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Gongcha shareholders considered selling or IPO. Weiya evaded taxes and was fined 1.341 billion for underpaying taxes. New element announced bankruptcy liquidation. Dongpeng Bencao special drink planned to be registered, and happy cake obtained 100 million new financing

Hot company information and announcement


Private placement plans to conduct strategic evaluation on gongcha

A few days ago, according to market news, the US private equity company TA associates is considering options, including sales and IPO, for the well-known chain brand “gongcha” in Taiwan, as soon as next year. It is reported that the valuation of gongcha may be at least $600 million. (Bloomberg)

New element announces bankruptcy liquidation

On December 18, Light food chain restaurant new element Restaurant (element fresh) it is revealed that the company has entered the stage of bankruptcy liquidation due to the impact of the epidemic, and all stores will be closed. New element said that the news is true. New element restaurant said in its announcement that due to the epidemic, the company’s operation has encountered unprecedented great difficulties, the store operation has been seriously affected, and there have been serious operating losses and a break in the capital chain And enter the bankruptcy liquidation process in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations. After that, the company will successively close the stores of new element company and the central kitchen. (First Finance)

Dongpeng beverage newly applied trademark


According to the industrial and commercial information, Dongpeng beverage (Group) Co., Ltd. recently added two new trademark application information, namely Dongpeng sports special drink and Dongpeng herbal special drink, which are internationally classified as beer beverage. The trademark status is under registration application, and the application time is November 26. (snack agent)

Youran animal husbandry premix plant put into operation

On December 18, Youran animal husbandry built a high-standard premix plant according to the production process standard of infant formula milk powder and held the commissioning ceremony. The new Ulanqab premix plant is currently a large and complete ruminant premix plant in China, with an annual production capacity of 72000 tons and can prepare 0.1-10% of all products to meet the needs of the national market. (First Finance)

Macquarie Group, the controlling shareholder of Macquarie, plans to passively reduce its stake of no more than 5.21%

Today, Macquarie Group Co., Ltd. announced that due to the contract dispute between the controlling shareholder Macquarie Group and its related parties and Huarong overseas Chinese Asset Management Co., Ltd., Chengdu Intermediate People’s Court of Sichuan Province plans to enforce that the controlling shareholder Macquarie Group holds 9.0805 million shares (no more than 5.21% of the total shares of the company). (Zhitong Finance)

Cao Hong, director of Qianhe flavor industry, resigned

Today, Qianhe Weiye Food Co., Ltd. announced that the company had received a written resignation report submitted by director Cao Hong. Cao Hong resigned as a director of the company for personal reasons.

Qi Jiwei, vice president of baby care room, resigned

Today, Shanghai Baby Room Business Services Co., Ltd. announced that it had recently received a written resignation report from Qi Jiwei, the company’s director. Qi Jiwei applied for resignation from the Fourth Board of directors and vice president of the company for personal reasons, and will not continue to hold any position in the company. (company announcement)


Yuan Qingmao will succeed Li Qiuxi as chairman of Shanxi Fenjiu

On the afternoon of December 19, Shanxi Fenjiu announced that Li Qiuxi, the chairman of the board, had applied to resign as the chairman of the company due to his retirement, and the controlling shareholder Fenjiu Group had recommended yuan Qingmao as the new chairman. Yuan Qingmao previously served as party secretary and chairman of Shanxi transportation Holding Group Co., Ltd. and party secretary and chairman of Shanxi road and bridge, a listed company of the group. (Securities Daily)

Budweiser withdraws from shareholder
of Budweiser Daqing beer company

Industrial and commercial information shows that on December 14, Industrial and commercial changes occurred in Budweiser (Daqing) Beer Co., Ltd., and the original shareholders Harbin Beer Group Co., Ltd., Budweiser (China) Sales Co., Ltd. and Budweiser Investment Co., Ltd (China) Co., Ltd. withdrew, and Daqing Weiyi Food Co., Ltd. was newly added as a shareholder and wholly owned. At the same time, the legal representative of the company was changed from Cheng Yanjun to song Wenhe, and the senior managers were also changed. (do news)


The output of China Resources Snow Beer Leshan factory exceeded 120000 kiloliters

