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Knock down the shelf!

push down the traditional shelf “fence” that restricts performance.
On Friday morning, November 19, cashier Wang Peipei took another look at the recommendation just printed this morning. She needs to work with her partners to recommend the big items of this weekend: Super fresh customized pure mutton slices, Yongquan tangerine and Meilin lunch meat to customers.
After tasting it in person last night, Wang Peipei was familiar with the taste and characteristics of mutton. “Wuzhumu qincao sheep is not fattening, healthier, not smelly, and tastes more tender…”
In fact, Wang Peipei’s store is just a small store that exceeds the market. It receives only seven or eight hundred customers every day, but at least one fifth of customers will buy “big single products”.
“Last time the company launched a customized sheep scorpion hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, our store sold more than 200 in three days at the weekend.” With such penetration and sales performance, her stores are often among the best in the PK of all stores in the system, even far exceeding many stores whose area and sales volume are several times their size.
In fact, this is only an epitome of the large single product plan implemented by Beijing chaoshifa in 2021. How to sell large single products and sell well, so as to strive for the top in the store sales ranking. Each employee of each store has his own set of secrets.
According to the data, by the end of October, the sales of large single products planned to exceed the market in 2021 had exceeded 130 million yuan, greatly improving the contribution rate of single products. At the same time, by integrating resources, improving efficiency and reducing costs, the company’s current business indicators continue to improve.
As Li Yanchuan, chairman of chaoshifa, said, only by seizing the opportunity in the changing situation, changing with demand and taking advantage of the trend can we turn the tide around. It is not advisable to follow the trend and give up passively.
Development commodity
Change once again returns to the essence of retail – goods and services. Although everyone is trying, it’s not easy to really dive into it.
“In the face of an unfriendly external environment, we should do a better job in the foundation of retail, focusing on core commodities and core customers.” Zhao Meng, vice president of chaoshifa, said: “on the one hand, create valuable differentiated products to sell to customers, on the other hand, do a good job in core customer operation services and strengthen customer stickiness. Through the large single product plan, we can exercise the team, boost morale and convey more confidence to our partners.”
The demands of customers must be continuously paid attention to. The value of retailers is to serve customers, and constantly survival of the fittest in the upgrading of customers’ demands. When the environment cannot be changed, it is painful but also a more positive choice to actively change and adapt to change.
For supermarket development, the gradual implementation of the rectification of thousands of stores and thousands of faces from 2018 to 2019 has completed the polishing process of personalized labels and characteristic fresh goods in each store. In this process, the preliminary adjustment and upgrading of commodity categories have also been completed based on the store customer base.
From 2020 to 2021, in the face of the rapid changes in the market environment, how to make the stores more competitive, supermarket development has a new plan – from the processing and upgrading of fresh food materials to customized 3R goods, from the introduction of finished products to cost-effective customization, and constantly beat “laziness” with “greed” on the way to meet the needs of customers.
In 2021, chaoshifa launched a large item upgrade plan and launched a series of differentiated and customized items around the theme of “eating”. Take weekend large single products as an example, select 2 ~ 3 core commodities every week, and focus on the promotion of the whole system stores for three days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Combined with solar terms and scenes, we strive to provide customers with the most suitable delicacies in the season, take full action and drive sales.
This is not only a commodity test, but also one of the important paths of commodity structure adjustment.
Taking the mutton slices mentioned above as an example, chaoshifa has customized three types, all of which are selected grassland sheep from Inner Mongolia. Around customers’ different taste preferences, there are not only lean lamb hind leg slices, sometimes tender lamb rolls that are very popular in restaurants, but also pure lamb slices that are responsible for running volume. In this way, it not only covers the needs of consumers, but also ensures the commodity quality and gross profit margin through customized commodities.
At the same time, this sketch category has also completed the replacement of commodities in a dynamic way.
In terms of sales, from November 19 to 21, when the weekend cooling in Beijing is coming, chaoshifa launched it and lunch meat as a combination of large single products, as the main product of hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot series, at the right time. All employees, including the headquarters, spread commodity promotion information in the wechat circle of friends. The cashier of each store takes the lead in sales promotion. With a full theme display, it naturally integrates the communication and promotion between the store and customers.
This way allows retailers to further increase the dominance of commodities and push down the “fence” of traditional shelves in stores that restrict performance.
In fact, in the super market development, the sales proportion of meat and poultry products in the fresh category has always been very large. Whether “teaching, eating, teaching and cooking” or “one dish a day”, it has been continuously deepened in refinement, specialization and scene.
Take pork as an example. One store of chaoshifa has 40 refined pork products. And similar enterprises, including e-commerce enterprises, have no more than 20 single pork products. The single category is deep, professional, convenient for customers, and really strive to make consumers get used to it.
In addition to the upgrading and replacement of basic commodities, if you want to become a necessary option for consumers, special tastes or commodities are the key.
According to the forecast data of CICC, the scale of the most potential frozen 3R food (ready to cook, ready to heat and ready to eat) in the whole refrigeration market will reach 500 billion yuan in 2030. In 2021, 3R track will become the “number one” pursued by enterprises and capital.
In this regard, the super market development, which has never followed the trend, is not a large-scale launch, but combs the market gaps in combination with its own actual situation, and has successively developed semi-finished hotpot products such as sheep scorpion, tendon head and brain, braised oxtail, sheep abduction tendon and so on.
It is worth noting that this kind of goods are not sold in the form of private brands, but are customized through joint brands. For example, the hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot series is jointly branded with Yueshengzhai, and the black pork sausage is created hand in hand with shounong black six pork.
“Customers in first tier cities still have very high recognition of the brand.” Zhao Meng explained.
