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Western Food & the attack and competition of the middle point, the new pattern of traditional Chinese tea, the innovation of yogurt What is the key to the growth of these popular tracks?

show field of global excellent food innovation, how can you be absent?

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In just one month, more than 300 food enterprises / brands are preparing to submit their reports, and the registration is still in progress. The channel will be officially closed on January 21, 2022. In addition, overseas competition areas are in the process of simultaneous registration
Looking at global innovation from the perspective of business ecology, The 4th Global Food Innovation Award (hereinafter referred to as Isee Innovation Award) will explore the innovation models of products / brands / technologies / enterprises / figures, create industry benchmarks, highlight the innovative spirit of food and enable new food consumption. In addition, this year, we also carried out communication and experience upgrading, and spread innovation to the industry and consumers through a series of creative activities, so that good products can be seen by more people!
In this issue of “appreciation of the reported cases of the fourth Isee Innovation Award”, we will share with you the winning product / brand cases in the track of convenient fast food, Chinese tea, yogurt, women’s health and children’s food. Let’s take a look together~

Western food, mid point extension and evolution
Stay at home “exquisite dry rice”
The rise of housing economy, single economy and lazy economy, as well as the fast-paced life of modern people, has driven the increase in the demand for convenient food. According to the data of toubao, in 2020, the scale of the convenience food industry was about 294.5 billion yuan, and the online scale of categories increased by more than 70% in recent one year. The online channel has become the core driving channel of the industry, and the sales of several emerging leaf categories have doubled, showing great market potential.  
The quietly changing attitude of the new generation of young people towards “cooking” has promoted the outbreak of convenient fast food, prefabricated dishes, composite seasonings and other categories. Traditional food occupies a dominant position in the market and the growth rate exceeds that of imports, and emerging brands are accelerated to go online. How to fill your stomach quickly, healthily and delicately has become an opportunity for the innovative development of new youth kitchen.
Fruit and meat pizza: Remake high-end pizza experience
Fruit and meat are positioned as medium and high-end pizza. Using flour imported from Italy and original cheese, Italian focaccia bread is upgraded to the air cake bottom of pizza for the first time, and enjoy the pizza experience of high-end Italian restaurant at home at take out price. The raw materials and patented technology of pizza bottom come from Italian partners. The air cake bottom tastes crisp and tough, which is unique in the market. Creatively combined pre baking with IQF freezing technology, established an exclusive production line, and realized the industrial production of high-end handmade pizza.
The vision of fruit and meat takes “market” as the concept, which compares the richness of ingredients in fruit and meat brands, as well as the exploration spirit and determination to collect ingredients from all over the world. Taking green as the brand color, supplemented by yellow, red and other colors, the color matching intention like an amusement park gives people a happy and relaxed mood. The fruit and meat are like a garden fair, which brings us many creative and delicious food and feel happy at the same time.
Source: fruit and meat
Maigu village muffin kneading bag: Unlock exquisite pastry in three minutes
“Maigu village muffin kneading bag” is different from the traditional complex production ratio and the use of a large number of cooking props. Just open the package and add water and eggs, you can easily knead delicious dough in one minute and unlock exquisite snacks in three minutes. During the production process, you can not only experience the fun of DIY, but also decompress the design of pinch, so as to meet the expectations and love of consumers.
In addition, “maigu village muffin kneading bag” is upgraded on the basis of the original Japanese formula, adheres to the concept of pure natural products, and selects New Zealand whole milk with more nutrition and high-quality wheat with more protein. Formula does not add flavors and pigments, low fat, no burden, and health is doubled and more reassuring.
Source: maigu Village
Spring breeze restaurant lock fresh pearl small cage bag: ingenuity to create a “fireworks flavor” of fast food
“Spring breeze restaurant lock fresh bead small cage bag” has the industry’s first creative “lock fresh bead”. Through innovative molecular cooking technology, the dipping material (Zhenjiang vinegar or Longjing flavor tea soup) is made into a lock fresh bead, which is matched at the top of the small cage bag to convey the auspicious meaning of “carp top bead”, and provide a brand-new taste experience of small cage bag without additional dipping material.
In terms of quality, Chunfeng restaurant pursues ingenuity. Craftsmen who have been looking for bags for more than ten years make small cage bags by hand. They strictly control the number of pleats to more than 15, with thin skin and large fillings and full soup, so as to remove the traces of industrialization of mass production. No preservatives and flavors are added, no artificial pigment is added, and healthy and natural ingredients are used to restore the flavor of food. Under the fast-paced life in the city, young people and families can also eat every meal with fresh materials, real materials and unique fireworks ingenuity.
