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Product packaging: down with “beauty is justice”!

use business logic to extinguish the false fire of beauty, and the product can thrive.

Among all the lies about new consumption, the most popular one is the sentence “beauty is justice”.

Because of my working relationship, I often help customers select suitable design companies. Among these design companies, the product packaging with the highest appearance value must be unknown small brands and aircraft drafts only for winning awards. Why are the packaging of the big brands we consume everyday not so amazing? Isn’t the aesthetics of the marketing department of large companies generally not high?

Because companies that can really become big, their first pursuit in product packaging is not beauty, but whether they can achieve business objectives.

Today, let’s talk about the topic of product packaging.

Why is “beauty is justice” wrong?

Do you think the dress in the picture above looks good? This is a typical “AMI Kaji” dress style, which is “American retro” style.
For a while, I was infatuated with this kind of clothing. So I bought several entry-level brands of AMI khaki, RRL shirts and jeans. But when I returned to my hometown in my favorite clothes during the Spring Festival, my mother asked me, “where did I buy this broken and old clothes? I don’t wear new clothes in the new year. It’s a shame to visit relatives…”
Although my appearance is not as good as Edison Chen, I can’t release the 100% charm of American retro. But we can’t deny that different people’s perception of beauty is different, or even completely opposite.
If you don’t think it’s convincing for me to compare the aesthetics of the older generation with that of the younger generation, take another look at the picture below.
This picture is not a KTV box in a county in China, but the living room of the famous Chinese artist teacher Zhang Wei. Obviously, Mr. Zhang Wei didn’t have time to decorate because of his busy work. But deliberately spent his mind to design the living room into the “beauty” he wanted.
Even in the same generation, our definition of beauty is uneven.
For goods, we design the packaging very beautiful. Of course, the purpose is not to be praised, but to sell goods. Then, we have to think about a problem:
“How many percent of the target consumers can accept the beauty of your product packaging?”
If you are a brand like nongnongshanquan, you should not only see whether Tina in the Shanghai office building will send a little red book praising my beauty, but also see whether master Zhang, who drives a bus in Tieling, Liaoning, also thinks I am beautiful?
We can’t say that Tina has aesthetics, but master Zhang doesn’t, but master Zhang’s aesthetic standard is different from Tina. However, when Tina and master Zhang have aesthetic conflicts, the brand side has to ask itself another question: “who represents more consumers?”
Who represents the aesthetics of more consumers is the “beauty justice” of the enterprise.
Obviously, in this aesthetic PK of middle-end drinking water brands, Tina lost and master Zhang won.
For business aesthetics, there is no right or wrong, only “the greatest common divisor of beauty”. When we pursue beauty in product packaging, we can’t ask ourselves according to the highest aesthetic standards, but look at the “face” of the most extensive consumers.
Therefore, products that become popular by high appearance value are generally small products. Because in this world, there are always more “people with low aesthetic quality” than “people with high aesthetic quality”. Moreover, those with “high aesthetic quality” are often those who master the discourse power of public opinion, and those with “low aesthetic quality” are often the silent majority.
For product packaging, beauty is not justice, beauty is a wrong way. If packaging does not pursue beauty, what should it pursue? To understand this problem, we must first understand one thing: what is the use of packaging?

What’s the use of packaging?

