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Coca Cola has a new temperature change bottle. Dongpeng beverage promotes the first female fruit juice energy drink. She can smell hot in a week

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1. Coca Cola launched a temperature change bottle. Pink love will appear on the bottle body when the temperature is below 4 ℃
2. Lechun Shangxin ndou grassland roasted milk skin mixed with 300% protein yogurt, each 100g roasted milk skin contains 17.2g protein
3. Jindian launched 0 aluminum foil aseptic brick packaging in China to reduce the carbon footprint and help achieve the goal of carbon neutralization
4. Dongpeng beverage promotes the first female energy drink “she can shecan”, and 30% juice creates a mild female exclusive energy pack
5. Wahaha × The new Dunhuang Series in Dunhuang Museum integrates Dunhuang murals into the bottle shape
6. FNF launched Qingying fruit tea instant tea, adding dietary fiber & natural herbs to make a spa for the intestines
7. Kemiku Shangxin xiaokemiaoer sugar free children’s ice cream, and differentiated packaging leads cute aesthetics
8. Gather local characteristics and flavors, Master Kang brings new dry noodles, fried noodles and mixed noodles to create a new fashion of pasta
9. Rio x overlord Limited Co branded gift box “bald” appears on the market, including ginger cocktail, hairline ruler and Overlord shampoo
10. Baicaowei’s “New Year’s flavor” series gift box went online to promote the annual goods festival in 2022
11. Lixiang country has launched iron boxed lunch meat cans, thick cut large meat grains to bring real meat pleasure
12. Smeal launched berry jump ready to eat probiotics, each 1.5g contains 60 billion CFU probiotics
13. Adopt a cow, complete round B financing, and accelerate the digital intelligence upgrading of dairy enterprises
14. Light cooking rice brand Fanhu won another round of a + financing of nearly 100 million yuan, led by sig
15. Abu Mumu, a children’s food brand, has completed millions of angel rounds of financing to focus on the health segment of children’s food
16. Pregnant women’s exclusive diet brand pregnant food has completed tens of millions of yuan of round a financing, and the sales of pregnant women’s snacks rank first in the whole network in China
17. Oriental food and nutrition brand Yuezhan won ten million yuan pre-A round of financing, focusing on nourishing dry goods such as Bao Shenyan belly
18. Genben, a healthy food and beverage brand, has basically completed the seed round financing of RMB 1 million to provide healthy and fast nutritional supplies for urban women
19. Shanhai plant, a functional food brand, has completed a seed round financing of several million yuan, focusing on the development and research of healthy food that meets the needs of specific people
20. Snack chain forces Nouvelles snack girls completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan and assisted the snack market in the third, fourth and fifth tier communities through private domain operation
21. Banu Maodu hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot received nearly 100 million yuan of strategic financing and tomato capital invested exclusively

Recently, Coca Cola officials announced the launch of a limited temperature change bottle in winter, hoping to use “magic” to open a cold winter for consumers. When the product is at room temperature of about 20 ℃, the label of the bottle body is white. After cold storage below 4 ℃, the label of the bottle body will turn pink and a pink love will appear. Coca Cola has launched four kinds of temperature change bottles with patterns this time, including four different winter representative sports scenes of skiing, skating, ice skating and snowboarding. Warm change bottle Cola is only available in Beijing, with a price of 500ml * 24 bottles / 59.9 yuan.
Source: Coca Cola


In December 16th, Le Chun announced its launch of the new WeChat N official account, which is called “N300 grandma Cup”. It is a new product called “grandma grill Cup”, which is a new product of the N prairie roast. It combines the prairie milk with the classic 333 times pure thick milk.
Roasted milk skin is a kind of high-grade dairy product on the grassland. It is a yellow milk cake formed by the concentration and condensation of milk after fresh milk is roasted and boiled over a low fire. The roasted milk skin in this new product selects New Zealand’s pure natural pasture milk source and takes high-quality oats from Yinshan as raw materials. There is 17.2g protein in every 100g roasted milk skin, which is 6 times that of milk of the same weight. When eating, when the roasted milk skin is mixed with mianmi ice cream, the taste of original yogurt collides with two different levels of milk fragrance, which instantly brings a taste bomb of n-heavy milk fragrance. The new yogurt has been launched in Lechun’s official applet mall, with the initial price of 135g / box / 15.9 yuan.
Source: Le Chun


On December 11, the organic milk brand Jindian officially announced the first 0 aluminum foil aseptic brick packaging in China. The new packaging innovatively adopts a new generation of aseptic paper-based composite packaging without aluminum foil developed by sig Kangmei package. It has a patented and innovative packaging material structure and uses a new barrier layer to replace aluminum foil, which can perfectly protect the content packaging. According to CEC authoritative certification of Central Joint Certification Center, the new generation 0 aluminum foil low-carbon sterile paper-based composite packaging can reduce the carbon footprint by 41.8% * *, which can effectively help to achieve the goal of carbon neutralization.
Source: Jindian