Source: spring breeze Restaurant
A dog’s hand-made barley: a new interpretation of traditional local cuisine
“One dog hand-made big Shaomai” is different from the traditional glutinous rice Shaomai. It selects large diced meat, complete salted duck egg yolk and other ingredients to really bite the visible ingredients and feel full of happiness. It is wrapped by hand by the dessert master. Compared with machine feeding, it ensures that the glutinous rice is soft and waxy without losing the sense of grain. The weight is positioned at 90g / piece, which is a gap with the common size of 30-50g / piece of roasted wheat on the market. Seven flavors are designed to meet the taste preferences of consumers in different regions.
Brand IP comes from the brand mascot “Shaomai” of Keji dog, which is loyal, lively and friendly. Unique IPR design can impress consumers from brand name to IP image.
Source: a dog
Amazing packaging, technical empowerment, multiple scenes, emotional Links… Multidimensional rejuvenation of traditional Chinese tea
Chinese people have been making and drinking tea for thousands of years. Whether it is “piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine tea” or “firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea”, tea has long been deeply integrated into Chinese people’s spiritual world and material life. The tea culture derived from tea accumulation is also an important part of Chinese civilization. According to the 2021 China tea market report of Reese strategic positioning consulting, the scale of China’s tea market will reach 403.3 billion yuan in 2020, with a compound growth rate of 7.2% in recent five years.
However, with the advent of the new food era, the single drinking form of traditional tea can not meet the increasingly diversified consumption demand. The daily drinking of parents’ generation and the high-end gift box giving scene of New Year holidays have branded tea as “old age”. How to better integrate Chinese tea into modern life and redefine the tea culture belonging to young people has become the main trend of the innovation and development of Chinese tea.
Xiaolian pot of frozen tea extracted from the original leaves of tea Yan Yue: modern food processing technology rejuvenates the rebirth of traditional Chinese tea
Traditional instant tea mostly uses medium and low-grade tea as raw materials. The loss of aroma in the processing process makes instant tea have the disadvantages of low aroma, poor taste, and even completely lose the characteristics of the original tea. With the continuous upgrading of market consumption demand, it is required that instant tea should not only retain the original advantages, but also have the flavor characteristics of the original tea. Tea Yan Yuese “Xiaolian pot of original leaf frozen tea” came into being.
“Xiaolian pot of original leaf frozen tea” is a high flavor and original instant tea independently developed by tea Yan Yuese, which is named because of the lotus shaped pot. Using drinking grade finished tea as raw material, special cryogenic extraction technology, membrane separation and freeze-drying technology were used to extract only the most essential part of the original tea. Excellent solubility, suitable for both hot and cold, ready to drink without slag removal; No flavor, no pigment, no accessories, and other additives, the sensory quality of the original flavor original flavor, fragrant, high alcohol, clear and bright soup, is the true meaning of the original tea flavor instant tea.
Source: Tea Yan Yue se
Small pot tea · Yue series life tea: cut into the modern scene accurately according to the pain points of users drinking tea
“Small pot tea · Yue series life tea” is positioned as “life quality tea”. The product adopts Oriental elegant color packaging that is more in line with the aesthetics of young people (canglangqing, crimson yarn red, curd yellow, Tangli brown, Qingli Brown), the target group is the urban elite group mainly composed of exquisite mothers and senior white-collar workers. Whether it’s home drinking, family and friends gathering, sports and fitness or traveling, it can meet the personalized tea drinking needs of urban elite groups to deal with different social scenes in their daily life. At present, Yue series life tea has iron Guanyin, Dahongpao, jasmine tea, Jinjunmei and Pu’er.
With pleasing Oriental color design and consistent high standard quality of the brand, it brings a cup of good tea that can delight the body and mind for the urban young generation, and also provides a set of tea drinking solutions that contain social attributes and represent quality life. Small pot tea insists on inheriting tea culture in innovation, so as to better integrate Chinese tea into modern life. The listing of Yue series life tea not only reflects the corporate responsibility of small pot tea to unswervingly convey the connotation of tea culture in modern life, but also further improves the strategic layout of multi brand and multi product line of small pot tea.
Source: small pot of tea
TNO Bangbang original leaf tea: breaking the traditional tea bag form and leading the trend of light drinking of national tea
“TNO stick original leaf tea” breaks the traditional tea bag form and creates the unique creativity of the original “vertical tea stick” design. Mixing is brewing, making the tea drinking ceremony from complex to simple. Mount Huangshan green tea black tea, oolong tea, kanyin oolong tea and Yunnan red Gongfu black tea are selected from China’s four famous Chinese tea series, 0 fat and 0 sugar without any sugar. The ingredients are natural, no added and no fragrance.