According to the news from China Resources Snow Beer Leshan factory, as of the beginning of December, the beer output of China Resources Snow Beer Leshan factory had exceeded 120000 kiloliters, an increase of 13.2% over the same period last year, completing the annual task ahead of schedule. (Emeishan financial media center)


Lehe food completed hundreds of millions of yuan of e-round financing

Lehe Food Group Co., Ltd. completed hundreds of millions of yuan of e-round financing. This round of financing is jointly led by CDH investment and Zhongding capital, followed by meituan Longzhu (four consecutive rounds) and xingtou (Beijing) capital, and Minglun capital is the exclusive FA. (36kr)


Happy Cake received 100 million yuan of new financing

Happy cake has recently completed a new financing of RMB 100 million, led by the old shareholder Yashang capital, and followed by the new investors Chunjian capital and Fushan investment (Yunda’s investment company). This round of financing will be mainly used for the supply chain layout and whole chain digital construction of the “county, town and village plan”, and the listing plan will be launched in the future. (36kr)


Chuanwazi food completed nearly 300 million yuan of round a financing

Chuanwazi food, a compound condiment brand, recently completed a round of financing of nearly 300 million yuan, led by Gaorong capital and followed by Xiamen Construction Development and relevant institutions. After the completion of this round of financing, it will be mainly used for investment and M & A, digital supply chain and brand construction. (36Kr)


Ruian new hope Liuhe agriculture and animal husbandry Co., Ltd. was fined 290000 yuan for environmental violations

Ruian new hope Liuhe agriculture and animal husbandry Co., Ltd., an indirect holding subsidiary of new hope, was subject to administrative punishment for environmental violations. According to Article 33 of the regulations on the administration of pollutant discharge permits, Ruian new hope Liuhe agriculture and animal husbandry Co., Ltd. was fined 290000 yuan. The punishment information was disclosed by relevant regulatory authorities on December 3, 2021. (Daily Economic News)


Beijing Stella infant formula advertising illegal fined 2.82 million yuan

Recently, the Beijing municipal market supervision and Administration issued a decision on administrative punishment, which showed that Beijing sidic Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. was severely fined 2.82 million yuan for violating the advertising law. Beijing stydick illegally released the publicity pictures and words for five infant formula powders such as “zhennuo”, “dofu”, “Zhuo Fu”, “Mingcui” and “tianlebao”, involving “publishing the advertisement of infant dairy products, drinks and other foods that claim to replace breast milk in whole or in part”, which violated the advertising law and was therefore subject to administrative punishment. (milk powder think tank network)


Shanghai aunt Qian was fined on suspicion of selling food with excessive pesticide residues

Today, market regulation

Thomson Beijian launched the first personalized customized vitamin concept product

On the evening of December 19, Thomson Beijian released the first personalized customized vitamin concept product at the press conference of “definition of nutritional intelligence”. Each capsule of the product contains more than 50 vitamin tablets with the size of 2mm. Each capsule can realize more than 50 million nutrient combinations, and can supplement 9 vitamins needed by individuals in a day. Thomson Beijian plans to open the experience of personalized customized vitamin concept products to some members of the public next year. (issued by the company)

Naixue’s tea pro shop entered Kunming for the first time

On December 17, Naixue’s tea Pro store will enter Kunming for the first time and open both stores in Kunming’s two new business centers. As the main tea store of Naixue, pro store will add 10 boutique coffee, more than 30 cake products, and retail of tea and snacks. (Xianning News Network)


Maersk and Unilever sign strategic partnership agreement on international supply chain management

Maersk recently announced the signing of a four-year international supply chain management partnership agreement with Unilever, which will take effect from 2022. Maersk will provide operation management support for sea and air transportation through its digital supply chain platform Neo NAV as the core of the fourth party logistics management system. The two sides did not disclose the specific details and amount of cooperation. (shipping industry)


Fonterra requires all New Zealand employees to be vaccinated


Fonterra said that the company was negotiating with employees on a proposal that all work in New Zealand should be performed by vaccinated people, including Fonterra’s truck drivers. (Newstalk ZB)

The board of directors of kafheinz’s lawsuit against some shareholders was rejected