On December 10, foodaily found that Dongpeng beverage launched a female energy drink “she can shecan”. The new product is specially added with ≥ 30% natural fruit juice, and the original 7 oil oranges “xiaoxianguo” bring real fruit juice taste; Natural coffee beans Vitamin B group The light energy combination of (vitamin B6 + B3) and amino acids aims to provide mild energy supplement for women; each bottle of drink also contains 600mg fish collagen peptide, which can take care of the skin after staying up late. In addition, the product has no fat and no sucrose, which can help consumers who need energy supply reduce their physical burden. At present, the product has launched grape oil Mandarin, jasmine oil Mandarin and strawberry oil Mandarin There are three flavors. Tmall flagship store sells 300ml * 6 bottles / 64 yuan.
Source: Dongpeng


In December 10th, Wahaha launched the “coke Dunhuang series” at the Dunhuang Museum of the official account of WeChat public. The new product continues the four Chinese flavor series of the very Cola sugar free series: sugar free ginseng tastes to nourish vitality, sugar free glycerin is refreshing and degreasing, sugar free plum tastes sour and sweet to quench thirst, and the original flavor remains the same. It is suitable for a variety of use scenarios such as staying up late, relieving greasiness in hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, work party, fitness and fat reduction. In terms of packaging, the new product integrates Dunhuang murals into the bottle shape to collide with the new feeling of going abroad.
Source: Wahaha


On December 15, FNF launched its new product Qingying fruit tea instant tea, hoping to help consumers solve their little troubles such as indigestion, bad skin color and easy to gain weight. The new product is specially added with low molecular weight water-soluble dietary fiber, resistant dextrin and yeast β- Glucan helps maintain intestinal health by enhancing the sense of satiety, promoting beneficial bacteria in the intestine and promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis. It also adds natural herbal cassia seed to bring dual care to the intestine. In addition, the product uses natural sugar substitutes instead of sucrose, and the heat of each can of Qingying fruit tea is less than 1 / 8 of that of apples; Instant in 1 second, it is not only convenient for brewing, but also can fully retain the original flavor of raw materials, and the nutrients can be as nondestructive as possible.
Source: FNF


Recently, foodaily observed that kemiku launched xiaokemiaoer series ice cream for the children’s market. This product uses the core concept of “three plus and three minus” to meet the current consumer demand for “healthy” products: 38.5% high-quality fresh milk is added to retain the nutrition of fresh milk to the greatest extent, especially the active immunoglobulin in milk; Add epigenetic elements to protect gastrointestinal health; Add imported Kiri cheese, equivalent to each containing 45g milk protein; Reduce sucrose, cocoa butter, trans fatty acids and artificial colors to protect children’s healthy growth. The new product has launched three flavors close to children’s needs: strawberry, chocolate and milk, and innovated in packaging and ice cream form. It uses the IP image of kitten head to form a differentiated competitive strategy and attract children and parents with cute fun.
Photo source: Xiaoke meow


Recently, Master Kang launched a new series of dry noodles, gathering four types of dry noodles with local characteristics. Hong Kong Style XO Sauce Seafood Fried Noodles are exquisite and pleasant. XO sauce and delicious fish and shrimp balls are selected to be full of delicious; Cantonese style fried noodles with beef fillet on iron plate are salty and attractive, and black pepper is matched with beef; Shanghai style shredded chicken with scallion oil is fragrant and delicate, with crispy red scallion and high-quality shredded chicken; Korean Turkey noodles use hot sauce with crispy seaweed and sesame, which is spicy and fragrant. The fried noodles series adopts special round noodles, which is smooth and smooth, while the mixed noodles adopt wide noodles, which is delicious. The new product has been launched in Master Kang tmall flagship store, with a price of 124g * 4 barrels / 100 yuan.
Source: Master Kang

9、RIO X 霸王限定联名礼盒“秃”然上市,内含生姜味鸡尾酒、发际线尺与霸王洗发水

Recently, foodaily observed that the cocktail brand Rio co branded overlord shampoo launched a limited co branded gift box. There are two bottles of ginger flavor special cocktails in the gift box. The concentrated lemon juice imported from Israel is selected into pure vodka, coupled with the aroma of fresh and tender ginger, which is warm and natural; It also comes with a custom hairline ruler and a bottle of overlord anti hair loss shampoo, which is suitable for people with anti hair loss needs. It is worth mentioning that the packaging of the gift box is also very special. When the gift box is opened, the characters on the cover can “grow” dark and beautiful hair, pull and close, and experience two moods. The co branded gift box has been put on the shelf in Rio tmall flagship store, with a price of 99 yuan / box.