The captured natural regional flavor condenses into the free spirit brought by “clouds”, “Xiasi”, “Bailu” and “rain”; The new tea image of the new Chinese visual style is redefined by using traditional Chinese elements such as song style, simple blank artistic conception, combined with modern visual languages such as gradual color and simple geometric lines.
Source: TNO
Adult tea in Linlong teahouse: establish “adult” emotional connection and trigger resonance of national tea consumption
Pu’er tea leaves the stereotype of “tea only for adults” in the eyes of young people. But this is precisely the sense of “maturity and growth” of Pu’er, which has become an important characteristic and natural advantage to attract “adults”. “Linlong teahouse adult tea” is based on Pu’er tea, which represents the “sense of maturity”, with the aroma of sweet scented osmanthus. The aroma of tea and flowers achieve each other, just as the satisfaction of “pleasant and abundant” permeates people’s hearts, especially when it turns cool in autumn. 0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 energy to maintain the continuous brand positioning and product characteristics of Linlong teahouse.
In the design of the bottle body, we chose to add the life “pain points” encountered in the “adult” life in the way of illustration, so as to meet the consumption needs of the new “adult” and arouse the emotional resonance of consumers at the same time. The combination of classical green and bright golden brown on the bottle is like the main material of adult tea: Pu’er and osmanthus, which are fresh in elegance, making people feel the mellow and fragrance from the inside out.
Photo source: Linlong Teahouse
Subdivision function, mix and match innovation, European dairy···
Yogurt drink pattern innovation
Milk, yogurt and milk containing drinks are the types of dairy products that consumers generally like to buy. Euromonitor International Statistics show that the scale of China’s dairy consumption market has exceeded 400 billion yuan in 2019, with an average annual compound growth rate of 8.6% in recent 10 years. It is estimated that by 2024, the consumption scale of China’s dairy products market may exceed 550 billion yuan.
From the perspective of trend, due to the rapid development of normal temperature yogurt, the market share of yogurt category continues to expand. It is expected that the market share of yogurt category will reach 42.20% by 2024. Exquisite mothers, cutting-edge white-collar workers, generation Z and young people in small towns have outstanding performance in the proportion and growth rate of yogurt consumption, and have become a well deserved “potential army” of yogurt consumption. Functional nutrition supplement, diversified mix and match innovation, rich consumption experience, etc. promote the upgrading of yogurt consumption.
Lactoferrin yogurt of Wangwang lactoferrin Food Research Room: select lactoferrin to specialize in “live” black technology
“Wangwang lactoferrin yoghurt” is the first active lactoferrin yoghurt product in China. Selecting “gold in milk” — high quality milk source active lactoferrin (only 1 kg can be extracted from every 10000 kg of milk). The exclusive addition technology is adopted to retain the natural activity of lactoferrin and maintain it for 28 days, which is three times the content of ordinary infant milk powder. It is specially designed for urban white-collar workers and groups who need to improve their immunity. In a busy life, one bottle a day can supplement nutrition at any time to enhance their immunity. The sour sweet ratio is good and strong, but it melts in the mouth Smooth taste, natural frankincense, nutrition and delicious.
Source: Wangwang
Aishi Xiaoai berry pulp nutritious yogurt drink: a new carrier of lutein ester, taking care of your “vision” world
“Aishi Xiaoai berry juice nutritional yogurt drink” meets the daily nutrition needs of the eyes, especially the scientific nutritional formula of lutein ester, VA, VE, taurine and zinc. 0 fat 0 added sucrose, the more expensive sugar substitute combination scheme is preferred, and the manual addition of sucrose is refused, and the heat of each branch is less than one and a half apples. Select real juice and imported milk to taste smoother and better. It is suitable for daily eye scenes such as learning to read books, online classes, watching the screen for a long time at work, entertainment chasing drama and black. It is not only a drink, but also can be used as a pastry base to prepare yogurt, fruit wine and so on.
Photo source: Aishi xiaoaijiang
Shapetime shaped power yogurt fun Cup: ingredient separation design unlocks double happiness
Shapetime shaped dynamic yogurt turn over the fun cup makes yogurt from simple dairy products to be a snack for breakfast and substitute. Apple highland barley flavor / Strawberry sour cherry highland barley flavor: Yantai apple / Liaoning Hani strawberry, Polish sour cherry and Qinghai highland barley are used to make jam, which is rich in a variety of amino acids, dietary fiber and vitamins; Greek yogurt is high in protein and calcium (high in protein 9g / cup), which helps the body to meet its needs; it is low in fat and calorie, and tastes mellow and free of burden; the double cup separation design ensures the fresh flavor of jam. One mouthful of clean yogurt and one mouthful of snow pearls can chew the health yogurt anytime and anywhere.