What’s the use of discussing packaging? It’s like talking about what clothes do for us.
In addition to covering your shame and keeping out the cold, you also use clothes to convey your identity, your social purpose, your values and preferences
For example, a rapper will be used to wearing oversized clothes, which express their free and uninhibited beliefs. But even a rapper, when he goes to a cocktail party, will take off his daily clothes and put on a suit.
It can be seen that the function of clothes is actually to “convey the correct information”.
In addition to telling you what you buy and what ingredients are in it, packaging is also “sending the right message” to consumers.
A boy planned to visit his father-in-law during the new year. He learned from his girlfriend that his future father-in-law liked drinking tea, so he asked his acquaintances to buy some 8000 yuan / two dahongpaos.
Assuming that the products are the same, which of the following packaging would he prefer?
Of course, he would choose the right-hand package, because the left-hand package did not convey the correct message of half a kilo of Dahongpao – “tea is very expensive”.
It’s easier to identify examples like this when comparing poor packaging with exquisite packaging. But assuming that the two tea packages have the same exquisite degree, which one do you think is better for the door-to-door son-in-law?
As long as people with normal IQ will choose the packaging on the right. Because the sentence “the tree is about 150 years old and produces only 500 grams a year” added on this package, it highly conveys how precious this Dahongpao is.
Let’s adjust the information on the package while the design style remains unchanged. This time, which package will the door-to-door son-in-law choose?
He will still choose the packaging on the right, because the sentence “the tree is about 150 years old and produces only 500 grams a year” has passed on the high-end of this tea, “only to the most important people” and helped him convey the “affection” he wants to say but can’t export.
Let’s change the packaging again. This time, all the text information remains the same, just adjust the layout.
Although the information as like as two peas in two packages is the same, in the visual communication, the left package puts the most conveyed information in a secondary position. The old father-in-law probably can not notice the word “the age of the tree is about 150 years, and only 500 grams a year”.
This time we don’t even change the typesetting, just change the color of this package to see what will happen?
It seems unlucky to send black for the new year; Pink is too young. It’s estimated that the father-in-law will feel embarrassed when holding it in his hand; Wine red is elegant and festive, and dark blue is also noble. These two are suitable
Color reveals atmosphere and mood. Just like the same “I’m sorry”, the response of the other party will be completely different if you say it gently and sincerely.
Finally, we don’t change anything. We just put the two color packages on different shelves to see the reaction of consumers.
Wine red tea, immediately submerged in a red ocean. Because most Dahongpao gift boxes, especially tea gift boxes during the Spring Festival, are designed to be red. Festivity is festive, but if there are too many competitive products on the shelf, it is difficult for consumers to find them.
However, if a brand considers this matter from the perspective of competition and designs the gift box in blue, it is easier for consumers to find it on the shelf. You know, when consumers buy things, the initial residence time of goods is less than 0.7 seconds.
You see, it is also this precious tea. Every time I adjust the information on the package, it can affect your consumption decision.
If the function of packaging is explained in one sentence, it is to convey the correct information and convey the information correctly.
There is a lot of information in a commodity, but which information is more important and which information is not important? What information should be known first and what information can be known later? These need to be packaged for delivery. This is to “send the right message”.
How can consumers see the information you want them to see? How can you make it easier for consumers to understand your message? These also need packaging to solve. This is “delivering information correctly”.
Packaging is the mouth of products and is responsible for daily communication with consumers.
In our daily communication, only when what we say is reasonable and the way we speak is acceptable, can the other party be convinced. Only when packaging “delivers the correct information and correctly transmits the information”, can consumers willingly pay for it.

What’s wrong with the packaging?

This is huaxizi Guofeng gift box and other brands of Taobao Guofeng gift box. The price is almost the same, and there is no big difference in the packaging. Why are the sales volumes so different?
The reason why the product looks good and doesn’t sell well is very complicated. Let’s just look at what’s wrong with the packaging. Huaxizi gift box packaging represents the concept of national style aesthetics, but other brands are more like imitation. Only beauty, but no aesthetics.
Without aesthetic product packaging, beauty has no soul. Like the vase in an artist, beauty is beautiful, but without personality, it is impossible to release attractive characteristics, and it is difficult to have popularity.
▶️ Faye Wong vs imitator Yan Jiaxin
Just like Faye Wong’s imitators, even if the similarity between Faye Wong’s appearance and voice has reached 70% and 90%, it is still difficult for fans to call for the latter’s concert. After all, no matter how much you imitate, the remaining 10% of the temperament imitators can’t learn. This 10% can’t learn is the real reason why the audience is crazy about Faye Wong.
Let’s read another group of magazines:
▶️ Before revision (left) vs after revision (right)
This is a comparison of Entrepreneur Magazine before and after the revision. After the revision, the magazine only moved the cover packaging, and the content title and text remained unchanged. However, in the first issue of the revised edition of entrepreneur, the sales volume increased 10 times.
The magazine before Mingming’s revision seems to look more “cool”. Why doesn’t it sell well?
Because the aesthetic elements on the packaging outweigh the business elements.
The former is more like a work of art. Although it looks very cool, it doesn’t even say what it is. Users can’t get its advantages at all. In addition, the font is very thin, which makes it difficult for users to recognize, and it is often submerged on the shelves of newspaper kiosks.
This is the packaging of coconut tree and coconut juice and a big white can of Thai coconut juice.
Coconut tree and coconut juice have a rough big character newspaper style and red, yellow and black color matching. Many netizens call it “hot eyes”. The big white can packaging is very simple, small and fresh, and the visual impression is obviously more advanced.
Who is the best package to sell?
The sales volume of coconut juice exceeds 5 billion a year, which tells us that labor and capital is a model of designing packaging with business logic.
Coconut juice and coconut juice packaging, the big character font is very rough, but it is awesome in information transmission. In the supermarket, we can see its name after three meters, and we can see “Austrian, it does not add flavor preservatives, it is really fresh coconut meat juice”, there will be natural demand will be placed in the shopping cart.
The product of Tai Bai can be sold 2 times as much as coconut juice, Southeast Asian fruit, 21 processes without flavoring pigment, preservatives, etc. What kind of information can you see on the package?
Packaging should serve the business. Packaging products is not the production of works of art. We should dance in shackles. When aesthetic elements overwhelm business elements, packaging loses its role of information transmission.
When packaging products, we should “re aesthetic”.

How to make packaging achieve business purpose?

