powder to obtain the advanced certification. This certification is superimposed with the ISO quality certification system in the production end previously obtained by Mead Johnson and the whole process safety and quality management system starting from raw materials, forming the “double certification and double insurance” of Mead Johnson’s production end and logistics end in China. (Chinanet)


Mengniu Wuhan low temperature plant helps save energy and reduce emissions

According to Mengniu, its low-temperature Wuhan factory adopts roof natural lighting in pretreatment, packaging and raw and auxiliary material warehouse, which can save 146000 kW of electricity every year. The factory street lamp adopts solar power supply, and uses solar panels to replace the ordinary shed for solar photovoltaic power generation. The annual power generation is 1.16 million kwh, which can reduce 1150 tons of carbon emission. The daily sewage treatment capacity reaches 6000 tons. The plant can also recycle the generated biogas, save 632000 cubic meters of natural gas every year, and reduce 1380 tons of carbon emissions. (issued by the company)


Yuanqi forest’s brand “alien” launched the “global water replenishment plan”

The “global water replenishment plan” public welfare project jointly launched by Yuanqi forest’s brand “alien” and China Poverty Alleviation foundation has been launched, donated water purification equipment and a love learning package worth 250000 yuan for Maqu primary school, Hongsibao District, Wuzhong City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and helped the school build a green ecological cycle system. The “global water replenishment plan” includes “ecological campus water replenishment plan” and “African school water purification project”, which aims to provide safe drinking water solutions for campuses and communities and actually improve the drinking water environment in underdeveloped regions or countries around the world. (Beijing News)


JUNLEBAO has reached a strategic partnership with China ice and snow conference

Recently, the practical experience activity of “painting Winter Olympics, skating snow and talking about health” was held in Beijing. On the day of the event, Qiu Weinong, vice president of JUNLEBAO dairy group and general manager of brand marketing center, said that as China’s official dairy partner of ice and snow, JUNLEBAO milk powder will also actively respond to the national strategy, strive to practice the great call of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” and contribute to national health. (Business News)

Rio cross border overlord launches ginger flavor cocktail


At 0:00 this morning, Rio cocktail cross-border overlord shampoo was listed in the “ginger flavor cocktail” gift box, priced at 99 yuan. The gift box contains 2 bottles of Rio cocktails, 1 bottle of overlord shampoo and 1 hairline measuring ruler. At present, it is sold in Rio Ruiao tmall flagship store for a limited time. (issued by the company)

The former CEO of McDonald’s agreed to refund more than $100 million

McDonald’s announced today that former CEO Steve easterbook has agreed to refund the remuneration now worth more than $105 million to solve the dispute over his dismissal. It is reported that this part of the remuneration consists of stocks and cash. The arrangement will prevent McDonald’s from further suing him.

PepsiCo North America investment private equity fund


PepsiCo North America announced an investment of US $15 million in the closed loop partners’ leadership fund, a private equity fund. The foundation acquires enterprises, improves its recycling infrastructure, establishes a circular supply chain and prevents materials from entering landfills. (ESM Magazine)

Aojiabao appoints new CFO


Australian health care brand aojiabao announced the appointment of Patrick Gibson as its new chief financial officer. Gunther Burghardt, the current chief financial officer, will leave in February next year. (Finance News Network)

The former CEO of Danone became the chairman of climate disclosure

Recently, fan Yimou, former CEO of Danone(

Campbell soup expands snack business in three ways


On Campbell soup’s investor day, Valerie Oswalt, executive vice president of its snack business, said that the company would accelerate the growth of its snack business through three paths, including using a proven growth model, innovating consumer demand and expanding cross-channel distribution. (food navigator)

Nestle launches new Starbucks Zero sugar vegetable fat powder


Nestle announced the launch of a new Starbucks Zero sugar vegetable powder, including caramel and hazelnut, which will be on the shelves of frozen dairy products in major supermarkets in the United States. (FoodBev)

Quick reading of food industry information



Since May 2021, Harbin municipal market supervision bureau has investigated and dealt with a series of cases involving the operation of imported infant formula milk powder not registered as required by a number of cross-border e-commerce experience stores, which has attracted the attention of the State Administration of market supervision and has been listed as a listing supervision case by the state Administration of market supervision.

in order to ensure the food safety of infant formula milk powder, according to relevant regulations, the infant formula milk powder purchased through “cross-border purchase” is only for personal use, and secondary sales are prohibited. In May this year, Harbin market supervision bureau focused on the illegal sale of foreign baby powder by cross-border e-commerce experience stores in the name of “cross-border purchase”, and successively targeted a mother and baby products store in Nangang District, a global shopping center in Songbei District, a mother and baby store in Nangang District Four cross-border e-commerce experience stores such as a mother and baby store in Acheng District have been filed for investigation (the case of a mother and baby store in Acheng District has been handed over to the District Bureau for disposal and is now being handled).

The above four cases are all cases of unregistered imported infant formula milk powder sold by cross-border e-commerce experience stores. Because the case has typical promotion significance, it was listed and supervised by the State Administration of market supervision for major food safety violations. (jiupai News)



Today, Kaidu consumer index and Bain company tracked and studied the shopping behavior of Chinese consumers for the tenth consecutive year, and released the 2021 Chinese shoppers report, series 2. The report shows that under the background of the continuous growth of the middle class and the return of consumption under the control of the epidemic, the fundamentals of China’s FMCG market remain stable: in the first three quarters of 2021, the sales and sales of China’s FMCG increased by 3.3% and 3.6% respectively, achieving a moderate recovery. At the same time, the average selling price increased slightly by 0.3%. (issued by the company)


Goldman Sachs: Alibaba re examines its overall vision and strategy

Goldman Sachs issued a report that Alibaba will hold an investor day today and tomorrow. It is expected that Alibaba will re-examine and reaffirm its overall vision and strategy, and provide updates and blueprints for individual business lines. Among the three strategic pillars, namely domestic consumption, globalization and cloud computing, it is hoped that the management can explain the competition, market share and profit margin. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Online shopping in China

China White Hot Kwai Bain reported on Thursday that the channel structure that affected the behavior of Chinese shoppers has been accelerating. The penetration of online channels has been growing and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. With the rise of new business people such as tiktok, jitter and fast hand, Alibaba’s contribution to the growth of e-commerce channels has dropped from 49% last year to 35% in the first three quarters of this year. The report also said that under the influence of the macro environment, the sales of China’s fast-moving consumer goods fell by 0.8% year-on-year in the third quarter, but the sales and sales of China’s fast-moving consumer goods increased by 3.3% and 3.6% respectively in the first September, realizing a moderate recovery, while the average selling price increased slightly by 0.3%. (Reuters)

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