Recently, in order to welcome the arrival of the annual goods festival in 2022, Baicao flavor has comprehensively upgraded the annual goods products and launched a new “annual flavor” series gift box. In terms of packaging vision, Baicao flavor has changed the previous unified color matching of Chinese red, expanded wine red and vanilla purple, and distinguished the three price bands of low, medium and high according to different colors; In terms of creativity, “New Year’s flavor” still continues the new year’s flavor scene. Classic New Year’s Eve scenes such as “New Year’s dinner for the whole family”, “firecrackers for small partners” and “Spring Festival Gala on the tea table” are moved to the gift box in the form of original cartoon illustrations to reproduce the scene and enhance the emotional resonance of consumers. The price range of the gift box is about 59 yuan – 600 yuan. The setting of the full price band can meet the needs of the whole people for self eating, hoarding and gift giving during the Spring Festival.
Picture source: Baicao flavor


Recently, Lixiang country launched a new iron box lunch meat can, which has two flavors: classic original flavor and rattan pepper flavor. The new product adopts thick cut large pieces of meat, the pork content is ≥ 90%, carefully selected and compact pig leg meat, carefully proportioned front and rear leg meat, full of meat feeling and real meat pleasure. In terms of technology, the product is pickled at low temperature and constant temperature, which makes the pork more delicious; 121 ℃ high temperature sterilization and ripening makes eating meat more comfortable. The new product has been launched into the flagship store of lixiangguo tmall, with a price of 198g * 3 cans / 89 yuan.
Source: image country


Recently, a new product, raspberry jump ready to eat probiotics, was put on the shelves in the official flagship store of smaal tmall. Each 1.5g of the new product contains 60 billion CFU probiotics, including 16 strains of star bacteria such as Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus crimpus and S58 patented soso bacteria. At the same time, 5-layer embedding technology is adopted to improve the activity of probiotics; Lactose alcohol and Isomaltooligosaccharide were also added to “feed” good bacteria; In addition, the new product is also rich in anthocyanins, which can increase immunity. The product’s unique colorful berry micro bubble taste also makes probiotics more delicious. Now tmall flagship store sells for 1.5g * 7 pieces / 79 yuan.
Source: Smeal


On December 17, the new dairy brand adopted a cow and announced that round B financing had been completed. This round of financing is led by meituan Longzhu, followed by new and old shareholders such as DCP, KKR and Guming, and Mingyue capital acts as the exclusive financial adviser. It is reported that the financing funds will continue to be used for the construction of high-quality milk sources, modern pastures and digital intelligence industrial chain.
Adopting a cow was founded in 2016. It first started from the pasture side, focusing on normal temperature pure milk, normal temperature yogurt, cheese stick, milk powder and other categories, and recently launched A2 milk, Juan Shan milk and other high-end product lines; The core users are located in the first to third tier large and medium-sized cities, aged between 25 and 39, mostly exquisite mothers and urban white-collar workers. During 618 this year, adopting a cow ranked first in the sales of dairy brand flagship stores on tmall platform. It is understood that the revenue from adopting a cow in 2021 is expected to exceed 2 billion yuan.
Source: adopt a cow


Recently, foodaily learned that the light cooking rice brand Fanhu has completed nearly 100 million yuan of a + round financing, which is led by SIG and pursued by the old shareholder Lenovo star. This round of financing will be used for channel expansion and product R & D.
Founded in 2020, Fanhu focuses on simplifying cooking and focuses on providing consumers with light cooking rice. The brand has launched Guangdong cured meat casserole rice, Hunan chopped pepper silver fish casserole rice and Chaoshan seafood casserole porridge. All of them have achieved 15 minute standardized cooking, matched with a full set of natural ingredients, and attached casseroles for users, which can achieve a high degree of local flavor reduction. At present, Kwai has been in Tmall, Jingdong, Jo, tiktok, Xiaohong book and other self operated channels, and will expand the offline market in the future.
Source: Fanhu


Recently, children’s food brand Abu Mumu announced that it had completed millions of angel rounds of financing, which was exclusively invested by Hanpan venture capital. It is understood that this round of financing is mainly used for offline experience store development, brand building, market promotion and talent introduction.
Abu Mumu, founded on November 4, 2021, is a children’s food brand. At present, there is no public information about the company’s products. It is reported that Abu Mumu focuses on the subdivided field of children’s food health with the vision of “Chinese family version of West Point Military Academy”. The founder of the company said that he would continue to improve the scene application of the offline experience store to provide better services for every child and every family.
Source: lakeside venture capital