Recently, some shareholders of kraft Heinz sued, accusing 3G capital of implementing “cost reduction” measures, resulting in the company’s business failing to meet expectations. According to the indictment, this resulted in a $15.4 billion write down of assets and led to an accounting investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The shareholders also alleged that some board members of kraft Heinz approved the sale of shares before the asset write down was publicly disclosed, thereby allowing 3G capital to engage in insider trading. However, the lawsuit has been dismissed. (Reuters)


Future meat completed round B financing of USD 347 million


Future meat raised US $347 million in round B financing, which is the largest single investment in artificial meat companies so far. On December 18 local time, Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, founder and CEO of future meat, said that the investment was led by admventures and an unnamed global technology investor, followed by Tyson food. Nahmias said that the company will use this financing to establish a production base in the United States and hopes to enter the U.S. market in 2022. (Timesof Israel)


GSK appointed the former CEO of Tesco as the chairman of the consumer health department


According to insiders on December 19, GSK, a British pharmaceutical company, has appointed Dave Lewis, former CEO of Tesco, as the chairman of GSK’s consumer health department. GSK said in October that it would spin off the division next year with a valuation of more than 40 billion pounds ($53 billion). (Reuters)

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Weiya was fined 1.341 billion
for tax evasion and underpayment

the near future, The tax department of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province found that Huang Wei, the network anchor, was analyzed by the tax big data (net name: Weiya) is suspected of tax evasion. After investigation, Huang Wei evaded 643 million yuan of tax by hiding her personal income, fictitious business conversion, false declaration of the nature of income and other underpaid taxes of 60 million yuan from 2019 to 2020. The Inspection Bureau of Hangzhou Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation pursued Huang Wei’s tax payment, collected overdue fines and fined a total of 1.341 billion yuan according to law. (people’s daily)

Weiya Taobao live studio was sealed and her husband apologized

Today, Weiya issued a letter of apology, saying that she fully accepted the relevant punishment decisions made by the tax department according to law and would actively raise funds to complete the supplementary payment of taxes, late fees and fines within the specified time. Dong Haifeng, Weiya’s husband, apologized and said that Weiya was punished for tax problems. As Weiya’s husband, she was guilty of making a big mistake in the most basic obligation of tax. At present, the Taobao app can’t find Weiya’s live studio. In this regard, Taobao customer service said that the anchor account had been frozen due to violation of relevant regulations. But the shop was not closed. (observer, Beijing business daily)


Thousands of network anchors took the initiative to check and pay taxes

In September this year, the State Administration of Taxation issued a special notice to clarify that if the network anchor can take the initiative to report and correct tax related problems in time before the end of 2021, he can be given a lighter, mitigated or exempted from punishment according to law. It is understood that thousands of people have taken the initiative to self inspect and pay taxes. At the same time, the State Administration of Taxation made it clear that those who fail to complete self-examination and rectification, refuse to cooperate or the circumstances are serious will be seriously investigated and dealt with according to law. (Xinhua News Agency)

Li jiaqimei: everything is operating normally

On the afternoon of the 20th, the relevant person in charge of meiwrist (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “meione”), the company behind Li Jiaqi, told the Red Star capital Bureau: “we operate honestly. This branch broadcasts live, and meiwrist operates normally. (Red Star News)

With an estimated value of 2.3 trillion yuan, it has become the world’s largest unicorn

Today, Hurun Research Institute, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Huangpu District of Guangzhou jointly released the 2021 global Unicorn list. With an estimated value of 2.3 trillion yuan, it has become the world’s largest unicorn. Ant group ranks second with a valuation of 1 trillion yuan. SpaceX ranked third with a valuation of 640 billion yuan, becoming the largest unicorn in the United States. (Hurun Research Institute)


Tencent regulation of the code scan order to focus on official account number

Recently, Tencent has sent a notice to developers about self checking “scanning code ordering food to official account”. The notice requires that the platform remind developers to check whether there is a problem of “scanning the code ordering meal mandatory official account”, and timely rectification, providing users with a good ordering experience. Tencent also said that the platform will begin to verify such problems in January 17, 2022, and the official account number will be restricted to the capacity of the two-dimensional code to open the official account. The China Consumer Association said that “code scanning and ordering” should not become a “single choice”, and guard against “consumption convenience” becoming “consumption trouble”. (TechWeb)


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