Image source: shapetime shape dynamics
Miufo miaofquag Nordic cheese: rooted supply chain construction, localization and innovation of European dairy products
“Quaker Nordic cheese” is a popular fermented dairy product in Europe with a long history. It has the characteristics of ultra-clean formula, ultra-high protein, ultra strong taste and so on. Raw milk only lactobacillus (including LGG Lactobacillus rhamnosus) and natural jam. SPX flow European equipment applies nano ultrafiltration technology to fully retain the natural protein of dairy products, including small molecular whey protein that is easy to be absorbed by human body. Slow fermentation in a constant temperature environment of 32 ℃ and 8 hours naturally awakens the vitality of bacteria and ensures the quantity and quality of bacteria. The taste is between yogurt and cheese, with milk aroma Rich, not sour or astringent, more suitable for Chinese taste.
The target group is the “four high” exquisite urban white-collar workers aged 25-40, who are highly educated, high-income, high-energy and high-pressure. For the diversified consumption scenarios of the target population, “quark Nordic cheese” can be coated with toast in addition to being convenient and ready to eat; Match with fruit and cereal; Making milkshakes and salad sauce; Free play, can be called salty and sweet, nutritious and versatile.
Source: miufo Miaofu

Rejuvenation and innovation of traditional ingredients
Exquisite maintenance of “her health”
In recent years, with the rise of “her economy”, 530 million female users in China have attacked, and the volume of female consumer market is huge. Women’s pursuit of beauty in the era of pleasing themselves is no longer limited to external skin care products, but the healthy beauty emanating from the inside out. Healthy diet, exercise and fitness, oral health care products and other “internal feeding” methods are favored by female consumers, and the “her health” market is gradually growing.
According to the data of toubao, from 2016 to 2020, the scale of China’s women’s health food market increased from 136.57 billion yuan to 203.15 billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of about 10.4%. It is expected to reach 324.12 billion yuan in 2025. The number of consumers willing to pay for health is increasing. The consumption demand of Chinese women’s health food is rising steadily, and the market development potential is huge. Young and innovative products of medlar, red jujube, donkey hide gelatin, ginger and other traditional nutritional ingredients are also emerging.
Quaker 5 Red mixed instant cereal: nourish red food with red to nourish beauty
“Quaker 5 Red mixed instant cereal” is inspired by the ancient Chinese medicine food tonic formula “5 red soup”, and selects five red ingredients: red jujube, red bean, medlar, red rice and longan. The medicine and food are of the same origin, and the proportion is scientific, so as to raise red with red; With 100% imported oats from Australia, enjoy a bowl of protein, dietary fiber, magnesium, iron and other nutrients; The exclusive formula of nutritious grain and vegetable powder is adopted, without additional sucrose, and there is no burden to enjoy in the fat reduction period; Comprehensive patent tablet technology, hot air drying, spray drying, high temperature steam sterilization, optimize the texture of multi grain cereal, soft and sweet entrance.
With sufficient internal Qi and blood, the appearance will show a brilliant red charm and good look. Quaker 5 red helps consumers achieve ruddy from the inside out through daily tonic, multiple nutrition and science. Solve the problems caused by busy daily work, lack of vitality and lack of vitality for a long time.
Source: Quaker
Bearkoko menstrual thermos — donkey hide gelatin black sugar ginger tea: warm company anytime, anywhere
“Bearkoko menstrual thermos donkey hide gelatin black sugar ginger tea” is a young micro innovation of traditional brown sugar ginger tea products. Based on the innovative raw material formula of female menstrual conditioning, authentic raw materials such as Japanese black ginger, Mexican chiya seed, donkey hide gelatin from East Arab origin and Yunnan black sugar are added. A large number of TCM doctors have studied the evidence and combined with the quality control of the Sanjiu medical system, which has the effects of enhancing vitality, expelling cold and warming up, replenishing qi and nourishing blood, regulating menstruation, and is rich in dietary fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc.
Small and portable, the bottle body is made of food grade PP material, and can withstand a high temperature of 120 ° at most. Innovative 3-second instant technology. Pour hot water into the bottle and shake it to drink. DIY fashion drinking method, you can add milk, lemon, honey, etc. according to your personal taste. Send girlfriends, girlfriends and colleagues as warm and intimate gifts. Give all girls the feeling of “being hugged” and “being warm” in a special period.
