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After the success of cross-border coffee, oatly began to enter the new tea!

After becoming the “standard coffee” in the eyes of many people, oatly oat milk is actively carrying out the second wave of innovation in the field of new tea.

Recently, at Hotelex international hotel supplies and catering Expo held in Guangzhou, oatly’s new oat milk cover became the highlight of the exhibition, attracting the attention of many professional visitors and buyers at home and abroad.

Let’s have a look.

Create a new popular style of tea

With the improvement of people’s health awareness in the post epidemic era, “reducing salt, oil and sugar” has become the mainstream trend of healthy diet. Although many tea brands offer the option of reducing sugar or replacing fresh milk, it is still difficult to change the fact that milk tea is a “heat bomb”.

Oatly said to the snack generation: “the new oat milk cover launched this time was born in line with the general trend of new tea health.”

Tea made with oatly oat milk cover

Although new tea is a good thing for young people, for the post-90s and post-00s who are keen on “punk health preservation”, the high sugar, high fat and high calories of cheese milk cover sometimes “dissuade” them. Oatly’s oat milk cover, in essence, takes health as the starting point, is tailored for consumers who pursue taste and appeal for health.

It is reported that as an oat plant-based product, oatly’s oat milk cover adopts a unique enzymatic hydrolysis technology, which can properly retain the dietary fiber in oats β- Dextran. At the same time, it is also a lactose intolerant and friendly product.

Oatly in Guangzhou Hotelex Exhibition

Different from the brand’s classic product Oatmeal Milk, oatly Oatmeal Milk cover can be used as milk cover or snow top on the top of the drink according to the degree of whipping, showing fine taste and meeting the needs of modeling.

In fact, not long ago, oatly combined Naixue’s tea to launch an oat cocoa treasure tea. This product has a full oat snow top on the top, and the raw material is the oat milk cover from oatly. Because it does not contain animal fat and is delicious without burden, many netizens shouted: “finally, you can eat the snow top.”

Oatly cocoa treasure tea launched in combination with Naixue’s tea

In recent years, the new tea market is hot. According to the data report on investment and financing of tea brands in recent ten years released by enterprises, there are 306300 milk tea related enterprises in China. There are 70 tea brand investment and financing events in recent ten years, and the total amount of investment and financing disclosed is nearly 3 billion yuan.

Under the joint catalysis of capital and market, new tea brands have sprung up. Among them, head brands such as Naixue’s tea and Xi tea have completed multiple rounds of financing, and waist brands such as Gu Ming, Qifen sweet and Fu Xiaotao have also won capital favor.

According to iResearch’s Research Report on the market performance of China’s new tea industry in 2021, the market scale of China’s new tea industry will be 77.29 billion yuan in 2020, showing a rapid growth trend. IResearch predicts that the overall market scale will be close to 200 billion yuan by 2030.

The competition is so fierce, but the bonus cycle of new products is getting shorter and shorter. Oatly milk cover, which is innovated and developed by oatly this time, gives another possibility to the new tea market. Its unique taste and healthy experience bring new possibilities to tea lovers.

In addition, at this Hotelex, oatly also unveiled “oat milk with tea”. This product is an oat milk specially developed for tea. It is reported that the product has excellent integration performance with tea soup, which can harmoniously set off the tea aroma of different styles. After integration, it can continue to maintain the melodious tea aroma, and show the aroma of oatmeal grain in the tail section, with fine and smooth taste. “It can provide a new choice of healthy tea for people who are lactose intolerant and pursue a healthy lifestyle,” oatly said.

Tea made from oatly Oat Milk

Continuous product innovation

At present, China has become one of the most important growth markets of oatly in the world.

As of the end of last year, oatly, which has become popular since coffee shops in China, has been stationed in many major coffee shops in China, including boutique coffee shops, Starbucks, etc. Today, oatly is no longer satisfied with being a “coffee partner”. Its reserves in product richness, R & D and production capacity also make it possible to integrate with more other products.

This year, oatly has made explorations and breakthroughs in new tea drinks.

Recently, oatly milk Yangzhi manna, launched in cooperation with 7 Fentian, went out of Shanghai and was launched in Beijing, Suzhou and other cities; New applications such as oatmeal flavor coconut water, star full cup oatmeal sweet potato milk tea, avocado oatmeal dew, etc. are launched together with coco coconut.

In addition, since the end of September, oatly has held a “super planting alliance” activity in cooperation with 6 tea brands and 1 baking brand, such as ZHUCHUN tea, tea delivery, fresh taro fairy, another tea, Chunfeng health tea, Jacques IELTS and sweet wooden house.  

According to the official account, nearly 1000 stores in these 7 brands will launch a collocation of plant raw materials and OATLY oat milk. In the online platform such as the public numbers, the little red book and the public comment, the publicity of the “super planting alliance” has been carried out. The plant base and the concept of grain have been felt in the TV, the sea and TV screens.  

In fact, oatly has launched oatmeal based products with many brands such as tea, dessert and baking (such as Manji dessert and duole day). Oatly believes that the rich product matrix and product forms can not only match coffee, make milk tea and baking products, but also combine with cocktails to meet the needs of a variety of scenes.

At the same time, in view of carrying out richer localized innovation in China and further empowering local partners, oatly has earlier established oatly Asia Pacific innovation R & D center in Shanghai, which has been put into use.

At present, oatly has launched a variety of oat based products in the Chinese market. In addition to coffee masters, oatly drinks that are very suitable for direct drinking, such as mellow oatmeal dew and original oatmeal dew, are also included. In the direction of new product R & D, “new tea track” is one of the focuses of oatly.

For the current new tea brands, the real barrier comes from the supply chain. Oatly’s increasingly mature supply chain system and overseas support provide a solid foundation for all brands to work together.

On November 18 this year, the first factory of oatly in China was officially opened in Ma’anshan. This is the second Asian factory after the opening of the Singapore factory in July this year, and it is also the largest factory in Asia at present. This means that more than three years after entering the Chinese market, the oat beverage giant has officially entered a new stage of localized production.

Oatly Ma’anshan production base production line

This factory is not only a production base focusing on oat milk, but also a comprehensive research and development capacity of oat based food. Under the condition of full production, the plant is expected to produce 150 million liters of oat based products per year. It is reported that in the future, Ma’anshan production base will have more diversified and localized innovation in creativity and technology through collaboration with oatly Asia Pacific innovation and R & D center in Shanghai and cooperation with more external partners.

It can be predicted that with the improvement of oatly’s supply capacity and the rapid linkage between local supply chain and local R & D innovation, the brand will further release its growth potential in China and continue to launch new products loved by consumers.

This new oat milk product for the new tea application scenario highlights oatly’s exploration and ambition in the new tea market. It is believed that under the healthy east wind, it will help the new tea break through in the next stage and open the second wave of tea innovation. As for whether it can become a “standard tea” in the future and replicate the reputation and success like “coffee partner”, let’s wait and see.

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