Whether packaging can achieve business purpose depends on several contacts of packaging that affect consumers’ key decisions.
From the perspective of consumers’ purchase behavior path, there are four steps that affect key decisions:
See, place an order, repurchase and recommend.
Step 1: understand who I am and what I sell in 1 second
If you can’t let him know who you are on the package, it’s difficult to sell the product to him.
When shopping, consumers are like driving to a crossroads and knowing where the destination is, but they are confused and don’t know where to turn. The function of packaging is similar to the sign board at the intersection. For example, drive 100 meters to the right to reach the Strawberry Garden, directly give the purchase signal, and consumers will immediately know “who are you”.
Russian nut brand hrum hrum has launched a squirrel pictographic nut package. The squirrel’s mouth is full of nuts. Even if the product name is not visible, consumers can immediately identify that what they sell is nuts according to the element form of the package.
This is the product packaging that can achieve the business purpose: let consumers understand who I am and what I sell in one second.
Step 2: provide reasons for purchase. I won’t make mistakes
In the ordering process, consumers already know who you are and what you sell, but consumers are faced with two problems:
  • Where are you?
  • Will you make a mistake?
I make complaints about many chicken ribs from readers.
From the perspective of product packaging, I don’t think waist seals will be replaced.
Imagine a book we’ve never read, wrapped in plastic, how do we make sure it’s reliable?
The answer is to look at the waist seal. The waist cover of the new and upgraded version of influence is “updated up to 100000 words, nearly 50 new business cases have been added in the past five years, which has been popular all over the world for 35 years…” the message on the waist cover is to tell consumers that I won’t make mistakes when buying.
Providing a strong reason for purchase is an important way for packaging to achieve business purposes. Packaging is to tell consumers what’s good about me and how to make your life better and help consumers reduce the cost of choice.
Yingshi has produced a kind of praise biscuit that can exercise the baby’s grasp ability. According to the specific needs of the baby at different growth stages, each biscuit package is marked with different numbers, representing the baby’s characteristics such as “can sit”, “love to bite”. Parents know how to choose at a glance and will not make mistakes.
Step 3: preset the trough time in the experience and kill it in advance
In the 1990s, narcotic drugs were not popularized, and doing colonoscopy experiment was a very painful thing. Daniel Kahneman and a doctor at the University of Toronto did a colonoscopy experiment:
The experiment was divided into group A and group B, and the pain grade of colonoscopy was 0-10.
  • During the examination, patients in group A had to describe their pain to the experimenter every 60 seconds;
  • Patients in group B did not need to explain their pain.
The experimental result is that the examination of patients in group a lasted only 8 minutes, while the examination of patients in group B lasted 24 minutes. What is more surprising is that patients in group A with shorter examination time felt more pain, while patients in group B felt less pain.
In fact, this is because: patients in group a constantly mention pain, creating one peak of pain experience after another. Patients in group B do not need to mention pain, and do not create this peak of pain experience. In addition, at the end of the experiment, they obtain instantaneous liberation, and the final memory is more profound. This is the famous peak end experience.
If the peak and end of the experience is pleasant, our evaluation is positive. If it is unpleasant, our evaluation is negative.
Like falling in love, the fancy courtship ceremony on Valentine’s day and how to break up finally determine your impression of your ex.
When consumers buy or want to buy, they must be affected by the “peak end experience” in the process of product experience and feel the moment of value for money.
Whether the ordinary experience can be turned into the extreme in the packaging link, pull the trough back to the peak, and create a super wow experience will directly affect the re purchase and recommendation of products.
I don’t know if you have been crazy by anti human packaging:
No matter what the product quality is, we have experienced these frustrating low moments in the process of unpacking and using the product, and our evaluation of the product will not be too high.
When many people eat instant noodles, they have the experience of book capping. Riqing instant noodles will transform this link to bring consumers’ low experience back to the peak. They designed two “cat ears” on the instant noodles cover. After adding water to the noodles, we just need to press the “cat ears” to seal the cover. When you see it, do you think “Wow! How sweet!”
The peak experience of packaging is to preset the low moment that consumers may encounter in the process of using the product and kill it in advance.
Step 4: embed colored eggs at the end point to trigger sharing
In life, trash can is the ultimate fate of most product packaging, and consumers usually don’t experience more surprises at this end.
But Zhong Xuegao did it. They made a lot of careful machine slogan designs on the stick, such as “only for the picky tongue”, “he is a food expert”, “you are too good at eating” and so on. After consumers eat ice cream, these positive and positive slogans will appear and release a small colored egg at the moment when they thought the experience was over.
The end of packaging experience is to bury a colored egg at the end of the story, so that those who dig the colored egg can return with a surprise.
The packaging design of milk brand lanitis is also full of surprises. On the surface, each bottle of milk is the same, but in fact, different types of milk will show different landscapes. Customers can get this landscape only after drinking it.
Many people will ignore the terminal experience value on the packaging, but perhaps with a little design, you can get a super value evaluation.
Focusing on the topic of how to make packaging achieve business objectives, I also sorted out five ways for packaging to make products sell better, and will continue to share with you in the external content.
“Beauty is justice” is a typical argument that lies are regarded as truth after being told a thousand times. Only by watering down the false fire of beauty with business logic can products thrive.
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