Source: bearkoko
Minayo iron rich soft candy: a combination of Chinese and western, easy to chew a good look
“Minayo iron rich soft candy” focuses on women’s daily use of Supplementing Qi and blood. It combines the triple iron element with Chinese traditional medlar, red jujube, brown sugar and overseas honey to make it a soft candy form loved by women. One soft candy 3mg contains ≈ 12 red dates ≈ 380 Chinese wolfberry ≈ 20 spinach, which can effectively improve and prevent iron deficiency anemia. 0 sucrose, 1 soft candy, heat ≈ 1 mouthful of apple. In terms of visual communication, combined with the elements of brand sunflower, the sunflower that can supplement iron is produced to ensure the efficacy of the product and increase the interest and transmissibility of the product.
Source: minayo
Refined feeding concept,
New categories of children’s snacks
The proportion of snack consumption in children’s consumption has always been very considerable. According to the 2020 blue book on healthy meals for children in China, 42.79% of parents believe that “children’s snacks are an extra meal demand besides three meals”. As the “fourth meal” in addition to the three meals, snacks can provide important energy and nutrient supplements and play an important role in children’s physical and mental growth. From “refusing children to eat snacks” to “choosing healthy snacks” has become the consensus of post-80s parents.
With the formal implementation of the general requirements for children’s snacks and the further liberalization of the family planning policy, the size of the children’s snack market will be further expanded. According to the estimation of Huaying capital, the children’s snack market is expected to reach nearly 150 billion yuan in 2023, and the compound annual growth rate will remain at 13.7% in the next five years. Children’s snacks with more levels of functional needs, more role-based emotional needs and more dimensions of value experience needs have become the main driving point of new products / brands.
Liangpin snack fairy loquat Sydney stick: reshaping the mind of “Lollipop” category
“Liangpin snack xianloquat Sydney stick” is a nutritious pulp stick. Select warm, moist and clean Sydney and Zhangzhou loquat, a gold producing area, and beat the original fruit to retain the natural fresh fruit flavor. SM variable temperature baking technology and two-stage baking were adopted to make the loquat Sydney stick soft, waxy and mellow. The use of natural sugar substitutes, 0 preservatives, colorants and 0 sucrose are friendly to children’s teeth and will not cause tooth decay. Adding natural dietary fiber, the content of dietary fiber is more than 5 times that of apple, which is helpful to children’s intestinal health. Cute rabbit shape, reassuring paper stick, independent small bag, easy to tear open. It tastes delicious, soft and glutinous, easy to chew, sour and sweet. It’s clear and moist in the throat. It’s easier for my mother to change seasons.
Photo source: liangpin snack Fairy
Duo Maomao children’s nutritional milk: Chocolate health function upgrade
Duo Maomao launched chocolate specially developed for children – “Duo Maomao children’s nutritional milk”. Choose milk chocolate with less cocoa powder, sugar alcohol instead of white sugar, it is not easy to cause dental caries, no cocoa butter, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors and so on.
“Tao” Qi naiba naiqiao added cheese imported from New Zealand, the content of protein and calcium were 2.4 times and 3 times that of ordinary chocolate respectively; “Hazelnut quinoa” crispy rice milk is skillfully added with “intelligent nutrient” phosphatidylserine under the condition of high protein and high calcium content, which helps to improve brain function; At the same time, with high protein and high calcium content, xinmeinaiqiao adds a strain combination specially designed for children, which helps to balance the intestinal and oral microecology.
In addition to product R & D, Doraemon also plans the net content of the product according to the grams suitable for children’s single consumption. The outer package is designed as stick chocolate, which is made of food grade PP plastic stick, which is safe and non-toxic. From the perspective of parents, one of the processes of transforming children’s eating snacks into supplementary nutrition.
Photo source: Duo Maomao
Photosynthetic planet freeze dried grain block: creating a new way for children’s grain intake
“Photosynthetic planet freeze-dried grain block” is the first freeze-dried grain snack in China. It uses a variety of grains and nut seeds such as black rice, oats, corn, sesame, peanuts and so on. No sugar, salt, flavor, pigment, preservative, emulsifier, etc., to restore the true taste of food. Calcium, iron and zinc fortified, prebiotic fructooligosaccharide + Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 (1.0 × 108cfu / 100g) to regulate intestinal flora and gastrointestinal function. Aerospace freeze-drying technology locks in a variety of nutrients.
There are various shapes, including Mickey, floret and Christmas tree. The three shapes are full of childlike fun, which is beneficial to children’s cognitive development. It can be eaten in various ways. As a nutritional snack between meals, it can also be eaten with rice flour, fruit puree and other supplementary foods. It can also be prepared and drunk with warm water. Various tastes, meet the baby’s picky taste and enrich the food diversity.
Photo source: photosynthetic planet
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