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The founder of chayan Yuese apologized, and then?

Today, a group of “gunpowder smell” on the Internet is very strong The founder personally ended the battle. The screenshot of the internal chat of battle pushed Cha Yan Yuese (hereinafter referred to as Cha Yan) to the top of the hot search. According to the internal chat pictures circulated on microblog and other network platforms, Lv Liang, the founder of Cha Yan, was arrested due to salary problems (internal Title: Mr. XiaoCong) and other senior managers quarreled with employees in the company group. Later, someone said that they received a call from Lv Liang to ask him to leave. Moreover, some employees said that after the incident, the number of people in the group decreased from “more than 7800 in the morning” to “more than 7600 in the evening” 。 In this regard, chayan responded through the official microblog in the afternoon. The cause of the incident was that the explanation of the salary adjustment in November was not in place, and apologized for the “self misconduct and dereliction of duty” of the founder couple and all managers. In addition, the company also said that the online statement that “more than 200 people were lost in the group in an afternoon” was untrue information.

When accepting the snack agent’s inquiry today, the company said that Lu Liang had internally apologized to all staff after the incident. In an internal letter received by the snack generation, Lv Liang said, “I’m sorry to let you see my emo side”, and admitted that the salary increase was due to poor performance, temporary closure, etc. In fact, this dispute not only reflects the urgency of chayan to get through the “cold winter”, but also reminds the catering chain to a certain extent. Even if the rent decline and outflow of high-quality points in the post epidemic era have brought a good opportunity for store expansion, the outcome of being too blindly optimistic may taste the “bitter fruit”.

blasting fuse

According to a group of chat screenshots circulated on the microblog, many employees of chayan are complaining about the low salary. An employee’s remarks such as “why not enough, it’s because jumping every day, how can high consumption be enough” and “morality does not match, there will be disaster” triggered “public anger” in the group. Subsequently, the addition of three senior executives escalated the quarrel again. So, as the “fuse”, what is the matter with low wages?

In today’s official statement, Cha Yan said that due to the temporary closure of dozens of stores in November, some employees could not meet the normal working hours and a few employees had zero working hours, so a round of “goodwill” temporary adjustment was made to the salary algorithm in November. For example, even employees with 0 working hours can have a basic subsidy of 1700 yuan.

Lv Liang said in his internal letter that the logic of this adjustment is to ensure that employees with 0 working hours can also have basic wages, but objectively, it also led to the reduction of working hours, the decline of commission and income of employees in many stores.

Today, the words “tea and Yue employees’ monthly salary of Tucao not exceeding 3000 yuan” also make complaints about micro-blog hot search. The little red book of chayan employees spread on the Internet mentioned that “now it’s 9 yuan an hour, and there’s no commission. Previously, it was calculated that you can go up to 5K a month, but now don’t think about 3K”. As for the changes of hourly salary of front-line employees before and after the epidemic, chayan didn’t reply directly when accepting the snack agent’s query today, only indicating that the wages of these employees include “basic salary + full attendance + housing allowance + meal allowance”. On this basis, the hourly salary algorithms of full-time employees and part-time employees are different. Among them, the hourly salary of part-time employees is more than ten yuan. In this regard, a senior HR who once worked in many catering chains pointed out to the snack generation: “if the hourly salary is 6 ~ 9 yuan transmitted online, the hourly salary of employees in chayan store is really very low. The hourly salary of employees in McDonald’s Changsha is about 15 or 16 yuan. But chayan has been able to recruit employees. It should be when the store business is good, each employee has a good commission income, which can make up for the low hourly salary.”

However, the epidemic has had a great impact on chayan’s performance, which has also led to the salary shrinkage said by the above disclosed employees. The above senior HR said that when the store turnover drops sharply due to the impact of the epidemic and needs to be reduced, the labor cost often bears the brunt. “In addition to the rent, the biggest cost of chain catering stores is the labor cost”. According to the chat pictures circulated on the Internet, Lv Liang said that the company lost more than 20 million yuan a month during the epidemic. “The salary adjustment in November was indeed based on the company’s poor performance and the temporary closure of some stores in Changsha. We all know that the performance of stores is not so good, and the temporary closure directly leads to the lack of work arrangements for some partners.” Lu Liang said in his internal letter.

Active self-help

In order to “survive the winter” smoothly and solve the problems such as salary reduction, Cha Yan said that she was “actively saving herself”. On the one hand, chayan, who had reservations about opening stores outside Changsha, the “base camp”, is continuing to promote the layout of surrounding cities to avoid excessive dependence on a region for performance. “From the end of this month, stores in Zhuzhou, Liuyang and Yueyang will be opened one after another. At present, more than 50 stores have been opened in Wuhan, and new stores will be opened normally next.” Chayan told xiaoshidai today that it has opened more than 550 stores.

Snack generation noticed that this was much higher than its more than 300 stores at the beginning of this year. Lv Liang also mentioned in his internal letter that “the decisions made in the development process of the company are too aggressive”. Chayan has a similar argument with Haidilao. After its founder Zhang Yong said that the store expansion plan under the epidemic was “blind self-confidence”, the company launched the “woodpecker plan”, including gradually closing 300 stores by the end of this year.

On the other hand, chayan is also restarting temporarily closed stores. Since this year, chayan has temporarily closed its stores three times. The most recent time was in November when it announced the closure of about 80 stores in Changsha. At that time, about 480 stores were still open normally. Today, chayan told xiaoshidai that 43 stores have been reopened in Changsha. “The company temporarily decided to open new stores in Zhuzhou and other cities, and Changsha stores are also trying to reopen, increase the frequency of training courses and improve the professional skills of partners. All this is an arrangement for everyone to have classes and get more wages as soon as possible.” Lv Liang said in his internal letter, “but even so, it will take some time to solve the problem of insufficient working hours for his partners. The teacher has no idea how long this time is.” He also said: “partners with less working hours, Mr. shallot is sorry for you. We will open the new store as soon as possible, so that everyone can have classes and increase income as soon as possible… I sincerely hope that 8000 of us can carry it together and wait for the arrival of spring.”

Attitude dispute

In addition to business issues, what is also controversial in this storm is the attitude and way of the founder of chayan. Some external voices believe that the high-level statements show that they lack empathy and empathy for employees, and the operation of calling people to leave in anger is not in line with the due composure of the people at the helm of the enterprise. “In my personal mood, I took the lead in provoking this quarrel, exposed my huge problems in communication, and let 8000 people get involved in such a quarrel in the middle of the night.” Lu Liang wrote in his internal letter.

In addition, in response to Lv Liang’s personal call to ask employees to leave after the dispute, chayan said in an official reply that Lv Liang proposed to 13 employees by telephone and nail that “if chayan is really unhappy, he can bring his resignation application and sign for approval”, and On the 10th, two employees who submitted resignation applications proposed “please come to handle resignation as soon as possible”.

“In view of this part’s extremely immature behavior, Mr. XiaoCong himself made a deep reflection the next day and internally issued a letter of apology to his partners. He apologized to all 15 partners contacted that day (except one who was not contacted).” Cha Yan Hui said that many of the problems that cha Yan has always had will eventually be spread out on the surface, both individually and as a team, and need to be solved one by one. “There are many difficulties. Mr. shallot doesn’t know what challenges the team will encounter next. Mr. shallot will also actively do a good job in psychological construction, try to be mature, make more correct decisions and make less chaos.” Lu Liang said in his letter, “I hope you can accept my somewhat two and reckless boss and see if I can change my mind in the future, whether it’s the company’s strategy or dealing with people.”

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