Recently, pregnant food, the exclusive catering brand for pregnant women, has completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. The investor is Locke capital, and Pegasus investment consultant serves as the financial consultant of this round of financing. According to Euromonitor’s market research, the sales of pregnant snacks in the whole network have reached the first in the industry. This round of financing will be mainly used for brand promotion, product upgrading and channel expansion, so as to continue to consolidate the position of the industry.
Founded in October 2016, pregnant food foot focuses on providing professional, scientific and healthy food for pregnant women. At present, the company has more than 80 SKUs, including daily nuts, black sesame biscuits, meal substitute powder and other popular products, including leisure snacks, meal substitute, tonic, functional food, etc., to meet the dietary needs of pregnant women in different stages and scenarios. At present, pregnant food is sold through applet mall, tmall flagship store, JD flagship store and other channels. In addition to food, the brand also provides users with nutritional dietary guidelines, and plans to establish a pregnant women’s dietary Research Institute.
Image source: pregnant food foot


Recently, the Oriental food and nutrition brand Yuezhan announced that it had completed a round of strategic financing of RMB 10 million pre-A, which was led and invested by Beijing Junzhi Smart Technology Co., Ltd. (congmingfu).
Founded in 2016, Yuezhan is subordinate to Guangzhou Xibao Food Co., Ltd. and is committed to helping 30 + exquisite urban women bring nourishing experience and internal growth of food fashion. It is the first central kitchen concept in the industry and a multi series product matrix in the industry. At present, Yuezhan focuses on nourishing dry products such as Bao Shen Yan’s belly. At the same time, it has also developed nourishing products that are heated and ready to eat, such as Buddha jumping over the wall, millet sea cucumber, fresh stewed flower glue, etc.
Photo source: Yue stack


Recently, foodaily learned that Genben, a healthy food and beverage brand, has basically completed a million yuan seed round of financing, which is led by Sogal ventures. This round of financing will be used for product R & D and team building.
Genben, founded in 2021, is a fashionable and healthy food and beverage brand. It hopes to pay attention to daily physical changes and needs by advocating self mindfulness awareness. The brand has launched the Oriental plant extract solid drink series Shuiguang berry and Wengan ginger to provide urban women with healthy food and drink with natural ingredients and convenient experience. At present, Genben has entered tmall and applet sales online, and will enter online Omni channel and offline lifestyle brands in the next step. At the same time, Genben is planning to launch sleep, energy and other efficacy related products and research and development of new series.
Source: Genben


Recently, the functional food brand Shanhai plant completed a seed round of millions of yuan financing. It is reported that this round of financing is mainly participated by original shareholders and individual investors of several well-known institutions.
Founded in 2021, Shanhai plant is a technology + consumer enterprise committed to developing functional food, focusing on the development and research of healthy food that meets the needs of specific people. At present, Shanhai plant has launched three low-fat, low calorie and sucrose free jelly series products: Mystery hub quick sobering grapefruit flavor jelly, xuncao Meifu passion fruit jelly and danmuqiya seed alternative meal exotic fruit flavor jelly, which have been put on shelves in multiple channels throughout the network, including offline publicity and promotion.
Source: mountain and sea plants


Recently, the snack girls of the snack chain forces Nouvelles completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, which was invested by Shanghai Lianchuang capital. It is reported that this round of financing is the first financing for snack girls, which will be mainly used for the company’s brand construction and national store expansion.
Founded in 2020, snack girl is a snack chain brand built by Songsong group in conjunction with snack manufacturers, yuncang, express and other industry partners with an investment of hundreds of millions of yuan. It is positioned as a snack chain brand specially built for express stations, focusing on the districts and counties of the third, fourth and fifth tier, and deeply cultivating the snack market in the third, fourth and fifth tier communities through the innovative concept of private operation, And create a highly viscous and interactive community consumption scene.
Image source: Internet


On December 4, Banu Maodu hotpot, a hotpot chain brand, announced that it had obtained a strategic investment of nearly 100 million yuan, which was exclusively invested by tomato capital in this round.
Founded in 2001, Banu Maodu hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot has created a Maodu hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot category and positioned itself in the medium and high-end hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot market. The characteristic ingredient of Banu Maodu adopts the “papain tenderization” technology to replace the “caustic soda hair system”, which not only retains the nutrition of Maodu, but also makes it crisp and tender. At present, Banu has opened 65 Direct stores across the country, covering 20 cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou. There are three modern central kitchens, and a base for base material R & D and processing is set up in Chongqing.
Photo source: Banu Maodu hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot

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