Through joint customization and pricing push back, the listing of each product can finally be implemented to the core points of “quality, taste, convenience and cost performance” after nearly three months of polishing, tasting and correction again and again. “This hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot series is packed in an aluminum foil box that can be heated directly by open fire. Customers can add side dishes as soon as they cook. The quality is assured, and they will buy again after eating.”
After the launch of sheep scorpion convenience hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot series products, they also won the vote of consumers’ wallets, and their sales exceeded 1.5 million yuan in only two months.
Zhao Meng also revealed that the stewed hanging son loved by authentic old Beijingers has also entered the final debugging stage.
In Li Yanchuan’s words, what is the real core competitiveness of retail enterprises in output? First, truly understand the commodity differentiation of customer needs. Second, sincere, emotional and warm customer operation. The third is a compact and flexible organizational structure. Fourth, higher enterprise operation efficiency.
From passenger flow to customer retention
Compared with the decline in sales and profits, the decline in passenger flow may worry operators more. Lin Xiaohai, CEO of RT mart, once publicly said that in recent years, the number of visitors to RT Mart has declined by 5% ~ 10% every year.
Zhao Meng also admitted to spirit beast that he had never encountered such a decline in passenger flow in 23 years. “In turn, we think about what we can do and what we have to speed up under such pressure.”
Li Yanchuan believes that retail enterprises should often ask themselves: what irreplaceable value does it provide for customers? What can kill yourself now must be that your past survival advantages have been surpassed by others.
Compared with the hot membership store model in the industry, chaoshifa chooses to focus on the service of core customer groups with high contribution rate based on existing customers.
The data show that among the members of chaoshifa, there are less than 10000 customers who buy more than 20000 yuan a year, which is called “super V” customers by chaoshifa. Most people will continuously and rhythmically shop in the supermarket and pursue the quality and health of goods, especially food materials.
To this end, chaoshifa through a year’s preparation, get through the background data, and manage the classification and upgrading of members.
Accurately push different marketing activities and reminders for different consumers. At the same time, it will send exclusive electronic coupons on the mobile phone according to the consumption frequency of members for “non disturbing” communication.
The just concluded activity of full reduction of the first agricultural black six pork is a good attempt.
Data show that a considerable proportion of customers in “super V” will buy more high-end black six pork. Chaoshifa specially pushed a batch of exclusive Black six pork discount coupons to “super V”. “During the current event, the overall sales of heiliu had a very surprising performance. During the event, the month on month sales increased by 79%, and the customer coupon rate and satisfaction were also very high.” Zhao Meng said.
In addition, after opening the system, “super V” people can accurately identify the member identity as long as they say the member’s mobile phone number when they check out at the cashier, and provide more warm and thoughtful services with exclusive scripts, such as delivery and boarding, exclusive new product recommendation, etc.
“Precision marketing must not disturb customers, but reach them effectively according to their needs and shopping rhythm,” Zhao Meng stressed. “In terms of commodity selection, if it matches their needs, it can improve the existing consumption level by half.”
For example, for the health quality needs of “super V”, the customized Jingxi rice made by chaoshifa is on the way. This “Royal rice” with a history of hundreds of years. The porridge is light green and has been deeply loved by many old Beijingers. Zhao Meng believes that the Jingxi rice with “delicious porridge” will certainly become the new heart of the “super V” after the black six pork.
Most consumers who used to walk through the shelves now enjoy brushing on their mobile phones. Consumers are forming habits for different categories of goods and purchase channels. How can consumers see and take away relevant goods?
Breaking down the shelves and becoming a more intuitive and impulsive scene display is the plan of chaoshifa in 2022.
Both procurement and operation should change the buyer’s thinking, recommend delicious, fun and interesting products to customers, and also adapt to the changing needs of consumers in the presentation form. Combined with the scene, guide and stimulate impulse purchase through more three-dimensional, seasonal and thematic displays.
In fact, in the transformation of Shuangyushu store last year, jiaqinghua district has gradually begun to try. Large quantities of washing products are reduced and the display becomes shorter. Through the triangular slope design and scene theme display, more goods can be seen by consumers at a glance.
In this way, by serving one “super V” after another, we can drive the contribution rate of individual members, and then expand the scale of “super V” through the guidance of high-quality commodities, so as to finally form a strong grasp for the operation of core consumers and keep customers.
“It’s really time for consumers to choose us.” Zhao Meng said frankly.
The impact of channel fragmentation and diversion may not be obvious in the rising environment, but it may be fatal in the falling environment. How to keep the love of consumers hot is a problem that countless enterprises like chaoshifa have to think about.
“How should an enterprise keep up with the market and customer needs? In terms of commodity development, it should understand, experience and be half a step ahead. In terms of customer touch, it should match resources and act according to its ability. In terms of organizational structure, it should respond to adjustment and break up and reengineer.” Li Yanchuan said: “re creating the value recognized by our customers is the light of hope for retail enterprises.”
Membership system is not a good medicine, but membership operation is; At present, I’m afraid private brand goods are not in the first tier cities. Domestic supermarkets have not yet developed mature enough to establish a beautiful and reliable image in the hearts of customers. Branded and differentiated customized goods that meet the needs of customers “greedy, lazy and healthy” may be more suitable.
Because sales and profits are determined by the satisfaction of suppliers and retailers working together to provide responses to customers’ demands. Sales have been boosted through large single products, so that procurement can be activated and the camp can be mobilized; Through core customer operation, let products and consumers link up, and let partner brands have confidence and be active.
Perhaps, when it hurts most, the action is faster and more effective.
Author: Xiaokou chaifei; Source: lingshouke (ID: lingshouke), reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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